Top 10 Wireless Speakers for Computer

Why trouble yourself with those long wires when you can actually opt for some of the amazing wireless speakers for computer and other devices. Through the feature of Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily connect these speakers to any Bluetooth enabled devices which gives you utmost ease of using them.

However, connectivity is not the only point you need to focus upon, there are a variety of other factors too like sound quality, durability, price and much more. Hence you need someone who can let you know about the best wireless computer speakers available in the market right now.

Top 10 Wireless Speakers for Computer

To help you out you guys, I prepared this list of best wireless speakers for a computer for every budget. And to keep the options versatile enough, I went through a lot of options in order to pick one from each type. Some are available in a pair, some with the subwoofer or some are a system on their own only. You can check out the complete details given below.

1. Anker Classic Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Anker Classic Portable Wireless Bluetooth SpeakersI am sure you would be wanting a break from the typically wired speakers and I guess this Anker wireless speakers for computer is the perfect choice you can make. These are classic portable Bluetooth speakers which comes with powerful sound and enhanced bass technology.

However, you get only one speaker here and not a pair which is fully equipped with all sorts of control options given on the front side of the system.

It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery whose power lasts for 20 hours when charged fully once. On the front panel, the volume control options are given along with a LED indicator given for power on/off condition. Interestingly, it delivers 4W of power which is quite impressive as compared to similar sized speakers.

You also have the option of connecting 3.5mm jacked devices for private listening experience. The entire package of this wireless PC speakers is consisted of a portable Bluetooth speaker, USB cable, 3.5 mm audio cable, instruction manual and a travel pouch. And thank god that you get 18 months of warranty with this product too.

2. Mackie CR4BT Bluetooth Ready Multimedia Speakers

Mackie CR4BT Bluetooth Ready Multimedia SpeakersI have already mentioned the standard version of Mackie earlier in the list of best computer speakers under 100 but the wireless version is a bit expensive than that. So, here you are getting a pair of speakers which are 4” in height and have studio grade design.

You get two color options here which are black with green trim and black with silver trim. Apart from it, size options are also available which are 3”, 4” and 5”.

The sound and performance is as awesome as ever and you can play music in it through any of the Bluetooth enabled device like tablets, smartphones, laptops etc. Furthermore, volume control option and headphone jack are given on the front panel of the speaker for easy accessing option.

Interestingly, you also get cables and isolation pads with it too which means it is a complete package. Although a bit expensive but I think this Mackie CR4BT makes a perfect choice for the category of wireless speakers for computer.

3. Logitech Z623 Speaker System with Bluetooth Adapter

Logitech Z623 Speaker System with Bluetooth AdapterI don’t know why but I have always been a bit biased towards Logitech. Maybe it is because of their affordable range of speakers or the amazing performance of them that I cannot hold back from mentioning their products into my sections.

This time I went for the Logitech Z623 speaker system which comes with an additional Bluetooth audio adapter too.

These speakers are so loud that they can turn your system into a movie theatre for sure. The total power output given is 400 Watts which is way more than what needed for a large room. Furthermore, you also get a subwoofer system here to produce deep bass for the music.

The Bluetooth adapter further helps in establishing a strong and secure connection with the other devices. However, this wireless speakers for computer is also available without Bluetooth adapter system too. These are the kind of speakers which must be there in your living room.

4. Amazon Basics Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Amazon Basics Wireless Bluetooth SpeakersAfter mentioning its wired USB version of computer speaker, this is the time that we talk about the Amazon Basics’ wireless Bluetooth speakers too. It is quite like the former Anker Classic speaker in design where you do not get a pair but a single speaker.

Moreover, there are dual speakers in a single cabinet delivering total 3W of power and also comes with built-in microphone option too.

And trust me, this is the most affordable option of wireless speakers for computer you can ever look for. It allows you to play music from a distance of 30 feet from the Bluetooth paired device which is just phenomenal. Apart from computer, it perfectly pairs up with smartphone, laptops, notebook and other Bluetooth enabled devices.

The built-in microphone allows you to even handle calls on hands-free and you can also connect your device through 3.5 mm cable. However, the cable is not included with the package. In a single charge, it goes for 15 hours of continuous playing and you can charge it via the USB cable which comes with it.

5. Doss Touch Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Doss Touch Wireless Bluetooth SpeakersA completely different yet powerful pick for the category of wireless speakers for computer is by Doss. It offers this Bluetooth speaker system which delivers HD sound and bass too. Interestingly, it is available in 4 color options of black, blue, red and white.

The major highlight of this speaker system is that it comes with touch control system which makes it much easier to control the current track playing, volume, power etc.

Moreover, what puts cherry on the cake is that it is amongst the cheap computer speakers which means you would not have to break a bank to buy this amazing speaker. This go to anywhere lightweight speaker is the match made in heaven for your Bluetooth devices no matter what it is.

It comes with Bluetooth 4.0 technology which means it is ideal for all types of Bluetooth devices. The smart device automatically connects with the last device it was connected to and delivers HD quality sound.

6. ZoeTree S1 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

ZoeTree S1 Wireless Bluetooth SpeakersThe next in line for the category of amazing wireless speakers for computer is by ZoeTree. Not only it offers Bluetooth connectivity with all types of devices, but it can be also put on hands-free calling too because of the built-in microphone option.

These ZoeTree S1 Bluetooth speaker is available in blue and black color options. While talking about the control options then they are given on the top of the speaker itself.

It is quite portable and lightweight in design and delivers crystal clear sound too. In fact, it is also capable to deliver enhanced bass too so the final output results in distortion free audio. Because of having dual HD loud speakers installed in one cabinet, you get to enjoy much louder music as compared to its competitors.

Other amazing features of this speaker is its TF card slot, Bluetooth 4.2 technology, 3.5mm audio jack, built-in mic for hands-free, up to 30 feet distance of operation from the device, 6 hours of playtime, built-in FM radio and much more.

7. HyperGear Beast, IPX6, Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

HyperGear Beast, IPX6, Wireless Bluetooth SpeakersThis is my personal favorite choice for the wireless speakers for computer mainly because this HyperGear IPX6 wireless speaker is waterproof too. In fact, not only waterproof, but it is dustproof and rugged too and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

These HpyerGear speakers are powered by Bluetooth connectivity and catch up with the system even when it is kept at a distance of 30 feet away.

This speaker also fits perfectly for the category of best budget computer speakers and makes a travel friendly speaker too. However, when we are talking about the waterproof feature, this speaker turn out to be splashproof only and you are not supposed to submerge it under water.

It is also incorporated with built-in mic system giving hands-free operation along with easy touchscreen controls given on top of it. You can operate it for 16 hours continuously once charging it fully and the noise friendly microphone further helps in clear calls.

8. Logitech Z337 Bold Sound Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

Logitech Z337 Bold Sound Bluetooth Wireless SpeakersI already told you that I am a bit partial towards Logitech speakers and this is why I thought of mentioning this amazing Z337 by them in this list of wireless speakers for computer. A simple, affordable and under $100 speaker system which is also accompanied by a subwoofer too.

The entire package is consisted of a subwoofer, 2 satellite speakers and 1 wired control pod. You can connect with any Bluetooth enabled device and operate easily.

If you want to opt for the wired connectivity then you have the option of RCA and 3.5mm jack to connect the suitable device with it. The size of this system is quite compact, making it easier to fit on any desk without acquiring much space on it.

Furthermore, the use of subwoofer delivers a deep and rich bass, which results in over-all improved quality of the music. Because of this feature, it is ideal to use this system for gaming sessions too.

9. Creative T15 Wireless Bluetooth Computer Speaker System

Creative T15 Wireless Bluetooth Computer Speaker SystemCreative T15 presents you a pair of wireless computer speakers which are powered with Bluetooth technology for the connectivity. As it comes with built-in BasXPort technology, it does not require a subwoofer and hence you get two satellite speakers here in this package.

The controls for volume and tone are given on the front side of one of the speakers and makes it super simpler to access them.

Talking about their audio performance, they produce high-quality sound and also featured dedicated tweeters for high-quality frequency response. This helps in crystal clear highs and lows of audio and hence these wireless speakers for computer are perfect for gaming sessions too especially action ones.

The connectivity range for these speakers are up to 10 meters which is more than enough and along with computer, you can connect them with any type of Bluetooth enabled device. And finally, the designing and looks of these Creative T15 wireless speakers are just amazing and compact enough for your work desk.

10. Avantree Desktop 2-in-1 Wireless and Wired Computer Speakers

Avantree Desktop 2-in-1 Wireless and Wired Computer SpeakersSo, this would have got cleared for you from the title itself that this pair of speakers offered by Avantree are capable of both wireless and wired operation. This is why they make the perfect pick for the category of wireless speakers for computer.

These 2-in-1 speakers deliver stereo-quality audio and powered by AC source. Moreover, for the wired connectivity, you can opt for its 3.5mm/RCA jack.

These speakers work as the perfect external music system for laptops, computers, TV, smartphones etc. and are quite compact in size. Talking about the control options, they are given on the front side of the speaker which are power on/off, volume and Bluetooth pairing options.

As they are powered by AC adapter, you need not to charge them. Apart from all, you are also given 2 years of warranty on this product as well.

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None of the things matter the most except the fact that these wireless speakers for computer should deliver amazing sound performance. The connectivity should be adequate even from a distance and of course, they should be justifying their price for sure.

So, over a lot of elements, I tried to pick out the best options for all of you music lovers here. And one more thing, apart from computers, these speakers are capable enough to connect to all those devices which are Bluetooth enabled. This is a huge advantage to listen to your favorite music at a great volume from whichever Bluetooth source you want.

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