130 Funny Instagram Bios Ideas with Examples

Funny Instagram Bios Ideas: Instagram is all about uploading your photos and activities and get thousands of followers. These millions of users create photos, get likes and get followers with their Instagram bios or profile quotes.

Profile quotes are really famous these days, and they are gaining popularity day by day. So today I’m here with several funny bios for Instagram, so the user who wants to add a humorous bio to their Insta profiles can visit this amazing article here.

Every Instagram user wants a unique and loving profile bio because anyone can read your bios and get to the followers’ section.

Continue with these funny Instagram bios ideas and choose your one to make it the funny Insta bio, so everyone gets filled up with great humor and laughs.

130 Funny Instagram Bios Examples

Funny Instagram Bios Ideas

These funny Instagram bio ideas are not just funny, but they are captivating and impressive as well so you get your followers easily, just continue reading these funny bios for Instagram.

1). Please wait while bio is uploading

2). My life is all caffeine-dependent

3). I make mistakes because I was born when I was 9 months.

4). WTF, I don’t remember my Instagram user, plz help me.

5). I stole my bio, but I don’t remember from whom.

Use one these funny Instagram bios to your profile.

6). Whenever I look my Insta photos, I fall in love with me.

7). I wear glasses doesn’t mean I am smart.

8). My followers are really cool, keep following to be cool.

9). If life is all about sleep, I’m in.

10). My life is full of chocolates with unknown labels.

11). Do you know the address of hell; I am really in need of it.

12). You can follow me, there is no tax.

13). If you read my complete bio, you will fall in love with me.

14). I am busy making history.

15). I am 100 on a scale of 1 to 10.

16). What does this bio mean, I am still figuring out?

17). You are seeing my last Instagram bio.

18). My success is just postponed, and my opponents are throwing parties.

These funny Instagram bios are really capable of getting you more followers.

19). I don’t do right; things automatically get right when I do them.

20). Just try to pronounce abjdyigfgkjgkjjI to get the bio.

21). Always try your best unless it about blood donating.

22). When I look my pics, I think how smart I am.

23). Don’t update your bio, life is too short.

24). I am updating my bio, just a few seconds.

25). Do something meaningful, you are not getting a trophy for reading my bio.

Impress your readers by choosing from these funny Instagram bios.

26). It is still loading………

27). Oops Error 404: the person is too smart to be available

28). I just changed my bio.

29). I’m limited, grab the follow button.

30). Best bio ever.

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31). I am the coolest that even the global warming can’t put me down.

32). Real workshops are married life, hubby works and wife shops.

33). Don’t copy me; you are not able to do that.

34). I am wise, so I don’t spend my energy and people think I am lazy.

35). You should focus on your own bio and not hovering on others.

36). It’s not Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, it’s simply WTF.

37). I just feel proud when a girl asks me “can you tell me your Insta username?”

38). I believe in not showing off my knowledge because it’s like my underwear, I wear it but not show it off.

39). My parents should be proud of me as having a cool son.

Take the fun out by making one of these funny Instagram bios as your profile.

40). Life would be heaven on earth if I get a vacation for all the 364 days and work 1 day.

41). When someone asks me, how you can sleep for 24 hours, I explain them by closing my eyes again.

42). I want to be a morning person if the sun rises after 12.

43). When I was born, I used to be quiet for 1 and a half year as I was too surprised.

44). If you think your wife is always bad at her choices, then you are one of them.

45). When some girl asks me my nickname, I tell her “call me Tonight.”

These funny Instagram bios are just perfect for guys.

46). Get out of your bed in the morning, and you are in hell again.

47). You should really appreciate a fat person as he makes him easier to see.

48). If there is no ME, it’s only AWESO.

49). I don’t care about the storms; I just love to dance in the rain.

50). I have lots of hair, but I asked God for height.

51). There is no blood in my vessels, it’s coffee all over.

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52). Don’t be an emotional fool, everyone is going to die.

Share your humor by choosing these funny Instagram bios.

53). Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

54). If I follow the quote: Early to bed and early to rise, I am going to be a dead man soon.

55). Life is not funny, but the salary is.

56). If you are in a dark tunnel and see the light, then get your ass out because it’s the train’s front light.

57). I have completed my schooling, but I am doubtful with my education.

58). I have lost a lot in all these years, and I miss my brain the most.

59). Congratulations, your 2 seconds are wasted because you’re my bio which has nothing.

60). When I date girls, it’s like dating troubles.

61). Why girls really care about their space, do they need it to fart?

62). Insanity is my idea to enjoy this life full of hell.

Share your insanity level through my list of funny Instagram bio ideas.

63). You don’t get killed by the heartworm, but why take the risk.

64). I really deserve a Nobel Prize for sleeping.

65). Life is a lemon, so just go for tequila.

66). I am 53, but I look it like 35.

67). My brain is already confused since forever; don’t make it hell with mathematics.

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68). The funny thing about life is, you start with being nothing and you end up with everything.

Choose these funny Instagram bio ideas and let people enjoy reading your bio.

69). I am just coming back, start there for 5 minutes.

70). It’s fog very much in my bio, so click that follow button to see clearly.

71). I make mistakes but repeat one at least 4-5 times to learn things.

72). When my friends ask me about my success, I say “it’s under construction.”

73). When I feel like I should work with some maturity, I get a glass full of alcohol and pour it in my belly.

74). Whenever I say something serious, people take it as a joke, but no one makes even a smile when I actually joke.

Be humorous through these unique, funny Instagram bios.

75). We all have friends just like BOOBS; they are of all types, fake ones, real ones, small ones and big ones.

76). I am always ugly in a woman’s eyes until she finds out my bank account statement.

77). When it’s about getting someone, I always think what can be a free thing to gift.

78). My password is “incorrect” so I remember it even when I forget it.

79). Your future will be as you dream, so just go to sleep and dream unlimited.

80). You are smart at chess, I am at kick boxing.

Share your humor and choose your favorite funny Instagram bios.

81). I am strong enough to not touch alcohol, so I just drink it all.

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82). I am really bored of listening “where there is a will, there is a way” where are you will, please let me see you.

83). I don’t agree with anyone, when I do, we both get wrong.

84). I think myself as an indecisive person, but I’m not sure about it too.

85). If you think Love is blind, then get married, it will wide open your eyes.

86). Friendship is a warm feeling just like peeing in your pants.

If you are looking something about friendship, copy one of very funny Instagram bio examples and paste to your Instagram profile.

87). I have found the key to success like hundreds of times, but I don’t know who changes the lock every time.

88). Suppose you have everything, but do you have the space to put these things?

89). Alcohol is made so we can be happy and tension free because God wants us to be happy.

90). I don’t drink vodka, it just the whiskey that I love. Very cool and funny bio for Instagram.

91). I have uncountable plans, so I don’t get bored with failures.

92). You should really have a look again before getting in love at first sight.

93). I was a mysterious creature, but not, since I created this Instagram account.

94). I think I’m too late for marriage, so enjoy your money single. I am the one faulted creation that can’t pay attention to anything.

95). Whenever I miss my friends, I just open my smartphone.

96). I am hungry, but it is always.

97). If you have money, you can even wipe your tears in Lamborghini.

98). I can lose everything easily, but what is the matter with this weight?

If you want to put something funny about me bio, then this funny Instagram bio is perfect choice for you.

99). I am changed because no one want’s to be a caterpillar for the entire life, everyone loves the butterfly.

100). I choose to be funny because the weather is too hot to choose anything else.

101). I wasted two minutes of my life when I decide to be serious.

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102). I screw things every day and also I fix them, now I feel like a hammer.

103). No one is perfect; there is a crack in everyone’s ass.

104). If I die next week, I have enough money to live it lavishly.

105). I am posting my pics on Insta, and I’ll keep doing it till I end up into ashes.

106). Stay calm and keep swimming.

107). I wish some mermaid would do my homework.

108). You want to know how organized my life is, well look at that $5 DVD section at Wal-Mart

It can be perfect choice if you are still looking for funny bio ideas for Instagram.

109). All I want is Promo Codes for my entire life.

110). Nothing is delicious than my classmate’s lunch.

111). I have known one fact about this world “No one cares.”

112). There are seven letters in the word “perfect” and so in the word meeeeee. Very funny insta bios.

113). You can pretend any crap about me here.

114). I love Puddings bit only with a plastic spoon. Very funny Instagram captions for Puddings lovers.

115). I have done more than hundreds of robberies, still doing it from the fridge for the ice cream.

116). Wait there, I am bringing out my updated version.

117). All I want is to become a billionaire by just watching Netflix with a bowl of ice cream.

118). I am a classy man, so I don’t have any bio here.

119). I am not afraid of being old, I love the respect, an old man gets.

120). When I was born on this earth, I thought, what the hell this is.

121). I am very busy with my hot coffee cup.

122). I love the posts with Hashtags

123). If you have lived a day without beer, you have wasted it, and God is not going to forgive you.

124). Hey, you stole my bio last week, and you are here again.

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125). I am going to back up my mind as I stored it somewhere.

126). I know women very well, they all do shopping their entire life.

127). After getting a glass of alcohol, I should not be allowed to be on Instagram.

128). The world’s biggest problem is “Math.”

129). If I describe myself to you, I would die of embarrassment.

130). I love to eat peanut butter rather updating my bio.

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Bios are something that can describe a person in just a sentence. Everyone is getting addicted to funny biography because they are the key to impress just anyone.

But copying each other’s bios is not really an option, but everyone wants to have a creative and humorous profile bio. So I think my stuff of funny Instagram bios will save your trouble as you can choose the original and impressive bios here.

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