When Does Morning Sickness Start?

This article is all about when does morning sickness start and what steps you can take to avoid difficulties. So during the pregnancy session, morning sickness starts showing up between fifth to eighth weeks, you can’t get the sickness prior than the fifth week, and if it happens, it’s a very rare one. Another fact about the morning sickness is that it is not going to happen after the 14th week.

Now you know when does morning sickness start, and if you are feeling the same, then it’s a good sickness because you are expecting a baby.

Nausea serves as the very first sign of the pregnancy and after that other signs come in the way. But if you are feeling nausea and you didn’t perform any activities with your partner that can get you pregnant, then maybe it’s not pregnancy.

If your results are positive and you are curious about when does morning sickness start because you haven’t got anything like nausea then don’t worry. Sometimes women don’t get this symptom quickly, and it happens after a few weeks than expected.

Its name is morning sickness, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t happen in the afternoon or bedtime. According to several reports, most women feel it after the morning time, so don’t go with the name and if you feel it some other time, then that is called morning sickness too.

If you ask when does morning sickness start, then it’s the time when you get this icky feeling because of the hormones human chorionic gonadotropin and estrogen that are responsible for your baby’s growth. These hormones get double in their levels, and you feel these abnormal situations which are truly normal during pregnancy days.

Why Do I Feel Nausea?


As I discussed above that when does morning sickness start, it starts when you experience having nausea. You feel Nausea because of the high level of hormones, and as they continue, you experience it more and more until the certain limit of time.

Feeling nausea is not always bad because it gives you power to be sensitive to smells. So when you are near to something that is not good for your health, your smelling sense warns you to keep that smell away.

Another reason to feel nauseous is the hormone progesterone that functions to make your muscles relaxed so the food can be in your digestive system for longer.

When Does Morning Sickness Start and How to Survive It?

When Does Morning Sickness Start

It’s morning sickness, but most pregnant women face it all day or night. It depends on alteration in the hormones, the more they change, the more you feel these symptoms.

To enjoy your pregnancy is a challenging thing because at the same time you also experience these bad feelings like vomiting and sickness.

You also get irritated to some smells and don’t like them at all, or you can call it sensitivity to odors. You also feel like your baby is getting hurt because of all this sickness of yours which is not true.

After knowing when does morning sickness start, these are some basic steps on surviving it-

Foods That Work For You

When you are pregnant and facing all those issues in your stomach, I know that you feel like you don’t want to eat or drink anything.

You are right, but if you continue the way, it can only make the feeling worse because an empty stomach is an enemy of a healthy pregnancy.

Your sugar levels become low, your nausea gets increased, and you feel sicker than ever, so do not practice avoiding food and especially if you know when does morning sickness start and how does it feel.

  • It’s okay if you don’t want much, you can do chewing crackers in the morning or some light snacks on salty foods, and take a carbohydrate snack like a grain muffin so you feel less nausea.
  • You can also have some salty snacks like chips and lemonade as these food help in nausea. As another option, you can take watermelon also to work better with your diet plan.
  • If there is any food or smell that increase your nausea them immediately stop taking it and stay away. Eating cold food also help greatly to decrease nausea.
  • You know that when does morning sickness start and you are facing a symptom like a regular vomit, then you should increase taking fluids or liquids than the current amount.
  • Take frozen foods like watermelon or mint ice cubes, frozen pops and ice chips to keep you from dehydration.
  • Lemon slush is a great way to keep you hydrated if you are not comfortable with taking normal water.
  • If your drink contains iron, then you should consult  with your doctor as it supports nausea and vomit problem by making your mouth tasting metallic

Nausea Kit

Keeping a nausea kit can be way more helpful in an emergency. If nausea is getting hard to control, then use a nausea kit.

This kit includes things like wet wipes, napkins, a water bottle, a toothbrush, toothpaste and some breath mints so you can pass these mounts easily.

What is Severe Morning Sickness?

You already know when does morning sickness start and how does it feel but sometimes this sickness gets severe that seems unmanageable and it is called Severe Morning Sickness.

You can call a situation serious if keeping down food is impossible for you and you are facing serious diarrhea and have lost electrolytes.

As a result, you lose weight and become dehydrated; it’s time to call your doctor or get to the hospital because you really need some serious care.

In this series condition, you lose all the after of your body and essential minerals, and you feel lifeless. This situation is known as hyperemesis gravidarum which simply means excessive vomiting in pregnancy.

You lose minerals that are important for your body and the baby. So you need to cure this electrolyte lost and catch your healthy levels again.

Some Really Effective Morning Sickness Remedies

You now know that when does morning sickness start and other crucial things related to it. So I am going to share some effective home remedies so you can treat your nausea feelings well at your home.

Morning sickness is a part of pregnancy, and it’s common to experience it, but you don’t have to suffer from it and read out all these remedies that would take all your pain away.

1). Ginger Is Really Effective


Ginger root is a really effective thing for most of the problems. It is also an answer to decrease your pregnancy pain and troubles. It is a great remedy that is always used for tummy-taming purposes.

You just have to drink it as a ginger tea or if you don’t feel good about taking liquids, try testing ginger-laced lollipops and see improvement.

2). Add Some Sourness


Your stomach is already sour because you go through all these conditions. By adding sourness can really work to reduce the sourness. Strangely sourness eliminates sourness or at least decreases it, so you are advised to take additional sourness.

Try something sour like a sour candy, consume lemon water, or just sniff some sour material and see if it works for you. Also, lemon or orange peel can work for adding sourness, and you can always have one in your pocket.

3). Sniff Mint


Taking in or just sniffing the mint can make the problem feeling less. Mint always smells fresh, and this is the reason it can help you with nauseated feeling.

4). Take Some Salty Thing

Consume some salty snack just like crackers to improve the taste of your mouth and keep the nausea problem away.

5). Vitamin B6

If you want to reduce that morning sickness then taking vitamin B6 can help you with the issue. Vitamin b6 has shown its effects to reduce the sickness symptoms, so you can also try taking 25 mg of vitamin B6 and make it three times a day and see if it helps you.

6). Using Acupressure

Acupressure Wristbands

Using acupressure can also help in minimizing the symptoms of morning sickness. In the method, you gently pressure the tiny needles type shape with your palm, and they got the nerves in your body, so you feel relaxed.

So this way, the acupressure remedy can be advantageous in treating nausea.  Also, you can receive some extra acupuncture treatments if you feel this acupressure therapy perfect for treating nausea.

7). Exercise Regularly

There are some light exercises that you need to do to overcome these morning symptoms. It is not like running for miles with stopping, but a gentle walk can help very much. So you can implement walking for 10 -20 minutes a day in your daily routine and make it your habit.

8). Cure Nausea with Herbal Teas

These teas can be really effective to cure your condition of nausea or vomiting.  You can prepare a herbal tea using lemon balm or peppermint and take this whenever you feel nausea.

To prepare this, take 1-2 teaspoons of herb in dried form and mix into a cup of hot water.  If you feel heartburn after consuming peppermint, then avoid taking it.

Raspberry-leaf tea is another option if you want to consume herbal teas to reduce nausea. It can cure several pregnancy issues and gives you relax in those restless situations.

You can use 1 to 2 tbsp dried herb and mix it well into a hot cup of water and drink this to get instant relax.

But it’s always healthy to ask your doctor before taking this herb because raspberry can be a reason for uterine contractions sometimes, so don’t miss consulting.

9). Chew Fennel Seeds

Always keep some fennel seeds near you or your bed, so whenever you feel queasy, take these and chew to get out of the bed feelings zone.

10). Keep Fruit Bars

When you vomit you throw the required sugar levels, so you need to maintain your sugar levels also. For this, you need to keep some of your favorite fruit-bars always in your freezer. You can take these after throwing up so you can maintain your sugar levels.

If you take three full meals a day, then stop. Instead, you need to take small diet at a time; you can take these small diets the whole day but avoid taking full meals.

Involving Medicines

You can take medication to get help with your morning sickness symptoms. If you don’t find these home remedies suitable for you, there are medicines that you can use as a second option.

These meds are to cure severe cases of pregnancy sickness, so after getting enlightened with when does morning sickness start, you can follow some medications to get relief.

But be careful while taking medication and always consult an expert because there can be meds that can be harmful to your health and your baby’s.

1). OTC Medications

You can always take medicines like Benadryl and Unisom, these are widely known to treat allergies, but there are great to help you with nausea. So when that morning sickness overloads, try taking these OTC (over the counter) medicines.

2). Take Acid Reflux Medicines

When you vomit, again and again, it scratches your esophagus and throat gets damaged because you get the potent stomach acids out of your throat. This condition can lead you to heartburn and gives you a sour stomach.

In this case, taking acid reflux medications can be beneficial and lower the acidity level and make your throat smooth whole reducing the damage which happens after extreme vomiting.

3). Get a Prescription

You can go to your doctor and get a proper prescription to minimize your nausea and other conditions. You can prefer medications like Vistaril and Zofran.

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I hope after reading out this article, you now know when does morning sickness start and what steps can be taken to minimize the symptoms like nausea.

These symptoms start at the beginning of your pregnancy so you can have a clear idea that your pregnancy had begun. Morning sickness always feels queasy, but it differs from woman to woman.

So checking my article make you understand the morning sickness completely and the remedies mentioned cure your morning sickness efficiently.

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