15 Best Punjabi Songs Download Sites

It is the time to discover the Punjabi songs download websites which provides such an amazing songs to groove on. Whether it is about parties or about the weddings, you cannot imagine them without loud Punjabi music. And this is why I think you should know about the sites from where you can download these superbly enthusiastic songs.

Top 15 Punjabi Songs Download Sites in 2022

Pagal Worldhttps://pagalworld.org/punjabi-songs/list.htmlRead Review
Dj Mazahttps://www.djmaza.ms/Read Review
Saregamahttps://www.saregama.com/song/list/punjabi_16Read Review
Songspkhttps://songspk.guru/Read Review
DjPunjabhttps://www.djpunjab.net/Read Review
Mp3Madhttps://mp3mad.pro/Read Review
Mr-Jatthttp://mrjatt.in/Read Review
Dj Youngsterhttps://djyoungster.com/Read Review
SongsMp3https://www.songsmp3.live/Read Review
Mr-Punjabhttps://mr-punjab.com/Read Review
Raag Jatthttps://raagjatt.com/Read Review
Royal Jatthttp://royaljatt.com/Read Review
Filmyvidhttp://filmyvid.net/Read Review
Dj Johalhttps://djjohal.com/Read Review
Risky Jatthttps://riskyjatt.com/Music/punjabi_music.phpRead Review

You can easily find the sub-section of Punjabi music in various music sites but let’s focus on full-fledged Punjabi music sites this time. Here are the 15 best websites that I would like to suggest to you people to download all the latest Punjabi tracks.

1. Pagal World

Website: https://pagalworld.org/punjabi-songs/list.html


Pagal World is popular for not only its collection of Punjabi songs and albums but for the rest of the music genres too. You can easily download Punjabi songs from Pagal World for free and without any hassle of getting registered on it.

You can find tailor made sections for Punjabi songs like collection for every year, Top 10 list, Music from specific singers, Punjabi singles and many more.

Not only that the interface is super clean and minimal but it is also quite intuitive in terms of functioning. Apart from Punjabi music you can also discover videos and ringtones in here as well. Everyday updates on the site keeps it one of the prime choice for all types of music lovers.

2. Dj Maza

Website: https://www.djmaza.ms/


This is the time to free download latest Punjabi songs through DJ Maza. A very huge database on the site awaits for the users to feed their hungry music souls. And not only audios but you can also discover high quality videos of various songs on Dj Maza.

However, I felt that they should have made a proper section for just Punjabi music rather than making so many different sub-sections.

You can discover Punjabi singles, remix songs, Punjabi albums, Punjabi videos etc. on the site. And apart from these sections, you can figure out songs through music directors, singers and lyricist too. The interface is pretty good and does not even contain any ads on it for a really smooth experience on the site.

3. Saregama

Website: https://www.saregama.com/song/list/punjabi_16


You are going to get a bit disappointed with the site because Saregama does not provide music for free. For an MP3 version of the site you are charged INR 4 while for HD version you are charged INR 10. This is kind of a big heartbreak for many music lovers out there.

Well, despite that people love to download songs from here because of the high quality and super smooth functioning of the site.

Apart from Punjabi music, you have a long list of other songs to check out like classical, regional, Ghazals and Sufi music, remix versions and many more. The site also allows you to share songs directly from the platform itself.

4. Songspk

Website: https://songspk.guru/


I am sure there is probably no person who does not know about Songspk. It is an ideal platform for Punjabi songs download and why only Punjabi and regional music, there are plenty of other options to check out as well. In fact, you will never get tired of checking out songs out here.

From Bollywood to Indian Pop and of course Punjabi original and remix versions, the site has a versatile range of sections to check out.

Apart from single tracks in Punjabi, you can also download the entire albums in one go. However, ads and pop-ups are a big part of the site and this is the only thing annoying about it. Songspk allows you to directly search for the song through title and artist too so I am sure you won’t have any trouble looking for your desired Punjabi song here.

5. DjPunjab

Website: https://www.djpunjab.net/


DjPunjab is by far the best Punjabi songs download site mainly because it is entirely dedicated to Punjabi songs and albums only. The site has no competition when it comes to the database of Punjabi tracks no matter which year do they belong to.

What I liked the most about DjPunjab is the everyday listing and tags they do for single tracks, videos as well as other Punjabi music. You can find it on top of the site itself.

Apart from these ones, you have various other sections to discover like top artists, top 20, latest tracks etc. The list of top 20 singles is updated on weekly basis and hence you always have something new to discover on the site.

6. Mp3Mad

Website: https://mp3mad.pro/

Although Mp3Mad is not entirely about Punjabi songs download only but it is good to know that it has a great hold over various regional music database. From Punjabi music to proper Bollywood songs, Haryanvi and Tamil music, you can check it all out on Mp3Mad.

The latest and trending Punjabi songs are mentioned on top of the site along with Bollywood tracks too. This provides a direct shortcut to the list of latest Punjabi music.

For more, you can simply visit the Punjabi music section or just go through the Top 20 list to know which songs are currently trending. You can find various sub-sections for Punjabi music like chronological listing, videos, singer’s collection, albums and a lot more. Mp3Mad is also one of the best sites to download English songs.

7. Mr-Jatt

Website: http://mrjatt.in/

Mr. Jatt is hailed for the compilation of Hindi as well as Punjabi songs. And of course, apart from containing lots and lots of old classics, you can also find various options for new Punjabi song download too. And there are various file sizes available too.

The site is updated on daily basis and you can find all the updates of day to day on top of the site itself. Apart from single tracks, you can also download entire Punjabi songs albums too.

Other sections contain Top 20 songs, Remix, Punjabi singles, Videos, ringtones and a lot more. Just go through the section of Punjabi Songs for more details. And if you want to check out no other section then simply go through the chronological list of the songs.

8. Dj Youngster

Website: https://djyoungster.com/

Just like the former option of Mr. Jatt you can also prefer Dj Youngster for the Hindi as well as Punjabi music and songs. You can find tons of options for Punjabi songs download and the same applies to typical Bollywood music as well.

Rather than checking out their curated categories, I would advise you to just go through what is added new on the site.

It works like a shortcut to various sections and you won’t have to hassle much while looking for your desired songs too. However, as I noticed the site leads you to a different domain when clicked on the sub-categories but good thing is that no malware or ads are reported.

9. SongsMp3

Website: https://www.songsmp3.live/

Although the platform of SongsMp3 is full of ads and clumsiness but people still prefer it to download new Punjabi songs. SongsMp3 provides a huge database of various songs like Punjabi, Bollywood, Indie Pop, Instrumental and a lot more.

You just need patience to discover music on the site because pop-ups are surely going to ruin your mood for a while.

Apart from direct sections, you can also look for songs from singers, music directors, composers etc. It works quite like filters for the songs. All the trending and latest tracks are listed on top when you open the section of Punjabi Music and you can also check out chronological list too.

10. Mr-Punjab

Website: https://mr-punjab.com/

Mr. Punjab as the name says is a very popular and full-fledged destination for Punjabi songs download. There are various options to check out with very trustworthy downloadable files as well.

Each day the site uploads the trending picks from various categories like latest Punjabi videos, remix songs, albums, single tracks etc. on top of the site. You can find tons and tons of various sections which I really liked about this site.

There are categories like Punjabi videos, remix songs, single tracks, top 20 songs, Punjabi albums and many more. You can also figure out songs on the basis of singer too. Apart from Punjabi songs, there are Hindi songs given on the site as well.

11. Raag Jatt

Website: https://raagjatt.com/

Raag Jatt excels in not only Punjabi songs download but also in various other regional songs download too. However, rather than Punjabi, the site has major influence on Hindi songs but that does not make it any less efficient.

You can discover single Punjabi tracks, Top 20, Punjabi albums and a lot more. Because of the everyday updates on the site, the section of Top 20 songs are updated timely.

You can find various tags on Raag Jatt on the basis of categories, singers, albums etc. so that you can directly find a shortcut to various categories. Apart from original tracks, I am sure you are going to like their remix collection too.

12. Royal Jatt

Website: http://royaljatt.com/

Royal Jatt is amongst the best site to download Punjabi songs and of course it is no less than a world full of entertainment. The site hosts Bollywood music, Punjabi music and various other single as well as remix tracks in their database.

But of course, on top of it, you can find videos of Hindi and Punjabi tracks as well. With lots of variations in existing original tracks, you always have something new to explore on the site.

The kind of categories you can find Royal Jatt are A to Z lists, sad songs, songs of the week, Shabad Gurbani, comedy albums etc. Along with the song title, you can also find songs on the basis of albums and artists.

13. Filmyvid

Website: http://filmyvid.net/

Filmyvid is a site which is different from other Punjabi songs download platforms. Where other ones focus on audio songs, Filmyvid is a platform which provides Bollywood and Punjabi music videos to download and that too in great quality.

Filmyvid in fact is kind of popular when it comes to regional tracks but strictly videos. If you are looking for audio tracks then you would have to look somewhere else for it.

Good thing is that Filmyvid is there to provide all of its content for absolutely free and without the fuss of sign up process too. In fact, the interface is also quite impressive and ad-free.

14. Dj Johal

Website: https://djjohal.com/

I am sure you would have heard of Dj Johal before because it is counted amongst the top most Punjabi songs download platforms. The site is all about Punjabi singles, albums and even Hindi music too. In fact, you can also find Hindi and Punjabi videos here as well.

You won’t even have to spend hours looking for the latest and trending tracks because all the latest updates are mentioned on top of the site itself.

Furthermore, you can find out songs on the basis of music categories, genres etc. There are charts for Top 20 songs as well as albums which are further a big help for the users to find trending tracks.

15. Risky Jatt

Website: https://riskyjatt.com/Music/punjabi_music.php

Risky Jatt is amongst that kind of Punjabi music sites which is all about lists and charts and of course timely updates. The site is all about Punjabi music only and the same is pretty evident from the kind of categories given on the platform.

You can find various Top 20 lists on the site like Punjabi songs, albums where some of them are updated on weekly basis, some on daily basis and some on monthly basis.

And in this way, you need not to look any further for the trending albums and tracks as you always have all the latest updates provided through these lists itself.


In order to know more about Punjabi songs download you can refer to some mobile applications too but generally the downloading feature comes with a price. It is better to stick to the sites I mentioned just above to discover all the latest as well as classic Punjabi songs from popular singers.

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