How Long Does It Take to Fall in Love

Want to know how long does it take to fall in love? Then you are at right place.

Today I am going to share above love and some facts that will help you to know how long does it take for a woman and man to fall in love with someone.

Let me start with no time.

What Is Love?

Love is the most common thing that you all experience in your lives. Everyone dreams about having a partner and sitting with him romantically at sea sides.

Most of you think about it is like being in a restaurant in low lights, having two glasses of champagne and just look into each other’s eye.

Well, that sounds like love but unfortunately, it is not LOVE. This is a simple four letter word but when it comes to the real meaning it is totally different and there is no time fixed that how long does it take to fall in love.

You often use these four letters to just anyone that you know not more than some weeks or if you have a crush on anyone you wish to say him that you love him. So, love is not just knowing a person for 2 days, date her then plan to get married and just bang.

Love is not about taking any advantage; love is really cruel and harsh. It gives the both parts equally, the happiness and the sorrows. If you really love a person, you accept him for what he is, how he behaves, you accept the real him and you don’t want to change him as per your choice.

So, I’m here with some concepts of love and “how long does it take to fall in love”.

Have You Ever Experienced Infatuations?

Suppose you are in your class and it’s your first day, there you see a girl and she is just like your imagination. You get attracted very badly and you really want her for your desires.

So here you are falling for a person without knowing anything about her and just making conclusions in your mind that you will marry her, she is your princess and you are her prince charming and that’ all.

This is the reason you get disappointments, this is not the way a relationship can start. You have to stop assuming that how long does it take to fall in love and have to become realistic, you have to know her and accept her for her flaws and if still then you want your whole life with her then that sounds like “love”.

How Long Does It Take To Fall In Love And To CREATE A DEEP BOND?

If you really want an answer to “how long does it take to fall in love?” You have to know them completely and their each side, good or bad. If someone proposes you in just a few meetings, then be alert it’s not love.

Love and time are two important aspects, to love someone, it’s important to explore them, be with them as much as you can and then you will know does that person actually mean to be loved.

Another factor is trust, you can’t love someone if you have a lack of trust in them and these all feelings take the time to be revealed.

There is not any exact answer to how long does it take to fall in love, the more you explore, the more you get to know and then you decide if you really want this person or not. The answer to the question how long does it take to fall in love can be a few months or years.

To actually fall in love and to create a strong and deep bond you have to go through these following situations-

Knowing Your Partner is the key

If you want to fall in love truly then you need to know your partner and no matter how long does it take to fall in love. This way you get to know about their certain things, as their rage, their reasons for happiness, their past secrets, their actual behavior, how kind they are, how they think of others etc.

So in the dating stage, you can find your all answers and after knowing their flaws and finding out everything, take your next step. If you don’t feel like you should move forward, it’s better to move on.

Don’t care about fights

You have to know the fact that why you fight with each other because you care about each other more than that how long does it take to fall in love. So it is good to have fights, this gives you the strength and thinking to solve these wars and get together again.

You understand your partner better, their point of view and how they forgive you. This also hints them that what is your way to get them back.

There is a saying that the more you heat the gold the more purer it gets and this same applies to the relationships because this gives you the power to get back to your partner no matter what was the reason of the fight.

Go through changes

People change throughout their life, their choices change, their perspectives change. So go through the changes that happen in both of your lives and learn to accept them. Don’t let go each other because of these changes but try to tie with each other in every situation.

If you are learning to accept each other’s lives and things you probably know now that how long does it take to fall in love. So don’t let the changes change your feelings for your partner and this way you will create a deep bond with them forever.

How do they make you feel?

The question, how long does it take to fall in love directly depends on how your partner makes you feel. When you love someone their presence makes you feel special, they always do something that pleases you and you do the same for them.

They learn about you and the things that make you happy and try to bring these to you to heighten your emotions for them. That’s why love takes time because it takes the time to know each other fully.

Your partner fetches you interests such as when you’re sad you really love chocolate, balloons, flowers or romantic nights. With the time, they notice all these things and these things help you making your bond strong.

How do men fall in love?

How long does it take to fall in love, this can be a little simple when it comes to a man.

A woman and a man both feel differently when they fall in love, a woman’s feelings are heightened and she feels it the whole day where it’s not exactly the same with a man. Guys react a bit slow than girls; also they don’t feel that much affection as a woman feels.

Phases of a Guy’s Love

Phase 1

Unfortunately, they only feel love because of the physical attraction, a woman can fall in love in just one meeting because of the man’s way of talking and his features where the man only focuses on women’s physical appearances.

Phase 2

Often guys tend to look for more than one woman because they want to find the best out of them. They set their own goals what they want in a girl and then search accordingly.

Her guys start with a little flirting to get to know the woman and if they find the woman as per their expectations then they follow the third phase.

Phase 3

In this phase, a man starts chasing a woman just to win her attention. He wants her to notice him and get to know him.

Phase 4

After making their impression, they start planning for dates and outing. In this stage, woman starts to fall in love but man doesn’t even think about it. He just shows you that he is a worthy mate by bringing you gifts and things.

Phase 5

After doing all this, he wants you to fall in love with him even he doesn’t think about it. He wants that you fall for him and say that you need him, so it’s totally a different story how long does it take to fall in love with a man.

Phase 6

This phase comes when you have said all these things to him and made all your commitments. But that’s not your real men because all this time he was just trying to be perfect for you only because of the physical attraction.

Even in this stage, a guy can dump her girl for silly reasons if he finds something pointless.


When you think about love, it seems a magical thing, many of us just want to jump into the pool of love without knowing that how long does it take to fall in love and how does this exactly feel when you fall in love.

Love is both confusing and a beautiful feeling in which you care for someone more than yourself, you actually think for someone before yourself. So here I shared some of the interesting facts about love and how long does it take to fall in love along with how to create a deep connection with your partner. Hope you love reading the facts.

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