10 Prank Call Websites

Isn’t prank call websites are so much fun? To tease your friends a bit and to have a light hearted moment with them, I think these are great resources to fool them without even trying too hard. They work just like Skype and provide so many interesting features to prank call whoever you want.

Top 10 Prank Call Websites

Blow up the phonehttps://blowupthephone.com/Read Review
Prank Dialhttps://www.prankdial.com/Read Review
Ownage Prankshttps://www.ownagepranks.com/Read Review
Prank Owlhttps://www.prankowl.com/Read Review
Spoof Boxhttps://www.spoofbox.com/en/prank/prank-callsRead Review
Spooftelhttps://www.spooftel.com/freecall/Read Review
Spoof My Phonehttps://www.spoofmyphone.com/Read Review
My Phone Robothttps://myphonerobot.com/Read Review
Prank Callerhttps://prankcaller.io/Read Review
Prank Hotlinehttp://prankhotline.com/Read Review
Comedy Callshttps://www.comedycalls.com/Read Review

Now, in order to send prank calls, you need to know about such kind of websites which provide these services for free. So, here are the 10 sites I picked for you which allow you to prank call anyone without having to reveal your real identity to them.

1. Blow up the phone

Website: https://blowupthephone.com

blow up the phone

Blow up the phone, a website for prank calls and prank texts.

Blow up the phone getting popular for pranksters who enjoy prank wars or  want to pull a little fun with their friends. 

This website allows you to send a prank call or prank text to your friends, family. Users can choose from a wide range of different pranks ranging from 

Thai Food Takeout Prank Call to Why Are You Calling My Wife Prank Call. 

You can also customize your prank text options. You can change how many and how fast to send them. You can send a few prank texts to have a good laugh or completely blow up their phone. 

The site is perfect for anyone in a prank war or just looking for some good laughs.

2. Prank Dial

Website: https://www.prankdial.com/

Prank Dial

One of the most popular platform to make free prank calls unlimited is Prank Dial. You can also try their mobile application for both iOS and Android. In order to start enjoying their features and services, you need to sign up here first.

Prank Dial usually offers prank scenarios and then provide recordings accordingly. But the good thing about the platform is that you can customize these scenarios by editing the name of the person you want to make the call to.

You can also discover thousands of such scenarios according to various categories like money, angry, insult, politics, sexy etc. Popular and New pranks are also the sections you can check out in order to find your desired prank calls types.

It is completely legal to use Prank Dial to fool your friends. You can also buy their tokens in order to get additional services and features like international calling, extra recording time, email support etc. Prank Dial also allows you to block your number which saves you from being pranked through this site.

3. Ownage Pranks


Ownage Pranks

The next one amongst the prank call websites is Ownage Pranks. This site works like Prank Dial itself and also features recorded and automated prank call service. Use their mobile application to experience the most fun and crazy prank calling experience ever.

Ownage Pranks also showcase prank videos on their platform to feature how their prank works on people in real life and trust me, it is definitely quite funny.

If you are not able to find your desired prank on the site then you can simply request for it which is a member-only feature. It is completely free to enjoy their services. Interestingly, they also run a store on their website which features Ownage merchandise and other products on it.

It is definitely kind of fun to use Ownage Pranks to share a light moment with your friends that too without revealing your identity. And of course, the recorded voice make sure that your friends do not recognize you. I am sure the versatility of the automated pranks won’t even require you to request for additional content.

4. Prank Owl

Website: https://www.prankowl.com/

Prank Owl

Prank Owl makes the next pick for the list of prank call websites. It allows you to send automated prank calls to your friends and family members all across the globe. In fact, through the services provided here, you can also record the prank call too.

Prank Owl requires you to go through a free sign up process which further exposes you to access all of their features but there is also a premium service here.

Although Prank Owl provides free prank calls but there are some premium services for which they charge a certain amount. This is what they call token service. You can find tons of recorded sound here and you need to pick one and then enter number in order to create a call.

You can also check whether the other person have voicemail or not. The creation of fake caller ID helps you in keeping your identity totally hidden and hence nobody can determine that it was you who were playing the prank. However, what I did not like about the site is that you cannot customize the available sound options.

5. Spoof Box

Website: https://www.spoofbox.com/en/prank/prank-calls

Spoof Box

Spoof Box is a much bigger platform than other prank call websites because it provides so many other services too like fake texts, virtual phone, message from god and many more. One of their service is this Prank call but unfortunately it is not available for free.

As per the price information for Prank Calls, you would be required 50 credits for sending a prank scenario while 25 credit for each interactive prank call.

Despite offering a price, people rely on Spoof Box heavily for making prank calls because of its trustworthy platform and its vivid services. You can find various prank calls scenarios listed here like Internet Shut Down, Out of Fries, I Lost My Phone etc.

It completely depends upon you that what phone number you would like to showcase on the screen while making this prank call. Also, you are allowed to record all the calls with no extra charges of this. Unfortunately, Spoof Box also does not allow you to customize the prank call on your own.

6. Spooftel

Website: https://www.spooftel.com/freecall/


Spooftel is said to be a leading option of prank call websites which provides this service through caller ID spoofing. However, Spooftel is not completely free to use except for the fact that you can sign up here for free. Spooftel has this policy to charge the users on the basis of each call made.

Before they start charging, you have the option to make 3 free calls each of 30 seconds. Afterwards, the charges applied on each prank call are $0.10 per minute.

Thankfully, it is such a low amount as compared to the other services. Apart from offering this prank call service, you can use Spooftel for crazy spoofs like SMS service, voice changing options, call recording, soundboards etc. Apart from using their website for the prank call you can also use the Spooftel app too.

You just need to simply log into your account and press the “make a call” button to start prank calling someone. The thing I liked the most about Spooftel is their verification service. They firstly, make a call on your given number to make sure that it is you and then you place the call to whoever you want further.

7. Spoof My Phone

Website: https://www.spoofmyphone.com/

Spoof My Phone

This is such a hectic task to find free prank call dialer and seems like we have very few options for that. You can consider Spoof My Phone for same but it is not free. Now you can disguise your phone number and display whatever number you want while making a phone call through this platform.

They provide a trial prank call option in order to satisfy their user with their services thoroughly. There are plenty of other features too which further support your prank call mission.

You can change your voice and can also use text to speech service and both of them make sure that you real voice is not used for this prank call. The site does not offer recorded scenarios and this is why you are being charged for the phone calls made.

You can even record calls and can also make group calls through Spoof My Phone. In fact, to make it look even more authenticated, you can add background sound effects too. However, there are different credits required for different features.

8. My Phone Robot

Website: https://myphonerobot.com/

My Phone Robot

Those who are regular at prank calling would have heard of My Phone Robot earlier as it is one of the most used prank call websites. In fact, it also offers android mobile app too. However, this online prank call service does not offer its features for free and has different charges for different kind of services.

There are basically two types of prank calling websites, one where scenarios are recorded and the other one which lets you make calls in whichever way you want.

My Phone Robot is the both the type of prank call website and hence they charge an amount of $0.14 on each such call. This amount is $0.09 for spoof calls where you can disguise your caller ID. The site also allows you to buy a phone number online whose subscription is $2.99 per month.

You can find various prank call scenarios enlisted here like Obama voicemail spoof, radio show, voice changer, homicide detective etc. I am sure both you and your friends are going to enjoy it and you should definitely not miss this fun.

9. Prank Caller

Website: https://prankcaller.io/

Prank Caller

The next option amongst the prank call websites is Prank Caller. Prank Caller allows you to make calls anonymously to whoever you want but you are allowed to send only scripted pranks provided on the website only. You can browse their platform to find various prank call scenarios.

Some of the crazy and really funny prank call scenarios you can find here are Free iPhone 8 giveaway, STD clinic. You got the drugs, Made my sister cry and many more.

However, you are going to require some credit on the site in order to make these prank calls. They have provided various plans for this like 25 credit for $5.95, 55 credit for $11.95 and so on. You can record the call and can also add “you’ve been pranked by prank caller” disclaimer at the end of the call too.

Prank Caller provides this service through their mobile applications too. Before you finally take a token, you are allowed to make 3 free prank calls to check out their services and get satisfied with their features.

10. Prank Hotline

Website: http://prankhotline.com/

Prank Hotline

The idea behind the process and working of almost all the prank call websites remains the same and it applies to Prank Hotline too. This website also features recorded prank call scenarios to the users which are to be selected for sending a prank call to the desired number.

Some of the most popular options on the site are Why you call my girlfriend, stop calling me, pizza delivery and others which are more relatable with real life scenes.

Prank Hotline works exactly like the rest of the prank call sites where you need to buy tokens in order to access these pranks. You also get to access 3 free prank calls under the trial plan. Unfortunately, the pranks are not-customizable which is kind of a let-down for the users.

You can record the call and you can also add the disclaimer of You have been Pranked at the end of the call. If you are not interesting in buying tokens then the site lists the other ways through which you can earn them for free.

11. Comedy Calls

Website: https://www.comedycalls.com/

Comedy Calls

Comedy Calls is the last option of prank call websites which allows you to send prank calls for free to any number of your choice. However, the services of Comedy Calls are restricted within US and Canada only. So, you need to make sure that the destination number belongs to these countries only.

Like the rest of the sites, you will be provided various prank call scenarios but this time you can choose them from different categories.

These are options like politics, holidays, phone pranks, notifications and many more. You are given tons of choices of pre-recorded prank calls to choose from. Although it is totally free to make prank calls through this site but in order to unlock other features, you will be required token credits.

These are the services like caller-ID spoofing, schedule the prank call to a later time, ads removal etc. The credit options are 25 credits for $4, 100 credits for $12 and 250 credits for $20 which is comparatively an affordable pricing.


Let me be very clear that you are not supposed to use these prank call websites to terrorize someone or for doing some illegal work otherwise a harsh action can be taken upon you. They are totally intended for fun things or some companies these days use them for mass-calling related to their work.

Some of these websites also offer upgraded features which are basically paid and it depends upon the user whether they want it or not.

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