Fun Texting Games to Play for Couples

Fun Texting Games: Are you the one who thinks that you have reached to such a phase in your life where your relationship has become boring? Well, this is not at all your fault. It usually happens with those couples who have been together for a really long time. The uselessness of the relationship makes it dull and boring. Instead of finding out a solution of this problem you people start arguing and fighting with each other.

Usually such problems occur in a long distance relationship. You guys leave with nothing to talk creates such a mess in your relationship. In such problems you people can go for games to play over text. This must be sounding a bit absurd to you as why you people would play text based games to revive your relationship? But actually they are not childish but really fun games to play over text.

Fun Texting Games To Play for Couples

Here are some of the most amazing text games that you people are totally going to love as a couple. Remember that nothing would happen if only a single person would try. You would have to make attempts as a couple together to revive the freshness of your relationship with the help of these fun texting games.

Let’s start.

1). Would You Rather

This is a game to know your partner even better. The questions coming with some conditions and choices are really fun to answer.

It will help you to know your partner inside out. You should ask such would you rather questions which can reveal deepest dark secrets of your partner. This is one of the most played texting games and it would be really loved by you two for sure.

Questions having such options which are really tough to choose would let you know about him/her more. Good luck for the quest of finding out about each other like never before. And be ready to hear something that you were not expecting at all.

Here is a list of would you rather questions for you.

2). 20 Questions

This is a game to originate interest in your boring relationship. Communication is the most important part of any kind of relationship. The idea of expressing the feelings must be very clear so that the other one does not misunderstands it. That is why you need such kind of text based games that can strengthen your communication with each other.

This is one of the texting games based on the communication that you two share with each other. All you have to do is select an object say ice cream. Your partner will think of a type of ice cream. Now you will have to guess the name within 20 questions. This is so interesting that you will never get enough of it.

If you want then you can make changes in the game like you can make it 10 questions instead of 20.

3). Never Have I Ever

It is a game to know your partner’s deep dark secret. These are the secrets that you never got to say each other. But these can be easily found out with the flow of such texting games. The basic idea of the game is very simple and the most important rule is that you cannot lie to your partner at all.

All you have to do is text such things which you have never done in your life. But there is a catch in this game. Each time someone would say what they have never done the other one will say “I love you” if he/she has done it.

Such text based games are really fun to play as a couple over the phone. At the end of the game, one who said “I love you” will be the winner. You can include any type of incident in this game.

4). Kiss, Marry, Kill

You must have played these game thousands times before but with the friends over some picnic. But this time it is going to be totally different for you as you are going to play this with your partner and that also over the texts. This is totally a fun game to play over texts. You are surely going to enjoy it a lot with your partner.

This is a pretty simple and plain game. In this game you just have to say a name and your partner will reply. The condition is that you two can only reply in kiss, kill, and marry. It will be interesting to know that over which name your partner replies kiss.

Such texting games are purely a fun activity so you should not take them personal or seriously. These are just to cheer the mood and to have some fun with each other.

5). Love It or Hate It

This is also an option based texting games. It is comprised of only two options which are “love it” or “hate it”. Whatever the questions are, your partner can choose the option from these two only.

This can prove to be a really intimate game that you can play with your partner over texts. All you guys need to do is text a random word to your partner. This word can be anything like game, person, food item etc. now your partner can only reply in love it or hate it.

Ask the question one by one and take the game to new heights. Such texting games can be really fun full. You never know that what kind of thing your partner can text you. It would be really interesting to watch out the answer in love or hate.

6). Song Lyrics Wildfire

This is one of the most interesting texting games that you can play with your partner. It can give you the best idea to express your feelings with the help of songs. It means you would not have to say anything but you can use such songs which can display your emotions well.

This game is very simple to play. Send the few lines of a song to your partner. Now your partner would have to send the lyrics of another song starting from the last word of the previous song. This game can be really flirty. You can express your emotions through this game.

The idea of the game is very simple. It can reach to a whole new height if two of you know enough songs to dedicate to each other. You can use some really flirty songs to take your relationship back to those old days.

7). Last Letter

This song is a lot like the song lyrics wildfire. But there is only one simple twist that you do not have to use the entire song for this. You just need to send a word instead of the entire song to your partner.

All you have to do is send a random word to your partner. Now your partner will say a word starting from the last letter of the previous word. And now it will be your turn to do the same. If your partner has no new word then he/she can select a letter from the word KILL. If he/she does it for 4 times then he/she will lose the game.

Such texting games are really nice and simple one to play with your partner. Make sure that you select only good word not such words which can instigate a war between you two.

8). Are You an X or Y?

This is a simple yet interesting type of texting games. Just like the other games with options your partner would have to pick one from the options given by you. You would have to ask the question in such a way that both the options are really hard to select.

You need to ask a question to your partner giving two choices. The question should be like whether he/she is this or that. The question can only have two options and not more than that. This will help you to know your partner in a better and different way.

Such texting games are really awesome to determine the real character of your partner. Sometimes the choices can be really difficult to pick from. Still these choices can describe a lot about the nature of your partner.

9). Story Time

This is one of the texting games which are beyond interesting and there is no limit on the completion of this game. You are surely going to enjoy it a lot if both of you are writer kind of person. You just need to put your creative mode on and this game would turn out to be the best one for you two.

All you got to do is just send a line to your partner as if you are starting a story. Now your partner would reciprocate it with another line of his/her imagination or choice. Now you would add the next line and the process will go on until both of you do not want to end it.

This story can move to any direction at any point of time. It will be fun for both of you to add your imaginations together to bring out something beyond expectations.

10). I Spy

This is also a type of guessing game which can be played over texts easily. Usually it happens that we go somewhere and in order to wait we do not have anything to kill the time. in such kind of situation you can chat with your partner and can play such texting games with him/her.

All you got to do is wherever you are, you would have to describe that place without texting its name to your partner. Instead of describing you can make this tougher for him by sending just the first letter of that place’s name.

You can also decide the number of chances that he can get to answer this question. It will be really interesting that what your partner can guess that where are you.

11). Abbreviations

This is another one in the category of texting games. This is also a simple yet really tough to guess kind of game. The rules are very simple and you are surely going to enjoy this game with the company of your partner over texts.

All you got to do is send your partner whatever you are doing in the form of abbreviations. For example if you want to say that “I am watching movie” then you will text him “IAWM”. Now he would have to guess that what you are trying to say to him.

Instead of this you can also pick the name of the movies or some songs too. It will be really fun when your guy would answer something really funny over these types of abbreviations.

12). What If

This is a totally conditions based and hypothetical texting games. The best part about this game is that you can guess anything in this game and you can ask anything too. This game is really simple and people really enjoy it while playing it over texts.

One person would say a condition starting from What if. The other person would complete the sentence that what he/she will do if the condition given by you happens. There should be promptness in the game and the replies should be really quick.

There can be replies that you did not expect that your partner would say. With the help of this game you can ask your girl over a date too. Her answer of your ‘what if’ condition would say it all for you.

13). Hangman

I am very sure that you must have played this game in the boring lectures to kill the time and have some fun. There is only one difference here that you would have to play this in the form of texting games. The idea of the game remains the same just like you play it on a paper.

You would have to decide the context first. It can be a movie name, actor’s name, sportsperson’s name or anything else. After which you would send the name in the form of underscores which will symbolize the number of letters in it.

Your partner would guess the letters and if it would be correct then you will put it in the right slot on the place of underscore. You can decide the maximum number of guessing time. You can also decide the penalty for loosing this game and it will be really fun.

14). Celebrity Friendship

This game is all about mimicking. Such texting games are something that you can surely play with your partner and it is all about mimicking someone who is a celebrity. This is really simple to play but you should really know everything about the person that you are going to mimic.

This is really simple game. You guys would have to choose a celebrity of your choice. Now you guys would have to talk the way he/she talks. All the conversation would take place in the form of texts only.

You can choose anyone like writer, sportsperson, actors, movie character or anybody else too. It would be more interesting if you would choose a movie character as you have more to talk on. The one who will lose the character first will be the loser.

15). Truth and Dare

You would have played this game with a lot of your friends in a road trip or picnic. But this time you are going to play this with your partner as one such an interesting texting games. You must be thinking that how can it be possible to complete the dare over the texts?

Here is the catch in this game. The idea of choosing the truth is very simple. One would ask the other one to choose between, truth and dare. If the person chooses truth then another one would ask something interesting from him/her.

If the other one chooses dare option, then he/she would have to complete the dare given to him/her. For the proof he/she would have to click multiple photographs of the dare getting completed. This is a totally fun game to play with your partner if you two are really getting bore and have nothing to talk.

Here is an ultimate list of truth or dare questions for you.

16). Emoji Translation

This is one of the most fun texting games played by the couples to kill the time. Usually it happens that people do not use emoji that much in a conversation. However the conversation can really become very interesting by their usage.

In this game you would have to send the links of such emoji which have a specific meaning. You guys can decide the context like movies, songs, actors and many more according to your choice.

The other one would have to guess the name with the help of emoji in a certain period of time. You can decide the maximum time like 5 minutes of 10 minutes. It would be really fun to play such texting games that you would surely want to play it again and again.

17). Rhymes

The game is just like the name of it. You guys would have to rhyme the words in order to win this type of texting games. This is not necessary that you go with the single words only. It can be a complete sentence or it can also be a phrase of lyrics of some song.

All you got to do is one person would send a line or word to another person. Now the other one would have to reply in such a way that his reply rhymes with the text of his partner. The process keeps on going until someone gets stuck completely.

There is one more condition that you cannot repeat the word or the phrase again.

18). Breakdown

Breakdown is one such texting games which is my personal favorite too. This is so interesting that you two would not want to leave your phone even for a minute. The idea of the game is very simple and most interesting and engaging among all the other texting games.

You guys just need to decide a random word. Now you two would have to make as many possible words from its spelling as possible. you can jumble up the letter or even omit some letters. The only condition is that you cannot add extra letters apart from the spelling of the word.

The one who would make maximum words in a definite period of time will be the winner. You can decide a period of 5 minutes for it or something else according to your mutual consent.

19). Fill In the Blanks

This can prove to be one of the most flirty texting games that you can play with your partner. it gives you the advantage of leaving the conversation in the middle to let your partner guess anything about it. This can be anything and how your partner thinks is the best part of this game.

This game is just simple to play. You must have done it thousand times in your home work that how to fill the blanks. You just need to do the same in such texting games.

One person would say a line about him/herself. He will leave an important word omit in the line and would put a blank instead of it. The other person would have to guess this word to complete the sentence.


All the texting games listed out here are totally fun to play. You should not take them as the competition but as the light hearted activity to find some fun moments together. I am really sure that it will remind you of the times when you were a happy couple and you guys would not think about the split ever again. You can also change the rules of the games according to your own comfort after all it is all about you two not the game.

You can also invent some fun games to play over text on your own. This will lead you guys to such a conversation which both of you would not want to escape from. Life is really small to find the true love again. Do not waste it in letting go people you love the most. Just a bit of your effort can really change the scenario like never before.

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