Orgasmic Tips for Girls

Orgasmic Tips for Girls: It has always been seen like a taboo if women start embracing their bodies like men. I mean what are you talking about? This is the 21st century and each one has the same right especially when it comes about their needs. Just like water, food, air and other necessities, physical needs are also a crucial part of everyone’s life.

Be it men or be it women, everyone have their sexual desires and everyone wants to reach to the orgasm. But the reality is that only about 10% of the women reaches to the orgasm through penetration. In such a case what is the need of the time is orgasmic tips for girls.

Before we reach to the topic that what are the helpful orgasm tips for girls, we should first know that what an orgasm is?

This is the powerful feeling of sensations and pleasure which follows by the discharge of erotic tension. It generally happens at the climax and most women fails to reach this peak condition. But with some important tips and tricks this is possible to achieve orgasm in women.

The sources can be different in people belonging to different genders but the feelings is almost similar in each case. This topic has been a serious issue of conflict in past times but now people are seems to be comfortable in talking about it.

It generally takes 20 minutes to most women to reach to the orgasm but it lasts for few seconds only. The complete body goes through some heavy changes while this condition but the important key remains to be the clitoris stimulation.

Along with the heart rate, blood pressure, sweating, body temperature, color darkening increases while someone’s body attains the orgasm. With the ultimate orgasmic tips for girls, they can surely achieve this pleasurable condition easily.

15+ Best Orgasmic Tips for Girls / Women

Given below is an entire list of the orgasm tips for girls, which can be used by women of any suitable age to fulfill their desires.

1). Take Some Time

The root cause of women not able to feel orgasm is because of the hurry in the entire process. Usually, sex becomes man centric and due to this the time spent in foreplay is quite less than it should be. It does not give enough time to a girl to arouse properly and hence she is not able to feel the complete pleasure.

According to this orgasmic tips for girl, at least 45 minutes should be spent in the foreplay. Yes, you heard that right. This may come as a shock to many people but this is the time that is needed for a woman for complete arousal.

The usual time spent in foreplay is only 10 minutes or less than that. The process of arousal is different in both men and women and being a male oriented process, women do not feel what they should be.

So, go by one of these orgasmic tips for girls and start spending a great time on the foreplay for deep and complete arousal.

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2). Breathing is the Key

Breathing is something that does not require any rocket science to go right. You would never forget to do so. It just depends upon the fact that how it should be done to feel the orgasm. This is what, one of these orgasmic tips for girls is all about.

Many of the females, try to hold their breath during sex, but it should not be done like that. By doing so, a pressure and anxiety increases which makes the entire process more painful instead of pleasurable.

The right way is to breathe faster than usual. Yes, breathing faster and heavily is the key to have a relaxed and better sexual intercourse. It not only opens up your belly and chest more but would also give out all the anxiety and stress.

You just need to breathe longer and let it go deep. Also, take more time to give out the air too. Your longer breathing would also increase the time of your climax and it would also make you feel the orgasm.

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3). Focus Girl Focus!

This is one of the most important orgasmic tips for girls and more than that it is a rule every girl must stick by to. This is a trick every girl should swear by from, when going for the solo sex. Once in a while it is not absurd to go for it.

The chances of achieving orgasm is higher when going for the solo sex. At this time you do not have to worry about the desires and needs of someone else at all. Most sex are male centric and because of this the needs of a girl are usually side lined.

In solo sex, just focus on yourself and it will be help you to get turned on. This is one of the most essential orgasmic tips for girls, who are in solo sex or want to get into it.

This is like driving a car, after some experience and practice you get good on it. Just think about your desires and your needs and you will discover new pathways in it.

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4). Moan

There is no doubt in it that the first thing goes by instincts of girls is moaning. But there are some of the girl who bite their lips or hold the bedsheet tight instead of moaning of screaming. Well, this is something which should not be done at all.

In such orgasmic tips for girls, you need to start producing sound by heavy breathing. Make sure you are not supposed to make sound so loud to raise the roofs.

You can go for a bit of screaming, light moaning in pleasure with sexy and soft sounds. It not only excite him to give you more pleasure but also helps you to attain orgasm. You just need to give out your energy in form of moaning instead of suppressing it inside you.

These sounds are like the signs that you are enjoying it and this aids in the climax for the orgasm. This also helps you to breathe better in the entire course and hence you feel more comfortable.

5). Regulate Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

Pelvic floor muscles are basically a group of muscles that are found in the bottom of the body. These muscles covers the genitalia and other important genital organs of a woman. The idea is to regulate these muscles which is one of the useful orgasmic tips for girls.

Usually these muscles are the main cause of the pleasure in the sex. Their squeezing, rubbing and regulation makes you feel pleasure in the sex.

It does not required to use hands for these as they are busy somewhere else in the sexual intercourse. There is no particular way to explore or regulate them so you can go for experimenting. With their stimulation, the entire sexual energy flows in the body and hence you feel orgasm.

You can go for experiments like pushing, clinching, squeezing, vibrating, holding them or other methods. These types of orgasmic tips for girls help in better arousal and also extends the time of your orgasm.

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6). Arouse Yourself

Yes, you heard that right. You would have to take your own responsibility after all, it is all about you not someone else. In the list of orgasmic tips for girls, it is really important that being a girl you pay attention to yourself and think about you only.

When it comes to the solo sex, arousing yourself can have number of sources and choices involved. Not only solo sex, but it can also work when you are with your partner.

This is not like mentally cheating on him. You are just doing what is right for your pleasure. You can create a mental picture in your mind which is sexy enough to arouse you more and more. The more turned on you feel, the more pleasure you can feel in sex.

You can also arouse yourself by asking your partner to gently touch you all over. Or you can do it on your own too. This is like playing with yourself which not only arouse you but would also affect your partner too.

7). Ignore Distractions

This is also one of the most vital step in orgasmic tips for girls. Many a times because of one thing or another a distraction occurs which totally spoils the mood and hence women do not reach to the orgasmic state.

These distractions can be some kind of noise, light or even electronic devices too. While going for solo sex, use your imagination as the source to make your feel turned on. Using your phone to watch porn or something would only create distraction for you.

You may not have considered such kind of orgasmic tips for girls before, but you should totally keep these tips in mind from now on.

You can switch off your phone and if necessary dim down or turn off the lights as well. When you are in light, you may feel conscious about your body. When you are in the moment, you must only concentrate on your pleasure and not on the fact that how much weight you have put on.

8). Stimulate the Clitoris

The main reason that girls do not feel the orgasm is because of the lack of total effect. Despite having a deep penetration, it does not work because of the lack of the stimulation of clitoris in the vagina. To feel the complete pleasure it is important to pay attention on each part.

Generally people focus on foreplay and penetration only that they do not consider on other areas. You can ask your guy to touch your clitoris or you can also help yourself too.

You are not supposed to rely on him for your orgasm, this is what all these orgasmic tips for girls are all about. If you think touching yourself would make him uncomfortable or weird then it is totally wrong. He would feel more turned on by seeing you like this.

This applies to both solo sex and with your partner. If you think your clitoris is not being stimulated fully then use your hand for it. You can squeeze, clinch, touch or hold it for the full stimulation.

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9). Perfect Sex Position

This is one of the prime orgasmic tips for girls. This is the root cause that most girls do not feel orgasm because the entire process is not being done right. The position of sex affects the fact that for how long the climax would be going or whether you will orgasm or not.

You just need to reform the existing sex positions and you can get the perfect orgasm that you have been longing for. Talking about the basic missionary position, while lying on your back, you just need to put a pillow under your butt. This improves the penetration and makes it deeper.

Talking about such orgasmic tips for girls, we can consider other sex positions too. But you just need to modify them a bit so that you can enjoy better and longer penetration ending with an orgasm for you.

No matter, how long or short your foreplay period was, a good sex position never cease to make you achieve a longer orgasm and climax.

10). Let the Romance Flow in the Air

The mood and the ambience plays and major key role and also counted as one of the important orgasmic tips for girls. You cannot succeed in having a great time without a perfect start to it. Scented candles, flower petals and dim lights are the perfect example of a romantic atmosphere.

Sex cannot be complete and great without feelings attached to it. Do not make it something you are doing just as a routine, in fact make it more passionate and full of feelings.

Decorating the entire room and filling it with amazing smell can be a great idea for the romantic ambience. You guys can also watch a romantic or dirty movie together. A bit of sluty dress would also work for you.

All this would totally set the perfect mood for you as well as your partner to want it more and more from each other. The perfect atmosphere can be a great way to have orgasm. This would keep you aroused till the end and the climax would be much longer.

11). Low Key BDSM

Many people find it weird, taboo or even quite objectionable to try out some BDSM in their relationship. However, the extreme BDSM is not good too. You can go for some low BDSM tricks as use it as one of the orgasmic tips for girls as well.

A bit of gentle choking, some crazy mild punishments and being a submissive can bring you a great deal of pleasure. You may feel it a bit absurd in the starting but some new experiments always boost your sex life.

In the BDSM, the main advantage is the longer foreplay which is the basic need of a perfect orgasm. Usually the foreplay lasts for hardly 10 minutes but when you are opting BDSM it can be extended to about 30-40 minutes or even more.

This is the required time that girls need to get fully aroused and it also brings some newness in your sex life. This is one of the experiment orgasmic tips for girls which you can use according to your choice.

12). Vibrator

Vibrators are something that are used widely by girls to get full pleasure even in regular sex. This is not something which underestimates your partner but it increases the pleasure for both of you. This can surely help you to achieve orgasm and can become one of the most effective orgasmic tips for girls.

Firstly it is important to select the right kind of vibrator. You must focus on its power. Its vibrations should be powerful enough to make you moan with pleasure. As far as the shapes and sizes and concerned, going for a penis shaped would be nice.

Now, when it comes to using the vibrator, you should not use it directly into your vagina. In fact, you can start some foreplay through it by gently rubbing it around your breasts and inner thighs area.

When you are quite turned on then you can finally enter it in your vagina and leave it there for some time. You can also move it like penis for more pleasure. Try to find your G Spot because it will stimulate orgasm in your body.

13). Sex Toys

Another important orgasmic tips for girls in this list is the use of sex toys for immense pleasure and self-satisfaction. Different sex toys can be used in sex to experience some new experiments and make your sex life more happening with your partner.

You can use a lot of sex toys in your solo sex too. The most used one being the vibrator, but there are other options as well which can give you the pleasure you have never felt before.

This is one of the important orgasmic tips for girls and it can totally stimulate your orgasm for a longer time being. Dildos, whips, vibrators, and sexy clothes can add a lot of fun in the boring sex routine.

But for such orgasmic tips for girls, your partner should be open to experiment with you. These tips would not work if he does not support you in this. You can buy these sex toys from different sites. Hand cuffs can also be a great sex toy for some new adventures with your partner.

14). Confidence

Many of the girls do not focus on this, but this can be one of the most important orgasmic tips for girls. If you are not confident in your own skin then none of the tips given in this section are going to help you at all.

You would have to love yourself first only then you can achieve what you always wanted to. There is no pressure to perform, there is no one you need to satisfy to. This time it is just about you and you would have to be 100% confident for it.

Do not pay attention to the facts like the color of your skin, fat on your body, pigmentations or blemishes. This is what you have and you would have to learn to embrace it the way it is. Touch yourself with a confidence that you are the sexiest woman on this planet.

It is really important to feel sexy and hot for a complete arousal. This is not at all possible if you are self-conscious. Give a boost to your confidence and things would surely roll in your favor.

15). Know Your Body

Last but not the least, we have one of the most thoughtful and basic orgasmic tips for girls. Many times girls go the usual way and do the usual things to arouse themselves to achieve the pleasure. But every body type is not the same.

According to the orgasmic tips for girls, it is really important to find out that what your body loves and what are the things it responds to.

Sometimes what is weird for others can be really sexy and arousing for you. Once you find out that what is turning you on then you can easily achieve the orgasm. For this, you would have to open towards experiments and once you know what you want then there is no stopping for you.


I hope many of the doubts regarding female masturbation is cleared out now. Yes, I am using the word masturbation because I want to break taboo and let the women feel comfortable about their bodies. This is not just the right and need of a man to have whatever they want.

These orgasmic tips for girls are advised by experts and they are useful as well. Apart from these tips, the sex position also affects the process of attaining orgasm in girls.

So, from next time, do not let it be in vain and reach to the pleasure with these orgasmic tips for girls.

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