10 Best Hair Gel for Men

Hair care and hair styling products are a big necessity now-a-days and that too for men more than women. In order to add more in this category, I decided to make a section about the best hair gel for men. Hair Gel are a big help especially when you are having a really bad hair day.

Whether it is about making your hairs more manageable or about styling them into various molds and shapes, you can do it all with the help of hair gels for sure. But now a big question pops out that what are the best hair gels available in the market and how can you choose one for yourself. For this, you can take a look at the buying guide given below.

A Buying Guide to Find Best Hair Gel for Men

Hairs are quite precious especially when you are having some amazing luscious locks on your head. I hope you would not want to ruin them with wrong products having harsh chemicals. This is why I prepared this buying guide which is going to help you in choosing the best hair gel for men.

But before that, you need to make sure that you keep your hairs clean and properly washed with the help of natural shampoo for hair whose options you can discover in our other sections.

Hair Gel vs Other Hair Products

If you have not used any type of hair products earlier then you should really know the basic difference between hair gel and other hair styling products like wax, pomades, clay etc. So, before you directly head to discover what are the best hair gel for men, firstly know about all the other products too.

Hair gels are a bit harsher as compared to other products because their level of hold is also stronger. You can also find the content of alcohol in them as well. Hair gels are best suitable for those people dealing with extremely straight and silky smooth hairs and unable to style them through other products.

The Texture

The texture of a hair gel is basically a mixed result of styling polymers and this is why they get their usual thick gel like structure. However, the other parts of this texture are the kind of effect they offer on your hairs. Most of the hair gels provide high shine as well as strong hold. This is like hardening your hairs to set them in a desired way. So, if you are ready for such effect, then only go for the use of hair gel.

Hold Type Offered

As I earlier said, there is no in between when you are using a hair gel. They are always used for strong hold type except some of the hair gels. However, those are the best hair gel for men, whose amount defines their characteristics and not their ingredients only.

The more amount of hair gel you use on your hairs, the stronger the hold they provide. So, mainly the control lies in your hands only.

Brands and Price

Apart from other important points under this buying guide, it is really important to consider the brand type and price of the hair gels too. Usually, you can find various popular brands offering hair gels like Johnny B, L’Oreal and hence the pricing varies according to them as well. However, you can always consider smaller brands too as they offer great products at lower prices.

Hair Type

This is the most important part to consider when you are looking for the best hair gel for men. If you are already dealing with dry and rogue hairs, then you should never use hair gels. The same case applies on curly and thick hairs too because hair gels add a volume in your hairs and make them look thicker.

So, this clearly suggests that hair gels are best suitable for thin, normal, wavy and straight hair types. Also, they add a control to your hairs when you are dealing with unmanageable hairs.


Usually, most of the hair gels contain some amount of alcohol in them as it is quite important to provide the desired hold to your hairs. However, you need to make sure that it must not contain other harmful ingredients like paraben, preservatives, methylparaben etc. It is always better to go for more natural and organic products rather than going for such chemical based ones.


One of the most common problem aroused due to excessive use of hair gel is flaking. This generally happens when someone use too much amount of gel in their hairs and over the time when it dries out a bit, it deposits on your hairs in form of flakes which looks really weird.

So, while you are looking for best hair gel for men, always go for such hair gel which remains subtle on your hairs and does not cause deposits or flakes on your hairs.

Top 10 Hair Gel for Men

When I went for the hunt of perfect hair gel for men, I realized that there are very few options available for this. However, it took me a while to figure out right products but I brought down 10 amazing options for you for the list of best hair gel for men. They are available for a variety of purposes like holding, styling, managing etc. And you can choose them according to your requirements.

1. Johnny B Mode Styling Gel

Johnny B Mode Styling GelThere are some amazing hair gel brands available in the market, but Johnny B surely finds its way to the top of this list. They provide a gel especially made for styling your hairs and available in various options of packaging amount too. As their main focus is on styling and not molding, the hold provided by them is of medium quality.

This is just the right amount for flexibly styling your hairs and keeping them as it is for the entire day especially for the pompadour one.

The main reason behind their popularity is their alcohol free formula which not only save your hairs from going dry but also retain their natural moisture too. Like all the other best hair gel for men, the formula used in this one is also thick enough to keep your hairs stylized and at once place throughout the day.

You just need to rub it in your hands and apply on the damp hairs. For even better results, just blow dry your hairs a bit afterwards. It is ideal for unmanageable hairs and adds a subtle shine to them too.

2. American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel

American Crew Firm Hold Styling GelIf nothing is working on your hairs then it is the time that you go for this American Crew hair gel which is an ideal product to provide firm hold to your hairs. It is one of the best hair care brand and I have also mentioned products from it in other sections as well.

This time we are going to talk about the best hair gel for men offered by American Crew. This brand uses a special alcohol free formula which saves your hairs from going dry.

In fact, this special formula also contains thermal barriers which prevents hairs from external aggressors and environmental conditions. Another important thing about this hair gel is that it comes with natural extracts which helps in making your hairs look thicker and fuller which is quite important when you are applying gel on them.

This clearly means that American Crew formula is great for hairs and keeps them healthy too. And did I forget to mention that it adds a minimal shine to your hairs too? To keep your scalp clean and your hairs sleek, American Crew Firm Hold Hair Gel is the one you need.

3. Smooth Viking Hair Styling Clay for Men

Smooth Viking Hair Styling Clay for MenSo, while we are talking about a variety of products for hair styling, we can discuss the best wax for hair styling too. And for the option we have this Smooth Viking hair styling clay which is an ideal product for styling your hairs and keep them stable for the entire day.

This is a type of pliable molding cream which provides a unique matte finish to your hairs. As this is pliable, it is as simple to remove it from your hairs as it is to apply it.

Moreover, it is designed to thicken your hairs a bit so while you are styling them, the look does not go flat and your hairs remain fuller throughout. And if you are not a fan of fake shine then you would be glad to know that because of adding matte finish, this hair wax does not add shine to your hairs.

This is a product ideal for those people who are having an active lifestyle. No matter how much of a best hair gel for men you are using, it tends to turn a bit flaky because of alcohol content but this is not the case with hair wax.

4. Got2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Hair Gel

Got2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Hair GelGot2b offers an ultra-glued styling hair gel which comes in a pack of 2 and ideal for those men who are into excessive hair styling. If you are having long hairs and you wish to style them vertically or want to do some long spikes then it is the kind of hair gel you would want to use as it sticks by the entire day no matter what you do.

This one makes a perfect pick for the category of best hair gel for men. It provides the strongest hold ever to your hairs like glue which keeps the hair in place for the entire day.

Despite this, this gel does not cause flakiness or dryness in your hairs and maintains the moisture throughout. I think this is more preferred by salons in order to style men’s hairs and add texture to them. This gel is quite pliable too and you can easily wash it off with the help of good quality shampoo and conditioner.

The best part about this hair gel is that you get two tubes of hair gel for less than $10 making it an ideal and affordable product too.

5. Style Sexy Hair Hard Up Gel

Style Sexy Hair Hard Up GelIf you are looking for such men’s hair gel which can make your hairs look super sexy and keeps you going to all day long then this is the time that you switch to the Style Sexy Hair Hard Up Gel. Apart from all, it adds a great shine to your hairs as well.

The hold provided by this gel is quite strong and hence you can use it for medium and long hair lengths too.

Along with all hair lengths, this hair gel can be used for all hair types too. The easy pump bottle type makes it even easier for you to use this hair gel on your hairs. One time press yields enough amount for you to style your hairs in whichever way you want.

You would be glad to know that this Style hard up gel is consisted of neither alcohol nor parabens and hence keep your hairs healthy and shiny. This is an ideal type of best hair gel for men to use especially when you are having a bad hair day and you are not able to manage your hairs properly.

6. Clubman Styling Gel by Ed Pinaud for Men

Clubman Styling Gel by Ed Pinaud for MenThe next product in this list of best hair gel for men is less heard but it definitely works like a pro. This one is a styling gel offered by Ed Pinaud which is a super affordable product. It provides quite a strong hold to the hairs and hence they remains to be well groomed throughout the day.

If you want a slick and neat look and not so much messiness then this is the kind of gel you should prefer as compared to the other ones.

Despite providing a stronghold, your hairs does not look greasy at all and a natural shine can be seen on them. In fact, even after spending some hours putting it on, you are not going to feel the deposit of this product on your hairs which is ideal for a flake free look.

Another great quality of this product is that as you apply it on your hairs, it not only works as styling agent but also nourishes your hairs which means no dry hairs over the time. The ingredients used are completely natural and you are not going to find the amount of alcohol or parabens in this product.

7. L’Oreal Paris Studio Line Melting Gel

L’Oreal Paris Studio Line Melting GelI hope you know about the fact that how amazing the L’Oreal Paris brand is and little bit people know about it but it offers one of the best hair gel for men too. This is called Studio Line Melting Gel used by the professionals to apply strong hold on your hairs in order to mold them desirably.

This product offers a flexible control on your hairs along with strong hold too. Of course, this one is a rare combination but despite that it does not cause stiffness in your hairs.

Make sure you keep you hairs healthy by using best hair growing products while you are using these styling products on your hairs. Other prominent use of this studio line melting gel is for adding a natural shine in your hairs which is quite necessary to keep you runway ready all the time.

The idea behind melting gel is that when you need to take a small amount in your hands and the thick gel melts instantly and then you can apply it on your hairs easily. Thankfully, this studio line gel is ideal for all length of hairs and can create all the hair styles for them.

8. Dover Men + Care Hair Gel

Dover Men + Care Hair GelDove Men + Care is the most affordable pick amongst the best hair gel for men. It is going to cost you less than $5 for an amount of 7 Oz. Dover products are always beneficial for sensitive skin and hair type and this one is no different here.

Even if you are dealing with dry and rogue hairs, Dover hair gel is going to take care of everything and provides a very nourished and fuller look to your hairs.

In fact, it is capable in providing a stronghold to your hairs which is completed by smooth finish and no trace of greasy hairs at all. Thankfully it is an alcohol-free formula which means no damage or flakiness deposited on your hairs at all.

Finally, it adds a very subtle and natural shine to your hairs too which is enough to keep you going for a rough day and keep your hairs on point all the time.

9. Old Spice Hair Styling Swagger Gel

Old Spice Hair Styling Swagger GelIf you think none of the styling gel for men are working for you then you should better go for this Old Spice Hair Styling gel. It can literally turn you into a man full of swag within no time. And when you are using Old Spice product, you know it so well that they are completely manly on the basis of ingredients as well as fragrance.

This swagger gel is especially designed to help you in taming and shaping your hairs according to your wish no matter what kind of style you want to opt for.

This hair gel is a combination of strong and high hold and mild shine which I think is the factor which should be there in the best hair gel for men. Through the help of this gel, you can give every single hair a razor sharp spike and this look can be sealed for the entire day too.

Talking about the fragrance, then it is surely manly and lasts until you wash your hairs. It is suitable for all hair lengths and a small amount is enough which must be applied on damp hairs in order to spike them and keep them going for the whole day.

10. Axe Hair Styling High Shine Gel

Axe Hair Styling High Shine GelLast but an important pick into this category of best hair gel for men is by Axe. It offers this high shine hair styling gel which is hugely used for clean cut and sleek look. If you think none of the hair gels have adequate amount of shine in them, you can switch to this Axe high shine hair gel for sure.

Where it adds more shine to your hairs, it offers light hold to them hence it will be better to choose them for having a natural look.

So, if you are having too much of unmanageable hairs, this is not the right kind of hair gel for you. No matter how much you use it, this Axe hair gel offers minimal manageability. This means Axe hair gel maintains a balance between a bit of control on your hairs and softness too.

Although not completely natural, but this product does not contain alcohol, parabens or other harmful chemicals too. You just need to take a small amount and rub it between your fingers before applying it on your hairs. You can further comb your hairs in order to style them.

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When it comes to keeping up with your soft hairs, you need to make sure that not only shampoo but also pick the right conditioner for hair too. Hair gels are always tend to make your hairs a bit rogue and hard and this is why you need to properly wash them with shampoo and conditioner to retain their moisture.

Apart from it, now you have the right choices for best hair gel for men which I am sure you would love to use on your hairs. You can apply them on a variety of hair types without worrying about the side-effects because they are just amazing on your hairs and works naturally too.

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