20 Best Sites to Download Free ebooks pdf

In this tech era, everything relies on the internet. Nowadays the internet has become almost a survival source for many. No matter you belong to a small village or metro city if you are an internet user, you can win the world.

The days are passed when we had to rely on the hard copies to read books, music player for listening to the songs, telephone cable connections to communicate. Now, everything is been digitized and have been replaced with digital stuff. Music players with iPod/mp3 devices, telephones with the mobile phones and books are replaced with e-books respectively.

We all know that reading is a direct and simplest way to derive and forming meaning, in order to gain a particular knowledge. And the only source we end up thinking is books and e-books. Books not only help in enhancing knowledge but also accommodate our thinking capability. Buying books all the time can’t be affordable for many people, so we often prefer to download it in the form of ebooks.

What is The e-book

The ebook is an electronic version of printed books which can be read on the computer and handled devices. Ebooks are mainly designed for providing ease of readability. Ebooks can be read on the kindle, Microsoft’s free Reader application, android devices, and many others software’s are there which support ebook reading.

How To Download Free ebooks pdf

E-books are becoming immensely popular nowadays. Since androids, gadgets, IOS, and many other devices support e-books reading, that too in various formats. There are many free ebook download sites which provide download free ebooks.

Moreover, Amazon Kindle also provides a lot of free e-books and app facility to download e-books.

Where To Download Free ebooks pdf

If you are wondering where to Download Free ebooks pdf then let me tell you, there are loads of websites and sources you can download ebooks from. And with the time, new gadgets are being introduced. By using them, you can easily get hundreds of e-books without spending any money. Other than this, you can take help of websites, which provides downloading of ebooks in various formats. Below, I will share the list of such websites from where you can Download Free ebooks pdf.

Though, e-books are easily available on the internet, but there are many people who can’t afford to buy them. This is the reason many book lovers have to compromise for reading books. But, I have a good news for all the book lovers and ebook readers that you don’t have to sacrifice your desires now since many websites are also providing the e-books for free.

So today, I have compiled the list of those websites which provides free e-book downloading. Though, there are  many websites available which are providing free ebook downloading but I will share the best and working websites only. Stay tuned.

20 Sites To Download Free ebooks pdf

In the below list of websites, I’ve rounded up the websites that purvey technology, comic, life, education, family, kids e-books, horror, and many more genres. From these websites, you can download Free ebooks pdf on your iPads, iPod, Kindle, phones, laptops and every other digital origin which provide e-book reading facility.

Moreover, these website list provides e-books in various formats like HTML, Kindle, ePub, eReader, Multimedia ebook, PDF, Open ebook, text, TRF, DOC, etc.

Here goes the list.

1. Free e-books : Best websites for Download Free ebooks pdf

This is one of the best sources which provides downloading and uploading ebooks for free. This is the amongst popular websites containing various categories, involves Drama, Business, Health, Biography, Erotica, Fiction, Humor, Mystery and more. I would suggest you to visit the website once and get more about that.

After visiting the website, you will find all the categories at the left side of the homepage. Select any category you solicit. You can find the e-books in alphabetical order, or if you want rating wise then that is also possible by the sort by option.

In short this website provides a user-friendly environment plus pdf in various formats. If you are book lover then give it a shot.

2. Google books : second largest place for Download Free ebooks pdf

Google books is a best search engine where you can search loads of books on the various topic. All you have to do is put keyword you want books on. The list containing all the results matching your query will appear before you. You can directly preview books from the library and get the details of publishers.

This is not a perfect place for downloading but undoubtedly the best place for finding knowledgeable and interesting books on various topics. Google books support various popular formats whether it’s Pdf, Html,  .txt or epub.

Google books is primarily a search engine where you can search various books of your interest also, you can browse them, read them without any charge. Google book is most easily available book store you can ever have.

3. Free book spot

Free book spot is another yet trustworthy e-book provider website. This website has more than 100 categories available on it. It covers almost all topics! If you are a technology student, you can get computer and programming related e-books, if you are a science student even you won’t get disappointed here either, astrology, cooking, aeronautical engineering, archeology, astronomy and cosmology, drawing and various books for children.

In short it’s a complete package for every age people including children, adults, and older people, here are books for all. Once you select the categories, you won’t find any difficulties to grab its details. You can easily get author name, view time, published date everything related to particular book easily.

This book is a perfect choice for book lovers and for those who are users of kindle or are used to of reading e-books. This is one of my favorite sites to download ebooks.

4. Online computer books

As its name implies Online computer books, basically provides computer related books. Computer programming, Java, ASP.net, .net, COBOL, C, C++, and operating systems like Linux, Unix, Windows and all computer related e-book are provided here.

You can find here technology related all books. Apart from all this, free magazines, related to the computer are also available at this website. For a technology student, nothing can be better than this.  Each and every computer programing’s detailed description is available here. If you are in search of kind of website which provides free pdf on computer niche I would recommend you to visit in once.

5. Scribd

Scribd is one of those websites you can’t miss. Though it’s not the free website but you can take its 14 day’s free trial and can store your favorite PDFs by downloading. In these 14 days, you can access millions of books, and docs files totally free of cost.

Scribd is basically a document-sharing website which supports Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF formats. You will mostly find docs and PDF files here. You can access almost all the categories at Scribd. If you are in a search of best Pdf files with various categories you can take help of Scribd. This is one of the most easily navigable websites even a nontechie can use it without any problem.

Like all other websites, it has a large collection of fiction, humor, social, technology, computers, games, horror, and many other genres. It also provides audio books.

6. Get free ebooks

Needless to say, Get free ebooks is one of the best websites for reading and downloading pdf files. It is a hub place for readers and technology. At freeebooks.com, you can find more than 120 categories. And each category has more than files and almost all of them are by different authors.
At every section, you will find the different link, and each link navigate to other websites containing various books from the  particular author. Also, the original copies of the pdf file by the authers directly.

Once you visit the website, I don’t think you will face any difficulties in finding categories and genres.  Almost all categories, like Horror, Science, Fiction, people and relationship, Money and finance, Cooking and recipes, design, and everything you can get here.

7. ebookee

Ebookee is basically known for the novel, fiction, and  story. It is a search engine to search and find books you are interested in. This has a large collection of e-books of more than 50 categories.

It is a kinda interactive website for book lovers. You can share your favorite pdf files with others. But for that you will have to register yourself there. Once you are registered you can upload, comment and share files. This website has a large collection of Internet, Fiction, Design, medical and novels, comic, music, networking and engineering books.

At the review section, you can found comments and people’s view on the books. This review section and commenting over the website makes it more interactive.

8. Free tech books 

If you are a computer lover or a techie then this website would be the  best pick for you. Since it contains engineering books, programming books, lecture books, textbook and many more technical books over it. For a technology lover getting books of their choice that for free is not less than a gift.

At Free tech books, You can search and download free books in categories like computer scientific books, mathematics books, operating system books, programming/scripting books and many other. And each category contains more than 10-15 categories with various topics.

Moreover, It has a category most popular e-book world where you can find e-books which are getting millions of views from readers across the world. This is one of my favorite websites. If you are looking for tech/computer related books Go for this.

9. PDfoo : Place for Download Free ebooks pdf

PDfoo is basically a pdf service provider website which was developed to provide different categories pdfs recourses. As its name suggests PDF00, you can find various documents on various topics free of cost in pdf format.

This website has a huge collection of categories, you will find almost all topic via this website. PDFoo cover  business, technology, manuals, magazines, humor, personal development, and many more. You can see website’s updates  at the Home page every time you visit it.

You can find cooking, mathematics, science, engineering and many other categories here all in pdf format.

10. e-books directory

At e-books directory, you can found pdf of various category. Here, you can get the downloading link that directly navigate to original authors websites where you can get copies of original files free. This website has a large collection of books on technology, computers, Internet and literature & fiction, literature & fiction and many other.

At the top 20 and New section, you can find top most viewed and best pdfs in multi-genre. New launched or newly updated pdfs can be found at new section at the top of the home page. This website also allows you to upload your own pdfs and promote it. In short e-books directory is also a website which should be given a try.

11. Free book center

If you are looking for free pdfs or documents files visit Free ebook library. Though it doesn’t provide free downloading but reading. there are loads of books available which can browse and explore.

Free e-book library is a large library of online books. This website basically covers science, technology, history, physics, chemistry and computer related topic. Moreover, this has also a large collection on computer operating systems and programming languages like c,c+ java, python COBOL ADA etc. For the computer and tech geeks, it’s a very good choice.

12. Mart View

Mart view provides the free pdf downloading website at a large scale. Primarily it is a whole sales market where you can buy tech related accessories from it. You also can view and download magazines and pdf file from this website but for this you need to download Martview Reader. It’s completely free software. Once, you download it, you would be able to view rearview and Pdf file.

Apart from all this after downloading the software you can view and download world class magazines available at the smart view. In short it’s a complete package for books and magazines lover.

13. Book Boon

From this website, you can download free ebooks pdf and textbooks in multiple categories. Book boon provides downloading of PDF files in 7-8 language. You can download free ebooks pdf of your choice as per your native language that too without any registration.

It mainly contains books of business economy, IT stream, engineering and good collection for students. To make it easy for users to find popular PDFs, this website  it displays top 5 book results from each category. But to download any file you will have to go through few steps includes your email address, profession, occupation, and profession area.

That’s it. After filling the form, you can download pdf files of your choice.

14. The Online Books Page

The Online book  is a free ebook download sites website that facilitates access to books that are freely readable over the Internet. This website has over two million online books freely readable. You can download any free ebook download sites book without any charge.

It is a kind of digital library where one can easily get books of their choice. You can find all the books in alphabetical order. The Online Books Page originally was founded in 1993, since then they are been providing e-books downloading facilities. You can select the books from the website Title wise, auther wise, subject wise and serial wise.

15. Bookyards : Best Download Free ebooks pdf marketplace

Bookyards is the world’s biggest online library where you can find a large number of ebooks. You can download and publish your own ebooks for FREE. If you have ever wondered about the websites or have been searching for such websites which provide free downloading then your search would end here once you visit the website.

This website offers around 16,000 books along with the web links, videos, ebook link etc. Apart from all, Bookyards offers Book publishing. Yes!! you also can publish your own books here in the provided format.

16. Books Junkie

Books Junkie is an online resource which provides documents file for free. It supports various formats like Pdf, kindle, and  many e-readers. This website contains a large collection of Pdf files in different categories. It mostly covers mythological and fiction series.

This is one of the websites which offers free downloading. At the most downloaded section, you can find the pdfs which are most viewed and download by the users.
So, if you are confused regarding the choosing book, the most downloaded section can help you by showing what is popular among the Books Junkie readers.

You can find the computer, business, science, comic, horror and educational categories here. Each category has more than 3- pdfs accessible.

17. SnipFiles

SnipFiles provides free books downloading in PDF and word format. This is one of the top 20  best sites which offers pdf Free. This website also provides cool screensavers. Other than PDF and screensaver it also offers Software. You can download various software from this websites without paying a penny.

If you are looking for free Pdf websites then SnipFile can also help you in getting that since it also provides software. Providing software for free along with Pdfs has made it popular. For computer users and book lovers, SnipFile is worth given a shot.

18. ManyBooks

ManyBooks is a very good source for pdfs At this website you can browse through most popular titles, recent reviews and recommendation from the visitors. At this website, there are more than 33,000 eBooks available for iPad, Kindle, Nook and many other readers.

This website contains very easy structure even a non-techie would never find it difficult to navigate.Once you visit the website, at the homepage you will find featured books if you like any of them click on download. If you still can’t decide what to read then try the Recent Additions  from here.

19. Baen Free Library

This website offers free downloading of pdf files, If you don’t want to Download Free ebooks pdf, you can also read them online. Bean Books covers more than 500 topics on it. But all of them are not free. You can download some of the e-book free but for others you will have to pay accordingly.

To make it easy for users, Baen books have written instruction to download e-books for every e-reader. The good part of this website is, you can email books to your kindle. Baen free books provides horror, technology, computer, history, science, and many other useful categories.

20. E-library

E-library is one of the recommended websites to book lovers. This website provides almost all type of categories be it education, technology, health, cooking and recipes, business and profession and many more.

As its name states E-library, you can Download Free ebooks pdf form for various types of e-readers. If you are interested in ebook downloading and storing at your computer for the  future read you can use this website. The main reason behind mentioning this website int top 20 list is, this website provides easy downloading. And for that you don’t need to register to the website.

You can easily get e-books of your choice at this website. If you have never visited it, go and get e-books of your choice.


Gone are the days when we used to carry massive books to read while traveling. Momentarily almost every next person prefer e-books to read their desired books. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get these e-books free of cost and not only for reading but for downloading as well??

There are more than 50 websites which are providing facility to Download Free ebooks pdf, that too quality one. Some of the websites I mentioned above offers public domain books, but some of them provides newer books too.

If you are a book lover and loves to collect books or you want to enhance your knowledge, you can visit these above-mentioned websites. With each and every website, I have given a short and precise introduction, so that you can easily get what the site is actually offering.

I hope my above collection and little efforts will make it easy for you to get free e-books. If you have any query or doubt, do let me know.

And if you liked the post, do share it on the social media.

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