What Women Want in Bed: 10 Things

What women want in bed is still like the mystery which is hard to decode. In fact, even when they want certain things from their partner, they would never ask for it on their own. And this is why it becomes so important for their male counterparts to understand that what their expectations are and desires in bed. And this article throws a light on such aspects only.

What Women Want in Bed: 10 Things

You can never really put it together in some points that what are the true desires of a woman. However, I tried to combine all the essence together in these 10 things that tell that what women like in bed their partner in bed but would never ask for (in most cases).

1. Priority to Their Consent

I think what guys need to understand really well that consent is everything for a woman no matter whether she is your girlfriend, live-in partner or wife. If she does not feel like having sex then nothing can change her mood and this is what girls like in bed that their guys should listen to them.

And this is not just about the initiation of the sex or foreplay, you need to understand that they are also human and they also want to do things in a certain way.

So, rather than forcing yourself on her, just listen to what she is saying. If she wants to take it slow, then you should listen to her because it is she who is going through it all. So, do not get completely lost while you are in the course of action, just listen to her if she wants to take it easy.

Just because you want to get it done does not mean she wants it too. This is one thing what women want in bed the most and the same applies vice versa too.

2. A Little Love Down There

Another important aspect to consider under what women want in bed is going down there. I think this one should be quite like the unsaid rule between all the couples. While it is nearly mandatory for women to give a good BJ to guys, I think they should also return the favor when their turn comes.

To love a women, you need to be a bit more sensitive and soft with her. A good foreplay for her means to love her fully and explore her body fully.

Guys usually skip this step because once they are done with their business, they do not care enough about their partner. In case you are wondering how to do it if you have never done that before, check out my post about sexy foreplay ideas.

And make sure that whatever you are doing, do not make it quick. Give it some time to evolve and let your woman feel complete pleasure with it. You can also try a bit of fingering handy before going down on her.

3. First Moves

This is what do girls like in bed that their guys make the first moves instead of them. They might drop some hands every now and then but I am really sure that they are not going to initiate things on their own no matter how much they want it.

A great communication is the one where the guy understands everything without his girl saying anything on their own.

So, make sure that you never miss a chance to love her and to make her feel special all the time. This is not necessary that it leads to sex every time but you can at least work on initiating things all by yourself. And this should better look like that how much you want her in your arms and how you cannot control it whenever you see her.

Women always love attention and when you give it to her without even asking, I am sure she is going to be on cloud nine after it. However, this might goes different in different cases and sometimes your girl might want to start things too.

4. Domination and Kinkiness

By domination I do not mean the complete course of BDSM to be included in your sex life. This is just the feeling of starting things first and making your presence felt to her heavily. This is what women want in bed and let me tell you, she would never ask for such kind of kink.

Things are surely going to get hot when you would be on top of her and she would be there grasping for breath and wanting to get out of your hands.

By the term kinkiness I mean a bit of moves here and there which turn things dirty for you two. You should better know that domination and roughness are two different things and domination does not necessarily means that you are getting harsh on her body.

This is just about holding her hands a bit more tightly but not like the ones that hurts her. Or it can be about asking her to do a certain thing for you. Sometimes, women surely like to be governed a bit.

5. Dirty Talk

Dirty talking is definitely something you should include to the list of new things to try in bed for her. Gone are the days when the entire course of sex could have been carried out without even uttering a single word. And this is not just about her but about you too.

She should not be the only one screaming out your name and asking for more, you can also keep on whispering dirty things into her ears slowly and softly.

This is what women want in bed the most that her partner should keep the conversation and communication on even while penetrating her. This is something which not only increases the fun throughout the process but strengthens your bond as a couple too.

If you are wondering that how you can start talking dirty to her then check out 60 dirty things to say in bed to turn him/her on. And this kind of dirty talking can lead you to a long way.

6. Foreplay, Like for Real

I think this is something what women want in bed desperately. Guys are usually more inclined towards getting done with the business as soon as possible without even considering the foreplay sometimes. Well, a quickie is never the key to a successful and happy sex life.

You need to feel her completely before finally penetrating her. Sometimes, it is more important to establish emotional and mental connection rather than the physical one.

In fact, it has been proven in many research that a couple should go through at least 45 minutes of foreplay session before getting to the ultimate thing. I think that will be a lot to take in the start but if you will keep on working towards your foreplay skills, I am sure your partner would be able to perform better while the last session.

You need to feel her body completely and make her feel so desirable that she surrenders herself to you completely. Do not make things mechanical, rather just let them go free flow.

7. A Bit of Roughness

As I said, domination and roughness are two different things and somewhere they both are important to woo your woman in bed. This is actually something which comes under the essence of BDSM a bit. Sometimes pain becomes the ultimate pleasure for women and you need to keep this thing in mind.

You really need to understand that what girls like in bed and act accordingly. Roughness does not mean literally hurting her but going through something subtle which is more powerful than your usual course of sex every night.

For example, you can choke her neck a bit or kiss her a bit harder. You can also give her some hickeys to cherish in the next morning or just slap on her butt sometimes. These are the kind of gestures and actions which pleases a woman and make her helpless in front of you.

You can also make her wait for you which will surely be challenging for her because till this time she will be craving for it. You really need to make most of the moment until you can finally make her reach the stage where she begs you to do it anyway.

8. Hands for the Rescue

Guys usually never understands it full that what do women like in bed and this is why it is always more pleasure for men and less for their female counterparts. I think it is more sort of an emotional process for women while it is more like a biological need for a man.

Getting into the details, you need to come up with the ways to touch her differently like never before. Of course, you would want to spice up the things and this is why you need to explore her body.

There is no doubt in the fact that one can never fully get it to the mystery of what women want in bed but there are ways to make every night memorable for her. This point is quite related to a better foreplay session but this is the time that you include something else in it too.

You can rub some ice cube on her belly button or just lick some chocolate off her face. Use your hands like you never did and please your woman like she is the goddess for you.

9. Intimacy in Eyes

This point is something which usually remains unsaid and nobody even pay heed to it but I think this is what women want in bed and would never be able to ask for. Physically intimacy is way different than mental one and this is why you need to work on the bond between you two.

If you guys are doing it just for satisfying your daily needs then you will never be able to develop a special bond between you two.

All you have to do is just maintain that eye contact no matter what you doing. This is not a crime to watch each other every other second while you are kissing passionately. So, stare her harder and make her watch you two while you go down on her or while you penetrate her.

I know this will be kind of weird in the starting but once you two will shed the last layer of discomfort in-between, I am sure it will bring you closer than ever. And of course, your girl will be happier than ever too.

10. New Sex Positions

And the final one but definitely one of the most important thing what do women want in bed is definitely new sex positions. Missionary has its own charm and nothing can beat it, I know but that does not mean that you do not bring something else and new in your sex life.

You can read this article to know about amazing sex positions. Here I mentioned 24 Crazy Sex positions.

You must not involve in something complex unless you are ready for it and really want to do it. And while you are working on it, I hope she won’t mind getting some quickies once in a while when you two have less time to spend with each other.

This is what women want in bed that her partner makes her feel desirable every second when two of them are together in bed.

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You can come up with hundreds of other things that your woman would love to receive from you in bed. No matter if she asks for it or not, she would surely like something different than usual and it is your duty to satisfy her needs. I am sure this will kind of clear the air from the matter of what women want in bed.

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