15 New Things to Try in Bed

You cannot revive your relationship without acknowledging new things to try in bed. And talking about the current modern relationships, I think versatility and a feeling of newness is the key here.

This article is going to help you to learn about the new and various different things you can try out in bed with your partner to literally renew your relationship with them.

New Things to Try in Bed in 2022

Below is the list of all new things which you can try in bed with your partner to make your love and sex life exciting and interesting.

1. The Power

Starting the list of new things to try in bed by turning the table for you two. If you are doing things a certain way and not having fun with it then you are supposed to bring a change in it. If generally it is your partner who is ruling over the entire make out session then you need to turn the table and take on the lead.

It would be a huge step and even bigger change in your daily routine. However, you need to be subtle with your moves because I hope you would not want to upset your partner with all the dominance.

I think this one is going to be prove a big change into your regular life and would come as a pleasant surprise for your partner as well. Ladies, you should check this female led relationship guide.

2. Role Playing

role play ideas

Role Playing has become a very popular option these days for the couples to try out something different and every entertaining in bed. And trust me, it is something no one can ever get tired of doing. Well, this might be a bit awkward at first but after some time you people are going to love it.

Getting into the roles of new characters is going to leave a positive effect on your sexual life as well. This is quite like stepping into a pleasant fantasy world.

You guys can also use clothes and maintain the decorum of the bedroom accordingly. Or just simply get into the skin of a person who is entirely different from your real self. I am sure you won’t regret doing it. In past, I have written an article about role play ideas, I think you will love to check out this.

3.  Lots of Cuddle

role play ideas

Well, of course this is not amongst the new things to try in bed for many couple but it can be a beautiful change for those couples who are always in a hurry. Cuddling is the most beautiful part of a relationship and actually very necessary for your sexual life too.

Just doing the business each night can be quite monotonous and regular and I hope you would want to bring a positive change into it.

Cuddling would not only bring you two emotionally closer but will also give you guys time to embrace and love each other. To enhance the experience you can use soft music and scented candles in the bedroom to maintain just the right atmosphere around you.

4. Movie Night

The meaning of looking for new things to try in bed is not just about the physical bonding but about the emotional and mental bonding as well. You two definitely need to experience such activities which can establish a new connectivity between you two.

For this you guys can go for a movie night. All you need is movies for whole night binge watching, pizzas and of course just the right amount of lighting in your bedroom.

You can prefer a mix between the choices of movies of you two. I can assure you that it will be an amazing step towards making a difference in your relationship. And if you people have tried out movie night then try watching porn together for a change. Trust me! It will be revolutionary.

5. Handcuffs

Handcuffs for Restraint

I am definitely sure you people would have thought about using handcuffs but one thing or another are enough to stop you from experience such crazy adventures. But not anymore! You people should definitely try using handcuffs in bed.

Having the complete control in one’s hand and nothing in another’s can be a totally different experience in the sex life of couple.

In order to play it fair, you guys can change turns. You can order them online easily and let me tell you, please do not wait for the right time. Each night can be the best ones if you have the right planning for it. And these handcuffs are surely something you should try this time.

6. Sex Toys

If you are shy and conscious couple then it is definitely one of the raunchiest and crazily new things to try in bed for you two. You can never fully enjoy the sexual pleasure without involving something new and happening in it.

There are plenty of sex toys which a couple can use to enhance the experience as well as pleasure during the sex.

For a start, try using vibrator. It is basic and would bring a huge change into the usual sex life of both the people. There are more options which you can try once you get comfortable with the whole process. There is nothing bad or taboo about using these sex toys. In fact, talking about them and using them would also open-up you more towards your partner.

7.  New Positions

Of course, how can you forget the most basic thing you can try into bed. Forget about missionary now, you have tons of other crazy sexy positions to try which will not only help you to penetrate deep into but would also help you in exploring more and more.

You need to always remember the fact that it will be kind of weird at first but this should not stop you from trying new things which can bring more pleasure.

You can check out my previous article about Crazy Sex Positions telling it all about the new and adventurous positions or can discuss it with your partner too. It will surely bring new excitement into your boring sex life and would urge you to explore your partner fully like never before.

8. Get Drunk

get drunk

If you haven’t have drunk sex with your partner then this definitely tops the list of new things to try in bed for you two. Come on, you do not need to the occasions of anniversaries or birthdays to get drunk, you can do it whenever you want.

And this time use your drunk-self to make love to your partner. The half-lit senses and a feeling of romance is definitely a deadly combination to deal with.

Doing crazy things with your partner also brings you closer to them both physically as well as emotionally. I am sure this drunk sex is going to be the best experience of your life.

9. Stripping

Female Led Relationship

Do I even need to tell you this? Of course, you are not a pro at this but that cannot stop you from trying it out. Mastering the art of sensuousness is a child’s play when both of you are equally interested in it.

You are going to need some layered clothing for this because who doesn’t like to tease their partners a bit. And of course, do not forget to put on your best intimate wear too. Take your time and let it all go slow until your partner gets completely baffled to strip it all.

And while we are talking about new things, ask your partner to tie their hands to let them strip you in a different way this time.

10. Some Fun and Sexy Games

There are plenty of new things to try in bed and one of them is sexy games which are not only sultry enough but fun to play too. From beer pong to strip tease, there are various options available for it. You can also check out our previous article about sexy games for couples to check out the full list of sexual games.

Set the ground rules or you can modify it according to the comfort of you two and then start playing them.

Playing such sexy games brings a great change into the life of a couple and expose them towards more fun and entertaining ways of getting connected. Do not forget to include alcohol in it for more fun.

11. Get Kinky

There is nothing wrong in getting open-up to your partner a bit more and more each day. I think people haven’t fully understand the concept of getting kinky into bed yet. Stripping, BDSM are different things and adding a factor of sensuality is something different.

For a start, you can talk dirty with your partner. Trust me, keeping the communication on while having sex can double up the pleasure.

Being erotic is far more different than being romantic and sometimes your partner would want you to be the former one. I think tender love making is over rated because you cannot discover the heights of love if you do not take the paths less travelled.

12. Move to Couch

I know this is an entirely different thing which kind of does not suit to the list of new things to try in bed but trust me you will find it more fun and cozy. The lesser is the space, the more fun you people will have to get closer to each other.

You can do it on the bed too by removing the other half of it or by putting things on half part of the bed so that you two end up having lesser space and more fun.

Doing things a certain way can bring boredom into your relationship and this is why keep on experimenting with what you have.

13. Put on the Best Clothes

girl in sexy lingerie

The meaning of putting on the best clothes is not about ruining the well-ironed gowns and suits of you guys. Of course it is about the dirty dressing which you two can use to seduce each other.

You can find thousands of options of sexy and sultry lingerie online and trust me it works all the time on guys. For guys, the options are less and they would have to improvise on their own in order to master the art of sexy dressing.

This is going to be a big step if you have never tried it before. I think amongst all, this one is going to work the best because nothing speaks louder than your clothing in bed.

14. Touch Yourself

Breaking the stigma attached to the fact of self-love is definitely on top of the list of new things to try in bed. Well, touching yourself in a sultry and dirty way is not about masturbating but it is definitely something which can arouse your partner to the core.

Generally females are the one doing it more often to seduce their partner but I think both the partners should be equally into it.

If you have never tried it before then I think you should just forget about everything else and start touching yourself as if this is the only thing you have to pleasure yourself. It will not only arouse your partner but would also bring a new change into your sex life.

15. Talk It Out

If you guys are really shy and not able to zero down on anything then you really need to talk it out with each other. In fact, this one is amongst the new things to try in bed for many couples.

Many a times in the hurry of just doing it, couples forget to talk about the feelings and emotions. The hectic work life do not let it happen in the day time so you can utilize the night for doing it for sure. Communication holds a great power and you should not underestimate it at all.

You guys can discuss what is going wrong or what you guys can explore more about each other. I think it will be a great step to break the barriers between you two.


It largely depends upon the choice of you as well as your partner mutually that what you guys want to experience. Make sure that you never force them to be a part of it. But you can surely convince them to try something new in order to win over the growing monotonous feeling in your relationship for sure.

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