Crazy Places to Have Sex That Can Boost Your Sex Life

Crazy Places to Have Sex: Feeling bored with doing it in your bedroom over and over again? It’s time to spice up your sex life by adding some twists and fun in it.

We are boosting up your imagination to think about crazy places to have sex. It is the time that you should move out of your comfy bed and try out things that are more interesting and exciting.

If you are one of those couples who are looking for some added excitement and fun in their sex life then this is going to help you a lot.

13+ Crazy Places to Have Sex

Here is a complete list of the craziest place that you never thought could become your favorite sex destinations.

Crazy Places to Have Sex

1). In Shower or Bathtub

This is one of the most amazing kinds of place in the list of crazy places to have sex. If you would ask several couple’s opinion then you will find out that this is their favorite place to hook up. For more inspiration on a shower sex you can watch the hot and steamy Fifty Shades of Grey.

This place increases the pleasure of having sex thousand times and you are going to remember this experience forever. But you two should take care that you guys do not slip out there otherwise it can lead to a major injury.

2). In the Backseat of Your Car

Another steamy place in the category of crazy places to have sex is the backseat of your comfy car. If you guys are looking for some quickie and not able to find any place for it then your car would turn your bedroom just like that.

Not only the backseat but you can utilize the front seat as well. And don’t forget to put those window panes up. The smaller place of a car increases the hotness like hell and you two would feel your bodies like never before on each other. Somebody must have said it right, the lesser a place, the more the fun is.

3). In the Pool

I am not particularly talking about a pool. This can be any other water bodies too. This would be like a great adventure for both of you and it is indeed a place to add in the list of crazy places to have sex. You guys can book a villa for the weekend. And then you can enjoy every bit of the sex in the water.

Having sex in a public pool would be a great thing to pull off. But if you guys can succeed in doing so without even being noticed by anyone then it would be like the best adventure you two have ever done.

4). In Woods

Went out for camping or trekking with friends but not able to find some personal space. It is the time that you need to go for the woods to have the wildest sex ever. In such crazy places to have sex, you guys would have to take care of the little insects.

Once you find the place then you must own it and forget everything else to satisfy your partner. It may sound absurd at first but later on you two are going to have the best sex in the lap of nature itself.

5). On Kitchen Platform

This is the fetish of most of the couples to have sex on the kitchen platform. You can also use the kitchen dining table for it. It is one of the sexiest crazy places to have sex in. All those things that you two have watched in movies or RomCom, it is the time that you two do that in real too.

You guys can use pillow for the support if it is being too much of uncomfortable for you. I am really sure that it would turn out to be the best experience of your sex life ever.

6). In a Tent

Are you two still stuck to your bed even when it is the weekend? Then it is the time that you two must move out and pack your bags to go out for some camping on this weekend. If you two are not in the mood of camping out in hills then I have the perfect plan for you.

To have the most unusual kind of sex ever you guys can set up a camp in your terrace or hall. This would be like having some private camping. The tent would totally become one of the crazy places to have sex. The less space and more heat would automatically do the work for you two.

7). In Laundry Room

Haven’t you guys heard of the whirlpool position before? If not then it is the time that I should tell you one of the most happening and craziest sex position. Not only it is a position but it will give you one of the crazy places to have sex.

For this you would have to head to your laundry room immediately. Switch on the washing machine and let your girl get stuck to the vibrating machine from front. This will be like your personal and giant vibrator. The laundry room is surely going to become one of the most favorite places of you two.

8). In Parents’ Bedroom

For a couple who is dating, it always remains their fantasy to have sex in the prestigious bedroom of their parents. That is the reason that we have included it in the category of crazy places to have sex. You and your partner are going to be in a deep fear that your parents can come at anytime.

Apart from it, keeping the things as they were before is another challenge in the list. This hush-hush makes the things even sexier than ever before. This fetish can also lead you to troubles if your parents come to home early than you thought.

9). In the Backyard

For a married couple, their bedroom always remains their kingdom to rule in. They do not even think about the other options they can explore even inside or outside their home. We are mentioning the backyard of your home as one of the crazy places to have sex.

The backyard of course, can be occupied with weird things. But if you guys would focus on each other only then it can become one of the most memorable sex for you two. So, pick your girl in your arms and run to the backyard right away.

10). On Couch/Sofa

This is another one in the category of crazy places to have sex. The sofa always proves to be one of the most favorite places to relax in or to just spend your leisure time on. But this time you are going to use this sofa or the couch in doing some hardship like never before.

There are a lot of interesting women on top sex positions that you two can use over the sofa or couch. The compact space of the couch would give you more chances to come closer like never before.

11). On Stairs

We have also picked the stairs as one of the crazy places to have sex. Now you must be wondering that how you can utilize those never ending stairs to make love to your partner. But let me tell you that there is some amazing kind of sex positions who would give you the best pleasure when done in stairs.

If your stairs are a bit harsh then you can use some carpet on it. This would make the whole things a bit more comfortable for you two.

12). In Front of Mirror

This may sound a bit absurd to you that why we are mentioning the mirror in the category of crazy places to have sex. But watching yourself in each other’s arms can turn out to be watching a porn clip running live in front of you. Only the lead characters are going to be you two only.

This would give you more push to make love to each other. The sensuousness becomes twice than ever when you watch yourself making out with them. It also boosts one’s self-confidence too and it would surely turn out to be a different experience for you guys.

13). In Hotel

Hiring a hotel room in the same city where you guys are residing can be amazing to have sex. This is also one of the places that we can include in the category of crazy places to have sex. You need to hire such room which is comfortable yet budget friendly.

I know that it would not make much of a difference. But watching the same room again and again can be a bit boring for you two. So, a new room and new interior with some luxury can turn you guys on instantly.


If you two will play safe then it will eventually become too monotonous. To boost up the fun in your sex life you must try these crazy places to have sex. You are so gonna love these new experiments that from now on nothing would seem boring to you. I am definitely sure that you are going to look for places like these every now and then.

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