10+ Best Live TV App for Android Smartphone

Best Live TV App for Android: You like to spend some time in front of the T.V and watch your favorite programs like Sports, Movies, Serials and other shows that help you will get relief from your big tension and stress also watch for just entertainment. However, everybody has a watch list programs to see on the television.

The real problem is coming the scheduled time of the program, For example, your mother wants to see a serial at that time you want to watch a Hollywood movie, sports or anything else. Finally, someone has to give up to others.

Sometimes, you are busy with your work at that time you miss your favorite program. At the present technology you can watch it via video sharing portal, but due to your busy work even you cannot also see it immediately, which means you skip it at all.

10+ Best Live TV App for Android Smartphone

Nowadays, you do not worry about that. There are having a lot of the best live tv app for Android powered smartphone or tablet. Let’s see some of the Live TV apps in detail.

best live tv apps for android

1). Hotstar TV Movies Live Cricket

This best live tv app for Android brings you to watch movies from all over the Indian regional languages at your Android powered smartphone or tablet. You never miss your favorite tv serials can also watch.

Are you an avid fan of viewing cricket game? then you like this app because you can watch the live streaming of the Cricket sports on your mobile phone. So you feel the enjoyment of the Game always. The quality of the video is available in High Definition, which make the watching experience great and satisfy you. And more features are waiting for you.

The Key Features of Hotstar TV Movies Live Cricket:

  • The support languages are Hindi, English, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali.
  • You can choose the video quality based on the speed of your internet connection.
  • The video streaming is support from the 2G network too.
  • The Resume Features that can remember your last stopped video duration, later you can watch the video where you left off it

Cost: Free


2). IDEA Live Mobile Tv Online

The famous mobile operator IDEA is brought out this best live tv app for Android running smartphone or tablet. The app is restricted to the idea cellular network only. So, if you are an idea user you can use the app.

It supports the 3G network that will give you the unbreakable video streaming with the available of the more than 110 Live Tv channel. It supports the local languages are English, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, Oriya, and Assamese.

You can watch the all live programs, movies and shows from the across the languages along with sports and news are covering by the app. Nothing is missing. Just watch it.

The Key Features of IDEA Live Mobile Tv Online:

  • You will get the Automatic Recommendation of the content on the time, mood based your previous browsing history.
  • Easy accessible to the all language content from the home of the app.
  • The improved User Interface Design gives more flexibility to use the app for all kind of people.

Cost: Free


3). HelloTV – Free Live Mobile TV

The Hello TV is the best live tv app for Android running smartphone or Tablet where you can watch the collection of entertainment videos and live TV even in the 2G network. Want to customize? As per your requirements, You can easily customize the application.

The Key Features of HelloTV – Free Live Mobile TV:

  • It works with the 2G, 3G, WiFi along network
  • You can download the videos to watch it in offline
  • You can add the selected programs and videos in the favorites and watch it later.
  • Your favorite shows are recorded and show on the cloud with nPVR
  • Once you register, you can access from across the drives including your PC.

Cost: Free


4). YuppTV – Live TV Movies Shows

You are going to know about the YuppTV, which is the best live tv app for Android running smartphone or Tablets. In the app, A numbers of entertainment channel is available for you. Now, you have to select your favorite program and start to watch it.

You can watch the a lot of Live Indian TV channels with the caught up of the missed programs. Furthermore, you can watch the all regional movies and tv shows on your Android devices.

However, if you have any favorite programs on the Zee and Start, it is not yet available in the application. Otherwise, you never miss your programs on the hand devices.

The Key Features of YuppTV – Live TV Movies Shows:

  • You can watch more than 200 channels
  • It supports all of the Indian Regional languages changes except Zee and Star
  • you can watch the last 7 days of programs.

Cost: Free


5). WatchESPN

Another a best live tv app for Android installed smartphone or Tablet that is dedicated to the sports lover who likes always to watch the sports only then other programs. This is the official app of the famous sports channel called ESPN. you can watch all of the sports live at your Android devices.

You can watch the live games and studio show for 24/7 on your mobile. You can see the live video streaming of other ESPN network channels like ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, SEC Network, SEC Network Plus, ESPNews, ESPN Deportes and Longhorn Network. Furthermore, More features are available with the app. Just start to use the app rest will come ease from your own experience.

Cost: Free


6). Mivo

Mivo is the best app for Android running smartphone or Tablet to watch the Indonesian local channel with the Internationally popular TV channel also available like Bloomberg. You never miss your favorite program.

When you watch a program you can also chat the other people who interest the same program and both of you can discuss furthermore about the program. Also, there are having more features. .

The Key Features of Mivo:

  • You get more than 45 TV local channel from Indonesian and International TV Channel
  • High Quality Video Streaming.

Cost: Free

In-app Products: Rs. 67.41 – Rs. 1,500.00 per item


7). Fox News

Fox News is another best live tv app for Android installed smartphone or Tablet, where you can watch the live streaming of the Fox News and Fox Business channels at your Hands. No matter where are you and what are you doing, if you able to spend a half hour you can watch live tv via the Android App.

You can do the multitasking like you can browse the latest news headlines while you are watching the live streaming of the news coverage on Fox News or Fox Business channel.If you become the subscriber of the premium service you will get Fox News alert as it happens, such alert may help you at many circumstances. if you are a stock investor you can get the business updates quickly than others likewise if you are a blogger and running a blog you can update your blog or curated with the latest information from Fox News.choice is yours.

The Key Features of Fox News:

  • You can adjust the player size according to your preference like Full Screen, LandScape or Shrink it down to read stories.
  • You will get the live streaming of the latest and exclusive programming

Cost: Free


8). EuroNews LIVE

To get the news coverage from the Europe countries, then you want a best live tv app for Android running mobile phone or Tablet and the app is called the EuroNews LIVE. the app is used to watch live streaming of the EuroNews channel TV programs.

The EuroNews TV app is available around 13 different world languages, so the other language user also watch the live news and you will get the world news and you will know the breaking news as it happens at your sitting place.

You can watch weather report, business news, sports events, and the special report from around the world and more features are available. Each feature will keep you engaged with the real time news updates.

The Key Features of EuroNews LIVE:

  • The App available in 13 different edition, in following languages are English, Arabic, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian.
  • The smartness of the app is that it alert you if your volume set in 0.
  • You will get the exclusive news report from all over the world.

Cost: Free


9). Sport.pl LIVE

Are you familiar with Polish? if your answer is YES then this best live tv app for Android is here for you otherwise simply skip this section and go the next one in the list. You can see the live coverage of the sports on your android smartphone or Tablet.

You will get the notification of the important events, and you are free to access the all information from the Sport.pl application. You can see the live score, photos, upcoming schedules, news and information about the sports as well as more feature are having in the app.

The Key Features of Sport.pl LIVE:

  • You will know the schedule of the events by date and time.
  • Set a reminder to watch the sports events.
  • You will get the Live of the Football, F1, and Rallying, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Speedway, Ski Jumping, Cross-country skiing, Boxing are that.

Cost: Free


10). SonyLIV: TV Shows Movies Sports

Watch your favorite TV programs via the Best live tv app for Android on your smartphone or Tablet. you can able to watch the sports, Cute romance movies, and other genre programs from the sony network channels.

You cannot watch the out of the Sony network channel as you are using the app. However, if your main program is coming in sony you are luck. However, if you become the subscriber for the daily, weekly or monthly plan you can watch the popular movies at your hand devices. The decision is yours.

The Key Features of SonyLIV: TV Shows Movies Sports:

  • You can watch the following sports like Cricket, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, TNA, Rugby, f1, Football, Wrestling, Badminton, Golf, Baseball, Adventure sports, Racing, WWE, Hockey, kabaddi, and Cycling.
  • The Live Streaming of Sony network channels is Sony TV, Set MAX, Sab TV, PAL, Sony Kix, AXN to relish your favorite TV shows, Classic Movies, Latest Music, Sports, Events and many more.

Cost: Free


11). Videocon Mobile Tv Live Online

The Videocon Mobile is the best live tV app for Android running smartphone or Tablet and it comes with many features, which supports you to spend your free time by watching your favorite TV programs on your mobile.

Watch the all regional TV channels like Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, and English so you can see any channel what you are seeing in TV without paying the monthly fee to the Dish TV.

The Key Features of Videocon Mobile Tv Live Online:

  • The app support for the 2G, 3G, and WiFi.
  • You can watch more than 100 popular channels at your Android devices.

Cost: Free


12). Myplex Live Tv, Movies, Videos

Never miss your entertaining programs like Hollywood & Bollywood movies, Sports, news and more and you can watch over 80 Live Channels in many Indian localized languages. You have to install the best live tv app for Android running devices and the app is myplex Live. When the app is on your mobile phone you can watch any programs at any time.

The Key Features of Myplex Live Tv, Movies, Videos:

  • You can set the reminder to memorize your favorite program airing time.
  • The Video quality is optimized to work in 2G, 3G, and WiFi spectrum
  • The content is available in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English, Marathi, Bengali and more other languages.

Cost: Free


13). nexGTv Live TV Movies Cricket

nexGTv Live TV Movies Cricket is one of the best live tv app for Android smartphone or Tablet that enable you to watch over 80 free live TV like Movies, Breaking news, Bollywood Masala, Comedy Zone, Music Videos, Cricket and latest TV Shows. As well as, It has come with some special feature like Yoga TV of Shilpa Shetty & Bipasha Basu, Astro TV says the prediction of day and more.

The Key Features of nexGTv Live TV Movies Cricket:

  • You can resume the video where you left off
  • It has adaptive bit rate streaming feature is used to adjust the qualify of the video according to the speed of the internet.
  • It has come with the Advanced Search with Electronic Program Guide for every channel.
  • You can share via facebook, twitter what are you watching and connect with them always.

Cost: Free


14). Airtel Live Mobile TV online

Airtel has released its own best live TV app for Android smartphone or Tablet devices. By default, you can watch the free channels that are already offering via the app otherwise, if you want more live channel you have to purchase the package.

If you want to watch more channels in live on your smartphone than you should buy any one of the plans for Live TV and enjoy. Otherwise, if you are ok with the free channel, you need no to pay just watch it.

The Key Features of Airtel Live Mobile TV online:

  • Compatible with the 2G,3G and WiFi for selected channels.
  • For best viewing experience, you can select the stream as per your available network.
  • You will receive notification on your favorite TV programs, so you do not miss it.

Cost: Free


15). DISH Anywhere

Dish Anywhere is another amazing best live tv app for Android running smartphone devices. you can watch all of your favorite tv programs from the Hopper with the sling or 922 Slingloaded DVR. Also, you can watch from your Hopper, 722, or 722k DVR with the Sling Adapter accessory. Furthermore, you can watch the Live TV.

You can set a date and time for recording any programs from anywhere and they can transfer the DVR recording into the Android devices and watch it in offline. You can manage it seamlessly and more feature is coming with the app.

The Key Features of DISH Anywhere:

  • You can search the upcoming program 7 days in advance.
  • You can use the app with full featured DVR manager.

Cost: Free


16). NDTV News – India

Do you like to watch the NDTV channel programs at home regularly? and feeling sometimes for missing the program. Here is the solution for it, you want to install the best live tv app for Android running smartphone or tablet and view the every program at your convenient time and place.

You can watch the all NDTV branded channel from this one app. so you also watch the other channels under one Android application for live tv. You will find many helpful features from the application.

The Key Features of NDTV News – India:

  • You can watch the live streaming of the NDTV 24×7 • NDTV India • NDTV Profit and Prime • NDTV Good Times.
  • You can see the top video from all of the categories of NDTV programs and shows.

Cost: Free


17). NASA App

Who can hate the space science especially you are ready to spend some time for it. When you get a chance to see the program of the NASA You watch the Space science program.

Yes, This is the best live tv app for Android devices, where you can see the live tv of the NASA from your mobile phone. You watch the live streaming video from the High Definition Earth Viewing that also called HDEV experiment on the International space station(ISS) and other programs can be seen in the Live TV of NASA. Moreover, you can find the bunch of information about the NASA, Space, Rocket Launching and more information is available from the app.

The Key Features of NASA App:

  • You can see the schedule for NASA TV and other tv schedules which telecast NASA based program on their tv.
  • Live Streaming of NASA programs
  • You can see the feature content and programming on the respective section

Cost: Free


17). dittoTV: LiveTV, Shows, Movies

You will like really the dittoTV, which is the best live tv app for Android working smartphone or Tablet. The Availability of the popular channels like National Geographic channels, Zee Cafe, Zee Studio, Zee Cinema, MTV, Zindagi, Cartoon Network, Pogo, and more, including viewing movies in your mother languages. You get the Live darshan from many important temeples from all over the Indian. Moreover, the adaptive streaming adjusts the quality of the video based on the Internet speed.

If you are interested in viewing more programs you may purchase it. It will be a good decision.

The Key Features of dittoTV: LiveTV, Shows, Movies:

  • dittoTV is the India’s First OTT TV platform
  • You can view over 150 Live TV channels,
  • Live Darshan feeds more than 15 temples, Let’s see some of the temples are Siddhivinayak Temple, Kashi Vishwanath, Somnath temples, ISKON temples, Patna Sahib and more.

Cost: Free

In-app Products: Rs. 61.13 – Rs. 7,901.99 per item


See the entire list of the best LIVE TV app for Android working Smartphone or Tablet devices. You have free to choose any Android application for Live TV as per your requirement and availability of the expecting channel. Now, you will not worry about the missing of your favorite programs on the TV because you can see it on your hand devices or later watch the video at your convenient without accessing the desktop or TV.

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