Love Poems for Him, Husband, Boyfriend

Love poems for husband, love poems for him, love poems for boyfriend : Often when life becomes tough at some phases we turn too much busy that we don’t pay attention to our loved ones. Your husband works for the whole day in his office and when he comes back he expects some relaxation at home but your demands from him makes him ruthless towards you.

You shouldn’t fight with him all the time for his attention but you should always try to calm him in the tough phase of his life. Love poems for him always work as a dotting medicine for this purpose.

When it comes to husbands all wives have something to say. Something that they have not said yet. Something that they tried to but never got enough courage to deliver. Love poems for him or love poems for boyfriend are the best way to heal the wounds of time on his heart.

You know that you love them but sometimes you people got engaged in such fights that you feel like shout at your best and never talk again. But after some time when your anger calms down you feel sorry for saying those heart breaking words to them. Remember ladies never say something in anger that makes you feel repented afterwards.

A time comes when you feel like saying everything to them. Your feelings, your passion and your love for them were always there in your heart. But now it is the time to express your feelings in form of words that can do the magic in your married life.

Love Poems for Husband | Love Poems for Him | Love Poems for Boyfriend

Love Poems for Him

So here we are listing out some really cute love poems for husband that will help you to share your feelings with them:

1). There is a fire in my heart
That I never wanna go apart
Your love must be doing magic
That sorrows seems to be depart.

This is really one of the very cute attempts to make your husband love you even more. This is a really one of nice love poems for him.

2). I love you for being the man of my life
I love you for making me fall your every time
I love you like winds blow in every season
Cause my dear I love you for no reason.

Another Cute love poems of him, This poem will make him know his importance in your life. It will let him know that his position can not be replaced in your life. He is the man that protects you and no one can love you him the way that you do.

3). Every day I wait for you to come,
Come back and hug me hard,
Every time I think about you,
I wish we never go apart

This one is a treat in the category of short love poems for husband. He will really feel so much loved by this that he will be very sad while going apart from you.

4). Thanks for being there while am alone,
Thanks for making all the worries so gone,
You are the one who always makes me smile
Thanks for loving me like a love song.

This love poem for husband is a medium to say him thanks for caring you and loving you unconditionally forever. It is the right time to say him a little thank you for all those things he thought always goes unnoticed.

5). I wanna be the berry of your straw,
I wanna be the high to you low,
I wanna be the eyes to your brow,
Cause baby I wanna grow old with you.

This will let him know that you are incomplete without him. He is everything that makes you feel good about yourself.

6). I don’t wanna let you go,
I just wanna be with you,
It doesn’t matter where we are,
But you always make my mind blow.

This love poem for husband is short and sweet attempt to find a special place in the heart of your loving husband.

7). Nothing gonna change my love for you
Neither these ups and downs
Neither these poverty nor crowns
Everything that I am right now
It is because you are my love

8). My heart skips a beat
Whenever I see your face
My love keeps on increase
Whenever you care each phase
Even the foes seems friends
When you smile at them
My both eyes turn wet
Cause it’s the tears of your care

9). I rely myself on you
For being the one for me
I handover my heart to you
For taking care for me
I wish to be with you
Cause you give smiles to me
I wish you to never let go
Cause you always walks by me

10). A day without your smile
Makes my heart so restless
A day without your face
Makes my life go worthless
Cause you are the one for me
And you will always be the one
And am the one for you
And am sure I will remain the one

He is the one you can not even think to stay apart from. He is your love and now he is your life.

11). Each second my heart beats
It takes out your name
Your name so loud that
The stars feel so shame
The twinkle in your eyes
Is the sunshine that came
Like a beauty in wild
And my heart is now in your hands

This shows that you have given yourself completely to him. And you trust and love him like mad.

12). Love is a fire
Love is a star
Love is the thing
That grows feelings from far
Love is the soul
That makes you alive
And for me love is you
That makes my every small so high

Such cute things will do the wonder for your marriage to make the bonding even stronger.

13). Baby am addicted like a fool
Baby I just can’t control
If am going crazy like hell
Then I don’t even wanna stop

14). In my life time
You are my soul mate
This is fix forever
And it is true my dear

15). I feel peace
When I am with you
I feel loved
When you are with me

16). The things you never knew is
You are my sunshine
You are my moonlight
You are my gravity and
You are my everything

17). Your smile makes me bright
This keeps me happy
Through out the day and night

18). My heart twinkles
When your eyes sparkles
My little angle you are my bride

19). My friends are envy
Coz of your love on me
My heart is heavy
coz the weight of your love on me

20). You are the reason why I am alive
Your name beats always inside
Your sweet words always ringers
Your passion always I feel
Your emotions always touch my heart

21). I never knew I will love you this much
I never knew our love will grow too fast
I never thought you cares for me so much
I wish our love will ever last.

22). My heart is like a temple
Where I worship you like a god
My mind is like a workshop
Where I write your name like a mad

23). When I see you I feel that you are me
When you besides me I feel joy
When you walk with me I feel pride
When you didn’t message me I feel sad

It will show the depth of your love. You must pick this up from the category of love poems for husband to show the intensity of your love for him..

I hope you enjoyed Love Poems for him, husband or Boyfriend collection. If you like this, don’t forget to share these love poems for him with your friends.

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