Best Video Chat App for Android

Best Video Chat App for Android: It is now totally portable carrying mobiles handy wherever we go. Yes!! People are now very clear about their daily routines (Carrying mobile phone with data pack recharged). Simply, now a Smartphone can do everything, a Smartphone is filling plenty of happiness, trust and confident for parents whose children’s are residing abroad (Studying or Working). So, for students, employers and parents – Everybody, think of having face to face talk with their friends, colleagues and children’s. Smartphone has occupied all in it – Yes!! Right from salt to software you can buy or sell them online through a Smartphone.

Videos are the memory we recall when we feel sick, feel like talking to someone else who are very close to heart, for students video calling gives thrill and full length fun to time pass.  In the similar manner we have Skype for video calling through PC, so Smartphone has completely revolutionized the way we communicate with each other. Apart from so many advantages of Smartphone, there are still people find some drawbacks.  So, Smartphone instantly connects the bridge of your friends by means of Voice Calls, Video Calls and text messagesBest video chat app for Android.

Skype was the world’s first Voice over Internet Protocol System technology which brought Webcam calling for talking with clients.  Contrary to that usual practice, people started looking for best alternative for video chat app for Android mobiles. With many emails and proposals to write a detailed post on Video chatting app, today we are sharing top 10 best video chat app for Android mobiles – Let’s get started.

Best Video Chat App for Android Mobiles

Unlike Skype Video Calling – Now, Smartphone Company owners appending Video calling features which can solve of us problems (Meeting new people, connecting with old friends and conference calling in office). Here, the below list consists of Video Chat Apps that is compatible for both Android and iOS operating video chat app for android

1). Skype

skypeFrom 2003 to still, there has been no you turn for Skype Corporation (Now, Acquired by eBay Company). Skype is available for Windows, Mac and as well as for Linux operating system.

With more than 100 million users Skype (best video chat app for Android) has occupied overall market place for making video calls globally for free as well as paid version. The firm not only has application for Personal Computer but, they build many products that can be platform for both PC’s and Smartphone’s so, still they are creating numerous products.

Some of the best features of Skype are:

  • At first Skype featured a network where each computer can act like a server. After 2011, Microsoft acquired Skype in 2013.
  • Video Calling
  • Video Messaging
  • Instant messaging feature where you can send text message to your friends with in a streamlined build.
  • Skype also has best feature for calling foreign countries by just paying few bucks.
  • Yes!! You can make a call to any mobiles and land lines phone with a minimum cost.
  • The best part of Skype is that – Using Skype messenger app, you can send or share photos, videos and can text instantly.
  • You can append maximum person in a new group up to 300.
  • If you would like to call or group call only 25 people per group calling is allowed in Skype for calling and talking to each other.


2). OoVoo

oovoo-video-callOovoo is the best video chat app for Android – Over 100k users are being registered daily, and has become world’s best video chat app for Android, iOS mobiles. The best part about this awesome application is that around 25% of the world young population are under 25 years old, they are using Oovoo App for Video Calling and Chatting while text messaging.

  • Oovoo supports 12 languages to text messages in various languages.
  • With this app you can talk up to 12 people at a time – The quality of voice is awesome here.
  • With oovoo you can call to landline phone by purchasing some credits from Oovoo.
  • The best of oovoo app is – You can text message to your beloved after being into Video Calling.
  • While you video chatting with your friends, you can also watch YouTube videos additionally.
  • Using its record options, you can simple record voice, clip of yours or other, and share this on your social media pages.
  • Another best part of this application is – You can play your previous conversation you had with your friends by simply clicking on “Record” button.

Final words on Oovoo Application – You can download this app which is the best video chat app for Android available for free of cost; we are sure that you’ll love its features (Voice, Video Calling, Text messaging with pictures) and many more. If you are students, looking for one app that boasted with lot of fun then, we highly recommend our users to give a try.


3). Tango

tangoTango – it was started with a mission to make people love each other, even both of us are away from home or office or some other places.  By now, tango has reached to an extent that – Now, there are around 300 million users are connected to Tango app.  Tango is the best video chat app for Android – Using it, you can talk to people you care about a lot, the faces you see through Tango Video Calling will be of high quality and the best part you – Tango is available for free of cost.

Features of Tango Includes

  • Sending and receiving text messages, photos, and you can easily share your video and the location of the messages through Tango.
  • Most of the people (Especially, student’s do video calling for creating fun of his/her friends) can send funny videos, images and games while you were in a call with friends.
  • You can use Tango for making group calls with your friends and family members globally.


4). Hangouts

A quality product from Google Corporation – Yes!! You can easily chat with people, and can make video calling with friends up to 10 people, you can also send photos and Emoji while doing video calling. Everyone has to agree with the fact that Hangouts is the best video chat app for Android, it is the best of few applications that allows live streaming videos.

  • You can connect with people who share your contents on various related communities like yours.
  • The tagline of Google Hangouts is very simple – You just need to create awesome content (Images & Videos), and you can easily connect with loving people.

Start exploring all your ideas and meet new people.


5). QikCam

One of the best video chat apps for android mobile – QikCam is awarded for delivering awesome feature which shoots any long or short length snaps with a simple click. Using QikCam – Your snapshots is on its way to share in seconds, everything happens in no time (Yes, believe me). We were shocked with its performance – Yes!! Did you ever experienced like you just wish to take a photo or record a moment but your handset is taking long time to open camera app. something weird right? If you install QikCam Application – You can easily make a call or chat while in Video Call. Another best part of this application is – With QikCam you can expect wonderful instant right away with just a click on the home screen QikCam widget.

  • Using Qik feed you can record videos in HD modes and can publish.
  • The size of the app is very less – But, it could save a lot of space than other video chat apps.
  • You can save all your videos in DropBox and other cloud based services.

Qik also allows you to share any of your files to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


6). Viber

It allows you to send text messages, free video calls to anybody on any handset to all countries instantly, which is why viber is the best video chat app for Android.

  • The beauty of this application is that using it you can send free text messages, free calling, photo, location sharing with Viber users.
  • Unlike other applications – They tell you to sign up to access features – But, Viber has no such restriction no registration, alias or invitations compulsory.
  • You can immediately adds with your own contact list
  • First-class mobile calls by means of 3G or Wi-Fi


8). CamFrog

One of the best video chat app for Android and other operating systems, to be frank with over 143, 917 members online, it has been one of the largest video chat community on the internet. The best of this application is – It is available for free of cost for all platforms.

  • Using chat rooms, select whom you wish to make video calling 1-on-1.
  • There is no need for the camera to lookup people.
  • It works on all firewalls, routers, 3G and 4G (wireless networks).
  • Using video directories – You can easily to discover new people to video chatting each other.
  • CamFrog – Is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Windows Mobile.

With the free package, you won’t be getting access to change you profile name (Whenever you wish to change), instantly you can send 25 VIP messages, and you will be getting five rooms access at a time. The best part of this application is – If you purchases this application, you experience add free app.


9). Facebook Messenger App

Since, from the initial stage Facebook Messenger (best video chat app for Android) is growing in such a way that more than 100k million subscribers are online in seconds.

  • If you want to make a call – Click on Phone icon.
  • If you want to do video calling – Simply, click on Video icon.
  • If you want to send text messages – Select any one of your contact lists.
  • By default, many of us here are already very much acquainted with Facebook Messenger app.
  • Once of the best video chat app for android.


10). ICQ – Mobile Client

It is the best video chat app for Android – As this app is known to all of us that is why I didn’t mentioned this app on the first place. Yes!! As of now – If you can install Facebook Messenger app on your android mobile then, it is enough for you to send text messages, make calls and do video chatting with your family and friends who are residing abroad.

If you are looking for Best video chat app for Android which is highly password protected then, we would be suggesting you this awesome video calling application for you. Yes!! AOL acquired this firm in the 19 century; ICQ was one of the best and only one video chat app for Android which works pretty when 3G WI-Fi networks is switched on.  Using ICQ Video Calling application – You can instantly create group chat with all your friends and relatives, the best of ICQ app is  – You do not require to submit your mobile phone number.

  • You can easily synchronize all of your handsets.
  • You can easily make video calls with High Definition quality and a very low data usage.
  • Using high internet speed likes 3G, 4G, and LTE – You can talk to your international friends for free of cost.
  • You can text in ICQ for free, can also send SMS to your own or other contacts.
  • Using stickers, smiley’s – You can send it to your friends for funny instances.
  • MMS is out-dated – Use ICQ, start sending Photo, video messages super fastly.
  • In the above mentioned list – There are certain limitations to talk to group chat but, here you can chat with your friends or mobile contacts unlimitedly.
  • You can check your history; can also backup all your messages.


11). KakaoTalk

Did you ever heard about Kakao Talk Application? If you are looking for the best video chat app for android, then let me introduce another awesome app for you – KakaoTalk is one of the top most popular social messaging apps for sending text messages to friends and family members instantly with HD quality. As of now, there has been more than 152 million global users are using Kakao Talk for sending text messages, making video calls online for free of cost.

Compare to the above mentioned best video chat app for android, we would like to say one thing – Kakao Talk is one of the best video messaging apps for global users. Using Kakao Talk – You can add much fun to your chat box by appending extra fun images with Emoji.

Features of Kako Talk at a Glance

  • One of the best alternative to easily install, run it,
  • This app is filled with a lot of features.
  • For connections you are need to eat IDLY.
  • This application supports – iOS, Android and Windows OS.

Key Specifications of Kako Talk

  • Kako Talk is speedy, one of the best reliable messaging application.
  • You can ding exclusion cards or coupon
  • Kako Talk is the Best video chat app for android
  • With just single click – You can easily add and can share files (Images, videos) with all your friends.


12). WeChat

By creating groups for your friends, colleagues and others. The name itself says “WeChat.”, WeChat is one of the best video chat app for android, using this app you can find new friends who are also looking to connect with new friends online, it also available for desktop users –You just need to be on hold, this application is available in all the mobiles.

Features of WeChat Application at a Glance

Here are the some of the best features of WeChat Video Chat app for Android – Let’s get started.

  • After Whatsapp – Wechat is world’s trendy all-in-one online community app for sending text and voice messages instantly for free of cost.
  • Using Wechat – You can easily make a group text messages up to 500 peoples, and also group calling up to 9 peoples.
  • Can expect good quality in calls for connecting anywhere globally.
  • For certain regions – Wechat community allows its users to make calls for Landline and mobile for a very reasonable price.
  • You can send unlimited stickers, Emoji to your friends and family members for time being fun.
  • The best part of this application is that – Sharing best moments on our own photo stream.
  • Wechat is more trust worthy – Your data is 100% secured.
  • With real time location sharing – You can easily share your current location with your friends and family members.
  • It is capable to translate your text messages to any language (for up to 20 languages).



Video calling was all about taking bigger deal online through hassle-free act, we have listed more than 9 best video chat app for android and other operating systems. We have a question for you? Do you ever seen revolutionary or innovative videos where online video chat calling was not that much standard? There have been a lot of changes happening in the market, you need to be up to date for every update you receive from technology firms. These are the best video chat app for android, if we have missed any apps that have high quality while calling then, we highly recommend to all the visitor of this blog to bookmark post and if possible, please share this list of best video chat app for android post with all your friends and family members over social networking pages.

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