11 Best Time Management Tools for Productivity Tracking

An essential part of a business or other project completion is to do all the things on time but it seems like a complex task in the current times. This is why I have come up with the compilation of best time management tools which can help you to become a more organized and better employee.

In fact, these tools are not just for individual use but productive for a company too. You can keep up with so many people at the same time and make them work in a productive manner. However, most of these services are paid as they offer quite advanced features.

Top 10 Time Management Tools

So, of course just like the rest of the sections, this section also had so many choices to pick from but I decided to keep it best and precise. So, here are the 10 best options for the time management tools which are affordable, fully functional and most importantly quite productive. You can actually see a drastic change in your lifestyle after using them.

1. Time Doctor

Website: http://www.timedoctor.com/

Time DoctorTime Doctor a time tracking/management tool which works on increasing the productivity of the user. Time Doctor is available on plenty of platforms which further increases the scope of using it. This multi-functional app is power packed with all sorts of features requires to make your life more organized and balanced.

Time Doctor ensures time based reporting which bounds the user into time-constraints. This definitely imposes dead-lines which stresses the user to perform better in a specific time period.

However, Time Doctor is available for free use until 14 days which is a trial period. Afterward, the subscription of $9.99 per month must be opted to use the software further. If you are handling a high-volume business, then it would be best to use Time Doctor to manage your time and keeping up with the work within time-limit.

Time Doctor makes one of the best time management tools with plenty of interesting features like payment processing for employees, screenshots of user activities, time tracking, cross platform functioning, reporting and much more.

2. Scoro

Website: https://www.scoro.com/time-management-software/

ScoroI decided to pick the best option for time management tools on top of this list. Scoro is the most advanced tool you will get to see in the entire list or even when you will draw a comparison. In fact, it is not restricted to just managing your time only but rather make everything more organized and simpler for you.

As Scoro is used on a much higher level, the services offered by it does not come for free. After a trial period of 14 days, you have the option of three paid plans which are Plus for $22/month, Premium for $33/month and Ultimate for $55/month.

Some of the features of Scoro that you should know about are scheduling tasks, sharing a team calendar for your employees, setting up priorities and deadlines, overview of working and routine, tracking, sharing and analyzing key matrices etc.

This is quite like paying for a single service which provides you various advantages and features. This time management program is surely a step ahead from the rest of the other such tools.

3. Trello

Website: http://trello.com/

TrelloTrello is the next choice I made for this category which is more sort of a flexible program which can be used on web itself. Trello does not work like a typical software but rather let the user decide that what kind of purposes he wants to fulfill through Trello.

The visual representation of Trello is quite on point and helps in managing your project and other things quite efficiently.

Moreover, like the rest of the time management tools, Trello also follow a pricing scheme. The basic version of Trello is completely free for the user which is ideal for the individual use. Other paid plans are Business for $9.99 per month and Enterprise for $20.83 per month.

Trello brings along a variety of features with it which are adding comments, attachments, in-depth analysis of project, organized layout, collaboration, apps integration and much more. Apart from the web based version, you can also use Trello through its iOS and Android app which are also quite amazing to access.

4. Week Plan

Website: http://weekplan.net/

Week PlanAs the name clearly suggests, Week Plan is that kind of time management tools which helps in making a schedule for your entire week. This is more like being organized and productive for an entire week where you can further change your plans and schedules accordingly.

You can also connect Week Plan with your Google account or Outlook to make it even more integrated as well as multi-tasking.

This integration also helps in completing several tasks at the same time. The pricing of Week Plan is also done on weekly basis and it turns out to be quite affordable than other tools mentioned here. There are two plans which are Pro for $0.83 per week and Ultimate for $1 per week and each plan comes with 7 days of free trial.

Week Plans has some amazing features to offer you like quadrant view of tasks, high impact tasks, settings goals, assigning roles, weekly view, analysis of the process, time tracking, summary of the tasks done in a day and much more.

5. Toggl

Website: https://www.toggl.com/

TogglWhere other time management tools are more considerate towards project management and organized working, the soul use of Toggl is time tracking. However, Toggl can turn out to be an essential backbone to your business especially because of its reporting feature.

You can now follow the deadlines or your projects and other tasks more strictly because of the interactive task timer of Toggl which can be operated manually too.

The basic plan of Toggle comes for free but other plans follow a pricing scheme. These are Starter for $9 per month, Premium for $18 per month and Enterprise for $49 per month where each plan has 30 days of trial period initially.

Where other programs are web-based, Toggl makes a difference by fitting in the category of best time management software. Features of this software are timer setting, ideal for teams, individuals, agencies, freelancers etc. powerful and flexible reporting system, accessing flexibility over 80+ online tools and lot more interesting and productive advantages.

6. Asana

Website: https://asana.com/

AsanaAsana is a web based application which is also available in form of mobile application too. It is designed to help big businesses to get more organized and keep a track of time so that each task can be done within given deadline without much hassle or struggle.

Asana is more sort of a combination of between team management and time management elements and makes it simpler for agencies to assign task and keep an eye on their employees.

The basic version of Asana is available for free but the Premium plan costs $9.99 per month and Enterprise plan requires you to talk to the associates. Each plan has their own features which provide better control and customization option to the user just like the rest of the time management tools.

Talking about the over-all features then they are hit deadlines on time, organized workflow, multi-tasking, visualization of work, integration of more than 100 apps together, better scheduling, reporting, time and task management and much more.

7. Rescue Time

Website: https://www.rescuetime.com/

Rescue TimeThe next inclusion for this category is Rescue Time which lives up to the expectation of its name. The main focus of this program is to eliminate the distractions of a user and keep him/her focused on their tasks in order to increase the overall productivity of a business.

Rescue Time is quite an efficient tool which runs in the background and does not bother you at all but keeps on tracking your activities.

Talking about the pricing scheme of Rescue Time then it is no different from other time management tools. Where the Rescue Time Lite is the basic plan and available for free but for Rescue Time Premium you would have to pay $9 per month and it offers 14 days of the trial period too.

There are plenty of features offered by Rescue Time which are really beneficial for saving your crucial time. These are availability on various platforms, highlighting inefficiencies and focusing on time management, set goals, alarms, detailed reports of your work, weekly email summary, productivity score and much more.

8. GQueues

Website: https://www.gqueues.com/

GQueuesGQueues is all about making you a perfectionist which is only possible when you make most of your time. So, this is the kind of tool for time management that you would want to use to make you more productive as well as organized.

The brownie point received by GQueues is because of its collaborative approach which brings together all the employees of a company together and helps in analyzing tasks in a better and detailed way.

The Pricing of GQueues is as varying as the rest of the time management tools which includes three different plans. These are GQueues Lite which is available for free, GQueues for You which costs $25 per year and Gqueues for Business which costs $50 per year.

The features of GQueues are such that they focus more on task management rather than on time management. These features are list sharing with other employees, Google Contacts syncing, Google Calendar integration, attachment with Google Drive integration, unlimited subtasks addition, mobile applications for iOS and Android and much more.

9. Clarizen

Website: https://www.clarizen.com/

ClarizenClarizen is the next addition here which operates on a much bigger scale as compared to the other services enlisted here. The major focus of Clarizen remains on the collaborative work management which also helps in managing time and deadlines more effectively.

You are going to love Clarizen for being so flexible and supportive. It also offers integration and sync options for various of apps which makes the process of your tasks quite easier.

Clarizen offers two pricing schemes for its users with varying features and merits. These are Enterprise Edition and Unlimited Edition and these plans cost $44.95 per month and $54.95 per month respectively. You also get 30 days of free trial along with these plans.

It is so important to talk about the features of these time management tools and Clarizen do have a lot of features to offer. Time management is one of the part of this app whereas other features are integration with tons of other services and apps, financial planning, resource management, mobile apps, customization, reporting and analysis, time and expense management and much more.

10. Everhour

Website: https://everhour.com/

EverhourThe next one to join the list of time management tools is Everhour. It is also called time tracking service as it effectively manages your entire schedule for a day and makes you do your task in an organized way by keeping up with your deadlines too.

Although it is a comparatively new service but it has gained tremendous popularity in no time and apart from being a web application, it is also available in form of chrome extension, mobile app, integrating tool etc.

Everhour also follow a subscription-based pricing scheme which is different for different plans. When you are using it for individual use, you need to use Everhour Solo which costs $8 per month and for a business, you can go for Team plan which costs $5 per month.

The benefits/features of using Everhour are plenty. Some of them which you should know about are the superb integration service with tons of different apps and other time tracking services, admin service, timer, daily summary and much more.

11. Focus Booster

Website: http://www.focusboosterapp.com/

Focus BoosterSumming up the list of best time management tools with the last option that is called Focus Booster. This is not a traditional time management tool and this is why I thought of mentioning it because of the interesting use of it in your daily life.

As the name says, Focus Booster helps in keeping the distractions of your life at a distance which instantly yields a productive lifestyle and of course more organized workflow.

Apart from the web app, you can also use it in form of mobile applications too. However, Focus Booster also follows a pricing plan like the rest of the time management tools. These plans are Starter for free, Individual for $2.99 per month and Professional for $4.99 per month.

The features include lightweight digital implementation of Pomodoro technique, customization, overcoming distractions, instant time sheets, manual time entry, daily detailed summary and much more.

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So, while you are spending most of your time juggling with all your works and commitments, there is an option to keep things organized which is through these time management tools. Some of them are available in form of software and some can also be used in form of mobile applications.

Moreover, each one of them are dedicated to one specific feature or another. I have tried to bring down some of the best options for you people so have better and clearer choices while choosing these tools. You can also consider other types of tools according to your requirements as there are many of them.

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