Best External Sound Card for Laptop / Computer

External Sound Card for Laptop: For one reason or the other, we keep on changing and upgrading the accessories for out laptops and computers. These can be a graphics card, USB, external hard drives or even the sound cards. Although all the systems are preinstalled and the external ones are just the upgradations.

We are going to list out some of the amazing external sound card for laptop in this section. External sound cards work as the best option for turning your ordinary laptop into something really amazing. It improves the sound quality like a home theater system.

There are various types of external sound card for laptop available in the market. Some of them can be directly connected to the laptop and some need USB for the connection. They are just a small box which contains so much of capability.

The best external sound card for laptop is the one, which completely amplifies the original sound and makes its quality even far better. There are various options available in the market for the same.

Best External Sound Card for Laptop

External Sound Card for Laptop

In this section, we are going to list out some of the most used and good quality external sound card for laptop. They are listed out along with their specifications, price, and capability. Their capability is also given so that you can choose the best for your laptop.

1). VAlinks 6 Channel External Sound Card 5.1

Who does not want a 6 channel and 5.1 surround sound external sound card for laptop? If you want the one then you can go for this audio sound card adapter by VAlinks. This $12.79 worth sound card even has 2.0 S/PDIF ports.

If you are using this external sound card then you do not need any sound card in your laptop. You can record and play back digital and analog audio through it. It is a complete solution for all your sound system problem in your laptop.

This external sound card for laptop supports 38 KHz, 44.1 KHz, and 48 KHz sampling rates in digital and analog audio.

It is compatible with Windows 7/8/10/XP/2000 etc. However, it provides only 2 channel playback in Mac versions. The audio stream is received through the USB from laptop and gets transmitted through SPDIF links. With easy to install capability it has 3 inputs and 4 outputs options.

Inputs have SPDIF in, Mic in, Line in and outputs has SPDIF out, Front out, Rear out and Bass out. In the complete package of the sound card, you get 1 USB cable, 1 Driver CD and 1 sound card. Customers have zero complaints with it as it is efficient and of superior quality.

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2). 7.1 USB Audio Adapter External Sound Card

This external sound card for laptop by StarTech is our second pick in this category. It is very affordable and available at a rate of $27.99. It gives an effect of HIFI surround sound and upgrades the sound quality of your ordinary laptop to just another level.

It is compatible to almost all kinds of microphone, earphone, gaming headsets etc. This supports operating system of Windows XP and Windows Vista only.

It supports 2 to 7.1 channels in terms of audio applications. It is perfect to use for those laptops or PC whose inbuilt sound card has been broken. Along with the two external mic input, it also has easy to use volume control system too which makes it handy to use.

This external sound card for laptop has multiple outputs with dual mic feature. You get the sound card adapter along with user manual, USB cable and Driver CD in the form of an entire package. You need to connect your laptop to the s/PDIF port and it will be converted into a mini home theatre system.

This is as simple to use as any other device for the laptops. However, there is additional need of the drivers and you just cannot directly plug in to use it in your PC or laptops.

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The U-Control UCA202 by Behringer is one amazing external sound card for laptop with so many advantages and a moderate price of $29.99. It has an audio interface which is super flexible and gets supported with every system easily.

The best part about this sound card is its quality. It gives high-end sound quality with the help of 48 KHz converters of high resolution. The ease and simplicity is at high quotient in this sound card. There is no need of any external software or driver for it and the compatibility is with PC, laptop and Mac too.

It is powered through a USB bus and gives full fledge control over input as well as output equally. It also has S/PDIF outputs for the analog to digital conversion.

If you want to achieve the most out of this external sound card for laptop then you need to install some editing and recording software. This would not only increase the options but will also give you the liberty to experiment with the audio.

Its superior quality and wide use makes it one of the most reliable sound cards for your laptops and PC.

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4). SYBA external USB Stereo Sound Adapter

Next we have is external USB stereo sound card cum adapter by Syba. You can buy it for $6.25 from any online shopping site or offline store. It is available in two different colors of black and silver with the average looks but high quality.

This external sound card for laptop just looks like an ordinary Pen drive but it is more than that. It is completely compatible with USB 2.0 on full speed (12 Mbps), and with USB class specifications 1.0 and 1.1 too. It is totally relied on USB for the power support and does not require any additional power source.

It gives the entire 5V power to the microphones. As the connectors, it supports USB Type A, Mono Microphone input jack and stereo output jack. It even has LED lights which shows the mute status of microphone.

This external sound card for laptop is an extremely flexible system which supports both laptop as well as PC along with Raspberry Pi system. There is no need of any external drivers and it can be used with just plug in system.

If you want a normal sound card for your laptop or PC, then it is the most suitable choice for it.

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5). Steinberg UR22MKII 2-Channel USB External Sound Interface

Another one is a sound card by the manufacturer Steinburg. It is like upgrading your entire laptop or other systems through this amazing quality sound card. You may have to spend a bit much than the usual ones on it which are $122.99. It is completely compatible with all types of headphones, gaming headsets and microphones.

You can use this external sound card for laptop for any operating system like Windows Vista/ Server 2003/ 7/ XP, Linux, Mac etc. Unlike like most of the sound cards listed here, it does need an additional driver and cannot be just plugin to play audio. However, its upgradations have that features though.

It is a very flexible kind of sound card and can be used over multiple channels. It comes in different sizes like UR12, UR22, UR28M, UR44, UR242, UR824 etc.

It is compatible with major audio editing, mastering and music production software completely. This is like using a portable studio in your laptop and enjoying the unbelievable quality upgrades. It is one of the highly used external sound card for laptop and PC.

It gives you a better effect of sound as compared to the other ordinary sound cards. It also come with four amp types which are CLEAN, CRUNCH, DRIVE and LEAD.

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6). Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi USB Audio System

In the next option we have Sound blaster surround 5.1 pro USB audio system sound card by Creative. It is costlier than the usual sound cards and can be bought at a price of $69.22 from any online stores. There are a lot of unique features in this external sound card for a laptop at such a great price.

It is the time to connect your systems to have the ultimate experience of 5.1 Dolby surround sound effect of this amazing sound card. It has a gold-plated RCA stereo which develops a high-quality crystal clear sound. It also has mic and headphone jacks to make the internet chats more convenient.

The quality of this external sound card for a laptop is really superior and it does not produce any sort of noise. To use it efficiently, first insert this sound card in the USB port of laptop and then plug the headphones in it.

More than the features, you are going to fall for its amazing and sleek design. It is easy to install plus you get the benefit of an infrared remote with it. Yes, you can directly mute the headphone and mic through it. You can also control the output audio volume through it. Isn’t it really handy?

7). Cateck Bus-Powered USB 2.0 External Stereo Sound Adapter

In the next position, we have USB Aluminum hub with an external stereo sound card by Cateck which is worth only $14.99. The best part about this external sound card for laptop is its weight. It is really small and weigh just 2.88 ounces and this makes it really portable.

This is completely compatible with the operating system of Windows 98SE/ ME/ XP/ Vista/ server2000/ 7/ 8/ 10 Linux and Mac. It is small stylish and really simple and the aluminum housing makes it look more attractive. It is a perfect match to different types of MacBook, PCs and laptops.

Now you would not have worry if the built in sound card in your laptop is broken or faulty, this external sound card for laptop is efficient enough to replace them. It also has a built-in surge protector which safeguards it from higher currents.

It has three ports for the USB 2.0 which is generally used. Just like most of the sound cards, it does not require any additional drivers or software. You just need to plug it in the system and you are good to go.

It does not require any external power source and the USB is enough for it. As the connectors, it has USB type A, stereo output jack and microphone input jack. It is advised to not use this devices for so many devices at the same time. If the voltage goes more than 5V then it can harm the sound card and the system.

It is quite a flexible system and generally can be used for various systems. It is also compatible with backward USB 1.1 port or 2.0 port.

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8). Creative Sound Blaster Omni Surround 5.1 USB Sound Card

In this list of external sound card for laptop this is the costliest one with multiple features too. The sound blaster sound card by Creative is one amazing sound card that every laptop deserves. You would have to shed $79.99 bucks for it but every penny is worth it.

This is not only an external sound card but like a complete sound system on its own. It is comprised of advanced audio technology of 5.1 surround sound which turns your laptop into a sound blasting machine.

This is like the power package which is capable enough to turn your laptop into a wonderful entertainment world. This is headset free as it has built in microphone with crystal voice technology. As far as the looks and design are concerned then they are just unconventional.

This external sound card for laptop upgrades the sound quality with its studio-grade 600-ohm headphone amplifier. What supports more in this sound card is the SBX Pro Studio Audio technology.

Even after being capable of so many things, it is simple to use and easy to install. You just need to connect it through the USB, and you are perfectly ready to use it.

The $12.49 worth external optical USB sound card by Gouptec is our next option in the list of external sound card for laptop. It supports different consumer formats like ES/EBU, IEC60958, and S/PDIF etc.

9). Plugable USB Audio Adapter with 3.5mm Speaker/Headphone

This external sound card for laptop is completely compatible with Windows Vista/XP/7/8/10, Linux and Mac etc. You can buy it for $7.85 which is a price too good to be true for so many good features. It can be conveniently used without the in-built sound card in laptop for recording or audio playback.

It gives connectivity to different devices like headphones, earphones, speakers, microphones etc. with the existing 3.5 mm jack.

You can leave it connected to the USB. It is so lightweight that it is easy to get ported from one place to another. It does not require any type of driver and you can use this external sound card for laptop just after plugging it to any sort of system easily.

It is a USB type A sound card and also does not require any additional power source.

10). USB Sound Card Adapter External USB 2.0 Audio Sound Card Adapter

As the final option, we have this amazing audio sound card adapter by IO Crest. It would cost you only $7.99 to have it for your laptops or PC. It has wide applications and can be used for any kind of headphones, earphones or even gaming headsets.

Unlike the previous one, there is no need to install any sort of driver CD in it. You just need to plug it in the system and it is ready to be used.

It is very light weight and stylish looking. This makes it portable and easy to take anywhere. This external sound card for laptop supports the surround sound effect which gives an amazing sound quality.

This external sound card for laptop is compatible to use with Windows 7/8/10, Linux and Mac operating systems too. All these qualities are too good to have at such a low price. This makes it a complete mini package for upgrading the sound quality of your system.


I hope you must have made up your mind for your next external sound card for laptop. All these listed above are under absolutely affordable prices and contains high-quality sound effects. You need not to watch your favorite movies at a low-quality sound.

With these best external sound card for laptop in your kitty, you can turn your laptop into a mini theater whenever you want. Just plug them in and your laptop would no longer be the ordinary one anymore. Buy them, and enjoy the amazing quality sound in your own laptop.

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