75 Dirty Things to Say in Bed to Turn Him/Her On

Don’t go for a plain sex and turn everything hot with some dirty things to say in bed. This is not something that should be plain and dull. It should be full of passion and love and every bit of energy that you in your body. This is something which can be done by the combined efforts of both of you.

Dirty things to say to a girl in bed arouse them like hell. And the same happens with a guy when use dirty things to say to a guy in bed and turn him on like hell.

They not only increase the fun and energy in sex but also keep the things hot and sexy till the end. These phrases are something which are the need of every couple every single night. Don’t keep in your heart whatever you are thinking.

When you use dirty things to say to your boyfriend in bed, it arouse him twice than normal. And you guys can have more fun in bed.

If you want to know about these things to say to turn a guy on then check out the section below. I have tried to put everything and every single phrases and things that you can say to your partner in bed. I am surely it will keep the things steamy hot between you two like never before.

75 Dirty Things to Say in Bed to Turn a Guy/Girl On: 2021 Edition

sex things to say to a guy


1). No matter how messy your hairs get, no other woman can look sexier than you in bed.

2). You are the power source to my body. When I see you lying naked on the bed I get charged in just some seconds.

3). All I want to do right now is to rip off your clothes from your body and make love to you till morning until both of us lie exhausted in each other’s arms.

4). I am going to give you so much of marks today that people will come to know whose property are you.

5). I want to see your eyes locked in mine when I go down on you and lick you all over there.

You cannot hear a line so nastier than this ever. This is one of those dirty things to say during sex which can be used by girls and guys both.

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6). I am going to make you wet in just some seconds from now on and you would be wanting me so bad all night long.

7). This may sounds greedy but I want your cock for the whole night and that satisfaction on your face forever.

8). I cannot see you at a distance from myself now. I have feel your body from outside now I want you inside me.

No guy can control himself after hearing this from his girl. Such sexy things to say in bed not only raises the temperature but makes you crazier too.

9). I don’t know how you do that but not a single inch of my body is able to control itself around you.

10). I didn’t feel a power like this ever before on me.

11). This bed is my playground but I like it when you dominate me here. I mean I have never seen anything sexier than this ever before.

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12). Do you mind removing those panties from your teeth? I want to feel your manhood everywhere on my body.

13). You have been behaving naughty all day long, come here so that I can teach you a lesson here.

Punish your girl for teasing you all day long and for staying away from you. These dirty things to say in bed is going to charge both of you with some new powerful energy.

14). Take my words, I will break you in my arms tonight. I will make you so helpless that you would not be able to get off my grip.

15). I want you to hold me from my waste and dig your lips deep in my breasts.

16). I just want you to be in front of my eyes all day long naked and touching yourself all over.

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things to say to turn him on

17). I will punish you for wearing these tight clothes today and inviting me to rip off evert piece of clothing from you.

18). I just want to fix my ass on your cock and want to feel that pleasure all day long.

Being a girl, it is gutsy to say this to your partner when in bed. But once you use such sex things to say to a guy, you are going to get drilled with double speed.

19). Not able to say this but you have no idea how badly I want to have sex with you in morning.

20). You are not going to forget this night ever in your life.

21). I hope you have eaten well because you are going to scream so loud tonight.

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22). I want you to lick my cock and then I want to fuck your mouth so hard from it.

23). I want you to taste my body from every single inch of it and then kiss me all over on it again and again.

24). You would have to call sick to work tomorrow because you would not be able to walk tomorrow.

This double meaning line is enough to make your girl understand what is going to happen to her tonight. Such dirty things to say in bed are no less than a warning for your partner.

25). I want you to fuck me with all the strength left in your body, so hard and so long that our bodies get filled with sweat.

26). Just place your hands on my breasts and squeeze them all night until they turn red like hell.

27). Punish me hard for what I did and don’t make me sleep all night. I want to see your face over me tonight.

28). I want to wrap my hands around your naked body and no matter how hard you try to escape I won’t let you go anywhere from my grip.

29). I will tease you tonight. I will kiss you all over but will not go down on you. I will make you beg to me for fuck you harder.

Punish your girl and make her beg in front of you to touch her and kiss her down there. Dirty things to say in bed sets the mood perfectly right for both of you.

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30). I have been touching myself from a long time thinking about you and now that you are with me I will touch you all night long.

31). I have been waiting for this night for so long. I will not make you forget this anytime sooner no matter how much time passes.

32). I wore these panties just for you so that you can slid your hands inside them and feel my pussy waiting for you.

Say this in a playful tone and tease your guy with such dirty things to say in bed. It will take no time to reach him 100 from zero in just some seconds.

33). Stop teasing me and put your cock inside me and make me scream harder and harder with each push.

34). Now be a nice girl and stand naked in front of me so that I can mark my territory all over you tonight.

35). Please, touch me and kiss me down there. I want to feel your tongue inside me when I push your head more into it.

36). I want you to bite my neck and give my love bites all over so that I can remember you even when you are not around.

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37). Now I am gonna turn you around and spank you harder until you scream so hard to stop me.

38). I love it how you moan and make those sounds. That arouse me more and more to fuck you even harder all night.

This is like a green signal for a girl to moan more and more in bed to feel the greatest pleasure of all time. Such dirty things to say in bed excite a man like hell.

39). You ride so good on me that I want you to be there all night and push yourself into me with each passing second.

40). Things are going to get hard for you so get ready to scream the hell out of you tonight.

dirty things to say during sex

41). I want to scream your name so hard tonight that even our neighbors come to know what is happening.

42). Go just like that and then make it faster and faster with each jerk.

This is an invitation for the guy to faster and faster. These dirty things to say in bed gives more power to the guy to drill harder and harder.

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43). I want you to be my sex doll tonight. I want to love you and kiss you all night long and make you wet till the morning.

44). I have been thinking about you all day and now you are here in my arms and I would not let you go all sane.

45). Your body is going to hurt tomorrow and you are going to miss me even more with this pain.

46). Is that feeling good to you or do you want me to punish you more tonight?

47). My whole body is shaking like hell and now I don’t want you to stop or get slower at all.

48). Suck this thumb of mine so that you can get ready to suck something else in a better way.

You are not going to get something else so sexy to say to your girl. Dirty things to say in bed are going to arouse your girl and you are going to feel heaven in return.

49). I wonder how do you smell and taste so amazing. I can lick you all night long to taste every inch of that body.

50). I want to choke you and want you to beg me to breathe tonight. I want to love you this much like there is no tomorrow.

51). I would not let you get out of this bed tonight no matter how hard you try.

52). I want to clinch your waist in my hands and your breasts in my mouth. I want to leave my impression on your body forever.

53). I beg you to not stop because I am ready to take you all night long.

54). You ride on me like no guy ever did. This feels so right and I think you were made to love me and fuck me only.

Dirty things to say in bed are like the different way to shower all your love and lust on your partner.

55). You excite me to touch myself with all the passion and zeal. You are someone I cannot handle myself in front of.

56). Your hands are just amazing, don’t you dare to get them off my body tonight.

57). Keep your eyes locked in mine and your fingers crossed in mine. I want you to scream my name in all the pleasure.

58). I have never felt something so good going inside my body.

59). I want to scratch you all over with my nails and bite your body leaving my lipstick marks all over you.

Kill him off with your words and dirty things to say to turn him on are going to help you a lot for that.

60). I will ride you so hard that you will forget to take someone else’s name ever.

61). Licking your cock is my favorite thing to do when you are with me.

62). I want to feel you inside me. No matter where are you baby just come to me right now.

63) Your body taste is damn good. I love it more than chocolate.

64). I want to see you between my legs right now.

65). The way you touch my buttocks, it feels so amazing and I want to feel it more and more.

66). Your cock is so full and hard. I want to feel it inside me ASAP.

67). Fuck me harder and harder until I cum.

68). I love the way you fuck me and I want to feel that feeling now.

69). Every time I think about you. It turns on me. Stop looking so hot all the time. I can’t handle it.

70). The way you squeeze my boobs, it makes me wet so much down.

71). You are the best sex machine. I ever experienced.

72). Undress me…I want to feel your touch.

73). I am in kitchen and its counter is reminding me something.

74). Go deeper and deeper baby and fuck me hard right now.

75). Show me your expertise in bed.


Don’t ruin your nights by just doing it without any emotions, rather arouse them to the peak and then make love to them. These sexy things to say in bed raises the temperature and lays down the much-needed start, for your making out session.

I am so sure that your partner will be amazed by this move of yours and they will also go in the flow after it. Get ready to amaze your partner with these dirty things to say in bed and imprint some unforgettable memories in the heart of your partner.

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