Best Music Torrent Sites

If you are looking for the best music torrent sites, then you have landed on the right page. In this article, I’ll be walking you through a list of best music torrent sites which offers a huge collection of music to download. Let’s go ahead with the lits.

Best Music Torrent Sites:

After the sudden shutdown of big torrent websites, some top music torrent websites managed to survive. And here I’m with the list of top music torrent sites which are active and working fine even in 2022. Let’s get started with the list of best torrent music sites.

1. The Pirate Bay


The Pirate Bay

Whether it’s about downloading movies, games, Software or any music torrents file, The Pirate Bay turns out to be the best option to consider. It is one of the most popular bit torrent indexer websites in the world. And millions of people rely on this website to get their torrent files downloaded in various categories.

With a well maintained torrent library, The Pirate Bay offers a large collection of music files in the most sophisticated manner. To get your favorite music on the website, all you need to require is to make a search on the website. And in no time, you will be provided with a long list of music files related to your search query.

The Pirate Bay has the largest library of files. And it’s absolutely free to download any file from the website without even signing up. So do visit The Pirate Bay if you don’t want to miss visiting one of the best music torrent websites.




A lot of Torrent websites came and gone, but RARBG is one of such reliable torrent platforms which is active since 2008 and still working great even today. RARBG is one of the most popular music torrent sites which is feature rich, good looking and has a huge library of torrent files.

RARBG offers a rich collection of movies, games, music, ebooks and software torrents. And the music and movie torrent files available on the website are extremely high quality. Overall, RARBG is a good platform which is considerable except one thing i.e. unnecessary redirection to other foul pages.

Yes, that’s the problem with RARBG. When you will click on any link on the website, you will get redirected to any random pages in the new tab which is really annoying. Other than that, everything else is good about RARBG.

3.  1337x



1337x is a popular name in the torrent industry and I guess you already know about it. The Interface of 1337x is mesmerizing and it looks splendidly rich. So without any doubt, 1337x is the best torrent site for music and other torrent media.

1337x has the biggest library of torrent links that too in HD quality. The reason which makes me like 1337x the most is, its beautiful and sleek interface. When you will land on the website for the first time, you will see a search bar to search for your desired torrent files. Else, you can directly go to any of your desired category from the various options located at the bottom of the page.

Not just that,  1337x fosters yet another full homepage with an even more detailed interface. So in short, 1337x is one of the best torrent music sites which has everything that makes it stand out from the crowd.

4. ExtraTorrent



ExtraTorrent has been my go-to place for all my torrent needs from more than a couple of years now. And I still consider ExtraTorrent for downloading my favorite music and movies over other websites. Its clean and sophisticated Interface, a massive library and easy navigation are the features which I like the most about ExtraTorrent.

Moreover, ExtraTorrent is not limited to offer only music files, but movies, games, Software and all sort of media can be downloaded from the website. The other plus of the website is its ad-free interface. Unlike other torrent files, ExtraTorrent doesn’t have ads placed all over the website.

5. Torlock



The next one in the best music torrenting sites list is Torlock. It’s yet another great website for torrent lovers. The reason for being Torlock one of the most visited music torrent sites is its status of ‘verified torrents’. And its claim of offering “No fake torrents”. In fact, the website calls itself Torlock-The No Fakes Torrent Site. Isn’t it great??

This claim of Torlock is not fake and it indeed offers a sheer number of verified torrents. Till date,  Torlock has over 4,252,030 verified torrents in total and the number is ever increasing. Besides that, there is no much difference in the Torlock interface than other top Torrent websites out there.

The home page of the website is divided into the different sections. And each section contains top 10 torrents from different categories. Like the first section posses top 10 current torrents. The second section contains top 10 music torrents, and so on.

6. TorrentDownloads



TorrentDownloads is one of the music torrent sites in the list which is appealing, free, and has a massive database of torrent files to choose from. The torrent file offered by TorrentDownloads are extremely high quality and that’s the most attractive part of the website.

From movies to songs, games to all type of Software, TorrentDownloads provides all type of media in the most straightforward manner. If you haven’t visited TorrentDownloads yet, go and give it a try. I’m sure you will like it. It’s a popular torrent platform which receives millions of visitors every month and deserves to be given a try.

7. Toorgle



Did you notice something with the name Toorgle??? Yes, it matches the search engine giant Google and you must understand why! Toorgle is one of the best music torrent sites which is basically a torrent search engine which combines the result of over 420+ torrent websites.

From movies to music, games and all sort of other torrent files, Toorgle is one such website which is a go-to place for all torrent files. By now, Toorgle has over 55,000,000 torrents indexed which is more than a lot of other top music torrent sites out there.

Moreover, the interface of the website is also compelling. The home page of Toorgle contains only a big search field with a search button giving you the exact feel of a search engine.

8. Torrentz



Torrentz is one of the top torrent music sites and my next choice for downloading all my torrent music files. In fact, it’s the metasearch engine of all kind of torrent files, which combines the result of dozens of torrent sites. So you can imagine, how efficient that site would be.

Torrentz has more than 300k files indexed on their server to choose from. The interface of the website is sleek. And the homepage of the website has nothing but a big search field to search for the torrent files. Moreover, Torrentz receives millions of visitor every month which shows its reliability.

So do visit Torrentz to download your favorite music. And I’m sure you will also be satisfied with Torrentz like those millions of Torrentz visitors as soon as you pay a visit on the website.

9. KAT



When the kickass torrent was banned by the government in 2016, many torrent lovers got disheartened. But to everyone’s pleasantness, some of the former KAT staff and moderators came up with a new kickass website with similar interface and database.

If you have been a keen user of the Kickass torrent before it’s shutdown, is the one for you. However, it does not contain as big database as the original KAT website, but it contains most of it.

The interface, look, design, color combination and working on the website resembles a lot with the previous kickass, so it won’t take even a minute for you to cop-up with the website.

10. Isohunt



The last one in the list is Isohunt. It’s yet another leading torrent site which can help you get your desired music. The website contains a decent database of torrent files which you can dig out your desired file from. Moreover, the Interface of the website is also intuitive and neat.

So with that, we have reached the end of the article. And I’m pretty sure that by now, you have found your desired music torrent sites which you can head over to in order to download your favorite music.

But remember, don’t use torrent sites without hiding your IP since using torrents have been declared illegal from 2016. Take it as an advise and enjoy torrenting.

Recommended Resources for Music Lovers: 


For movies and music lovers, torrents sites are the primary source of getting them downloaded. And no wonder if you also rely on them to download your favorite music and movies. If so, you can refer to this piece of content to know about the best torrent sites for music. Not just for music, but for any torrent files including movies, games, Software, pdf and so forth.

In fact, when you have top torrent websites like The Pirate Bay and Extratorrent working fine at your end, you don’t need any other torrent sites as they contain a massive collection of torrent files and work smooth.

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