10 Best Microphone for YouTube Vloggers

Thinking about starting your own professional YouTube channel? Well, I am sure you must not have thought about looking for best microphone for YouTube videos. This is not just about you, in fact, many people just focus on great quality camera and forget about the audio aspect.

10 Best Microphone for Recording Youtube Videos

But in reality, using high-quality audio is as important as videos. This is why you need to start looking for the perfect options for good mic for youtube. If you got zero clues about this then you need not to worry. You can take a look at the list comprised below which is going to give you a clearer knowledge of best microphone according to your requirements.

  • Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Blue Yeti USB MicrophoneBlue Yeti offers top quality products, and hence they are always a tad bit expensive than other items, and the same applies to these USB mics too.

Available in various colours like silver, teal, space grey, midnight blue etc.

they are not only advanced in terms of technology but in terms of looks too and this is why, I mentioned them on top of the list of best microphone for YouTube.

It is a type of condenser mic and also comes with 3 capsule array which provides wonderful recording in any condition.

These mics are also available in various patterns like omnidirectional, cardioid, bidirectional etc. which gives a comfortable experience to the users. Now, some of the options provided on the mic are mute button, gain control, headphone output etc.

This microphone by Blue Yeti is not only suitable for YouTube recording sessions but also for interviews, podcasts, vocals, voiceovers etc. It is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X and provides a high-quality recording experience to the users with noise cancellation property.

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  • Apogee Mic 96K

Apogee Mic 96KA highly advanced option in this list of best mic for youtube videos, Apogee Mic 96K is strictly for professional use only and hence costs way more than other options.

This high-quality mic is for only iOS, and Mac users only which is a type of cardioid condenser microphone.

It gives a feel of studio recording with noise cancellation feature and enhanced effects.

Apart from YouTube, you can also use it for podcasts, interviews, voiceovers, audio for DSLR videos etc.

As the name makes it clear, it records sound on 96 KHz with 24 bit HD recording.

Other features of this YouTube microphone are no external batteries or power source required, Mac and lightning USB cables accompanied, powered by connection only, simple plug in and play technology with no additional driver needed.

The stand is also accompanied with the mic and this lightweight packaged is quite comfortable to carry around. Be it a novice or a professional, anyone can use it with utmost ease with both desktop and mobile integration.

However, it does not provide support to Windows platform which is still a big hurdle in its use.

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  • Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone

Blue Snowball iCE Condenser MicrophoneThis condenser microphone offered by Blue Snowball is my next choice for the list of best microphone for vlogging, which comes with cardioid directional use.

In terms of cost, it is quite affordable and also cheaper than other mics and it is available in black and white colors.

Use it for video chats on Skype, Facebook or record professional sessions on YouTube with its crystal clear audio capacity, this iCE condenser mic is perfect for everything.

One thing which you will absolutely love about this microphone is that you are not required any additional driver for it.

You just need to simply plug it in and it will be ready to use. Along with the mic you also get USB cable and desktop stand too.

Other important features belonging to Blue Snowball iCE mic are Windows and Mac OS X support, easy recording with high quality, audio enhancement technique, recording at 16 bit, 4.1 KHz, installed with single microphone capsule, robust design and strong outer core, modern approach etc.

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  • Audio Technica AT2020 Studio Microphone

Audio Technica AT2020 Studio MicrophoneAudio Technica is no new brand when it comes to selling such electronic devices and its next product is this AT2020 condenser microphone.

It is one of the best microphone for youtuber and also a popular device too, the affordability played a big factor which added to its fame.

The mic is available in black and white colours and comes with cardioid pattern and studio quality audio recording feature. This mic is suitable for both home and professional applications.

The diaphragm accompanied in the mic is that of low mass which delivers excellent frequency response and improved quality too.

As it follows a cardioid polar pattern, the noise reduces from sides and isolation of desired sound is improved too.

The AT2020 is amongst the best microphones for Youtubers because of its mounting capability.

The stand accompanied with the mic is highly adjustable providing much needed handling flexibility to the user.

Other stuff you get with this mic are protective pouch and threaded adapter. The finesse of the mic makes it top the category of best designed mics too.

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  • CAD U37 USB Condenser Microphone

CAD U37 USB Condenser MicrophoneIt is the time to approach to those beginners who cannot afford the expensive items and hence this CAD U37 is the best option for them in this list of best microphone for YouTube.

This is also a type of condenser mic which varies in various colors like grey, champagne, orange, cammo etc.

This mic comes with the cardioid pick up pattern and hence side noises are eliminated as much as possible and on the account of compatibility, it supports Windows and Mac operating systems.

There are two switches, overload-protection switch for minimizing loud sound distortion and Bass-reduction switch for minimizing room noises.

It also comes with direct use technology which means no external drivers are required to be installed.

The mic is accompanied with a tripod stand and USB cable for integration. You can use this U37 mic by CAD for podcasts, TV, recording studios and YouTube recording sessions.

However, when compared to other microphones in this list, this is more than professional needs, it is better to be used for home studio needs.

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  • Rode NT-USB Condenser Microphone

Rode NT-USB Condenser MicrophoneRode is a popular name when it comes to manufacturing microphones and this time I am listing down NT-USB mic in the category of mics for recording youtube videos.

It is more suitable for professional requirements and hence perfect for your YouTube channel.

It comes in various colors and along with the microphone you are also provided a tripod stand, ring mount and a pop shield too.

The mic is integrated with on-mic mix control buttons through which you can change various aspects of recording like frequency, bass etc.

It is operated when connected via USB the desired source. Other specifications which makes it the best mic for YouTube vlogging, and are lightweight and easy handling, 110dB SPL, cardioid polar pattern, recording on 48 KHz/16 bit, side address type etc.

This Rode NT-USB mic comes with 1 year of warranty period and the high quality assures distortion-free recording for as long as you want.

It supports both Mac and Windows platform and even Apple iPad too but with additional driver settings.

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  • Samson Meteorite USB Condenser Microphone

Samson Meteorite USB Condenser MicrophoneAlthough less popular than other microphone for youtuber mentioned in this list, Samson Meteorite Microphone still offers various premium features and that too on a very low price.

It is also available in three different colors of chrome, white and black.

It has a 14mm of diaphragm along with cardioid pickup pattern ensuring elimination of side noises. Samson Meteorite also has a frequency range of 20Hz to 20 KHz.

It records on the usual 48 KHz/ 16 bit resolution like the other condenser mics and it works on USB power.

It has a wide compatibility solution for various desktops, tablets and mobile phones and it works with no additional driver needs. The high-quality output ensures a studio feel when you take a look at the final results.

The mic is quite different in appearance and also portable enough to be carried around comfortably.

Unlike other tripod stands, it uses a magnetic base to mount on which gives you additional control over its positioning and hence you can achieve the best output.

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  • PowerDeWise Grade Lavalier Lapel Omnidirectional Microphone

PowerDeWise Grade Lavalier Lapel Omnidirectional MicrophoneThis is the time to list down a type of lavalier microphone as one of the best microphone for recording youtube videos and it is offered by PowerDeWise.

Unlike the other condenser and cardioid mics, it is a type of omnidirectional mic with clip-on system which can be easily fitted on your clothes without even being revealed.

The mic is perfect for not only YouTubing but for podcasts, interviews, video conferences, iPhones, voice detection and home recording sessions.

Do not go on its size, because this lavalier mic is capable to eliminate noise in the best way possible and gives a crystal clear sound effect.

It also supports various operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS etc. In fact, it can also be used with the camera too.

This pack comes with 79 inch Velcro wrapped extension cord and a storage case too.

When talking about the on the go use, I think this is the best solution which should be used and it is going to work perfectly on outdoor YouTube shoots as compared to other best mics for recording.

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  • Tonor Pro Condenser PC Microphone Kit

Tonor Pro Condenser PC Microphone KitThis option in the list of best microphone for youtube vlogging is quite different from other ones as it is a complete professional kit and that too on quite an affordable pricing.

Firstly, let me tell you what this kit includes and these are 3.5mm XLR mic, pop filter, scissor arm stand and shock mount etc.

However, it comes with one limitation which is that you cannot use it with mobile and tablets and hence it is suitable for only desktop use.

But, when it comes to professional recording sessions for your YouTube channels, I think it is going to be the best option which you can explore.

It comes with anti-vibration/sound card which reduces noise to quite an extent. The pickup pattern ensures comfortable use and makes it perfect for recording, broadcasting and studio use.

This Tonor Pro condenser mic kit is quite affordable and I think it makes a perfect option for your new YouTube start-up.

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  • PoP Voice Lavalier Microphone

PoP Voice Lavalier Microphonethe last option, in the great mics series post, POP Voice is a lavalier type of microphone. It is an omnidirectional condenser mic with the easy clip-on technique and can be used for OS like android, iOS, Windows and Mac.

Forget, YouTube, you can use this PoP voice mic for anything like interviews, conferences, podcasts, video recording, noise cancellation and mostly anything else relevant.

Costing just a mere $13 on your pocket, you get this tiny bundle of excellence to make your YouTube sessions even more effective and advanced.

It is also associated with an adapter and simple plug in and play system which does not need any additional driver to be installed.

If budget is a big concern for you then it would be the best decision to pick the good mic for youtube right away.

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From technology and features to price, there are a lot of aspects which should be taken care of while buying a brand new microphone for your new YouTube venture.

While looking for best microphone for YouTube, you must make sure that you keep your budget in mind always.

Obviously, as a fresher, you do not have that kind of budget to spend on things like these. This is why start from something handy and then proceed to advancement if you are succeeding in your efforts.

I have also listed down some really best budget microphone for vlogging that too with great audio quality and performance. Please take a look into the details carefully for complete understanding.

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