Best DJ Apps for Android Smartphone

Best DJ Apps for Android: In the world of Musicians, you cannot avoid the role of DJ stands Disk Jockey is giving a newly created music or he use the already recorded music and give a new dimension to the music. Beginning a DJ is required to think creative and funny. The DJ mix the music and showcase it to the world.

You may be Professional or Hobbyist DJ, and you have types of equipment physically, Applications on your personal computer for mixing the sounds.

What about your Android Smartphone or Tablet. Yes, you can compose the songs on your Android devices, and you want to install the Best DJ apps for Android. Because, The portability gives more advantage. When you feel convenient and creative mode, Your music creation happens anywhere, everywhere and anytime

Best DJ Apps for Android Smartphone

I have recommended the best DJ apps for Android operating system powered mobile phones. You can give a try on the following Android Application.

best dj apps for android

1). edjing 5 DJ Music Mixer Studio

Starting the list from the best DJ apps for Android, The edjing is acquired more than 30 million music lover all over the world. It has voted the title of “Best App of the Year” on the Google play store for conservative two years 2013 and 2014, and Gained Top Developer label by Google Staff. As well as, features in Yahoo News.

The edjing 5 DJ Music Mixer Studio can do the real time sound processing, Which giving more freedom on editing. Moreover, You are allowed to import the music from SoundCloud music library, Download the music from Vimeo directly on the mixture. You are free to use your imagination, Just mix and do the editing by applying over 20 DJ effects and functions.

The Key Features of edjing 5 DJ Music Mixer Studio

1). Advanced BPM Adjustment that use Tap BPM function with beats synchronization.
2). Audio Effects syncs on the beats of your music track automatically.
3). Wide Audio spectrum for beats detection
4). Option for adjusting sound effects and Crossfader Curve
5). Automated and Accurate BPM detection in the songs


2). DJ Studio 5 – Free music mixer

Just know about the best DJ apps for Android is DJ Studio, and You get the power packed music options for mixing the sounds. The apps are used to create, Remix, Scratch, Loop, and Pitch your music by using your Android devices. Moreover, It has three bands equalizer for each deck, 10 customizable sample pads, Pre-Cueing with headphones or Y-cable and more.

This advanced Android Application is suitable for the novice to professionals can use the application for creating your music.

The Highlights of DJ Studio 5 – Free Music Mixer

1). Two different virtual turntables that including crossfader
2). Seven Skins for deck customization
3). Eight Sounds effects
4). Live audio recording by using built-in recorder
5). Auto-Mix features with random and playlist mode
6). One cue and recall the point for each deck


3). Cross DJ Free – Mix your music

Are you searching a Best DJ Apps for Android Smartphone or Tablet? You will be satisfied with the Cross DJ Free is the Android Application for mixing and remixing the sounds. By using the App, you will create attractive music.

The controls provide you for mixing the soundtrack in perfect syncs, Accurate BPM detection, Smart-seek for fast forward or jump in the waveform, and Keylock mode changes your BPM without affecting the tone, Multiple Sorting Options for sorting your music library by title, artist, album, BPM, Length and more.

The Notable Features of Cross DJ Free – Mix your music

1). You can customize the pitch range ( 4,8,16,32,100%) manually.
2). Parallel Waveforms mode allow you to check visually whether both tracks are synced correctly.
3). Automix creates a music by mixing sounds and music automatically.
4). Autogain is automatically equalizer two level of the track
5). Well Optimized for Tablet, Mobile, and the Intel Processor.


4). djay FREE – DJ Mix Remix Music

Introducing the Android application for mixing or remixing your favorite songs, you want a best DJ apps for Android that turn your Smartphone or Tablet into a DJ system with power pack options. Djay is free one of the Best DJ apps for Android devices, Where you mix or remix any songs. Moreover, You can apply the superb FX in real-time and conduct a live performance. There is a no matter whether you do it professional way or not, Just do it and create amazing music composition.

The Features of djay FREE – DJ Mix Remix Music

1). Spotify Integration: mixing and remixing millions of songs or sounds track from Spotify.
2). Music Library Integration
3). Match: An Intelligent Utility for recommending Good Songs, Music Selection, and Mixing.
4). Audio FX uses the sounds, like Flanger, Gate and more. As well as, create your own music.
5). Supporting for the Major Audio Formats.
6). Compatible with Bluetooth Devices, MIDI Controllers and Audio Interfaces that are Pioneer DDJ-We-GO3, Reloop Beatpad.
7). The Beat & Tempo are detected automatically.


5). Party Mixer – DJ player app

You can use the Party Mixers for playing two different music tracks at the same time, and you can Crossfade between them. Moreover, Changing the pitch & tempo for mixing them seamlessly. In simply says, Install the Best DJ apps for Android smartphone and Play the amazing music track. You can create, save and load the music from the playlist.

You do not have free time for Mixing songs, Then, Auto DJ Mode do the job. It mixes your favorite songs automatically.


6). Equalizer & Bass Booster

You can create your exclusive music using the best DJ apps for Android called Equalizer & Bass Booster is enhancing the quality of your music. Sitting at your convenient place and You need an Android smartphone or Tablet. The Application is a volume slider including live music stereo LED VU meter, Five-Band Equalizer along with Bass Booster and Virtualizer effects.

Best out coming of your favorite music and soundtrack by adjusting the sound effects by using Equalizer & Bass Booster. Sure, you will like your creation with best DJ application.

Key Features of Equalizer and Bass Booster

1). 10 Equalizer Presets
2). Volume control
3). Wide Audio spectrum for beats detection
4). Virtualizer effects
5). Five-Band Equalizer


7). DJ Lobo

As a Disk Jockey, Creating your own music track by mixing different sounds and play and listening is the different experience. However, What about listening to the others creations. DJ Lobo is one of the popular Disk Jockey. He has released many soundtracks. Now, he has owned a DJ App.

I am saying, You can listen the work of the DJ Lobo including hundreds of pre-load mixes songs comes with this application. It is keeping you over the party moments without losing the mode of the joy. Every week, you will update with fresher mixes so you can play different music track.


8). DJ Remixer Mobile Free

Here is the best DJ apps for Android for mixing all of your favorite music tracks. The simplicity of the DJ Android application makes the user for easy to use without confusion. You can create the great music mixing for the different purpose, like House, Dance party, disco and more.

The DJ Remixer is for music mixing lover who loves such things seamlessly. You will get great features in this application that are music tracks with different loops, join the multiple soundtrack, flipping the music by on or turn off. As well as, improve the beauty of the music by combining the sound FX and DJ sound effects, Music equalizers and more.

Key features of the DJ Remixer Mobile Free

1). Equalizer Function offers the best music mixes with excellent quality
2). Six DJ music pads
3). Tap on the screen for bringing the DJ equipment such as headphones, mixers, turntables!
4). Choose the memory in your mobile or SD Card
5). Each mixing display the waves
6). Adjustable DJ Discs


9). Dj Mix Drum Pads Electro

The collection of music pad sets is outing powerful music when you use it on your Android Tablet or Smartphone. It has combined power pack controls for your DJ purpose.

The music pad is helping you to create your musical mixes, and you will get fantastic beat with multiple sounds such as drums, bass and more.

You can do some advanced thing such as making new tempo, shuffle, and Electro echo activities. Never think about what is next, you are free to use your creative mind to bring amazing musical creations and show it to your friend and family and make them proud of you.


10). DJ Santana

Previously, I had mentioned about DJ Lobo, Likewise, Here DJ Santana is a professional Mixer from New York City and who mixing the soundtrack with music and create a stunning record.

He is releasing to the world his exclusive musical collection via the best DJ apps for Android, and the application is featured with many hottest mixes such as Latin, Urban & Mainstream.

DJ Santana is sharing his musical mixes collection on the DJ Santana Android application is containing all type of genres, like Bachata, Salsa, Reggaeton, House, Hip Hop, R&B, Classics and more.Even, each week the App is updated with new mixes. Ping with the latest.

As well as, you can see his upcoming and latest events all over the world in the event section. If you are the fan of him, you like it or not fan, and YOU WILL BE.


11). G-Stomper Studio

Serious remixer expect advanced and full power packed options and features on the best DJ apps for Android devices, and then G-Stomper Studio is for you. It is highly supported for conducting the Electronic Live Performances in Studio quality and comes with the full options like Step Sequencer based Drum, a polyphonic + a monophonic Step Sequencer for melodies, Piano keyboard, 24 Drum pads and more.

The G-Stomper Studio is designed for the experienced sound designers and the beginners, both will explore and designing your creation with the sounds with stunning quality. It allows you to create any sounds as per you want and you can do it quickly.

The Key Features of the G-Stomper Studio

1). Full round-trip MIDI integration with USB host support
2). High quality audio engine with 32bit float DSP algorithms
3). Variety of effects types available
4). Fat factory sound
5). Multi-touch control
6). Full motion sequencing/ automation support


12). DJ Remix Ringtones

Composing your DJ musical with DJ Remix Ringtones on your Android mobile phone or tablet and playing your composition of mixing the track in the discotheque and dance & enjoy the happiest moment with your beloved people. The application provides you a superb collection of latest DJ sound from the DJ soundboard, and you can make your DJ music by using the DJ instruments that come with the apps.

Sure, your smartphone or Tablet will transform a DJ Where you will remix your DJ songs, music and amazing sounds for your party. It allows to create High Quality DJ ringtones, SMS So, Notification Ringtones, Alarm Ringtones and create your DJ sounds for each person by applying DJ remix effects.

You will see two section in the app. The first section takes responsibility to handle the installing a DJ music as a ringtone or adding a DJ music to a contact persons and the next section have listed Sms and notification sounds.

Key features of the DJ Remix Ringtones

1). Set a DJ as Ringtones for your Mobile, SMS, Notification, and Alarm
2). Set a Unique DJ soundtrack for everybody in the Contacts
3). Public Domain License or Creative common licenses sound are used in the App.


13). Music Maker Jam

The music maker jam is one of the best DJ apps for Android smart devices where you create amazing musical tracks. The app is having a complete range of over 100 different sounds and musical styles, and an 8-channel mixer is using to bring out your musical creation. You can record your vocals while the music is playing and share it with the world to show your musical talent and get appreciate. Here you can compose the music for hip hop, dubstep, rocks or EDM. Just rock by playing your music.

The app come with excellent controls like 8-channel mixer is giving a correct balance while you record your vocals with music, The harmony editor allows for customizing your music better, you can combine different musical style pack and more.

There is no necessary to have any experience for music composition and using the App, Simply create your music. Moreover, you will get the good result as a professional at the end of your musical creation. The Music Maker Jam has a user-friendly interface allow the user to work with it easily.

The Main Features of Music Maker Jam

1). You can adjust the tempo and harmonies
2). You are allowed to edit the structure and parts
3). Shake your devices for remixing tracks
4). 100 plus music style
5). 8-Channel Mixer for perfect mixing musical


14). mix.DJ Free

Are you passionate Disk Jockey? Also, willing to meet like minded people, and then, you will need the DJ networking Android application where you meet and discover others professional. Furthermore, the new DJ show their musical creations.

You should download this best DJ apps for Android called Mix.DJ Free, here other DJ share their musical collection. There are having 99 genres and 20 pre-set parties. Streaming of Over 100,000 track that was mixed by DJ over the world.

Key Feature of the MIX.DJ Free

1). Accessing over 100000 DJ Mixes collection.
2). Daily updates with new DJ Mixes
3). Adding your favorites to Bookmark
4). Easy searching


15). DJ Loop Pads

You want a best DJ apps for Android that supports for beginners level with the great option without confusing them. If you say yes, then DJ Loop Pads is for you.

In this App has the user-friendly user interface that make you comfortable to work with the app and you can create the loopy mix and launching pads with various loops and one-shots. Never feel hard to apply the effects. You can just press to apply it if need play the sample tapping the loop pad. Moreover, You can use the volume faders for making the beats louder. You do the low-pass filter, suffer effects and more.


I have recommended the collection of the Best DJ apps for your Android Smartphone or Tablet. These DJ Apps mix or remix any music or sounds at your hands along with the countless option for optimizing the soundtrack for better coming out. You use the Android devices and create soundtrack excellently like a professional Disk Jockey, and play your mixing soundtrack at the party. You can share the track with your family & friends and online, the world will listen as well as appreciate your creativity works.

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