Flirty Would You Rather Questions to Ask a Guy

This time the game of flirty Would You Rather Questions is going to be full of mystery, hidden hints and lots of conversations. Whether you guys just started dating or whether he is just your crush, ask him these flirty questions and try to get an impression of his personality through this. It might sound a bit boring and clichéd but this is actually so much fun in reality.

91 Flirty Would You Rather Questions to Ask a Guy

1). Would you rather dominate someone in bed or get dominated by your partner?

2). Would you rather kiss a guy or do not kiss at all?

3). Would you rather be caressed or like to caress someone else?

4). Would you rather be straight and never find someone or be gay and have the perfect sexual bliss?

5). Would you rather love someone unconditionally or loved by someone else unconditionally?

6). Would you rather have one partner for a lifetime or several partners throughout your life?

7). Would you rather be in long distance relationship or no relationship at all?

LDR is usually the prime topic of debate between a couple who have just started dating so I think would you rather flirty questions based on this one is really important to ask.

8). Would you rather be dating a hot and sassy diva or nerdy and sensible but average girl?

9). Would you rather date a blonde or a brunette?

10). Would you rather check out a curvy girl from front or from back?

11). Would you rather choose movie date in a theatre or Netflix night at home?

12). Would you rather cuddle for the whole night or have a quick rough sex?

13). Would you rather be single for whole life or in multiple relationships?

14). Would you rather choose money over sex or sex over money?

Let’s just get real ask your crush or someone you are dating what is exactly in your mind. So, these types of flirty would you rather questions are something which is going to help for the same.

15). Would you rather lose the sense of touch or become blind for whole life?

16). Would you rather love to see through clothes or could read someone’s mind?

17). Would you rather fake it for the satisfaction of your partner or just be straightforward with them?

18). Would you rather like to see a girl in shorts or in a beautiful gown?

19). Would you rather choose to be caught doing it by a cop in car or prefer to get it filmed by someone mysteriously?

20). Would you rather greet a girl with hug or just hand-shakes on your first date?

21). Would you rather find someone new or just get back with your ex if given a chance?

These types of flirty would you rather questions are important to ask to check the mind of the person you have a crush on that whether they have moved on or not?

22). Would you rather hold her from her waist or from her butts?

23). Would you rather have a fling with me or just like to remains friends?

24). Would you rather give a massage to a girl or rather receive one from her?

25). Would you rather be the dominating force or wait for her to be the one all the time?

26). Would you rather prefer sexy lingerie or nothing at all?

27). Would you rather sleep naked or in your comfy Pjs?

I really liked the kind of flirty would you rather questions to ask a guy which can tell about his personality and how open up he is to you.

28). Would you rather like to be slapped on butt or would like to spank your girl?

29). Would you rather get married first or just have kids with someone without marriage?

30). Would you rather be in a committed relationship or just enjoy casual sex for the rest of the life?

31). Would you rather be with someone who earns way more than you or with someone who does nothing at all?

32). Would you rather prefer camping with your girl or surfing?

33). Would you rather like to dance in rain with your partner or getting cozy in a blanket in winters?

Now, these are the kind of flirty would you rather questions which are perfect to find out about the choices and preference of a guy and you can ask more like these ones.

34). Would you rather love to pamper her or just be pampered?

35). Would you rather like to chat with me all night long or prefer calling for a smaller duration?

36). Would you rather take her to a candle light dinner or on a long walk on your first date?

37). Would you rather dump someone or getting dumped by someone?

38). Would you rather give up pizza for someone or give up sex?

39). Would you rather be with a corporate chic or with a party hard kind of girl?

40). Would you rather be on top or be under her?

This is definitely a fierce and direct kind of choice as the flirty would you rather questions to ask someone and can break a lot of barriers between you two.

41). Would you rather be with her for her money or for her looks?

42). Would you rather have an intimate wedding or a grand affair?

43). Would you rather be rich and worried or poor but happy?

44). Would you rather prefer home cooked meal or fine restaurant dining?

45). Would you rather be the giver or the receiver in bedroom?

46). Would you rather spend time with your girl watching the sunset or the sunrise?

47). Would you rather have a beach vacation with your partner or a mountain one?

This one is another option of would you rather flirty questions to get to know about the choices of a guy and I think these are subtle moves to get to know them too.

48). Would you rather sing for me or dance for me?

49). Would you rather like a lap dance or a strip tease game?

50). Would you rather date someone you have been friends with or someone you never knew before?

51). Would you rather spoil a friendship with love or just stay quiet about it?

52). Would you rather like to kiss me for a while or hug me for a while?

53). Would you rather let her be herself all the time or would expect some changes in her?

54). Would you rather Netflix and Chill or just go for a long drive with ice cream?

55). Would you rather have a once in a lifetime experience with your partner or just live a normal but happy life with them?

This is so much important to know about the perception of the guy you like about life and these types of flirty would you rather questions are made just for it.

56). Would you rather date someone you met via a dating app or someone who has been around you from quite some time?

57). Would you rather like her to dress wildly for you or just be herself?

58). Would you rather be friends with benefits for life or find a commitment relationship in someone else?

59). Would you rather be blunt and sorry for it or shy and regret over it?

60). Would you rather lay her on your chest or just sleep while hugging her from behind?

61). Would you rather stalk her on social media and make assumptions or would get to know her personally?

62). Would you rather be crazy with her or madly in love with her?

63). Would you rather say Love You more often or listen Love You more often?

64). Would you rather just elope with your partner to someplace new or just watch them getting away from you?

65). Would you rather have so many kids or just one?

66). Would you rather make love on the bed or in the shower?

67). Would you rather live with a pet you do not like or with your ex?

68). Would you rather rub an ice cube on her or lick whipped cream off her belly?

69). Would you rather try something new or just stick to what gives you pleasure in bed?

70). Would you rather want a long foreplay and short intercourse or the opposite one?

71). Would you rather ask her out or wait for her?

72). Would you rather plan a night out with your girlfriend or your friends?

73). Would you rather have a hot girlfriend or successful one?

74). Would you rather have in live in relationship with your girlfriend or marriage with her?

75). Would you rather try threesome or sex with your girlfriend?

76). Would you rather have relationship with a hot girl who doesn’t love you back or a simple girl who love you so much?

77). Would you rather give control to your girlfriend in bed or take lead yourself?

78). Would you rather marry a blogger or a doctor?

79). Would you rather marry a girl towards whom you attracted too much or a girl who love you much?

80). Would you rather try anal sex or sex in bed?

81). Would you rather have sex on beach or couch?

82). Would you rather date a married women whom you are in love or a beautiful girl?

83). Would you rather plan a romantic date with your girlfriend at Valentine’s Day or stay with home?

84). Would you rather wait to your girlfriend to comeback or move in with other girl?

85). Would you rather wait to find true love or marriage with any beautiful girl?

86). Would you rather tell your friend that you are in love with her or keep hiding your feeling to save your friendship?

87). Would you rather sex with a stranger or make out?

88). Would you rather sex on your first day or wait to make a strong bond with your girlfriend?

89). Would you rather like to sex in group or your girlfriend?

90). Would you rather like to try all crazy sexy positions or common only.

91). Would you rather try crazy places to have sex or do with in bedroom only.

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This is more of a fun part for the one who is answering rather than who is asking. But things turn even interesting when such flirty would you rather questions leads to crazy conversations and you two end up pouring your heart over each other. So, good luck girls with this question-answer spree with your guy.

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