Best Paid Apps for Android Smartphone

Best Paid Apps for Android: You can find millions of Android applications in Play store. Now, you are going to know about the best paid apps for Android powered devices. Why you need a paid Android application, Even there are available another Android apps for free?. Every free Android apps are not trustable because, It may less feature or overused Google Ads or Rare updates, and No further development happens from the developer site.

If you buy an Android app, you will get so many premium services, support, and solution for your problem.

10+ Best Paid Apps for Android Smartphone

I have filter some of the best paid apps for Android smartphone, You have to select and buy a good app from play store and be first.

best paid apps for android

1). Wolfram Collections

Do you like Science and Maths? If your answer is YES, I am sure you like this best paid apps for Android. Wolfram is a scientific calculation Android application, Which help the science students and professionals to calculate the theory on the Smartphone or Tablet powered by Android operating system.

You can find the Wolfram for the various subject of science and engineering. So you will realize the power of the application once you start to use it.

The All Application Of Wolfram Collections:

  • Precalculus Course Assistant
  • WolframAlpha
  • Statistics Course Assistant
  • Pre-Algebra Course Assistant
  • Physics II Course Assistant
  • Physics I Course Assistant
  • Multivariable Calculus App
  • Mechanics of Materials App
  • Linear Algebra Course App
  • General Chemistry Course App
  • Fractions Reference App
  • Fractals Reference App
  • Discrete Math Course Assistant
  • Astronomy Course Assistant
  • Calculus Course Assistant
  • Algebra Course Assistant

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2). Premium

English is ruled by all over the world currently. If you are not native of English speaker, you will struggle to understand some of the word meaning as well as, Which happens to the native of English speakers. So you can use the Dictionary to understand the exact meaning of the world and use it when it require on your writing or speaking. Premium help you to understand the meaning effortlessly. Mainly, you can know the meaning of the medical science, Rhyming, Idioms & Phrases, Slang, and Encyclopedia dictionaries are available in this app and more features.

The Key Features Of Premium:

  • It can translate over 30 languages
  • You speak to search any words
  • Special Content for the ESL, EFL and English learners
  • You learn new word every day
  • You hear the pronunciation of the every word

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3). Moon+ Reader Pro

Are you the avid eBook reader? then you need the Moon+ Reader Pro, Which is considering of the best paid apps for Android. It has come with various advanced feature will really improve your eBook reading experience and you feel comfortable when you reading the book using the Application.

The Moon+ Reader Pro support various eBook format file type with many local language support that backed by the App to the user. The great customization option enables the user to adjust the theme, operation and mode according to your needs.

The Key Features Of  Moon+ Reader Pro:

  • The Reader supports epub, pdf, mobi, chm, cbr, cbz, umd, fb2, txt, html, rar, zip or OPDS formats.
  • You can annotate, Highlights, and Bookmark the important ones.
  • You can open, Download, Upload, Sync, and Backup the ebooks through the Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • Inbuilt Text to Speech that support by TTS Engine and It can activate by just shaking the phone.
  • Password Protection
  • Day and Night, Dual Page and Landscape Screen Mode that is supported by the app.
  • Five different auto-scroll mode like rolling blind mode by pixel, by line or by page, and Real-time speed control.
  • The app is localized over 40 languages.
  • Well optimized for eye health

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4). OfficeSuite Pro + PDF

The smartphone and Tablet usage are extensively used by the business people around the world for their business purpose. This is one of the best paid apps for Android devices using people, Who interest to use office application on their devices and they are using to write, edit and read the important documents when you are moving.

OfficeSuite Pro is used by over 200 millions of devices from over 205 countries and It receives 55000 daily activations, already done up to 50 million.

You can work with the Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents as well as you can convert any document to PDF and vice versa. You can open the multiple documents at the same time and coming with great security to protect your document from vulnerabilities.

The Key Features Of  OfficeSuite Pro + PDF:

  • The OfficeSuite Pro support the following format that are DOC, DOCX, DOCM, XLS, XLSX, XLSM, PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, PPTM, and PPSM
  • You can create a quick digital signature to sign on PDF documents
  • You can protect your Excel cell for mishandling.
  • You can share the document through the Box, DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive and SugarSync, as well as over email, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi Direct.
  • The application is available in 56 languages.
  • It supports the Track Changes with multiple authors.
  • It is working with the password protected files.
  • Interactive Forms that support the PDFs, Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Text Field, and more.

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5). Monefy Pro – Money Manager

You can track your daily expenses on your Android devices simply. Monefy Pro is one of the best paid apps for Android that is used to maintain your accounting effectively. You do not remember what you spent the day time, You just add as it happens.

You can view your daily expense and the other details via the informative nice chart shows the detailed report about your account.

The Key Features Of  Monefy Pro – Money Manager:

  • Simply synchronize the data to your Dropbox account.
  • The Password protection disallows the unauthorized access.
  • You can backup and export the data in a single click

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5). Nova Launcher Prime

This is one of the best paid apps for Android smartphone and Tablet users, Do you want the advanced features launcher? It makes your interaction with the Android becomes easy and fast. Nova Launcher Prime is one of the Android launchers that power up your Android usage.

The Nova Launcher Prime come with various gestures types, and You can manage your Apps effectively. Furthermore, you will find effects and more features.

The Key Features Of Nova Launcher Prime:

  • The Count Badge Widget shows the unread message from Hangout, SMS, Gmail, and others.
  • You can hide the unused apps and keep the used only.
  • Apply the different type of Gestures like Swipe, Pinch, Double Tap and more to pen the Apps on the home screen.

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7). Home Budget with Sync

Tracking your Home Expense and income via Home Budget with Sync that makes easy to manage your financial management in a regular base that’s why I am saying that, This is one of the best paid apps for Android running smartphone or Tablets.

The Home Budget Android application analysis your financial statement deeply and generate a clean statement to your view as a chart and graph will reveal your real financial status, which is viewable on your Android devices.

The Key Features Of  Home Budget with Sync:

  • Family Sync feature allow to exchange the expense and income statements of your household people devices.
  • You can filter the expense By Monthly, By Category, By Date.
  • If it is required You can attach the image of the receipts in the account.
  • You can view the bills in Calendar and List view
  • You can set the Bill reminders.
  • You can export the data and reports via Email or WiFi network.
  • You are able to view the trending chart of Budget, Income and Expense for the last 6 months.

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8). DU Battery Saver PRO & Widgets

This is one of the best paid apps for Android devices like Smartphone or Tablets. When you use the extensive application on your device will eat the huge amount of the power consumption. Mainly, when it come to the mobile you can play the games, movies, and songs, So there have a lot of change to dry the mobile battery quickly.

DU Battery saver can improve long lasting the mobile power backup and your Android working mobile phone or Tablet battery get up to 70% battery life. The app come with smart power management modes, one touch controls as well as, It has health charging features that solve the battery problems and It give a long life for your mobile phone battery.

Furthermore, If you want you can create your own power management modes as per your preference and save the battery power effectively. And, more features are available with the app for you.

The Key Features Of  DU Battery Saver PRO & Widgets:

  • The Intelligent Mode Switching active the battery saving mode based on your working preference.
  • The Auto Clear Apps will stop the power backing killing Android Application from the background, and You can schedule the interval for running Auto Clear.
  • It has come with six different battery saver option that are Fast Battery Saver, Simple Battery Saver, Effective Battery Saver, Convenient Battery Saver, Easy & Powerful Battery Saver and Global Battery Saver.
  • Battery Level enables the user to switch the power mode when it reach the specific level.
  • Time Schedule is used to switch another mode according to your time in a day.

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10). Password Manager SafeInCloud

As the portability of the mobile, several people prefer to keep their login details in the mobile phone. However, there is much change to misuse such details and you will mourn after loss amount and lost of data.This is the good time to say Bye Bye to the insecure way to note down your login details and other important matter in your smartphone. You have to think about the best paid apps for Android

The Password Manager keeps all of your login details, passwords, card number and other private information in the highly secured encryption. Furthermore, You can sync the encrypted data to other devices like Tablet, Phone, Mac or PC through your own cloud account. If your mobile phone support the biometric login then the Password Manage support it. Overall, This is the best paid apps for Android devices.

The Key Features Of  Password Manager SafeInCloud:

  • It supports the following Cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Yandex Drive.
  • All of your data is encrypted by 256 Bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).
  • User preferred User Interface allow you to use it smoothly.
  • Inbuilt password generator and strength analysis show that the password is powerful or weak.
  • It is optimized for the Android Wear.
  • The App support the Fingerprint authentication if your are used the fingerprint sensor powered smartphone like Samsung devices, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P.

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10). eWallet – Password Manager

Your account password and Credit card number are the important things in your daily life, Some people note these details in their smartphone for later usage. However, It is not advisable to keep such details accessible by all and If you lost your mobile there is huge chance for misusing the details in the wrong way.

The eWallet – Password Manager is used to keep your account login details, Bank details, Insurance details, personal details and another kind of details behind the military grade encryption. It gives you the freedom to use when you require and nobody cannot access it. And, you can access more Features in the application is one of the best paid apps for Android user.

The Key Features Of  eWallet – Password Manager:

  • It has come with powerful 256 Bit military Grade AES encryption
  • You can use the Random password generator to create the strongest password which is unthinkable by others.
  • It syncs your data into Dropbox and It passes the data through the wireless network to your eWallet version of your PC. However, if you are Mac user you have to purchase it separately.
  • You can customize the looking of the backgrounds and categories
  • It supports the Auto Locking features.
  • It can enter the login details automatically via the built in browser features

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11). FolderSync

If you are the user who uses the multiple devices like Smartphone, Tablet and Personal Computers in your workflow then you need the FolderSync allow you to get the updated data from  your Mobile phone via the Cloud services.

The FolderSync syncs all of the data from your memory card to the cloud services, Which is supported by the most of the popular services.  And, It compatible with the wide range of file protocol.

You can easily transfer and backup your images, music, and any other important files from the phone to your cloud quickly. Much feature are available with the best paid apps for Android

The Key Features Of  FolderSync:

  • Amazon Cloud Drive, Box,, Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, Yandex Disk, SugarSync and more cloud services are available.
  • It supports multiple file protocols services like FTP, FTPS (SSL/TLS implicit), FTPES (SSL/TLS explicit), SFTP (SSH File Transfer), Samba/CIFS/Windows Share, and WebDAV (HTTP/HTTPS).

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12). Human Anatomy Atlas

One of the best paid apps for Android working smartphone or Tablets, Mainly, If you are a medical student or want to explore the visual world of the Human body then you want the Human Anatomy Atlas Android application.

Human Anatomy Atlas is the best 3D constructed human body structure with accurate information of male and female bodies. And, It has come with over 4600 structures with the male and female model. The detailed structure of the human is not available with any other Android application. Further, you get the microanatomy modes of the senses along with many patient free education animations. And much more features are containing with the App.

This anatomy body are created by biomedical visualization experts who hold the advanced degrees from world popular universities like Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Yale University, University of Texas, and others.

The Key Features Of  Human Anatomy Atlas:

  • You get the best comprehensive definition and explanation of common pathologies.
  • It includes the pronunciations and Latin names
  • Accurate and Great 3D animations of human body

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13). Light Flow – LED & Notifications

The Light Flow Android app help you to take the entire control of the notification on your Android smartphone or Tablets.  You can easily control the notification of the LED, which you can use the feature for cycling colors via outstanding notifications.

This Light flow controls the notification of colors over than 600 different Android applications notifications that allow you to know it quickly. More feature is available in the apps and this is the best paid apps for Android running devices.

The Key Features Of  Light Flow – LED & Notifications: 

  • You can set the contact specification notification
  • There is available the lock based notification that support the Live Wallpaper.
  • You can configure the Vibration control, Repeating Vibration and Custom vibration patterns.
  • This Android application is supported for Android wear.

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14). WeatherPro

You may want the latest weather report when you are planning for a vacation or if your profession like Tourist Guide, Photographer and other may require the latest weather report will help them to prepare according to their plan.

You will get the high quality and detailed weather information like 3 hourly forecast a week ahead and you know about the temperature, Wind Direction, Speed and Air Pressure, precipitation amount and probability and relative humidity. Furthermore, you can view and see the graph report of the weather. Much more feature are available with the best paid apps for Android running smartphone or tablets.

The Key Features Of  WeatherPro:

  • You will get the worldwide alerts and warning for high level weather.
  • You get the Weather photos, news, report for more than 2 million location around the world
  • You can customize the widget according to your favorite color, size, transparency, location and more.
  • It shows the current location weather report.
  • You can connect the app with your Smartwatch that powered with Android wear.

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15). TalkEnglish Offline

Learning English become necessary to survival in the current world and you can manage yourself when you go to foreign countries. If you are doing business with oversea countries then you must speak in English. Here is the TalkEnglish Offline help you to speak English well.

You will find more than hundreds of English lessons and audio files are used to make speaking you in English fluently. The majority of the English lessons are available in the clickable sentence, Just click the sentence, That will speak and say the sentence via the mobile speaker so you understand how it pronounced.

It has come with a record enable you to record your own voice reading and compare it with the native English speaker such activity will help you really to speak in English. If you want to learn English you have to invest in the best paid apps for Android.

The Key Features Of  TalkEnglish Offline:

  • All Audio files work without Internet Connection
  • It has come with interactive conversation practice lessons
  • You can bookmark your lesson
  • Every category contains English Basic, Regular Daily English, Travel English and more lessons.

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You have known over several best paid apps for Android running smartphone and tablet. Right now, you want to select the Android application and start to use it will improve your workflow powerfully than before.

The picked Android applications from various categories like Education, Health, Money Management and other categories are having as per your current requirement, you can overlook and use with the over mentioned Android paid application. You will not disappoint from my selective Android recommendation. Some of the paid Android application offer the free trial version. So, Before you go to the actual purchase you can give a try it, Once you satisfied with the Android application, you buy the best paid apps for Android without second thinking.

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