15 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites to Watch sports Online

For every sports enthusiast, there are plenty of sports streaming sites 2022 to watch their favorite sports happening on the go. Gone are the days when television used to be the ultimate source of watching that football match or cricket tournament. If you people do not want to miss a single thing about sports, then check out this section.

15 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites in 2022

Stream2Watchhttps://www.stream2watch.org/Read Review
Batmanstreamhttps://www.batman-stream.tv/Read Review
Live Soccer TVhttps://www.livesoccertv.com/Read Review
VIP Boxhttp://xn--vipbx-p29a.tv/Read Review
Laolahttps://www.laola1.tv/en-int/home/Read Review
Cricsportshttp://cricsports.sc/Read Review
LiveOnSathttp://liveonsat.com/quickindex.htmlRead Review
SportLemonhttp://sportlemons.com/Read Review
MamaHDhttp://www.mamahd.me/Read Review
First Row Sportshttp://www.firstrows.com/usRead Review
Sony Livhttps://www.sonyliv.com/custompage/all_sport_pageRead Review
CBS Sportshttps://www.cbssports.com/Read Review
Livesport24http://livesport24.net/Read Review
Bosscasthttp://bosscast.net/Read Review
VIP League Sportshttp://vipleagues.tv/Read Review

So, of course you can find premium services for watching live matches online but why to pay for it? And this is why I decided to come up with the sports streaming sites which can provide these services for absolutely free of cost. You can check out the list for more.

1. Stream2Watch

Website: https://www.stream2watch.org/


Stream2Watch is one of the most prominent and reliable option amongst the best free sports streaming sites. With no issues of sign up or paid subscription you can watch live sports streaming on the site with such a huge variety in terms of sports.

The kind of sports programs you can watch through Stream2Watch are cycling, cricket, snooker, football, wrestling and many more.

Pop-ups are kind of regular on the site but luckily the timely updates keep you informed about the current sports happening in the world. All the popular and recent events are posted on the home page for a quick access by the users. You can also use the site to watch live TV programs too that too in great video quality.

2. Batmanstream

Website: https://www.batman-stream.tv/


Up next one for the sports streaming sites is Batmanstream. Best thing about Batmanstream is that it not only brings all kind of sports streaming for you but also showcase live telecast of the games as well. In this way, you always get the best of everything on a single platform.

All the latest streams are available on the home page itself and updated timely as they get telecast. You can also switch to live streaming in HD for a wonderful experience.

The kind of games streamed on Batmanstream are basketball, hockey, rugby, football, racing and many more. There are no issues regarding ads or pop-ups or even sign up. The site has a wonderful interface as well as simple navigation scheme.

3. Live Soccer TV

Website: https://www.livesoccertv.com/

Live Soccer TV

As you would have guessed from just its name that Live Soccer TV is all about watching your favorite soccer games whether it is live or pre-recorded. The platform is one of the most watched sports streaming websites by the soccer lovers.

With mobile apps of its own in its kitty, the site also has a very intuitive and organized layout on web. In fact there are plenty of categories of match options available on the site.

And of course, this is not all about the site as you can get to know about the latest news from sports, channels, teams and a lot more through Live Soccer TV. However, you might have to use a VPN service to access this website in some of the parts of the world.

4. VIP Box

Website – http://xn--vipbx-p29a.tv/


Call it one of its kind of wholesome service for the sports enthusiast, VIP Box is definitely a place to be when you want to watch the streaming of all kind of sports. Some of the most loved and watched options on the site are Basketball, rugby, hockey, tennis, football and plenty of more.

Every sports streaming sites has that essence of their own and the same is with VIP Box as well. Thankfully the site is free to access and does not even require any registration process too.

You can click on any game of your choice to know about the currently live streams available for it. You can also submit the content on your own as well. However, pop-ups in between might annoy you a bit.

5. Laola

Website – https://www.laola1.tv/en-int/home/


If you are someone regular at watching sports streaming online then you would be known to Laola for sure. It is amongst the most prominent and reliable free live streaming sports sites providing access to multiple sports streaming from various parts of the world.

From motor sports to everyone’s favorite football, you can watch all the live streaming of these sports along with plenty of others too.

There are various portals to select too belonging to the streaming from various countries. In order to access more of their services you can also go for their premium subscription as well. Although the site is a pro for all kind of sports but you would definitely enjoy football more than any other sports on Laola.

6. Cricsports

Website – http://cricsports.sc/


Contrary to its name, Cricsports is not amongst those sports streaming sites which focus on cricket only. In fact, you are going to find multiple options on Cricsports regarding the streaming like tennis, baseball, football, rugby, golf and a lot more.

I personally liked their schedule option because in this way you always know what is going to come up next. This saves you from checking out the site again and again.

Cricsports also let you use their chat room feature but despite that you need not to register on the site. Various streaming links are provided on the site for the exact same game and in this way you always have a lot of options to choose from in case some of them doesn’t work.

7. LiveOnSat

Website – http://liveonsat.com/quickindex.html


LiveOnSat is a comparatively much simpler site to watch live streaming of various sports and their championships happening all across the globe. However, LiveOnSat is oriented towards Europe and the sports streaming in this part of the world.

Although LiveOnSat focuses on various sports like ice hockey, volleyball, boxing etc. but their prime focus remains on soccer only.

Apart from Europe server, you can also find American, Asian and African servers on the site as well. It is completely free to access this site without the worry of registration and of course, the content is pretty interesting too. All the live scores are updated on the site regularly which makes it super simple for the viewers to keep updated.

8. SportLemon

Website – http://sportlemons.com/


The next inclusion for the category of sports streaming sites is SportLemon. This one might seem a tad bit boring and plain to you but trust me, the options are great. In fact, the simplicity adds to the ease of accessing of the platform.

You really do not even need to look for your desired streaming link all over the site because you can find it simply on the home page itself.

The kind of sports you can find on SportLemon are hockey, tennis, football, boxing, basketball and a lot more. However, the link redirects you to another platform but thankfully you will be able to watch all the desired matches live through SportLemon. Also, you might have to get registered on the redirected platform.

9.  MamaHD

Website – http://www.mamahd.me/


It is the time to know about some of the best sports streaming sites which can provide you the perks of watching your favorite sports in total HD. MamaHD is a website to watch the live streams of your desired sports in great quality.

The kind of sports streamed on MamaHD are netball, tennis, football, golf, volleyball and a lot more. And of course, they have a schedule for the reference too.

All the latest and live sports streaming links are provided on the home page itself. Of course, the site is updated on regular basis in order to provide the current happenings of the sports to the viewers. The interface is also pretty impressive and each of the match comes with at least 3 streaming links for the variety.

10. First Row Sports

Website – http://www.firstrows.com/us

First Row Sports

First Row Sports functions just like its name and keeps you at the front row when it comes to watching your favorite matches of any sports. Well, of course, this will be kind of virtually but with great versatility on the site I am sure you would not want to check out other sports streaming sites.

The site provides High Quality streams, live scores and a lot more. The kind of sports enlisted on the site are baseball, boxing, basketball, rugby, football and many others.

However, the site is kind of limited to US sports only and it does not even provide an option to switch to other servers too. Simply, add the sport in your favorite list and directly browse it from there.

11.  Sony Liv

Website – https://www.sonyliv.com/custompage/all_sport_page

Sony Liv

How can we forget Sony Liv when it comes to counting on the best streaming sports sites. Providing the best quality streams of variety of sports along with plenty of other services. Whether it is a sports league or some kind of championship going on, you can find the links of all such streaming on Sony easily.

Sony Liv also offers premium services for paid subscriptions. It offers an ad-free experience along with live telecast too.

The kind of sports streamed on Sony Liv are cricket, football, WWE, tennis, racing, basketball and many more. The free version surely comes with some limitations but it is great to watch the sports streaming in such a high quality through Sony Liv.

12.  CBS Sports

Website – https://www.cbssports.com/

CBS Sports

If you are looking for such kind of sports streaming sites which provides complete and detailed information, news, live scores of various sports and their matches then CBS Sports is the place for you to be.

It projects everything required for a true sports fan to go GaGa over. You can never doubt the authenticity and quality of the videos on CBS Sports. In fact, if you are in no mood to watch the game then simply listen it out.

You will be required to log in here in order to enjoy the streaming of variety of sports like NBA, NFL, Golf, Soccer and a lot more.

13.  Livesport24

Website – http://livesport24.net/


The next option you can consider for watching live streaming of sports is Livesport24. A simple yet impressive interface of the site is its highlight along with the plenty of options of sports you can browse from here.

Apart from live streaming the site also focus on various aspects of sports like live scores, scheduling, matches, global sports scenario and a lot more.

Each of the match is provided along with at least two streaming links in case one of them does not work out well. You can also switch to HD or HQ mode whenever you want to get the best experience of sports streaming.

14.  Bosscast

Website – http://bosscast.net/


In order to enjoy the best essence of Bosscast, make sure to adjust your time zone on the site to access the matches and sports around your region. So, let me tell you already that Bosscast is kind of clumsy as compared to other sports streaming sites.

The pop-ups are regular but thankfully with continuous updates on the site, you can easily find the streaming link of the required match.

You can also checkout the schedule for this along with multiple channels links given on the site for direct streaming.

15.  VIP League Sports

Website – http://vipleagues.tv/

VIP League Sports

The final option in this list to Watch sports online free is VIP League Sports. The site offers the streaming link to almost all kind of sports and it is absolutely free and fuss-free to do that.

You just need to simply select the sports and then the list of matches will pop-up. In fact, VIP League Sports can bring down the kind of sports that no other site mention like winter sports, snooker, darts, handball etc.

In order to make most of the site, just simply bookmark your favorite sports to create a kind of shortcut for it.


Plenty of the Sports Streaming Sites that I mentioned right above also operate in form of mobile applications too. You have great opportunity to access entertainment for absolutely free and I think you should not miss it at all. All you need is a great internet connection and that’s it.

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