85 Crazy Quotes about Being Crazy

Crazy Quotes: Do you have a group of crazy friends with the utter craziness the find in everything? Well, friendship is the very basic thing that any human learns in the first step of his life after his family and there is nothing better than having friends who have a really crazy sense of humor.

You all have friends, some of them are your good friends and some of them are your best friends like the oxygen of your life. You call them best because they understand you and share the craziness with you and all the funny things.

They are the hidden gems in the earth that you earn in your life. You do all crazy things with them like playing truth or dare question games, watching movie online and going outside etc. They don’t ever call you with your name but they call you with several crazy and funny nicknames. They keep you embarrassing and you keep them embarrassing and this way you enjoy a lot with your friends.

So today’s article is about quotes about craziness that you can have with your crazy friends to mix up, even more, fun in all crazy moments.

These craziness quotes are really good that you can share with your friends at just anywhere ad can have that infinite craziness and be completely free to do just anything with them.

I have listed some really funny and crazy quotes so that you can share these with your friends and best friends and let them know how important they’re in your life and what friendship mean to you.

85 Crazy Quotes about Being Crazy

Crazy Quotes

These are humorous and crazy quotes but these will surely let them know that friendship with you is really a great thing. So read out all these crazy sayings and be ready to repeat it with your group.

Quotes on Craziness Times with Friends (Crazy Quotes)

1). I and my friends are crazy and this thing keeps us connected.

2). You look a lot like me and that’s why we met.

3). You are a crazy man you should do it with your friend to look a less crazy.

4). You have everything because you have me as you crazy friend.

5). I can’t get depressed ever because I have you as my silent friend.

6). We are friends because we have the same level of craziness.

7). It helps when you act like crazy, it can even get me out from fever, so my crazy friend is a great help.

Say these crazy quotes with your best friend and let him know how much you love him.

8). Do you know we are all suffering from a mental illness and that is called craziness?

9). When I think of the craziest person in my life, you get my eyes and I see your face all around.

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10). I was alone on this earth so God sent you as my craziest friend to share the fun together.

11). When I have friends like you, depression is just a silly thing. Even you can depress the depression.

12). I’m very cautious to my friends as a big proportion of their brains are a lot crazier.

13). I can talk just nonsense all the time because I have you as the privilege.

14). I know that you’re an egg with a slight crack even though I accept you because you are a perfect egg.

15). I know my best friends are crazy but still, I can be seen with them, how good I am.

16). You need to know that I laugh at your jokes doesn’t mean that you are so humorous. I laugh because I don’t want to see your bad face.

Through these crazy quotes, you can really see that face of your friend just after saying this one.

17). If anyone gives you a trouble, just tell me because I don’t advise to move on, I’ll help you to move that one’s dead body.

18). If you are successful then you have a crazy friend with his crazy stuff.

19). One day I started describing you to a person and then I realized how weird friends you are.

20). We are best friends but that doesn’t mean I’ll not laugh whenever you fall. Surely I’ll pick you up later.

21). I love you because you’re stupid, idiot, crazy, insane and weird and that’s why you are my best friend.

Get them laughing in a funny way by using these crazy quotes.

22). I love zombies and this is the reason you’re my best friend because you are my favorite zombie.

23). I have everything because I have friends that are as crazy as me.

24). I love that we are best friends even our choices don’t match ever.

25). I realize every morning that how handsome you are when I see you in the morning all messed up just after the bed.

26). My crazy finds humiliate me every moment but they can’t see me being humiliated by anyone else, such devils are they.

27). No matter how serious you would be in your life, I’ll still treat you as my stupid friend.

28). It’s good to be a gentleman but it’s better to be with someone crazy as you.

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29). My life is full of fun because I can make fun of you just anytime.

30). My life seems so nice when my evil friends are not around me, but then I think of them and it makes me smile.

It will also be a sweet saying among these crazy quotes.

31). When you fail I get very much happy that I want to laugh with all my power inside.

32). I love to hide your stuff and watch acting like nuts all around.

33). I have 100 enemies but and you are my favorite one of them.

34). I know that I’m your best friend even you don’t say; I know that I am your antidote in every disease.

35). The weirdest thing in the world is my friends.

Let them know that you have the weirdest yet best people in your life through these crazy quotes.

36). There is a language called “insane” and that’s the one we talk whole day.

37). I have your precious things of life and that are the uncountable memories, lacks of lies, thousands of fun and hundreds of secrets. So I’m your secret locker, respect me.

38). Whenever you find trouble, call me because I’m the key to everything in your life.

39). People call me out of mind since I meet you all morons as my best friends.

40). There are no words to describe you my friend, but we are the great gang together.

Share all your old hilarious memories with your gang with my list of crazy quotes.

41). We are best friends because all my problems are yours so you are my problem sharing machine without any cost.

42). I’m born so you can never sit alone; I’m here to disturb you forever.

43). I am your true friend because I’m here to get you through the pain all the time unless you give me a treat of donuts.

44). When I have a fight with my friend we can just communicate with expression, what a great friendship we have.

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Remind them how much crazy connection you have even when you put up fights with them using crazy quotes.

45). Best friends are the person with whom you can fight 24/7 unnecessarily and you still enjoy it.

46). We are best buddies and you can’t do anything about it, you just have to endure me the rest of your life.

47). If you have stupid friends you have a blessing in your life.

48). My friends are a shoulder for me that I can cry on but they are really evil to that person who hurts me.

Say this one and enjoy all the old memories when your friends stand for you by these crazy quotes.

49). I insult you the whole day but I’ll break the face if anyone else insults you.

50). I feel awkward when you don’t come to school because I get bored without a stupid like you.

51). We always talk stupid when we have a conversation with best friends. It is like natural.

52). You are useless when you don’t bring me chocolate.

53). Only I’m the one in this planet that can afford stupid friend like you.

Say these humorous and crazy quotes in your group have great fun.

54). I love you because there is always a delicious lunch in your school bag.

55). You should really behave well as you are not going to find any on better than me.

56). It’s too much fun when you are in a deep sleep and I call you at 4 AM.

57). Only I have the guts to tell you when you look dirty.

58). You should respect me like the God because I’m the one who is with you after all your flaws.

This is also a great humorous line in these crazy quotes to make fun of your friend.

59). I love you because you share that last piece of your cookie with me.

60). Friendship is giving your friend the worst advice of this world and then enjoying seeing him in pain.

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61). One night I dreamed that a donkey kicked your ass, and then I came and told that donkey to kick you again.

62). Only I can say you Jerk and not anyone else.

63). The one thing that I enjoy the most is to make your fool; I’d like to do it as my permanent job.

64). Friendship is like that warmness that you feel while peeing in your pants.

65). An ideal life has good books, sleep and crazy finds like you.

Let your friend know the importance of him in your life by these cute things and crazy quotes.

66). I can borrow anything from you as you are my best friend so this way you are my personal bank having great stuff.

67). Shut off your good manners and stay like an idiot with me forever.

68). I take the pledge today that wherever you go, I’ll come next to you even if it’s your toilet.

Go after him like insane after saying this one from these all crazy quotes.

69). When I do any crazy shit with my friend, I feel like climbing a thousand feet of the mountain.

70). I want to give you a nickname and that is ATM, you always have money whenever I need it and that’ why you are my best friend.

71). Has anyone told you that you’re awful but you have a cute friend and that’s me?

72). Your life is a heaven because I’m inside.

Let him know that how good friend he has through these crazy quotes.

73). You have my friendship even if you have an ugly face.

74). Our friendship is like a football, it doesn’t get cracked no matter how many times I kick it.

75). You should beware of me because there is a saying that “not your enemies but your friend can kill you”.

76). You are my best friend because you give me DVDs of your favorite movies even after knowing that I won’t give you back.

This will really drive him mad, so have these crazy quotes.

77). We are the best friends because you buy lunch and I eat it.

78). I love you because you clean my house even if I make the mess.

79). If you’re crazy then deal you are my best friend from now.

80). If life is kicking you at every step, it helps to have a friend like you.

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Let him know that a good friend really helps by using crazy quotes.

81). If anyone hurts you I can make his face like hell.

82). What type of best friend you are when you don’t even like my photos?

83). I’m always ready to do something crazy with you because good friends don’t do good stuff alone.

You can say this one among these crazy quotes and make your friend realize that how much the friendship means to you.

84). I can finish your sentence with the dirtiest end because I understand your thinking.

85). I know there is no one sweet like me in the world.


Life seems beautiful when there are friends but the best finds make it look like hell because of an unending joy. So I have sorted out these crazy quotes and sayings for you so you can have a massive fun together with your gang of crazies. Set these all crazy quotes and refresh all the craziness that you did together and enjoy your hilarious moments.

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