How to Get Rid Of Sugar Ants

How to Get Rid Of Sugar Ants: Sugar ant is a common insect that everyone sees in their homes in several seasons like in summers mostly. These insects don’t harm us much but they crawl all wound in our homes, our kitchen, cabinets, book shelves and sometimes in clothes too.

The reason why you hate them is they can easily smell sweet things and just attack them with all their troops. So sometimes you really want to know how to get rid of sugar Ants. They are really a big fan of sugar and desserts and sometimes w can also find their nests in our home and that is so creepy.

So , I’m here with some details in sugar Ants send home remedies so that you won’t get confused about how to get rid of sugar Ants ever in your life because these are some really best methods to get rid of them completely.

Some Facts about Sugar Ants

Before knowing about how to get rid of sugar Ants, here are some cleanest facts about these sugar Ants that you need to know

  • They are not like fire Ants and so their bite doesn’t hurt you.
  • Some of these Ants also prefer eating other insects, plAnts and other dead animals even after being black in color and these are known as banded Ants.
  • Mostly sugar Ants prefer being active in nights but in summer days they can be easily seen in day time also.
  • There are very less chances of seeing these Ants in winter days in homes.
  • You may have seen black Ants with bigger shapes and wings. They are the male Ants and known as alates.
  • When these male and Queen Ants meet for reproduction purposes, other Ants work as bodyguards to protect these from any harm.

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Why These Insects Love To Invade Your Homes And How To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants?

Well sugar Ants invade homes because you continue to create the reasons for them. You offer them food in different ways that you don’t even notice and that’s why they are always attracted to your homes.

Also, cool and dark areas or corners of your room attract these Ants to enter your home because they find these places easier to live and find foods.

Here I’m going to discuss some ways on that you create and then sugar Ants invade and also the ways on how to get rid of sugar Ants.

  • One of the famous reasons is that your kitchen sink full of small particles of leftover foods. If you want to control then you need to keep your dirty kitchen sink clean all the time.
  • When you rinse your dishes make sure you don’t leave any food there overnight because this is the biggest invitation for them. You need to wipe down it properly, also you can pour some bleach over there, this will really keep that area clean and free of germs and that is the perfect method on how to get rid of sugar Ants.
  • The container where you put your dishes or food should be cleaned daily and properly using Clorox or any other effective bleach. Do this each night to get rid of them completely.
  • Sugar Ants love dark and dirty places and when they are full of food then these Ants are going to love it even more. So bleach your countertops and all the places containing desserts because even a piece of sweet is enough to invite the whole Ants’ colony.
  • Follow their living place and bleach the entire areas where you find them living you can easily find their shelters ion summers, so if you seriously want to work on how to get rid of sugar Ants then you have to take this step.
  • Always vacuum your dining room at night and all the corners having dark spaces so you don’t left with any single sugar ant. This way they won’t find any leftovers and won’t get attracted to your kitchen dining room.

  • Make sure you keep your garbage collection bags clean. Use garbage bags and empty them daily to keep your home from dirtiness if you surely want a solution on how to get rid of sugar Ants.
  • Make sure that all the garbage bags are strong and not punctured because if they are then the infestation may happen inside them and then in your home too. You can also bring the garbage bags hats use baking soda and the chemicals to sure the cleanliness.
  • If you have cereals, cookies or any other grains in your home, just put these inside airtight containers because Ants can easily invade the containers without airtight qualities.
  • You can put some sweets like sugar, syrup or honey in your refrigerator and you can easily warm up when needed.
  • Try to store all the snacks closed up and not over the covers to keep the sugar Ants away from your kitchen.

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Home Remedies on How to Get Rid Of Sugar Ants

After providing you some basic methods on how to get rid of sugar Ants, there are some really effective home remedies to keep yourself from infestation

1). Black Pepper

This is one of the most effective ways on how to get rid of sugar Ants. You just need to fill up a bottle of black pepper powder and then spray it in the living areas of those filthy Ants. You can even spray it on the corners and the dark places of each room even you don’t see any infestation there.

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2). Vinegar

Another solution after the black pepper is the Vinegar which apple cider vinegar and water. Try these two materials and mix it in equal quantities in a spray bottle. Spray this solution by shaking it up in the whole infested area and corner of the kitchen and dining room.

3). Trap

If you don’t want to spray these ingredients over their places then you can so a fun experiment to catch them and kill them. Ion this method of how to get rid of sugar Ants, you need to set up a trap or a bait for the Ants.

Take a container which is big enough to catch all the Ants’ troops and just put some pieces of sweets or desserts there and make some holes as an entry gate for them. Wait for some time and then you will see a group of Ants inside the box, now you can take revenge your own way.

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4). Borax

This will be really going to be a fast method of killing those entire sugar Ants crowd. Take a container full of Borax and some sweet syrup and mix it well. Now keep it in any corner and let them go inside.

After some time or on the next day you will see a group of Ants there but all are dead in that sweet poison because Borax works as poison and this is what these tinctures want to be dead, so set Borax as how to get rid of sugar Ants method.

5). Boric Acid

This is the way on how to get rid of sugar Ants using Boric acid. It is a chemical just like the Borax. You just mix it with some sweet or syrup, the Ants will find themselves attracted to this mixture and they will consume it all.

This sweet poison thing will kill them all, so you can put 2-3 mixtures of this bait in different corners and rooms if you want to set up an end to the whole colony.

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6). Clove

You can easily notice a less infestation in your home by putting these cloves in every entry and windows of your home and even in the corners where you see Ants.

This is a home remedy that puts any kind of insects away because if it’s strong smells which these insects find difficult to smell.

7). Cornmeal

Cornmeal is also good if you have it in your home. Cornmeal can’t be digested by the Ants so you can mix it with any kind of sugar or sweet syrup and then sprinkle on the corners and you will find them dead for sure.

8). Lemon Juice

Same as the smell of whole cloves, Ants find the smell of lemon juice very unattractive. So in order to learn how to get rid of sugar Ants using lemon juice, fill up a bottle of lemon juice and just spray it everyplace by mixing it with some water.

You can also use the leftover peels to get rid of them, just take these peels, boil them for 10mins and then out these peels and the water which you boiled them just spray it all over the corners.

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9). Baking Soda

Ants find this Baking soda harmful so this is also an effective remedy on how to get rid of sugar Ants or to kill them in your home. You need a bottle full of baking soda and some sugar in a large proportion; Ants come to this solution because the sugar and you get them killed because of the Baking soda.

10). Cinnamon

It can be dangerous even when humans consume it more than necessary so it will be a great solution to set those all Ants to death. You can find cinnamon oil in any store or just prepare the cinnamon powder and sprinkle it over their holes or northerners.

11). Grounded Coffee

Grounded coffee goes in action to kill these sugar Ants because of its aroma. Ants can’t stand this smell. So take some quantity of grounded coffee and put it in the homes of sugar Ants and inside the crack where you suspect these Ants.

This strong aroma will really force them to change their paths from your home to anywhere else, so this is the coffee way on how to get rid of sugar Ants.

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12). Spices

There are some really effective spices in your kitchen already that you can use when it’s about getting rid of Ants. So keep some of these spices like cinnamon powder, red pepper powder or the cayenne pepper over all the entrances of your home and the windows from where they take the entry.

13). Molasses

Mix 1 tablespoon each of sugar and yeast, and 2 tablespoons of molasses. Put this bait in a covered container containing holes. The Ants will get attracted to it and you will find a perfect solution on how to get rid of sugar Ants.

14). Cucumber peelings

Cucumber seems a really easy thing but it can really bring death to those sugar Ants. You just need to put some peelings of this near the Ants’ infestation and this way you will get rid of them in a natural way. You can also spray it over the corners.

15). Peppermint

You all know how strong smell the Peppermint oil contains. Humans find the smell attractive but for the Ants, it’s like smelling a poison that can kill them or they will leave your home instantly because of the strong odor.

So just take it and spray on the floors, near the windows and corners of the entrances. It will make your house smelling pleasant and those Ants feel like death.

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16). Essential Oils

Other than peppermint oil you can also try some essential oils if you have them already. You can use oils like orange, clove or any other strong smelling oil because these oils lead those Ants to death in just no time.

So in order to know how to get rid of sugar Ants using essential oils you need to spray this oil all over where you find them most of the times.

17). Bay Leaves

It’s an herbal way to face those Ants and to repel them. These leaves really have a strong smell that is so unpleasant to sugar Ants, so they will leave the place immediately.

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Sugar Ants are not that bad but you find them unattractive because they invade our homes so much in the summers and make the entire home look filthy. They are very beneficial to the whole ecosystem and many of you don’t like to just kill them.

So my list of remedies and ways will also help you if you just want to get rid of them without killing them. These Natural remedies rare seriously effective that work as pesticides for sugar Ants. I really hope you would find my methods on how to get rid of sugar Ants useful and try these at your homes.

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