How to Stop Obsessing

Want to get rid of obsessive thoughts? Here is how to stop obsessing.

In your life following how to stop obsessive thoughts can be a difficult task as making someone your obsession is really common these days, but it’s not that simple to forget.

The situation can be anything like it could be your crush that you are obsessed about or your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend.

You may want a way now on how to get over an obsession because you may be thinking about this person the whole day and you may have faced that longing for just one call that you didn’t get.

You spend so much time just thinking about him/her, but have you ever realized how much precious moments could you earn with your friends or family if you realized that this obsession is not a wise thing to have.

So you need some knowledge on how to stop obsessing over someone because it’s just a silly thing that keeps you from being productive in your life and always keeps your heart and brain engaged unnecessarily.

You just can’t continue going on with this obsession, so get some quality help through this article by applying these tips in your daily life.

How to Stop Obsessing Over Someone

Here I listed 11 tips which are very helpful to get rid of obsession. So go ahead and read till the end to stop obsessing over someone thoughts.

How to Stop Obsessing

1). Remember That It Is Obsession

Of Course, this should be the first thing that you have to keep in your brain. If you want to go on with how to stop obsessing, then let your brain know that it is your obsession and nothing else.

Before getting over that guy or girl, you have to admit it to yourself that you are obsessed with them and there is nothing good in it for you. You have to remember that it is unhealthy for you and the ending is going to be cruel for you if you don’t stop now.

Once you are done by admitting that it is your fault and there is nothing from their side, you are ready to move on by following next steps.

2). Keep In Mind That It Is Going To Take Time

Whether it is about how to stop obsessing over a girl or a guy, take this step as the foremost tip that you need to remember because you are going through the phase of obsession and it is going to take time. So don’t think that you can get rid of it in just a few days, It can even take months.

There is no need to be hard on yourself, instead give yourself some time and release your soul from that wicked spell.

You all know that kicking a habit takes time, in the same way; your obsession is like a bad habit so it needs an enough time span and that’s how you work on how to stop obsessing.

It is not a thing that can be stopped overnight, you have to be constant on following these good practices mentioned here and then you would realize that obsession is getting away from you.

As you go with these tips, you get to realize that your expectations were wrong and you chose the wrong path, so you focus on walking the right path ahead.

3). See the Real Him and Not the Imaginary One

You know that you are holding on hand at this time he is the one that is perfect for you on this earth. But to get along with how to stop obsessing over a guy, you need to understand the reality and see the real him that he is in actual.

Stop making your imaginary world with him, stop seeing him as the hottest guy out there and start seeing is real sides that everyone else feels about him.

I know when you have a crush on someone or an obsession, you see even their evil side as their coolest characteristic and there is always a musical background when they are in front of you.

Stop getting those fake vibes that do not matter in the real world and start observing his real habits and see how good or bad they are and your fascination will get to an end gradually.

4). He Is No One to Judge You

Right now, you are under his spell as it is how obsession works. His opinions about anything or any person matters for you the most. His every single word is like the truth of universe for you.

These opinions of him also matter for you, suppose if he ever says ‘you’ve the most beautiful qualities’ and you are like on cloud 9 and if he says ‘how irritating and unattractive are you’ and you start imagining yourself according to his words.

So you have to break this spell and see yourself from your eyes, try to find what is good in you that others see and break the bond of those words he has ever said to you whether they are soft or harsh.

He is no one to judge you for anything you are or anything you have, you have to take your liking back so he won’t be able to crush your soul in any way and top being on this rollercoaster of emotions.

5). Discuss With Your Friends

You are going to feel it like a burden, a heavy box on your heart until you share your pain with someone else. Always remember, happiness doubles and pain gets less when you share them with your loved ones.

Your friends are always ready to help you, or you can go to your family members that are always ready to support you and tell them what you are going through.

It is the easiest way on how to stop obsessing because you tell your family and friend about the situation and then they share their perspective about that person which is always very helpful.

You are in the obsession, so you are not able to see things in the way they see and this way they share the honest views and suggest you the best.

6). Spend Your Time Out with Friends

It is another step to work perfectly on how to stop obsessing someone whether it is your crush or your past relationship. Don’t let your weekends go through that pain and suffering and try to live life at the fullest.

Call your friends to join you and go clubbing, get drunk, dance until you are filled with sweat and fall out on that bed with hangover.

Pick up new ideas every weekend and keep up experimenting to make your life fun and to get your mind from all those bad memories.

If you don’t like the idea of clubbing, get your friend and go camping, enjoy nature and unseen weathers that you missed managing your lives. Camping is best to see nature in its best state, and it also keeps your mind refreshed all the time.

There is no advantage of sitting at home all alone, but eventually, if you want to sit at home, then don’t forget to call your finds and let them join you.

Get Netflix, some cookies and enjoy all the night with your favorite movies and episodes. Let them arrange some games and get some quality time so you can get that missing smile in the morning.

You can also consider getting with your hobby and join classes to learn it. If it’s something like surfing, skydiving, swimming, skateboarding and other cool things, then go and have fun in these adventurous clubs with your precious mates.

If you have nothing to do, get some space and start gardening your favorite flowers and some vegetables there to kill that time else you and your own blog, passion for photography, writing journal, etc. to get good with how to stop obsessing.

7). Get Rid Of Their Social Media

You are here to get rid of that obsession, so you need to eliminate their every memory, and social media is a big part of that. No matter how good you two were in chatting or sharing posts online, you need to unbind them from every social platform.

There is nothing wrong to lock that person, so they won’t be able to keep up with you again.  This way you can improve your mental health and get good physically, so stop them from your social media to work forward on how to stop obsessing.

8). Avoid Things That Remind Of Him

Get that dustbin and collect everything inside it, he gave you. You are in the pool of obsession so any tiny thing related to him can get that pain back and you would feel all the suffering again.

So don’t let your efforts get wasted and throw everything to do best to yourself. If he is your ex, it’s time to remove all those pictures, albums, every gift, and even the digital videos and images to the trash.

If you have a journal full of his description, then burn it and don’t try to keep even one single page. You have to get rid of every possible memory of him, so this step is necessary on how to stop obsessing.

9). Get More Social and Make New Friends

Friends are always a great help so why not make some new friends and be more social. You can join places like gym and some social gatherings where you can find many people to talk on different things.

Get yourself with some good surroundings to get rid of your obsession, establishing new relationships always help and don’t forget to renew old ones. Meet some old friends that you have met since school time or your college and see how it feels to see them after this long time.

Attend any music concert going on in your city, go to some local coffee shops and enjoy there looking new people with new talks and you are doing well on how to stop obsessing.

10). Follow Healthy Routines

Get your mind and body alive again by including some healthy routine in your life. It is something necessary on how to stop obsessing because when you follow these healthy routines like Exercising, you get positive vibes in all over your body and brain.

You can feel it every day by just doing some exercises and following a healthy diet, it’s also going to improve your beauty along with your brain and would help you very much to keep the negativity away.

In the beginning, you don’t need to fix the schedules; you can follow exercising once a day whenever you feel it doing and re-energize your soul by some simple stress relieving exercises.

You can often try out new recipes that are good for your health and full of nutrients, so buy a recipe book today and start eating healthy and delicious that is made by you.

You are going to enjoy all these activities a lot, and when you regain the control on your life, these bad things would be like a silly phase.

11). Always Remind Yourself the Bad Behavior of Them

To get rid of any person, you just need to remember the bad and negative things about them and their behavior. You want to forget him, then think his bad behavior that was only for you and the harsh words he used to say to you.

It would make you realize that how lucky you are break-up thing happened and you are now free to relive your life.

It is a trick to make anyone forget, just keep bad things about them on your brain and develop a negative image and see how fast you get rid of that obsession.

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You are obsessing on a person, and you are dreaming him every night, and he is in front of your eyes every single moment. You can stop it right now if you ever felt that this all happening to you is wrong and you have to stop this obsession.

If you have achieved this stage, then you are welcome to follow these stages mentioned here on how to stop obsessing.

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