101 Happy New Year Quotes 2022 That Never Shared Before

Happy New Year Quotes, Happy New Year Messages 2022: The New Year is a time of mirth and celebrations; it is the initiation of a brand new year with new hopes, happiness and aspirations. The Happy New Year quotes are sent to our loved near and dear ones to express our happiness and good fortune for having them in our lives. In earlier times letters were written wishing loved ones happy new year; but in the recent times when everything short and crisp is in vogue; Happy New Year quotes have become immensely popular.

Here we share some blissful new years quotes to help you readers with hauntingly beautiful quotes of happy New Year which will impress the loved near and dear ones.

Happy New Year Quotes 2022

The new year holiday is one of the most important events in a year; as millions of people hope for a new beginning, a new chance to start their lives with improved resolutions for a more joyous life. The New year eve is the best moment of the year to send love, best new year wishes and regards to the cherished ones through the happy new year quotes. New year is the time for us to remember all the important people of our lives and cherish them with happy new year messages and gifts.


1). In the blink of an eye we are at the threshold of a brand new year. A very happy new year to you and your family; always lead a gleeful life and may destiny load you with happiness and prosperity.

2). I did not notice when this year slowly came to its end; but every end has a better and brighter beginning. You and your family have always been very important and dear to me; happy new year to you all.

Lovely Happy New Year quotes which are written and shared with the close ones spread the spirit of adoration.
and bliss.

3). A new year has arrived and we have been lucky enough to enjoy the perks of this new beginning. Wish you and your family a very happy new year.

4). The New Year has arrived and it is again the time for celebrations and festivities. The Almighty will surely grant the wishes and hopes you harbour in your heart. Happy new year dear.

5). As the New Year arrives let us make a promise to ourselves that we will never lose hope even in the hardest times; The New Year is such an instance; a very happy new year to you and you loved ones.

One of best New Year quotes reflects the love and devotion we have for our loved ones. When we make time for writing quotes on special occasions it shows how much we care for the special people in our lives.

6). New Year is the time for making positive resolutions and promises so that from the ashes of the past mistakes we create a beautiful and prosperous future. Happy New Year dear.

7). Let us celebrate the New Year as it gives us a brand new chance to live the life we have perhaps always dreamt of before. A very happy new year and be a dream chaser forever.

8). New Year is the time when most people will plan grand dinners and splendid parties for their friends and near ones. A very happy New Year sweetheart and wish you all the best in life.When there comes an end for one thing; somewhere there will be a brand new beginning.

Another amazing Happy New Year quotes reflect that the end of one year brings a brand new year with optimism and desires.

9). Here as a new year begins we wish you and your family a very happy new year. May the New Year and all the many more years to come be happy and prosperous.

10). Let us make healthy and good resolutions for the New Year so that we will be improved and better versions of ourselves when the year ends. Happy new year to you and your family.

11). We shall always forget the past sorrows, betrayals and misfortunes and shed the bitterness we carry with us when we hope for a brand new beginning. So happy New Year dear and take the leap of faith for a better tomorrow.

12). To remember past mistakes and misfortunes is to foolishly lose the present happiness. A happy new year beloved and at this moment of a new beginning let us promise that we will cherish and love each other forever.

This One of beautiful New Year quotes will always make the person to whom we give the message realise that they are immensely special to us; as time and thoughts are the most precious gift which one can bestow on others.

13). The future will forever present the human being with endless opportunities; only the intelligent and hardworking people will grab these endless opportunities for sketching a better life for themselves. Happy New Year dear.

14). As we stand at the threshold of a new year the realisation of the endless opportunities and the precious moments of life suddenly struck me. Happy New Year beloved.

15). A very happy new year to you and your loved ones. I hope that God fulfils all you hopes and yearnings. As a new year comes into existence let us try to become kinder and better versions of ourselves.

The better we are the happier and content will our lives be; these happy new year quotes reflect the yearning of men and how much expectations and optimism a new year brings in everyone’s lives.

New Years Resolution Quotes | Happy New Year Quotes 2022

The New Year is a time when we are resolute to make some changes in our life and our surroundings so that we will probably have a better future, a brighter tomorrow. Happy New Year quotes always bring hopes and expectations for better and happier things in life. so the new year resolution quotes during the new year only reflects our hopes and aspirations; our aims and our longings in the form of resolutions.

1). Time sure flies and we just have the wonderful golden memories with us to reminiscence the old times. Happy new year my darlings; this New Year make the resolution of finding out your own true self.

2). On this New Year eve let us make the resolution to be happy and contented with life; may all your hopes and resolutions come true this New Year. Happy New Year darling.

3). This is a new beginning for everyone; so forget the sorrows and troubles and see life as a blessing. Let us make the resolution of living life as an never-ending exploration. Happy new year to you and your family.

4). The best resolution to have this New Year is to never lose hope; and always strive against difficulties. Always remember that an hopeless end heralds a new beginning. Happy New Year sweetheart.

Having resolutions in happy new year quotes is an age old tradition aspiring for a better tomorrow.

5). Everyone who are fond of living will always persevere to achieve what they yearn for in life. This new year make the resolution to never stop dreaming; happy new year to you and your loved ones.

6). Never fear and shy away from chasing your dreams as life always will give us chances to transform our dreams into reality. The resolution this year is to be a go-getter in life; a very happy New Year darling.

7). The malady of modern life is that everyone has forgotten how to dream. Today promise me to make this resolution that you will make time for yourself and your dreams. Happy New Year darling.

8). The world of fantasy and innocence no longer exists in our busy lives; we have forgotten that we are emotional beings capable of love and empathy. So dear make the resolution of enjoying the simple joys of life. A very happy new year dear.

Happy New Year quotes often consist of resolutions which few try to follow; but those who complete New Year resolutions will be rewarded with great results in life.

9). There are many things which I wish to say to you when we meet; but in this happy new year quote I choose to simply want you to remember the unique bond we have shared for decades. Let us make the resolution this new year to be loyal friends forever.

10). In the most pressing times remember that every failure gives us another chance to try and be better. This year make the resolution to be a optimist in the most challenging times. Happy New Year darling.

11). We should celebrate for the chance god has given us to enjoy a new beginning with more hopes and aspirations. This New Year we should promise ourselves to strive against all the worries and complications. Happy new year to all my loved ones.

When someone lovingly writes us a happy New Year quote we should be thankful; as good thoughts and good wishes are the best gift we can give to our friends and loved ones.

12). A second chance to lead a happy and joyous existence. The New Year is the perfect time to start a new beginning; the resolution for this new year is to always hope for a better tomorrow. A very happy new year dear.

13). This year make the resolution of living in the present moment to enjoy the most fulfilling life. Happy new year to you and your family. Always wish for the good things in life as heartfelt wishes always come true.

14). I hope that you make the best of the time this New Year; wish you all the happiness and the best of everything this New Year. Hope you make the best resolutions which will help you to outdo others all the year round.

15). We now have 365 blank pages in our future where we should create the perfect fairytale for a improved and happier future. So sweetheart let us together make the resolution this new year of being better lovers and friends to each other.

Often the happy new year quotes only preach about abstract aspects of life; but the proper and suitable happy new year quotes should always be simple and lucid so everyone can comprehend them completely and enjoy the wisdom instilled in the quotes..

New Years Eve quotes | Happy New Year Quotes 2022

The New Years Eve quotes reflect how people long for new prospects, new hopes and aspirations in their lives. Everyone has different resolutions and diverse longings but the fundamental wish for affection, bliss and care is ever-present. The happy New Year quotes on the New Year’s Eve show us how much our friends and relatives adore us. Living without loving friends has no meaning; so always treasure the true friends in life and cherish their New Years Eve quotes.

1). This New Year’s eve I wish you a happy and thriving new year; you are one of my favourite persons. I feel special by wishing you before the deluge of New Year messages and quotes for you on the social networking sites and on the mobile and phone.

2). This New Year eve is would like to wish you a healthy and thriving new year; may you reach greater heights in your personal and professional life. I hope that you stay as vociferous as you are but also consider the views of others; wishing all this as a true friend.

3). It takes many tireless moments and numerous ideas to create the perfect happy New Year quotes which will properly express my care and adoration for the special position you have in my life. This New Year’s Eve I wish you all the happiness in the world.

4). On this special night of December 31st, I wish you a very happy new year. This unique time of the New Year eve comes only once a year and it is brimful with the hopes and aspirations of millions.

5). On this New Year eve forget the old wounds, betrayals and sorrows and brighten your life with laughter and kindness. A cheerful heart always welcomes the New Year with open arms; happy New Year darling.

6). This New Year’s eve I wish for absolute bliss in the lives of my loved ones; I also hope that their destiny favours all their hopes and aspirations. Happy new year beloved and spread the spirit of adoration and harmony around.

Happy New Year quotes on the New Year eve reflect the lesson to live life in moments; as a celebration.

7). On this New Year’s Eve I wish that you achieve success and fame in everything you pursue. You choices and the steadfast attitude is all that matters for living an ideal and meaningful life. Loads of happiness and a very happy new year.

8). When misfortunes befall life swarms us with innumerable difficulties but always remembers to keep on trying and never lose hope. This New Year’s Eve is hope that you stop lamenting over past sorrows and start living.

9). In everyone’s lives there are many shocking and abysmal incidents which create upheavals in our psyche. But to live merrily without any anger is the way to fulfilment. This New Year’s Eve I wish that you gain insight and unravel the secret of your heart.

10). Our whole lives are perfect stories crafted by the almighty. This New Year’s eve I advise you to always remember that all problems have a solution; we just need to keep on trying till we succeed.

Happy New Year quotes should be brimful with joy and hopes instead of sadness and hopelessness.

11). Never be dismayed when life seems hopeless and there are endless hurdles in your way. This New Year’s eve promise me that you will flavour your life with optimism and hope. Happy New Year darling.

12). Always strive for perfection and hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. This is the lesson I have learnt from life. On 31st December remember that though everyone has insecurities; never let them take control of your life.

13). Mistakes are made to be forgiven; so on this New Year’s Eve is promise to see only the bright cheerful side of all people. Forgiving the past betrayals but not forgetting the past lessons is the way to a blissful life. Happy new year dear.

14). Every New Year is a time of rejuvenation and renewed vigour and promises. This New Year’s Eve I advice you darling to abandon all your insecurities and sorrows and see the world through the glasses of hopes and aspirations.

15). On this New Year’s Eve I wish you a very happy new year. I hope that all the depressions and frustrations that mar your blissful existence and dull your bright smile should fade away.

Happy New Year quotes for the New Year eve symbolise the anticipation and excitement every one of us have for the upcoming New Year.

Funny New Year quotes | Happy New Year Quotes 2022

The New Year is the beginning of a new time; when the past sorrows and happiness becomes memories. It is the time when everyone hopes for better times and happiness. This is when we all should embrace our weirdness; as these are the traits which funnily but truly make us what we are. In here we have some funny and quirky Happy New Year quotes to send to our loved near and dear ones. This wonderful gesture and the quotes will live forever as words are the most potent weapon to make anyone realise their importance in your life; no amount of gifts or money will ever achieve that.

1). On this New Year I wish you happiness and the innocent tender smile which lasts for the 12 months or 52 weeks or the whole 365 days of the year. I hope your charismatic smile and cheerful smile is always there and not even the ravages of time can dim them.

2). Hey I am wishing you an early happy new year with lots of love and goodwill. This early wishing is to make you remember the past good times and go on to make more wondrous memories this new year. I had to make quite an effort to wish you before the networks got jammed.

3). Here’s a very happy new year from all the celebrities whom you follow ardently. Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt; all the beautiful and famous superstars are wishing you a happy and prosperous year.

4). Being one of your best friends I am wishing you a successful 12 months, cheerful 52 weeks, amusing 365 days and joyous 8760 hours. Here’s all the goodwill you need to have an amazing year ahead.

One of beautiful Happy New Year quotes is brimming with fun, mirth and fervour of a new life ahead.

5). Hey I will not ask you to make new year resolutions since resolutions are always made to be broken. So sweetheart; enjoy your days to the fullest. Wish you a very happy new year and lead a fulfilling life by living in the moments.

6). New Year resolutions are made so that they can be broken and we can acquire many more weird habits. So darling I wish you happy New Year and hope that you will not make many beneficial resolutions as let’s face the truth; we seldom follow them.

7). This new year as your colleague and a will-wisher; I hope this year you will get along with boss and will not get caught while using the instant messaging apps or playing games on mobile phone.

Another Funny words about happy new year quotes reflect the vigour and vibrancy of a new year and a new life.

8). As your husband I wish this New Year you will stop fighting for the remote with me. Please wifey stop seeing those weird and melodramatic serials and from this year make the resolution to watch sports with me. Happy New Year love.

9). This New Year sweetie you will be older and fatter; but I am sure you will retain your funny stupid and youthful nature and be always the carefree child. Happy New Year my cute child.

10). Happy New Year my lovely and beautiful friends; let’s rejoice this New Year with a grand party. Friends let’s remember these beautiful moments and spend these precious moments dancing, laughing and in merry.

11). Darling a very happy new year. Life is offering you a brand new golden chance to make friends and lovers and stop being such a quarrelsome person. I hope that now you will stop being the old sarcastic self and become a peaceful person.

The happy New Year quotes may even tickle our funnybones and bring out the childishness.

12). Happy new year dear; are you excited to make resolutions and promises this New Year? But please remember to not make any resolution about being a good person or becoming beautiful as you are already better than perfect.

13). Friends are the best companions to have a crazy New Year hangout. Here’s a crazily happy new year to all my besties. I hope that we will soon be celebration our New Year party and welcome the New Year with frenzy and craziness.

14). It is New Year again; and here I am wishing all the special unique and crazy souls in my life a very happy and prosperous new year. My quirky kindred souls I hope that we all will together make more happy memories.

15). Now it feels like the New Year comes and we get a bit more weirder, older and uglier. No longer are we the crazy youngsters who party all night long but we have rather become the responsible family flocks. So happy New Year my old friend.

The happy New Year quotes reflect the perfect way of life where we should spent each living moment rejoicing about the beautiful aspects of life.

Quotes about New Year |Happy New Year Quotes 2022

New Year is celebrated everywhere on the first day of the Gregorian calendar or the Julian calendar. The New Year’s Day is a time for mirth and celebrations when people look forward towards the future with renewed hope and optimism. The Happy New Year quotes express our love and fondness for our relatives and loved ones.

1). Sweetheart a very happy new year; we should celebrate this special day by partying hard. This is the day when we should wish for all the prosperity and happiness in our lives and everywhere around us.

2). New Year is celebrated in diverse countries and places irrespective of religion or place. Now we will begin our life journey for the next 365 days; and have some amazing times in the coming days. Happy New Year my darling.

Happy New Year quotes are being written as the New Year has come.

3). The number of days we live does not matter but what we do with the time; and how we help others matter. Life is a gift from god and on this bright sunny morning I wish you a happy new year.

4). I feel that the most precious gift one can give is true friendship. On this New Year’s Day I promise to be your friend in all times for the rest of our lives. A very happy new year my friend.

5). To live life without worries, tensions, frustrations, depressions and fears is a blessing. As your friend I wish you happy New Year.

The happy New Year quotes hope that from onwards we will keep sometime to ourselves and exalt in the blessing called life.

6). In our modern busy lives it is necessary for every one of us to just be ourselves and enjoy some leisure time irrespective of the deluge of worries which trouble our everyday existence. This new year make the resolution of leading a fearless life full of adventures and thrills.

7). Every New Year we get a brand new chance to script our life the way we have always dreamt of. This New Year you take the onus and persevere to script the life you always longed for. A happy new year dear and I hope you succeed in your mission.

8). Life never stops giving us chances to achieve what we long for; the duty is ours to make the most use of the opportunity. Happy new year darling and I hope that you paint a beautiful life for yourself and your loved ones.

Happy New Year quotes are a unique blend of both happiness and sorrows.

9). On this special day of January 1st I wish that you have a great year ahead; may god grant all you hopes and yearnings. Happy New Year darling; on this day I hope you have an innocent happy soul untainted by the sorrows and betrayals of life.

10). This New Year I hope that god bestows you with sensibilities and intelligence so that you stop wasting precious time by indulging in meaningless gossiping. Happy New Year and I hope that you become insightful and take heed of my advice.

11). This year I wish that you get reprieve from babysitting the crazy snobby teenage daughter of the next-door neighbour. Darling you are a softie and can never manage her tantrums; a very happy New Year my kind hearted darling.

The simplicity and innocence of the happy New Year quotes is one of its best features as the human emotions and its subtleties can best be expressed in simple words.

12). This new year I wish you achieve all the crazy missions and goals you have set in life. Now we party animals are eagerly waiting for the new year party; so invite us at the earliest or you are in for a shocking surprise.

13). With every achievement always remember your friends who cheered for your success during the humble beginnings. These people are most often the best friends we will ever gain in life. This new year dear learn treasuring the true friends.

14). This new year try and reconstruct yourself into a better and fitter version of yourself. Also now is time to start viewing life through the broader universal aspects of humanity and love. A very happy new year to you and the loved ones.

15). As this year ends and a new year begins; I wish you a very happy new year. This New Year will be a time of happiness and fortune for you.

The happy New Year quotes states the good wishes that the goddess of success and luck will bestow her blessings on you and your loved ones.

Wish you a happy New Year quotes | Happy New Year Quotes 2022

New year is the time of initiating a new phase in life; of starting life afresh with a broader and wiser viewpoint. The New Year is also the time of confessing your love and likings to the most special and unique persons in your life. Though the happy New Year quotes we exchange with our loved ones are superficial; these quotes are immensely emotive and express lots of emotions which otherwise we could never have expressed.

1). We are now at the doorstep of a brand new year; I hope that you become wiser and a better person. May you lead a vibrant and happy life very similar to your vivacious and charming personality. Happy new year beloved.

2). This special day comes only once a year and is truly a special phenomenon; as it gives birth to hope and happiness even in the most hopeless and miserable flocks. Happy New Year dear; always remember that life is a celebration and it is our responsibility to be happy.

One of beautiful Happy New Year quotes to wish happy new year to your friends and family.

3). Darling I can vouch about being the luckiest boyfriend in the world; you are a beautiful person inside and out. But I sincerely hope that there are no more sequels to the creepy vampire romance film franchise you are obsessed with.

4). This New Year dear best friend I hope that you take the resolution to stop fighting with me about every petty thing. Irrespective of the cat fights and bitching; a happy new year darling and we are best friends forever.

5). Sweetheart you are as beautiful and amazing as a dream but there is one aspect which I hope you try to change this New Year. Happy New Year; but darling stop being such a spoilsport when I watch sports

Happy New Year quotes portray the endless love and desires of people as it is a new day, a new year and we all are lucky enough to be alive.

6). New Year is the time of discovering new horizons and achieving braver feats. On this special day every year; hope is instilled in us for better brighter days irrespective of past miseries and betrayals.

7). Rejoice utmost during the limited but gleeful sunny days; and never become heartbroken souls during the rainy days. Happy new year to you; always remember that when the most torrential rainfall ends the sun shines the brightest.

8). Life is a blessing bestowed upon us humans for a very limited time span. So always keep on fighting like the brave kid you are; never lose hope as God always have plans and loves each of his children. And a very happy New Year sweetheart.

These happy New Year quotes reflect the hopes and desires that every single individual get all the happiness in this world.

9). Being your friend for the last decade I know that life has seldom been fair to you. You have had more difficulties than feats; but being the cheerful soul you took everything in stride and persevered. Happy New Year my inspiration; proud to be your friend.

10). I hope to see your charming and dazzling smile this New Year. May god bestow blessings on you and make this New Year the most blissful year of your life. Please forget the past betrayals and disappointments as they are unworthy of being remembered and dimming your dazzling smile.

11). The New Year is the Almighty’s gift to lead us for undoing the past wrongs and follow the real motivations of life and achieve what the heart really yearns for. Happy new year dear and live fearlessly.

The happy New Year quotes always reflect the hopes and aspirations for the upcoming New Year.

12). Happiness is the spice of life; it has to be blended in perfect proportions to get the perfect concoction of life. Happy New Year my foodie; let us celebrate the New Year by gorging on tasty food.

13). Life is a time of celebrations amidst the miseries and misfortunes; to lead a fulfilling life is to survive through the bad days and rejoice during the good days. Happy new year dear and be a survivor always.

14). Every New Year gives us a chance to improve ourselves and undo the past wrongs. Learn lessons from past mistakes and try not to repeat past blunders. Happy New Year dear and try to reinvent yourself in better ways.

15). It is not always possible for friends to stay together and enjoy the New Year’s party; but on this special day I want to be the first one to wish you a very happy New Year best friend.

Hope the happy New Year quotes will banish all negativity and sadness from life.

New Year Motivational Quotes | Happy New Year Quotes 2022

The New Year motivational quotes are there to motivate the people whom we hold dear to our hearts; our lovers, our parents, our relatives, our children and our friends.  The happy New Year quotes in the form of New Year motivational quotes are written to leave an everlasting impression on the hearts of the readers. These are inspirational quotes which rouse the longing in our hearts to be better and more worthy of praise. The New Year motivational quotes are insightful and inspire us to have blissful thoughts.

1). All the 365 pages of the new life you will have this new year is blank; so create brilliant happiness in these pages so that your life become a bright array of colours. A very happy new year to you sweetheart.

2). Life gifts us the New Year every year as a chance to hope and love anew forgetting past failures and sorrows. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones dear.

3). Time is one of the best things to gift your loved ones and the worst thing to waste on bad choices and wicked persons. This New Year spent time with the loved ones; happy new year to you and your family dear.

4). Try to spread happiness and laughter whenever you can; as a single smile sometimes make a whole world of difference. Happy New Year my sweetheart and I hope to see you beautiful smile for all the days for the rest of my life.

Happy New Year quotes can even motivate even the hopeless and the most pessimists of us all.

5). Happiness is the real spice of a successful life; happiness is often mistakenly equated with the amount of material success we achieve. Happy New Year darling and always be happy.

6). Darling always try to be happy; a blissful soul will spread happiness everywhere. Happy New Year love and always be the unique and kind soul you are.

7). Be the vehicle for happiness everywhere you go as optimism is needed everywhere. Happy new year darling and always keep the beautiful smile and optimism in your heart alive.

8). No one can live in the past failures and miseries as life will become stagnant without any happiness or love if we start living in the past. Happy New Year darling and learn to live in the present happiness and hopes instead of pondering on the past or the future.

The motivational words in happy new year quotes reflect the world of endless anticipation and cheerfulness.

9). Try and learn to live in the present and always try to lead a hopeful existence for a better and more fulfilling future. Happy new year dear and the secret to a mirthful existence is simply contentment in what you have.

10). Yearning for what you do not have or longing for the impossible may make us immensely successful or enigmatic overachievers; but it will never lead us to happiness or contentment. Happy New Year darling and spent some time resting and enjoying the simple but blissful moments of love and adoration with your family.

11). There should be a limit set by our heart when we should stop achieving and just start living and enjoying what we have. Happy new year dear and my advice this New Year to you is to start resting and enjoying the idleness instead of always working as an automaton.

12). Dear always try to look at the bright side of life and lead a cheerful existence. Happy New Year darling and always try to look at the goodness in others instead of focussing on the negativities.

Happy New Year quotes always overflow with love and optimism, reading them anytime makes our hearts hopeful.

13). Misunderstanding and miscommunication is the greatest distance between two souls who love each other but never can mend the rift caused by confusion. So happy New Year my friend and I hope this year you will give a chance to old friendships which have been broken due to misunderstandings.

14). Life teaches us lessons which stay with us the whole life. Often we get separated from true friends due to misunderstandings or problems caused by the egos. So darling to make this New Year a truly happy one; mend the friendships which truly matter to you.

15). Life gifts us many wonderful memories and vibrant moments filled with happiness when we learn to forgive people who are sorry for their wrongs and misdeeds. Happy new year darling and give the people in your life a chance to prove their love and adoration for you.

The happy New Year quotes always motivate everyone to be better as it is a time for hope and optimism.

New Year Love Quotes | Happy New Year Quotes 2022

The New Year love quotes are custom made for the love birds and the couples. The New Year is a time when the true passions and relations which govern our life are celebrated. So the New Year is a time for happiness and celebration for the young lovers and even the married couples who rejoice in the happiness and the wonderful memories they created together. The happy New Year quotes for lovers express the passion, love and adoration one partner has for the other. Romantic love and passion is an unique emotion which yearns for expression always and in these new year love quotes it gets the chance of perfect expression.

1). As life always gives us second chances in the form of new years. Darling we have been together for about five years now and have stood by each other in happiness and sadness. Happy new year sweetheart and hope to spend many more amazing years with you by my side.

2). I know I have hurt you badly by my wrong choices but this New Year I wish that you will give me another chance to show how much you mean to me. Happy New Year beloved; love you forever.

3). To find love in today’s mechanical and consumerist world is an impossible task in itself. Darling let us forget past hurts and misunderstandings and let start the relationship afresh this New Year. Happy New Year sweetheart.

The happy New Year quotes for the lovers perfectly express the love and passion.

4). Darling does not let petty egos or misunderstandings mar the amazing and pure love we have for each other. The souls who meet their lovers are the few lucky ones in this world; happy New Year love and always be my companion.

5). Only a lucky few are fortunate enough to meet their soul mates and spent their lifetimes with them. Sweetheart we should feel immensely lucky as we have experienced true love together. Happy New Year dear and hope to spend a hundred years with you as lovers.

6). Lovers have to struggle the hardest to stay together in this selfish loveless world which is hostile to the existence of true love. Happy New Year love and hope to persevere for many more years with you as my lover.
In the happy New Year quotes on love the romantic thrill for a new beginning is expressed.

7). Life without love has no meaning; so darling know this that it was you who has instilled my dull humdrum existence with the passion and vibrancy of life. Happy new year beloved and be mine forever.

8). Sweetheart always remember that you were the best thing that ever happened to me. My love and passion for you is unending and not possible to express in mere words. Happy New Year love and love me always.

9). Love is such a passion which like the frenzy of poetry can never be fully expressed in words; only actions and emotions felt by the heart of a true lover or a romantic can comprehend them. Happy New Year beloved.

10). I wish poetry was made on your pure heart and beautiful smile. When you smile because of something I did; it is a heavenly sight. Happy New Year my love.
Happy New Year quotes on love are the symbol of the undying yearning of man to get love and affection from fellow human beings.

11). I hope this New Year you will laugh and smile more often. Laughter of the loved ones makes our day. So love this New Year promise me that you will quarrel less and love me more. Happy New Year beloved and lots of hugs and kisses.

12). The New Year is the time of new promises and the blossoming of love. I still remember our first meeting during the New Year celebrations. Happy New Year love and hope to spent many more years with you.

13). Love we have spent twenty years adoring each other and the foundation of all these happy years is the New year‘s day of 1996. Happy new year darling and the New Year is always a lucky day for us.

14). My beloved the New Year has come and like always I hope the coming year our love and adoration for one another will increase. Happy New Year love and May our love become stronger with each passing day.

Happy New Year quotes for New Year love symbolises the new year as a new beginning, a time for creating aspirations and taking chances irrespective of success or failure.

15). The New Year is the joyous time and it is time filled with mirth, celebrations and love. Darling with you by my side everyday is the New Year’s Day as there seldom is a dull or unhappy moment with you. Happy New Year love and your presence always make my day.

End of the Year Quotes | Happy New Year Quotes 2022

The new year is only a human practise; it is neither the end of time and nor the beginning of new era. The times when it truly feels like it is a new year is when we take lessons from our past mistakes and see life through the glasses of experience and understanding. This year is ending and a new year will soon begin; so we should rejoice for the brand new chances life has given us to undo our mistakes and broaden the perspectives of life. The happy New Year quotes instil the joy and faith in ourselves so that we try the hardest and be the best version of ourselves instead of mimicking others and being mere imitations.

1). At this year end I hope you become an instinctive and adventurous person who will enjoy life to the fullest instead of opting for the safest or the easiest way out. Life has a knack of surprising ourselves for the better or the worst. So this coming New Year I wish to see that hidden spontaneous self.

2). The fad end of this year has arrives; so now is the time to decide resolutions and wishes for the New Year. This new year I hope you will start being a bit less serious about life and make room for mistakes and failures.

3). It is not the success which defines us but the failures we survived. This year end learn this lesson from me dear; life always throws us curveballs in the form of happiness or miseries but it is our duty to lead a fulfilling life.

Happy new year quotes reflect both the sorrow and mourning for the passing of the last year and also the joy for the arrival of the new year.

4). Life is like a room with multiple doors; so when you fail in one endeavour be patient and soon you will find out that god has some other special plan for you. Similarly the sorrow for the year end is soon replaced by increased hopes and happiness for the approaching New Year.

5). Being happy in life is just a matter of perspectives; never drown yourself in so many sorrows that you become blind to all the other chances life offers you. Likewise the ending year and the coming New Year are two sides of the coin; the difference is what you chose to see.

6). This whole year has been a lesson for me; a blend of both sorrows, mourning and ecstatic moments. Darling this year end I hope you take the important lessons and have a better life the coming year.
The happy new year quotes always preach the lesson to not repent for past failures but to keep on searching for better prospects as life always gives us second chances

7). The onus is upon us to grab that opportunities or the second chances which life offers us to make things right. So darlings take the lessons from this year and try to follow them the coming New Year.

8). All through my life I have observed that people who expect rewards for their good deeds are always the unhappiest as life is never fair. This year end and or in the coming New Year I hope you to realise that the amazing and unique journey of life is our reward for everything.

9). Loving someone wholly with all their faults and quirks is a great task but loving silently is a painful affair. I hope that this year ends along with all your sorrows; and the coming New Year you will get the strength to confess your love to your beloved.

As this year ends and a new year begins I hope that with the happy new year quotes and the lessons of the past year you will learn to overcome past setbacks and live with renewed enthusiasm.

10). Seldom do people have the best of everything but surviving in spite of all troubles and heartbreaks is called living. With the end of this year I hope all your sorrows end and you get a new leash of life this coming new year.

11). Dreams are the unfulfilled desires which our hearts yearn for. So never ignore the dreams as it conveys things which the mind can never express. This coming new year promise yourself to listen to the heart and be a passionate person.

12). As this year comes to an end and a new year begins make it the objective of life to make others smile and have a new soul. This New Year life will be viewed through a novel perspective of positivity and hope.

Hope that the happy New Year quotes give us enough optimism to go through the rooms of life and unravel the potential in us instead of spotting the innumerable failures which have shaped our life so far.

13). In life nothing is impossible; the brave achieves anything on which he sets his heart and the coward achieves nothing. As this year ends darling make this resolution that being a lazy sloth in life will make life dull and meaningless; so always try to enjoy life as the most precious blessing.

14). As every year ends make it a habit to contemplate on the way you lived for the last year and how you behaved with others. Life is a never ending lesson and as every year ends and a new year begins you will keep on getting precious lifelong lessons.

15). At the fag-end of this year and at the threshold of the New Year I wish that my heart learns to hope than to repent for the past mistakes and failures. I am happy that this year is ending and a new year will soon begin.

The happy New Year quotes about the New Year are a time for forgetting the past and beginning anew.

The New Year is a time for holidays, happiness and celebrations. It is one of the most optimistic times of the year when new hopes and aspirations are born. The New Year’s Day is a happy and special day for all of us, our family and our loved and dear ones.

Everyone looks forward to the New Year as they get ample time to enjoy with their close ones and also spent time with family. The Happy new year quotes are the way of expressing our love, the joy and hopes of the coming year.

Each New Year gives birth to innumerable hopes, ideas and aspirations as it is the beginning of a new year when everyone can forget the past failures and betrayals and hope for a new beginning, a second chance.

Hope you enjoyed this happy new year quotes 2022 collection.

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