Best Ringtone App for Android Smartphone [25+ best ringtone apps]

Best ringtone app for Android: You know that what is ringtones? and how to use ringtone into your mobile. But basically ringtone is a sound in the form of music or dialogue or whatever, It will make sounds when somebody call to your number and that help you to pick the call.

Further, the ringtone is used in various notifications like you can set the different ringtone for alarm, SMS like that. Most of the people keeps the default ringtones which has there already placed by the mobile manufacturers or got from your friends.

The good thing is that you have the freedom to choose different ringtones as a caller tone, Alarm, or SMS. However, many people want to choose different ringtones but, not getting enough time to search the internet. Still, Are you thinking? You need a best ringtone app for Android is the final solution.

10+ Best Ringtone App for Android Smartphone

You can discover a lot of top ringtone apps collections in various genres, so you can choose a unique ringtone and set as the caller tones for your Android devices. This article is dedicated to best free ringtone app that’s why here I am cover best ringtone app and also sharing here direct download links.

Best Ringtone app for android

1). Cool Ringtones

cool ringtoneA good ringtone app can change your mood and keeping you cool always. Because, we are humans and connected with the music and sounds. Here is the cool ringtones app, which is the best ringtone app for Android, working awesme in smartphone or Tablet. In the Cool Ringtone app, you can find the multipurpose ringtones and you can set as caller tone and more purpose.

The Key Features Of Cool Ringtones:

  • You can set the specified ringtone for specified person from your contact list.
  • You can set the ringtones by clicking the widget button from the home and select a ringtone.
  • You enable the ringtone in the Caller Tone, SMS Tone, Alarm and Message tones.


2). Bird Ringtones

bird ringtoneWe like to hear the sounds of the birds ringtone app that give the peace of mind to us and it attracts us something that you cannot explain it in detail.

You can set the bird sounds as the ringtone in your Android OS smartphone or tablet by using the best ringtone app for Android.

You can set the animals sounds as the ringtone for caller tones, SMS, alarm, and other notifications. You set the different bird sounds to particular persons from your contact list that allow you to perceive who is calling without looking the phone screen.

According to your present situation, You can decide that whether you pick the call or reject the call and the choice is yours.

You see the voice of Ducks, Peacock, gees, Canary bird, eagle, warbler, American coot, and more birds. Sure you like it.


3). Business Ringtones

business ringtoneNow time for business ringtones app, when you are discussing seriously in the meeting you receive a phone call, furthermore, your mobile phone caller tones may be a pop songs, laughing or any sound. However, if the ringtone make you uncomfortable in that environment because of the ringtone. So, you need the best ringtone app for Android that match your business environment. Introducing the Business Ringtones app is your end solutions.

In the Business Ringtones app, you can choose the different ringtone for each person from your contact list and set the ringtone for your Call, SMS, Notification, Alarm and others purpose.

The Key Features Of  Business Ringtones app:

  • You can find the 40 high quality
  • The app supports world languages like English, Francais, Deutsch, Italiano and more languages.


4). Horror Ringtones

Some people like horror stories, movies, and novels. If you are one of the people, who like horror genres. As a horror fiction lover, do you like to set your ringtones with horror sound effects If your answer is yes you are going to know about the best ringtone app for Android installed devices like Smartphone or Tablets.

You will find the horror ringtone themes like Saw Psicofonias, and more sounds are available to you. You can change the ringtone of phone call tones, SMS notification, Alarm so on. When you receive a call at night others may fears. It will enrich your ringtone experience into the next level with impressive sounds.


5). Office Ringtones

In the corporate working environment is completely different, which you dress up, owned high end gadgets according to your working environment. But, what about the ringtone of your smartphone? It may be silly sounds, However, do you like the exist ringtones or planning to change it?. If you consent to change it here is the office Ringtones app is the best ringtone app for Android devices.

You can assign the ringtone to each of your contact list that make easy to identify the calling personal without touching the mobile. Furthermore, after you ringtone of SMS, Alarm, and others, you can put your favorite ringtone sounds into the favorite folder, where you can access it later.


6). Digital Ringtones

In the Digital world, why you are using the normal ringtone for your mobile phone when you are having enormous chance to change it according to your wishes. Do you want the Digital Ringtone for your phone? I am confident, you say YES, then you need the best ringtone app for Android, Such ringtone application includes the collections of the sounds and you can assign to different purposes like SMS, Notification and more.

The Digital Ringtones has contained the collection of the amazing Digital ringtone that matching in the digital world. It has included the 99 digital sounds ringtones that can assign to each one to your contact list and you will listen to the unique ringtone when they call to you. Furthermore, the Digital Ringtone has user friendly user interface allow you to work with the app smoothly. You can find great features with the application.


7). Romantic Ringtones

When you are receiving a call from your Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Husband or Wife If you recognize with a romantic mood how do you feel? It will be amazing. You need a best ringtone app for Android devices and the application name is Romantic Ringtones.

You receive the call from your partner with a romantic Ringtones and Such sounds bring you the romantic mood. Furthermore, you can set the romantic ringtones based on Birthday, Valentine’s day and so on celebrations. You can assign the ringtones to the specific phone number, afterwards, when you receive a from the number It will noise with the unique and romantic sounds. You will like definitely after using it.


8). Zen Ringtones

Everybody like the peace of mind and doing the meditation. If you are one of them you will like the best ringtone app for Android devices and the Application is known as Zen Ringtones. If you listen to the sounds of peace When you get a call how will you feel? SURE, it will be an amazing experience that experience is giving from the zen ringtones application.

It has included the collection of 66 zen ringtones can assign the calling tones, notification, alarm and assign different ringtones for each person from your contact list. You can search the ringtones from the efficient search features and user friendly interface allow you to work with it easily.


9). Nature Sounds Ringtones

We people like the sounds of the naturals and such sounds will create a peaceful mind to you will feel calm when you hear the natural sounds. However, Do you like to hear nature sounds often in your daily life, then there is a solution from the best ringtone app for Android, which is making the sounds of natures like Rolling Thunder, Ocean Waves, Birds Sounds, and more sounds are available in the ringtone applications.

You can easily assign the different ringtones for your calling tones, SMS notification, and alarm with the user friendly interface. Furthermore, you apply the unique ringtones for the different user from your contact list. And more feature is available to you.


10). Bird Calls, Sounds & Ringtones

You just keep away the boring default ringtones from your mobile phone and replace it with the natural sounds ringtones is one of the best ringtone application for Android powered devices like smartphone or Tablets. Now, you can find the sounds of birds such as hawks, eagles, falcons and more birds. You can also hear the songs of the birds and the song length is different between the songs and ringtones.

You can find the birds ringtones of 43 birds sounds and you can set the bird sounds as a ringtone for your calling tones, notification, SMS, message and Alarm. If you want you can set the timer to play the sounds and you are allowed to place the favorites sounds widget button on the phone screen.

Remember one thing that the set as the alarm will not affect the existing alarm sounds, which get affect only the newly created one. If you remove it will delete automatically.


11). Top Funny Ringtones

A funny thing make you laughing without thinking about your present circumstance and it will free your mind from the working tension, furthermore, you will feel relaxed. Now, you can replace your musical ringtone with a funny ringtone. You need a best ringtone app for Android working smartphone or tablets.

In the Top Funny Ringtones, Android application has kept the collection of 45 most downloaded funny ringtones. You can listen to the sounds by clicking the button and set the ringtone to the phone calling, SMS notification, and alarm. Once you installed the ringtone app on your mobile you will like it really.


12). Electronic Ringtones

Do You enjoy the electronics sound effects and other digital music? and If you are planning to change the old ringtones you like the Electronic Ringtone that is the best ringtone app for Android devices like your smartphone or Tablets.  You can hear the electronic instruments like electric guitar and more from the application.

You can list the united states genres like techno, downtempo, ambient and others. Furthermore, you can wide collection of music, which you like it. You can set the ringtone of the notification, contacts, SMS, and more sounds options are available. Sure, you like the application that comes with the rhythm of electronics sounds.


13). Talking Ringtone Maker Pro

The default musical based ringtone is common for all mobile user. The Talking Ringtone Make Pro is a different ringtone application compare to the regular music based ringtone application. The Talking Ringtone application gives you the option to create personalized voice based ringtones according to your wishes. So, when anybody call to your mobile will not ring it will speak.

You can set the specific voice for specific apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and assign the notification sounds for selected contacts, text message and more. There is no limited for creating your own voice ringtones.

The Key Features Of Talking Ringtone Maker Pro:

  • You can easily play, edit or delete your custom ringtones.
  • You can control the speed and pitch of the voice.
  • You have the option to choose a variety of talking voices.
  • It uses the powerful text to speech engines for speech synthesis so you get the exact matter like if you get a new message it says that “ New Message” and more things.


14). Ringtone Maker

Why are you using others ringtones for your smartphone? You can use your creativity to create own ringtones. You need the best ringtone app for Android devices. Ringtone Maker is one of the best Android application is used to create amazing and rhythmic ringtones.

You can create ringtones in various file format like MP3, WAV, AAC(M4A)/MP4, 3GPP/AMR and you can set the start and ending notes in timeline easily. Furthermore, you can cut, copy and paste, Fade in or out & adjust the volume for MP3 format files.

The Key Features Of Ringtone Maker:

  • You can preview the ringtones after finalize it can assign to contacts.
  • You can zoom the scrollable waveform representation in 5 level.
  • You can easily manage contacts ringtones.


15). My Name Ringtone Maker

You need a best ringtone app for Android working devices. You can use such application to create an amazing ringtone on your smartphone or Tablet simply. However, you have to use your creativity for making a stunning ringtone with this Android application.

You can record your friend name and assign to his number and when your friend call your phone will say his name, You can save the mp3 format and more features are available with the My Name Ringtone Maker Android applications. Once you start to use the application you will understand the potential and ease usage of the applications.


16). Funny Message Ringtones

Funny thing likes by all the people because it laugh the humans and make them free from the business. Likewise, without Ringtones, you cannot use your mobile phone. The Funny Message Ringtone is one of the best ringtone app for Android working smartphone are any Android powered Tablets.

In the Funny Message Ringtones has contained up to 99 funny SMS ringtones, which is used to set as the caller tones for your mobile phone, SMS notification, and alarm. Furthermore, you can assign the ringtones to your contacts list. You can add your favorite funny ringtones in the favorite list for using frequently. Sure, you will impress with the great features.


17). Funny Baby Laugh Ringtones

The Funny Baby Laugh Ringtones is considering one of the best ringtone app for Android working smartphone or Tablets.There are available the best collections of the ringtones applications, But, the Funny Baby Laugh Ringtones make uniqueness from others standard caller tones. You can set the ringtones as your mobile phone caller tones, SMS Notifications, Email notification, and Alarm. If you want to assign a unique ringtone to each user that also possible.

The Ringtone application contains user friendly user interface make you work ease with the Applications. Furthermore, the ringtone application is compatible with all the Android devices so you can use it phone or tablets. However, I am sure you like it.


18). Meditation Sounds

Meditation gives peace to your mind and improves your memory, concentration and more things can be done by mentally. I never to say much about the Mediation in current days. If you are meditation lover you like the Meditation Sounds is one of the best ringtone app for Android devices. Hearing the calm sounds when somebody call you during your busy and tension time you get some quick relaxation.

In the Meditation Sounds application contains the naturally sounds like oceans waves, waterfalls, rain and much more collection bring back your peace of mind.

Now, your job is selecting the desired sound effects from the collection and set as your caller tone, SMS notification, Chat notification, and alarm sounds with ease user interact allow you to work conveniently.


19). Movie Ringtones

The superhit movies have great music background score and the music score is attracted by the millions of people around the world. Just think about the James Bond’s theme music. Several people like such music can be set as the ringtones for your smartphone. Get SMS notification with your favorite movie’s theme music, setting alarm with energetic movie theme music and more things can be done. You get the more music score from the best ringtone app for Android.

You are free to choose your desired music theme music from Movies like Iron Man, Avatar, Braveheart, Back to the Future and more movies. Attend your call with your desired music from your favorite movies.


20). Group Ringtone

Group Ringtone is one the best ringtone application for Android working smartphone or Tablets, which is completely different from the regular ringtones application. For example, In regular ringtone application require you to assign to your each contact list manually and it takes your time. Furthermore, you have to remember each contacts ringtones and some people feel it complicated.

Here is the Group Ringtones come to assign a unique ringtone to each groups people get a single unique ringtone allow you to remember it.  Just think, you can set a ringtone for your family group, Rocking ringtone for your buddy contact list group.  Much more features are available to you in this ringtone Android application.

So, you will be satisfied after you have purchased and start to use the Ringtone application on your mobile phone.


21). Baby Laugh Ringtones

We never ever say no to the laughing sounds of the baby. The Baby Laugh Ringtones which is here is the best ringtone application for Android devices like your smartphone or Tablets. You can download your favorite ringtones and set as your caller ringtone of your mobile phone or tablets.

You can choose your favorite tone for SMS, Email Notification, Specific contacts list people and more. Furthermore, It works with most of the Android devices. The application has contained the great user interface design to interact with it smoothly. You will find more features after you start using it. Sure, you like it.


22). Mobogem Ringtones & Wallpapers

The Mobogem is one of the best ringtone app for Android user like it really very much because the application comes with the two in one concept. You can use the Mobogem as a ringtone or Wallpapers application. You can see the large collection of free ringtones along with wallpapers is coming with High Definition.

You can set the ringtone of your phone calling tones, Alarm, SMS notification like that and the Mobogem Ringtones and Wallpapers carries more features brings power up your ringtone experience better.

The key Features of Mobogem Ringtones & Wallpapers:

  • You can browse ringtones from top categories.
  • You can listen the ringtones before you download into your memory card.
  • It is possible to download HD wallpapers for free.
  • Just preview the wallpaper before you download into local.


23). Annoying Ringtones Free

No reasons to say using the Annoying Ringtones for your smartphone or Tablets. Do you like to change from the standard ringtones to annoying sounds for just a change? Here is Annoying Ringtones, which is the best ringtone app for Android installed devices. You get the unique, different, annoyed and amazed ringtones and set to the SMS ringtones, calling tones, chat notifications and others too.

You can download good annoying ringtones with mp3 format files, Furthermore, discovering the ringtones is completely easy for you. However, you like the different ringing experience with decent features is there for you. Enjoy the different ringtones when you like the changes.


25). Car Sounds & Ringtones

Are you passionate cars? So you like the car sounds. Car Sounds & Ringtones is one of the best ringtone apps for Android devices. You can change the boring standard ringtones to your favorite cars sounds like motor acceleration, engine startups and more auto sounds are available with the ringtones Android application.

You can assign the different car sounds to Contacts ringtones, SMS notifications, Alarm sounds such motor sounds are available with the Android application. You can hear the motor sounds of top brands cars like BMW, Mercedes like that. It will give a unique identity among your friends circle. Sure you like the motors noise when somebody calls you.


26). Crazy Sounds & Ringtones

The Crazy Sounds & Ringtones help you to change the default phone ringtone, SMS message alert, Alarm notification, Contacts alert to your desired crazy noise. After you changed the default ringtones in your smartphone will make crazy sounds based on your settings. So, the ringtone Android application is one of the best ringtone app for Android powered devices.

The crazy sounds are licensed under the public domain and creative common license so you get the original sounds that allow you to save and share the ringtone to your friends can also use it as it is licensed for common people. Sure, you like and use it after you starting to use it.



Right now, you have informed about the great and best ringtone app for Android working smartphone or Tablet, Just you have to pick a ringtone Android application and install on your Android powered devices. As I said earlier, you can find several concept based ringtone application like Birds sounds, Funny dialogues, Horror and more genres. Moreover, the each genres ringtone carries many sounding effects, Now, you have to choose any best ringtone and set as a caller tone, SMS notification, Chat notification, and Message notification.

You can change the ringtone as per your circumstance, mood, and interest.However, you have seen a lot of ringtone Android application list so; you want to choose and install the application on your smartphone and enjoy.

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