10 Best Gaming Headset Under 30

There is certain kind of games which requires you to have headsets especially the action and hack-slash ones. However, after spending too much on the gaming console, I don’t think you would be able to spend much on the gaming headsets and this is why I brought down this section of best gaming headset under 30.

When you are playing in a cooperative multiplayer mode, it is important that you keep on communicating with your partners and it is only possible through a good quality headset. The sound of enemies’ footsteps and to experience even minute details, you definitely need quality headphones for it. Check out the list given below to know more about these gaming headsets.

Top 10 Gaming Headset Under 30

Over the time the technology has evolved a lot and this is why it was important to consider various aspects before putting together some of the best options of best gaming headset under 30. So, I picked 10 headset options for this list which are put together right below along with required details and buying link of Amazon.

1. Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming Headset

Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming HeadsetLogitech is definitely a very highly reputed and recommended brand when it comes to buying headphones. This time it has Logitech G230 to offer for the list of best gaming headset under 30. In fact, despite being super cheap, it comes with some of the most amazing features.

Let me tell you already that all Logitech headsets come with sports performance ear pads including this one so you do not feel any ache in your ears while wearing it.

The design has been kept lightweight and you have the color option of black with red hemlines. Although not Dolby but it is competent enough to deliver stereo sound and can easily detect the sound of footsteps in the game. There is a highly audio sensitive mic attached with the headset which is omnidirectional.

The frequency range of this headset is quite large which varies from 20Hz to 20KHz. Apart from it all the control options are given on the cable itself. However, it is compatible to Windows and Mac only.

2. Onikuma, K5-N, Gaming Headset

Onikuma K5-N Noise Cancelling Gaming HeadsetThis K5-N gaming headset by Onikuma makes the next inclusion in the category of best gaming headset under 30 and delivers quite crystal clear sound. It is compatible to various gaming consoles but you are going to need an additional adapter for the connectivity.

It is best suitable for PC gaming and comes in a magnificent black color finish with glowing LED lights feature.

The sound quality of this headphone is really immersive and gives an over-all 360 degree feel of audio. The audio drivers are 50mm in size and the frequency response range varies from 20Hz to 20KHz. The complete power output is quite high and impressive and it has gained quite positive reviews too.

Like most of the other headphones, it is also accompanied with an omnidirectional microphone which has noise canceling feature. The ear cup design is anti-static and quite comfortable and also completely adjusts over your ear very well. In fact, the headband is also adjustable and comfortable too.

3. Updated Sades Spirit Wolf Gaming Headset

Updated Sades Spirit Wolf Gaming HeadsetWe have a very interesting addition to this list in form of this newly updated Sades Spirit Wolf gaming headset. First of all, let me take a moment to praise about its design because it is very cool. It is also available in three color options which are red, blue and white.

From the point of view of both design and features, it totally deserves to be in the list of best gaming headset under 30 for sure.

This Spirit Wolf headsets offers 7.1 surround sound effect and it is compatible to only PC and laptop. What makes it even more desirable is that it delivers a very deep bass which improves the impact of the sound in game and you can get fully immerse in it.

And of course, it has glowing LED lights and a very sound sensitive microphone attached too. It is connected through USB cable and the control options for volume and mute are given on the cable itself. The product is very durable and you also get one year of warranty on this best budget headset.

4. Bengoo G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset

Bengoo G9000 Stereo Gaming HeadsetI am sure you would already know about this headset as I have mentioned it earlier in other section. Bengoo G9000 is one of the most positively reviewed and useful item picked for the category of best gaming headset under 30. And the best part is that it is compatible to most of the gaming consoles.

The headphones contain 40mm magnetic neodymium drivers which fit perfectly over the ear and improves the sound delivered as they are powered with noise cancelling system.

These gaming headsets are available in blue, red and camouflage color options and they also have this uniquely attractive LED lights on them. You can keep on wearing them for hours and it won’t hurt your ears because they have really soft ear cushions fitted inside the ear-cups.

A microphone is also attached with this budget gaming headset which is flexible in functioning and it is able to receive even low sound. Moreover, further volume and mute options are given on the cable itself to provide easier accessing.

5. Plantronics 355 Multimedia Headset

Plantronics 355 Multimedia HeadsetYou guys would have been wondering that why did I mention a multimedia headset under this category of best gaming headset under 30. Well, this is because Plantronics 355 works as a gaming headset too and also supports music, movies too.

The design of this headphone is very simple and comes with black finish only. However, as it is mainly used as a multimedia headphone, there are no LED lights provided on it.

But thankfully, it has a highly sensitive mic attached to it which is perfect for your multiplayer gaming modes. The speakers are 40mm in size and deliver a very rich and stereo quality sound to you. Talking about the comfort, you get leather wrapped ear cushion on the ear cups and they fit perfectly on your ears.

The headband is also adjustable and also comes with cushion support too. The microphone is noise cancelling in nature and can be adjusted in 360 degree direction. With maximum bass support and simple design, this headset is just perfect for your gaming sessions.

6. Redhoney Gaming Headset

Redhoney Gaming HeadsetI am sure this is kind of a less heard product option for you but this Redhoney gaming headset definitely deserves to be in the list of best gaming headset under 30. Compatible to gaming consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo etc. this headset turns out to be superb for all of them.

It is available in two color options of blue and red and can be connected with the help of 3.5mm jack. However, you are going to need additional adapter when connecting to Xbox and it is not included in the package.

Talking about the design and looks of headphone, then it has LED lights over it but the headband is not adjustable although comfortable for sure. The ear cups come with a cushion on the rim but I cannot guarantee about the complete comfort when you are using them for a longer duration.

A noise cancelling microphone is given on the left side of headset and it is flexible enough to be fitted under the ear cup when not in use.

7. Sades A60/OMG USB Gaming Headset

Sades A60/OMG USB Gaming HeadsetWe are back on one more Sades headphone which are also one of the best cheap gaming headset. These are Sades A60 over ear headphones with superbly robust design and impeccable looks. The super cool looks of this headset is available in black and white color combination.

I can definitely say that these are one of the coolest looking headset by Sades but there is one issue here. These headphones are compatible with Windows and Mac only and not with other gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox.

You need not to install an additional driver to use these headphones and they can be connected with the built-in USB of this headset. The headband is adjustable and comfortable to wear too because of the cushion and the same applies to the ear cups as they are also quite comfortable.

An adjustable and flexible mic is also given on the headphones like the rest of the best gaming headset under 30. However, the audio drivers are not powered with noise cancelling feature.

8. DLand Gaming Headset with Microphone

DLand Noise Isolation Gaming HeadsetDLand gaming headset is my next choice here which comes with noise isolation feature. The connectivity is provided through 3.5mm jack which makes it compatible for PS4, PC, smartphone games, laptops etc. It comes in very attractive red and black color combination with LED lights.

A sensitive mic is provided for voice controls which are rotatable up to 130 degrees and can also be rotated away from your face for a comfortable gaming experience.

I have also mentioned this headphone in earlier section too as it delivers a very strong and impressive sound effect and quite a deserving pick for the category of best gaming headset under 30. The additional USB port in this headset is given for LED lightings only so it is totally up to your choice whether you want it or not.

Moreover, no additional driver is needed to use this headset and the lightweight design removes further hassle for you to use it.

9. Greatever Stereo Gaming Headset

Greatever Stereo Gaming HeadsetGreatever headphones are one of the best gaming headset under 50 and provide the stereo sound effect. They are of professional grade and connected through 3.5mm jack. They are compatible for all sorts of gaming consoles like PS4, Xbox, PC etc.

However, if you are looking for that cool quotient of LED lights then it is missing here as the design is quite simple and straightforward.

Talking about the comfort level then ear pads are provided on the rim side of ear cups only and not on headband but thankfully it is adjustable. This headset is also available in three color options of red, pink and blue and looks quite cool.

All the other features are the usual ones like sensitive microphone attached, volume and mic mute options on the cord etc. However, you get one thing additional here which is 18 months of warranty on this product and money back guarantee too.

10. Micolindum Over Ear Gaming Headset

Micolindum Over Ear Gaming HeadsetMicolindum is a brand which is less heard but I found the reviews quite positive so I mentioned it at the end of the list of best gaming headset under 30. This is a type of over-ear headset ideal for all sorts of gaming consoles like Xbox, PC, Laptop, PS4 etc.

It is available in blue and red color options and LED lights are also given which can be powered through USB separately.

You get the performance of stereo surround sound with this headset and there is a noise cancellation microphone attached to which can be adjusted easily. You get memory foam on both headband and ear cups and the design looks quite impressive.

You are going to need an additional adapter for old Xbox version and other adapters are provided along with the headset itself. You also get one year of warranty on this product with complete technical support.


So, as you can see, I have picked the Bengoo G9000 on the first position of this list of best gaming headset under 30. This is because they garnered such amazing reviews along with a very affordable pricing. And of course, the features are also something to be considered too.

Moreover, I have also mentioned them in the previous category too as they are surely one of the best budget headphones you can find for your gaming sessions. Apart from it, there are also some repetitive and new mentions in this list which you would surely like to checkout.

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