How to Be Cute: 13 Tips

Want to look cute? Here is how to be cute with some great tips & tricks.

You may feel like having the best looks to catch your guy’s eyes on you all the time. All you wish is to be cute, so your guy can take an interest in you, but this isn’t a button that you can switch on and off.

You want the words like “what a beauty” from your crush, which is possible if you look cute to provoke him to say these words.

Some guys just love cute-looking girls because of their playful nature and their feminine looks.

If you want to look cute to make a place in his heart, then there are techniques on how to be cute, and you just need to try applying these in your lifestyle to look cute.

To learn the steps of how to be cute, you have to use a cute form in clothes, shoes, makeup, hairstyles, and all other things to represent yourself as a cute girl.

When you look cute, you are sweet in everyone’s eyes, and so you attract every person to your charm and, in the same way, the guys of your dreams.

How to Be Cute

So here is the list of things that you need to learn how to be cute and apply these to Catch his attention and make him talk to you. Just follow these best ways to be cute and get an instant cute look.

How to Be Cute

  • Prefer Wearing Cute Clothes

Start filling your wardrobe with cute clothes to learn how to be cute. Clothes are the first thing that everyone notices, and then other things come.

So just go with the cute clothes with prints like animal paws, Teddy, butterflies or something else that you find more girlish.

So you have to change all your clothing sense while applying the algorithm of cuteness. You can prefer wearing skirts and dresses, but not the pants and shorts because they give a hot look and not the cute one.

If you prefer wearing Cardigans and jeans, you should go with the cute patterns or the prints with hearts or polka dots.

Always take care of your comfort zone because you can’t look cute if you are uncomfortable with your dressing sense.

  • Try Wearing Cute Colors

After selecting the clothes that you should wear to be perfect on the scale of how to be cute, you have to choose the colors wisely.

Any color that is too dark should be avoided, like black, red, or dark blue, because these are for the ladies that fall in the hotter category.

You want to look girlish, so you have to pick up the cute colors like pink, baby pink, light yellow, or just any lighter shade that make you noticeable but not like an entertainer, so using sense is also necessary.

Other than these colors, you should also choose patterns so that you can look cuter, and a pattern like the floral is perfect if you need the essence of cuteness.

So totally avoid the bold-looking colors and adopt the pastels and soft shades to create a cuddly look. These light colors are soft on eyes and make them feel to look at you in a cuddly way.

In the summer days, clothes having the images of sun and beaches can also be preferred. If you have a dress that has a floral print and a flower attached, then it is good to wear it as it feels more girly.

  • Shoes Should Be Cute Looking

When I say cute-looking shoes, I clearly advise to avoiding high heels, wedges, and other shoes or sandals that don’t match your cute clothing sense.

So to get knowledge on how to be cute using shoes, you have to buy shoes with cute prints on them and in girly colors.

The print can have stars, hearts, flowers, butterflies, fishes, etc., and for the color, you should go with pink, white, light blue, light gray, etc.

So you must go on with bright colors or captivating girlish prints to look cute from head to toe.

Not only shoes, but you can also choose the other categories like clogs, moccasins, loafers, flat sandals, furry boots, etc.

  • Don’t Forget Adding Cute Accessories

These cute accessories are as important as your clothes and shoes because without adding them to your attire, you can’t complete the cute look. Your add-ons are also required to be cute that match your outfit.

You can prefer accessories like a cute pink hairband, a thumb ring with cute paintings, pendants with cute creatures, butterfly earrings and light-colored bangles on your wrist, and a purse or wallet with a floral pattern.

  • Say No To the Words ‘Sexy’ or ‘Hot’

You are putting all these efforts to work on being cute, so if you choose anything that makes you a hot woman, you don’t have to go for that one.

You can go for a thing like clothes, shoes, or bangles if you think they are cute, but if you see them as sexy, then don’t go because this would create a mismatched look.

  • Playing With Your Hair

Though this is only a move for you to put those fingers on and roll out your hair, if you do it right, then it can be a cute move.

You don’t have to rush into it; just play with your hair naturally and slowly. All you have to do is make tresses of your hair that are like long locks of hair.

So you have to use this art in front of him to catch his eyes on you.

While doing the tresses to learn how to be cute, you can also change this step into tucking your hair.

To tuck them properly, take your hair and place them behind the ear. These small gestures can be very helpful to enhance your look cutely.

  • No Need to Apply Makeup

You are working on looking cute, so makeup is something that you should ignore, or if you feel the need to apply, then go with minimal.

Heavy makeup is only for the women who want to look sexy and glamorous, so if you want to impress your guy with the site look, apply very light makeup.

If you really like the idea of Eyeshadow, apply nude shades, and instead of red lipstick, apply pink lip gloss, some mascara, and very little foundation to create that innocent look.

  • Put On Floral Perfumes

You also have to be sure that the perfume you’re applying is not the one having a sensual fragrance or the smell that is enough to seduce someone.

So don’t go for rich or heavy perfumes, and apply a fragrance that smells sweet, like berries or anything fresh or citrus.

  • Always Smile At Him

None of these things would go well if you forget to smile whenever he looks at you. Smile not only makes the moment perfect but also increases your confidence, and guys love the girl when she smiles.

When you smile, you seem like approachable than the girl that always puts a rude and sad mask on her face.

You can always give a perfect cute smile by practicing it daily in front of the mirror. So smile is all about how to be cute, but don’t overdo it, as it feels awkward.

  • Learn Making Eye Contact in a Cute Way

A guy feels more attracted to you if you know how to make perfect eye contact. You have to do it cutely and not with the seductive eyes full of lust to get how to be cute lessons properly.

To make the guy feel that you are a cute girl and he should come for you, you have to make the perfect eye contact for the right amount of time.

So whenever you two establish eye contact, you can end it with a sweet smile and that act of taking your hair back to the ears. It will help you set a connection with him, and he can work to talk to you.

  • Pick Up Cute Hairstyles

Hairstyles are also very important in how to be cute; if you pick up the right one that enhances your cute look, then you will surely grab his attention.

After getting done with clothes, shoes, and makeup, you must learn the art of having the right hairstyle.

You have to put in some effort, but after learning to create a cute hairstyle for your hair, you are good to go.

You can choose from several soft or cute hairstyles in which the hair is wavy and lengthy.  Avoid hairstyles that have buns or folded hairs.

  • Your Voice Tone

When you learn how to be cute, then it’s not just about your outer look, but you need to take care of your words and voice tone as well.

A girl or woman is absolutely attractive when her outer beauty matches her sweet words in a soft tone.

Even if you don’t use that much sweetness in your investing, you should at least try not to speak any harsh or rude language in front of your guys.

Any harsh sentence can be a big turn-off for him, so stay with the soft voice and be comfortable with it.

  • Act Shy and Humble

If you act like being cute, you have to be a shy girl. No one likes a girl who has no embarrassment and acts mannish.

So cute and humble is the right idea if you want to look cute and feminine. When you are a humble person, you are sweet and innocent and help everyone simultaneously.

So try not to be loud and be fun with people around you but not with dirty jokes, and continue following these steps on how to be cute.

Tips to Look Cute

  • Don’t force the word “cute” either in your wardrobe or on you. Take it nicely and slowly in your lifestyle, and start changing your looks over the time.
  • You have to be happy with your decision, and if you are not, then don’t go with the look.
  • Reply innocently when you receive a compliment, but do not listen to people if you’re happy with your attire. That’s the thing you need to know while learning how to be cute.
  • When you are preparing for how to be cute, you can also prefer wearing contact lenses. But you have to avoid colors like black and choose blue, aqua, hazel, and violet, as these colors make your eyes look big and you look cute.
  • Take care of your sleeping time and take plenty of sleep to avoid any dull face and dark circles.
  • Don’t tie your hair using the regular ribbon try using a bow-style ribbon to make them cute and fashionable.
  • Use a soft voice tone, but don’t use a childish voice because this is good for kids but can be annoying.
  • Too many accessories are not something that makes you cute, but it makes you a bag full of add-ons. So just add two to three suitable accessories to work perfectly on being cute.


You don’t have to try hard how to be cute, but take it as fun and remember these steps. Include these in your daily life but don’t act like you’re following them.

Trying hard is not the key, but implementing these tricks is the main thing so you can feel like these features are inbuilt and you don’t look ridiculous.

Don’t take these steps like torture all the time, but take your time and decide for yourself whether you want to enter into the pool of cuteness or you are happy with who you are.

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