How to Lose Face Fat

Want to know how to lose face fat?

You all face that time when your face is like a bag full of fat and always feels fatty and chubby.

You feel like having extra weight and with that double chin also. This entire situation can make you less confident because you don’t feel your face beautiful as it was.

While thinking about your appearance you just want that thing that can help you on how to lose fat in face or the tricks that can work effectively on how to slim your face.

Appearance is the most important thing because before noticing any other thing you always look a person’s face.

It is the first thing that makes its place in your brain, so everyone wants their face to look attractive in everyone’ eyes.

Every one of you wants high cheekbones, a flat jawline with sharp looking overall face structure. You may hear that word ‘cute’ when people look your face, but it’s the time that you want to get rid of those chubby cheeks.

To give your face sharp edges just like a healthy person has you have to read out my methods on how to lose face fat and then follow the same.

How to Lose Face Fat by Changing Your Diet

These steps on how to lose face fat are very helpful in toning your face and say goodbye to that extra fat on your face. So just check these methods here and implement them in your routine.

1). Always Keep Your Body Hydrated

drink water

When you drink water enough to keep your body hydrated, it always helps with that fat in your face.

Drinking enough water every day is useful to reduce boating because when you drink water, it helps to flush all the toxins from your body. This way, water improves overall health and makes your face look slim.

You should drink a minimum of 4 glasses water a day to burn those extra calories if you want this method to work on how to lose face fat.

Don’t forget to keep your body full of hydration to make your body and face look slimmer and slender.

2). Take A Healthy and Balanced Diet

balanced diet

Try to avoid processed food and take the foods that are low processed to improve your health. Always try to add fresh vegetables in the form of salads or steamed and fruits that contain protein and high amount of fiber.

By processed food, I mean you should avoid eating junk foods like Burger, Pizza, Fries, Pasta, etc. and try not to include salt very much in your diet. Because when you take more salt, it retains water in your body that makes your body and face bloat.

Same as the salt, also try not to take food with extra sugar as it is also a reason for a fatty face. So you have to control your salt and sugar taking to work successfully on how to lose face fat.

How to Lose Face Fat by Implementing Face Exercises

1). Try Chin Lifting

Chin Lifting

If you are facing trouble with double chin along with the fatty cheeks, then you should try doing chin lifting exercise. It is a really effective and a great way that helps in a short time to reduce your face fat.

When you try doing chin lift exercise, it works out with almost all muscles of face, jaw, throat, and neck and it helps faster to lose the chubby cheeks and double chin problem.

To enlighten you on how to lose weight in face using this exercise, take your face little forward and then see the ceiling and keep your eyes there for a few seconds. Now, make our lips in the shape of kissing and just continue doing it a few times daily.

2). Jaw Release

Jaw Release

After the chin lifting, jaw release is also the effective one that helps very much in reducing fatty tissues from cheeks. If you do it regularly for a few times in a day, you can really get rid of the fatty face and make it look like slim one.

Jaw release is very useful as it provides the low and youthfulness by enhancing the appearance of high cheekbones along with and distinguished jawline.

You can begin this exercise by sitting or standing on a plane floor. Now start by moving your jaw up and down when you do while chewing but without opening the mouth or lips closed.

As a next step, open your mouth as much as you can and try pressing your tongue near the bottom jaw or bottom line of teeth.

You just have to follow it regularly for a few minutes and see the astounding difference in your face.

3). Make Your Face Like A FISH Face

fish face

It’s a very simple yet very effective face exercise just like the above-mentioned methods. Smiling fish is another name for the fish face excise.

It is really the best cheeks exercise and helps them to be slim and sleek; you can do it anytime and anywhere.

It helps very much when you want to tone your face and cheek muscles, so all you have to do is making a fish face.

You can do it by sucking your cheeks inside, and this automatically makes the lips like a fish face. Now you need to hold this position for a few second and then release it. Do it for a few minutes regularly to burn your fat and to work cleverly on how to lose face fat instantly.

4). Filling Balloon Exercise

It is also known as the effective face exercise that works right with how to lose face fat. It is a universal exercise if you are facing trouble with chubby cheeks and double chin.

The method is not just a simple one but also works with every muscle in your face and also the neck muscles to get you a new toning with reduced fat.

If you try this method daily for 5 minutes, then you can surely see the differences in your cheeks, neck, and jaw and improve your appearance.

Sit on a chair with your spine straight, take your head backward or try to tilt it as much as possible.

To confirm that you are in a right position, face the ceiling, and now it’s time to take your lips and blow out the air like you are filling the air in the balloon.

5). Try Stretching Face MUSCLES

Another technique is to stretch your face muscles with just using your fingers. To do it right, start by lowering your chin as much as you can that it touches your chest. Now, use your fingers of both hands and start stretching your cheek skin.

After setting your face in that position, don’t move and try pronouncing the word “Ah” you can do it several times a day and regularly for a month and see improvements.

6). Tongue Exercise

It is a rotating tongue exercise in which you have to simply rotate your tongue circularly inside your mouth.

It also helps fast in reducing fat from cheeks and face and works well on how to lose fat in your face. Do it right by rotating your tongue in the way that it touches your outer upper teeth area and then lower teeth in a clockwise and anticlockwise pattern.

Do this process 15 times for each teeth area in both directions and decrease your cheek fat in just a fewer time.

How to Lose Face Fat Using Natural Home Remedies

1). Use Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter

As I mentioned above, you have to keep your skin hydrated. So other than just drinking water, you can use cocoa butter. It helps to maintain the hydration and elasticity of the face and improves the overall situation.

You just need to take a few spoons of cocoa butter to get it warm. Now take some quantity and massage with this warm cocoa butter on your face and chin area, you should do it twice in the morning and before going to bed.

2). Make A Mask of Egg Whites

Mask of Egg Whites

Egg white man’s Vitamin that helps your skin in many ways and improves it really fast. You need to take enough egg white for your skin area and add one tbsp. milk, honey and some drops of lemon.

To remove the unpleasant smell, you can add some peppermint oil to remove the odor. Now you just have to apply it all over your face and chin area and keep it for half an hour then just wash it off using lukewarm water.

If you are in need to lose the fat fast then you should repeat it daily on your face, you can also try it with egg whites, apple cider vinegar and a pinch of salt as an alternate method.

3). Vitamin E

You all know that vitamin E is greatly helpful to improve skin’s appearance and makes it flawless. So you have to find vitamin E oil or those capsules that contain this vitamin and just apply it to your face to enhance your cheeks area and chin.

4). Get A Milk Massage

Milk Massage

Milk always helps to tone and tighten your face as having several nutrients. It is a great tool for anti-ageing, and it also helps improving elasticity.

So if you consume milk regularly, it helps your skin and tightens it that give you a youthful look, it is also a great thing to increase the skin’s moisture and keeps it from dryness.

So if you have chubby cheeks and double chin, then raw milk is the great remedy that you can apply in no time and easily on your face and neck.

Massage it for a few minutes and wash it off and pat dry. You can also a few drop of honey and then apply.

5). Use Clay Mask

Clay Mask

Clay mask is greatly useful when it comes to eliminating your skin’s flaws, it the greatest invention so far that improves skin by increasing collagen level.

If you apply a clay mask, it helps tighten your skin and offers a slimmer looking face. You don’t have to try it daily, but applying it twice a week is okay to work with how to lose face fat.

6). Almonds


When I talk about almonds, I talk about that omega-3 fatty acid, vitamin E, and vitamin B6. Almond always assists you to tighten your skin and keep it well moisturized all the time.

You just have to apply almond oil to your face and chin area regularly at night and then wash your face in the morning. If you think you are allergic to almonds, then you should not use the oil a well and try other remedies given here on how to lose weight in your face.

7). Turmeric


There is a component present in turmeric named as “Curcumin” that is best when I talk about how to lose face fat.

It is the one ingredient that helps with your skin issues. It works as the main agent to reduce the effect of aging and all types of fats and other issues.

You can apply the turmeric directly, so try mixing it with some gram flour and yogurt so you can make a smooth paste and then apply it to your face and the skin where needed.

Let it be there for some minutes and when you notice it dried, then just wash your face and get a younger texture.

Hand Picked Stuff For You:


These are all some remedies and exercises on how to lose face fat, and by following these regularly, you can see drastic improvements in your face and neck area. These are perfect if you want to remove the fat from your cheeks or that double chin problem.

These are all very simple exercises, and home remedies can be easily found at any general or cosmetic stores. So start following these today and get a thinner and slimmer face look.

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