15 Safe APK Sites to Download APK Files

In this article, I will tell you about the best & safe APK sites for 2022. Using these websites, you can easily download APK files to install your desired android apps for free.

15 Safe APK Sites to Download APK Files in 2023

APKMirrorhttps://www.apkmirror.com/Read Review
APK4Funhttps://www.apk4fun.com/Read Review
APK Buckethttps://apkbucket.net/Read Review
APKPurehttps://apkpure.com/Read Review
App Apkshttp://www.appapks.net/Read Review
Android-APKhttps://android-apk.org/Read Review
ApkDlModhttp://www.apkdlmod.com/Read Review
Softpediahttp://www.softpedia.com/Read Review
Apkmbhttps://apkmb.com/Read Review
AppCakehttp://www.appcake.net/Read Review
Android Outhttps://www.androidout.com/Read Review
Mods APKhttps://modsapk.com/Read Review
APKTurbohttps://www.apkturbo.com/Read Review
APK4Freehttps://apk4free.net/Read Review
APK-DLhttps://apk-dl.com/Read Review

There is no doubt that you got plenty of options for such APK sites, but not all of them are safe and trustworthy. So, after much research, I picked these 15 websites which can provide all types of APKs to you without any struggle or issues.

  • APKMirror

Website: https://www.apkmirror.com/


APKMirror is not only among the safe APK websites, but it is quite popular too.

There is no way that you cannot find your desired app’s APK out here, and that too with no struggle.

Although I think the site does not have a proper categorization, the good thing is that you can search for the APK directly.

And, of course, it is absolutely free to download APKs from out here. You can check out APKs on the basis of their upload time, developers, etc.

If you are wondering where to start, then check out the list of the most popular APKs on the site for a beginner. The site has a very clean interface and fast navigation for your help, and everything is given on the home page itself.

  • APK4Fun

Website: https://www.apk4fun.com/


The next one is APK4Fun which is an as useful platform as the earlier option of APKMirror.

What I liked more about APK4Fun is that it is much more organized, and also the interface helps in finding the required APK in a better and faster way.

Like, the kind of categories you can find here are action, puzzle, communication, racing, social, and many more.

You can also take a look at different sections like top downloads, editor’s choice, new releases, top news, etc. With no issues of registration or any subscription, you can enjoy the best of the services of finding your desired and safest APK files out here.

  • APK Bucket

Website: https://apkbucket.net/


APK Bucket is amongst the best APK sites. Which is not just a platform to download the given APK files on the site, but it is much more than that.

The site is an online APK downloader that can download any app through its package ID or Google Play URL easily.

Apart from the regular apps, you can also discover many games here as well which are supported by your mobile platform.

However, the site also lacks the proper categorization, and hence you would have to look for the app on your own.

  • APKPure

Website: https://apkpure.com/


APKPure is all about using the best APK download site with a huge database of various APK files.

You can discover apps from a wide range of options which are all given on the home page itself.

The everyday update on the site makes it fun for people to find out new things every single day.

So, while you are struggling with heavy android applications, I think downloading their APK is going to smooth out the process of their installation to quite some extent.

Just like other options out here, you can also check out various games here as well, like Fortnite, PUBG, Soccer, etc. The site also tells you about the upcoming releases of the apps, and you can pre-register for their installation too.

  • App Apks

Website: http://www.appapks.net/

App Apks

App Apks is the kind of option amongst safe APK sites, which is home to more than 1000 types of android applications.

The platform serves both Android as well as Windows systems and provides apps and software for both.

There are some categories available for finding out the desired app, like communication, tools, camera, browsers, etc.

If you are wondering what kind of apps should be downloaded, then you can simply take a look at their list of top apps. There are some other sections available, too, like popular apps, recently uploaded, etc.

With a very clean and ad-free interface, it becomes super simple for the user to navigate in here.

  • Android-APK

Website: https://android-apk.org/

If you find it hard to find safe APK sites, then you should better get your hands on Android APK.

The site helps you in finding out about the kinds of apps that are hard to get now and no longer is in development.

But that does not mean that you cannot find the trending ones and newly released apps out here. The site surely has an impressive database to woo us all.

Some of their most popular downloads on the site from hard to find category are VidMate, YouTube video downloader, Pokemon TV, etc. I am sure you would not want to miss their amazing collection of APKs out here, which hardly takes any time to download.

  • ApkDlMod

Website: http://www.apkdlmod.com/

Of course, there are plenty of APK sites out there, but figuring out the safe APK sites is a bigger struggle. I picked APKDlMod, which is known to be a reliable platform for downloading APKs of a variety of applications for android.

It is mainly popular for its content of various games like arcade, action, strategy, racing, puzzle, and much more especially made for the Android system.

As the platform is mainly dedicated to games only, you are not likely to find other apps out there. This gaming APK host also showcases an archive every month, which makes it simpler for the users to find recent updates on the site.

  • Softpedia

Website: http://www.softpedia.com/

You are going to love Softpedia not only being the best android APK download site but also its functionality for other systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.

The site is a complete package of apps and games for various platforms and provides it all for free.

In fact, not only APKs but you can also find drivers and other useful APK files for the systems. You need to click on the section of Android to browse the apps for it.

However, I think the interface is slightly messy, and it is going to take you a while to figure things out.

You can check for various app developers like Samsung, Google, Microsoft, etc., and there is no other categorization done for the apps.

  • Apkmb

Website: https://apkmb.com/

Moving on with the list of safe APK sites, the next one in here is Apkmb. It has this simple approach toward the apps and games for android systems.

Which are free as well as paid in terms of working. In fact, you can also find various PC software here too.

With a detailed installation guide and plenty of other important information, I am sure it is a simple process for the users to understand the working of the site.

You can find a variety of categories for the apps like communication, business, finance, education, etc. The same kind of category system can be seen in the section on games as well.

  • AppCake

Website: http://www.appcake.net/

If you are looking for the best site to download APK files which should be simple and fuss-free, then you should better check out AppCake. The site is very clean and focused on providing all types of apps to its users.

Contrary to most of the APK sites in here, their main focus remains on android apps rather than on android games.

However, categorization is still needed on the site for better navigation for the users. But for now, you can look for everything on the home page itself and discuss your issues in their forum.

  • Android Out

Website: https://www.androidout.com/

Android Out is one of such safe APK sites which requires no prior information about APKs, and you are free to download your desired app from out here.

From apps to games to various android themes, the site keeps up with everything very well, and of course, they have more and more to offer each day.

Through the given platform, you can also discover the android apps which are on sale and a lot of different collections of various apps.

Whether they are apps that are long forgotten or the games which are played the most, I think you can find it all here.

  • Mods APK

Website: https://modsapk.com/

Another one joining the list of safe APK sites is Mode APK. It allows you to download the safest APKs for your android system, and that too for free and without any hassle. With no policy of signing up here, you are free to explore the entire site and its content.

The site mainly showcases a variety of android games belonging to categories like action, adventure, casino, casual, board, racing, etc.

Because of having a priority towards gaming apps, you won’t be able to find other apps on its platform. The site is open source, and the content is curated mostly by other users only. So, if you are thinking about downloading the best games for android, you know where to head to.

  • APKTurbo

Website: https://www.apkturbo.com/

APKTurbo is the best APK site out there, whose database is a combination of various apps, and it does not stick to the games only.

The site works like a downloader which requires a Google Play store URL or package ID of the app to download it.

If you do not have any URL, then you can simply check out their database to look for your desired app, no matter what it is.

You can find separate sections for apps and games with many categories to choose from, like news and magazine, food and drink, beauty, shopping, communication, etc.

I really liked the platform for being so well-organized and super clean for a faster-accessing experience.

  • APK4Free

Website: https://apk4free.net/

Just like its name, APK4Free is not only among the safe APK sites but also operates for free as well.

In fact, you can even install paid games and apps for android from here for free. For any queries or issues, you can take a look at their installation guide given on the site.

APK4Free also provides the feature of requesting the desired APK file. In this way, you can always find out the required app/game on the site.

The site also keeps up with the latest android news like recent launches, new releases of apps, etc. In order to know about it all, you can simply subscribe to their newsletter for it.

  • APK-DL

Website: https://apk-dl.com/

Another name to be included in the list of safe APK sites is APK-DL. The site works like a downloader that can install APK files of any given app through its Google Play URL or package name.

You can browse various options from their category list, like comics, entertainment, finance, communication, health and fitness, games, etc. You can also discover a huge database of various android games out here, which are available for free.

Although the interface of the site is clean, the ads in between are constant. Talking about the safe APK files on the site, then, I am sure you won’t come across any malware out here, and there is not even a limit on downloading too.


Some of these APK sites might require you to use a PC in order to install the app, while some of them work directly on your smartphone itself.

Amongst so many options, I am sure you would have figured out the most suitable one for yourself. Apart from all, you should know that not all APK files are safe, so use some kind of anti-virus service in order to protect your system from malware.

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