200 Newlywed Game Questions

Lots of interesting games are available for newlywed couple. One such game is asking newlywed game questions to the bride and groom. These questions can be about any topic. You can make the game even more interesting by putting punishment in it.

All you need to do is ask one question from the bride about the groom. And now do this with the groom. The game will keep on going. And it will get more interesting with each passing time.

200 The Newlywed Game Questions

Newlywed Game Questions

Here we have managed to list out some questions to ask the newlyweds on the parties. They are categorised according to different aspects. Some of them are funny and some of them are serious ones. Some are just too romantic to handle. As a whole this will prove to be a package for the new couple.

1. Serious Newlywed Game Questions

There are always some points which are serious for a relationship. One who gets married knows each other completely. But it should be actually tested that what level of transparency they are sharing. Is there still something which is not known to each other about their partners? If you want to dig more into it then newlywed questions are just perfect for it.

You can ask them some serious questions about each other. These questions would reveal many things about each other. These questions can be about the past of the partners. They can also be about each other’s choices and habits. They can also be about their passion for certain things. As a whole their motive is to reveal the layer which was hidden earlier.

Here are 10 serious newlywed game questions to ask the bride and the groom:

  1. What is that one thing, your partner is most afraid of?
  2. What is the one thing which attracts you the most about your partner?
  3. What are the qualities that made you to the decision of making him/her your life partner?
  4. What is the idea of a perfect life for your partner?
  5. What is the one thing you never want him/her to do again in the entire life?
  6. What is the plan of a perfect holiday for your partner?
  7. If given a chance what are the thing you want to change in your partner?
  8. What is the most annoying or irritating thing your partner ever did publically?
  9. Where does your partner see his/her life after 5 years?
  10. What is the one hidden desire of your partner which he/she never confronted to anyone?

2. Funny Newlywed Game Questions

There are many ceremonies take place in a wedding. Whether it is a simple one or a big fat, still there are a lot of things which keeps on going in a wedding. These rituals create a chaos which becomes a headache afterwards. So there is a lot of need to calm down the atmosphere. There should be some light hearted activities which keep people entertained throughout.

So you can light up the bride and groom’s mood by asking them some funny newly wed game questions. These questions can be based on funny imaginary conditions. These questions can also be based on funny habits of each other. The motive of asking these questions is to lighten up the decorum. It is to make people laugh after so much havoc of the wedding.

Here are 10 funny newlywed game questions to ask the bride and the groom:

  1. What is the reaction your spouse gives you in anger but seems funny to you?
  2. In your relationship, whom would you tag money saver and whom would you tag money spender?
  3. Which one of your wife’s friend looks the sexiest to you?
  4. What is the color of your wife’s sleepwear?
  5. What is that task that your partner always wanted you to do but you never did?
  6. What is the worst food your wife has cooked till date?
  7. What is your idea of making up after long heated arguments?
  8. What is the perfect honeymoon idea for your partner? Roaming around in the city or be in the bedroom only?
  9. What was the color of your wife’s bedroom before getting married to you?
  10. What is the piece of cloth which you guys share and wear equally?

3. Romantic Newly wed Game Questions

It is obvious that the foundation of every relationship is love and trust. No relationship can survive without love. Especially when it comes to the relation of husband and wife, love is really necessary. Love leads to many beautiful moments in life. It leads to romance and other small things. Each moment gives us happiness which cannot be received by any other things.

So why not dig into the romance of newlywed couple? Ask them some romantic newlywed questions. These questions can be a weapon for you to tease them. You can get to know that how much they love each other through these questions. They can be a bit dirty and naughty too. After all it is the right of the friends to do the leg pulling of bride and groom.

Here are 10 romantic newly wed game questions to ask the bride and the groom:

  1. What is your idea of a perfect making out session?
  2. Which perfume of your partner seduces you the most?
  3. Which gesture of your partner turns you on?
  4. Which song would you like to dedicate to your partner?
  5. What is that one thing in your partner which they hate but you love?
  6. Will you ever ditch your partner for a hotter spouse?
  7. Would you ever like to go on a second honeymoon even if your partner doesn’t?
  8. What is your first priority, nice job or true love?
  9. Will you quit your job if your partner says so?
  10. Which sleepwear of your wife is your favorite?

4. Random Newlywed Questions

There are some random questions in a relationship which people never ask. These questions can have the answers which are known to each other but never discussed. These questions can be about the day to day life of your partner. It can also be about the schedule and habits of your spouse. It can be about anything which is related to the life of your partner.

If the after party of your wedding is going a bit boring then this one is for you. You can add some twists in the party through a question answer round. The friends of the bride and groom can ask some random newlywed game questions to them. It can be very interesting once everyone gets completely indulge in it. The game can become more interesting if the families also get involved in it.

Here are 10 random newlywed questions to ask the bride and the groom:

  1. What is that dream of your partner which you want to fulfill?
  2. Your partner is a pass out of which university?
  3. Who is the most hated person in your partner’s life?
  4. Will you ever befriend your partner’s ex?
  5. What is the name of your partner’s first love/crush?
  6. What was the first salary of your partner?
  7. Who knows him well after you?
  8. Would he ever get married again if you die?
  9. What would your partner like to have, a baby girl or a baby boy?
  10. what is your partner’s dream location to have a home?

5. Relationships Newlywed Game Questions

Relationship is about the sense of being with each other. It is not about living with each other. But it is about the fact that you just cannot live without each other at all. A relationship becomes more serious ones when you get married to the love of your life. It is the time when your love attains new heights and maturity level.

So it is the time for some cross questioning with each other. Being friends to the newly wedded couple you can ask them some relationship newly wed game questions. They can be about your relationship goals. They can also be about the future planning of your two about your relationship. This can involve babies, jobs and many other serious aspects. You can make it a bit funny by adding some crazy questions in it.

Here are 10 relationships newlywed questions to ask the bride and the groom:

  1. between you and your partner who is the first one to say sorry after a fight?
  2. After what you cannot keep your hands of your partner?
  3. What is the strength of your relationship?
  4. What if you have never got to see each other before marriage?
  5. What if your partner would have to move somewhere else for 6 months out of project from company?
  6. What if you guys get to know about an unplanned pregnancy?
  7. What are the 2 things you hate about each other?
  8. If you guys are left alone in a jungle with camera on, what you will end up doing?
  9. What if your relationship comes at the extent of separation?
  10. Will you cheat your partner if they never get to know about it?

6. Family Based Newlywed Game Questions

A marriage is not only the relationship of two people. It can be associated to only two people when it is not official. But once you get engaged or married then it is the affair of two families too. This is the time when two families also get married to each other. They got to know them who were previously strangers to them.

After the wedding it is the time to check that how much the partners know about each other’s family. You can ask them family based newlywed game questions. It can be a fun game. Also they can set a relationship goal of knowing each other’s family more.

Here are 10 family based newlywed game questions to ask the bride and the groom:

  1. Whom your partner is more attached to, mom or dad?
  2. Who is that family member whom your partner hates them most?
  3. Who is the most irritating member of the family according to your partner?
  4. What was the surname of your mother in law before marriage?
  5. With whom your partner shares the entire secret in his family?
  6. What is your father in law’s favorite outfit?
  7. How long it has happened to the marriage of your mom and dad in law?
  8. How many cousins are there in your partner’s family?
  9. Do your in laws have or had a pet?
  10. What is the name of your in laws home?

7. Cute Newlywed Game Questions

Wedding your partner is the final destination love can achieve. But what is more important is to keep that marriage going on successfully. There are a lot of cute things happens in a marriage. People put their partner’s choice before theirs. They are always their first priority. They cannot listen anything against their partner. This is all about a relationship is. Thinking of someone else all day long and doing everything possible for them.

On the after party of a wedding you can play a game with the newlyweds. You can ask them some cute newlywed game questions about their relationship. These questions can also be about the cute habits of each other. You can add some conditions in it. Every time someone gives a wrong answer then he/she would have to do something for their partner.

Here are 10 cute newlywed game questions to ask the bride and the groom:

  1. Which actress would your husband like to date once?
  2. Which is the favorite shirt of your partner?
  3. What is the name of your wife’s teddy bear?
  4. What was the first sport that your husband learnt in high school?
  5. In which Disney princess’s outfit you would like to see your wife?
  6. What is the idea of a first date for your partner?
  7. Which is the one thing which is inseparable from your partner?
  8. Who was your wife’s first crush as a kid?
  9. What is that one thing your partner is afraid of?
  10. If given a chance whom would your partner like to kiss?

8. Choice Based Newlywed Game Questions

Caring for each other is just another point of a good relationship. After spending a lot of time with each other, we do not have to ask for things. Our partner easily understand it just by our gestures and facial expressions that what we want. We try to take care of each other by taking care of each other’s choices. It is very important to know that what are your partner’s likes and dislikes.

This is also a perfect game to play just after your wedding. As being the friends to bride and groom you can ask them some choice based newlywed game questions. These questions are about the habits and choices of your partner. A person would have to tell about the likes and dislikes of his/her partner. They are fun to play and the winner can be awarded with something exciting.

Here are 10 choice based newlywed game questions to ask the bride and the groom:

  1. What is the favorite movie of your partner?
  2. Who is the favorite cricketer of your husband?
  3. What is the favorite holiday location of your partner?
  4. Who is that actress your partner always dreams about?
  5. What is the favorite cartoon character of your wife?
  6. What is the color of your partner’s favorite dress?
  7. Which is the food item that your husband hates the most and you love the most?
  8. Which is the most hated song of your partner he used to love earlier?
  9. What are the makeup essentials of your wife?
  10. Which is the favorite perfume of your husband?

9. Newlywed Game Questions to Know the Compatibility

A relationship can only sustain if a guy and girl are compatible to each other. Non compatible relationships eventually lead to divorce and separation. So before you make the decision of marrying them, firstly make sure that you guys are compatible to each other. Compatibility is not only about looks and outer appearance. But it is also about thinking, mind set and other things.

What about checking the compatibility through questions? You can ask them newlywed game questions to know their compatibility with each other. The game is quite simple one. You just need to ask them questions regarding their partner and check their knowledge about each other. The game is just for fun. But you can get to know a lot through this simple game. You can keep some points in the game to make it more interesting.

Here are 10 newlywed game questions to know the compatibility of the bride and the groom:

  1. What is the dream job of your partner?
  2. If money was not the matter then what would have been your partner now?
  3. What is the hidden talent of your partner that no one knows?
  4. Who is the financial manager between you two?
  5. Who is the best friend of your partner?
  6. What is the biggest achievement of your partner till date?
  7. Who is the most hated colleague by your partner?
  8. If it is about his dreams then would you let him go away?
  9. How long you two can stay without talking?
  10. What matters for you, his dreams your give up or your dreams and his give up?

10. Other Newlywed Questions

There are many other newlywed game questions which cannot be categorized. They are just the normal questions that friends or relatives ask them about each other. These questions can be about their perspective over each other. They can also be related to their future plans. One can also ask the questions regarding their family members and friends. These can be funny or can be serious too.

Make sure that you do not end up asking such questions which tense the atmosphere. Only ask such questions which entertain everyone. Do not get too personal if you are not close to them. These questions can be serious ones or crazy ones. You can make everyone laugh through these questions. These ways are the perfect plans for lighting up everyone’s mood.

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Here are the newlywed game questions to ask the bride and the groom:

  1. What is his choice, beach or mountains?
  2. Would he ever sacrifice his dreams for you?
  3. What would be her choice, makeup or chocolates?
  4. Who is that ex whom she still talks as a friend?
  5. What was the bitterest part of her past?
  6. Who is the most important person for her after you?
  7. What is her favorite dinner?
  8. Which is her favorite restaurant of the town?
  9. What she likes the most, coffee or tea?
  10. What is the favorite pass time of her?

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There are some questions which can be written in more than one category. You can ask such questions according to your own wish. All the questions are just for fun. They are asked to light up everyone’s mood. They can be really helpful in removing the stress of the newly wedded couple. They are just a light hearted activity done in many parties. You can make them more creative with different ideas.

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