Top 50 Women on the Internet

Top 50 Women on the Internet: Have you ever wondered that how wonderful women are? They not only give birth to a whole new generation but also have so much amazing talents that people take a bow at.

No matter where is the place they belong to, but they are ruling over the heart of millions of people around the world. This section is all about such top 50 women on the internet which are more than a sensation.

They come from different fields and era but are exception in what they are doing. They represent the strong and bold personality of a woman and proves that there is nothing that a woman can’t do.

Top 50 Women on the Internet

Here is the list of those top 50 women on the internet which surely deserves to be a topic of discussion and appraisal.

Top 50 Women on the Internet

50). Kylie Minogue

This Australian singer always gain some eyeballs to her because of her link ups. This actress has 36 million citations.

49). Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum is a German American model and fashion designer. She is a wonderful business woman and grabbed 32 million citations.

48). Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone recently involved into controversies when the US paparazzi recognized her as Priyanka Chopra on airport.

47). Kate Winslet

This beautiful Oscar winning actress remains in limelight every now and then. She was last seen in the Oscar award function.

46). Maryle Streep

This veteran actress recently grabbed a lot of eyeballs because of the speech that she gave in an award function which raised a lot of eyebrows of Trump’s supporters. However, this powerful personality made it to the top 50 women on the internet

45). Hilary duff

Hilary Duff is an American actress and a business woman as well as entrepreneur. She has 38.1 million citations on the internet.

44). Halle Berry

Halle Berry has been constantly chased after she sported a dramatic hair do in the Oscars. This 50 years old actress still does not look a day more than 25.

43). Hilary Clinton

Hilary Clinton is surely one of the entrant of top 50 women on the internet. Be it her dramatic defeat from Donald Trump in Presidential elections or her e-mail leak controversy. She always makes it to the millions of citations.


42). Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding became more famous after he super hit song “love me like you do” from the movie “fifty shades of grey”. Ellie has wonderful voice and she constantly remain on citations.

41). Michelle Obama

Who does not know the former first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama? She has been in constant limelight because of the vacation with her husband Barack Obama after being free from presidential duties. She is surely a woman that must be included in top 50 women on the internet.

40). Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood is an American singer and first rose to fame when she won the 4th season of American Idol. She has come a long way after that and has more than 42 million citations over the internet.

39). Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney is the member of famous reality TV star Kardashian family. She recently got a lot of fame because of her on and off relationship with her husband Scott Disick.

38). Scarlett Johansson

This amazing actress has no alternative born and she is surely one hell of a beauty. Be it her latest hair up do or her horror flick, she always excels in every era that she steps into. She is a true diva to be included in top 50 women on the internet.

37). Kendall Jenner

Kendall is a 20 years old model in America belonging to the famous Kardashian family. She is always in the news for her modelling ventures and different projects.

36). Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid is the sister of famous model Gigi Hadid and she is a model too. Bella is into limelight because of her and The Weekend’s meeting again. Reportedly, it will surely create some rift for Selena Gomez.

35). Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer rose to fame because of her venture in one of the most famous TV show FRIENDS. Jennifer is getting the limelight because of link up with Brad Pitt after his divorce from Angelina Jolie.

34). Priyanka Chopra

This Indian beauty is breaking all the stereotypes in west. Apart from her role in Quantico, she is also being starred in next installment of Baywatch in negative role.

33). Frieda pinto

Frieda is stealing a lot of limelight because of the noble work that she did with the leftover food of Oscar party. She donated this food as it fed 800 people and this made her into total online fiesta.

32). Melania Trump

Being a First Lady of America comes with a lot of pros and cons. be it her amazing fashion sense or her weird expressions in oath taking ceremony. Melania surely makes her way into top 50 women on the internet.

31). Kate Middleton

The princess of England has always been into limelight no matter what the reason is. This beauty does not use any social media handle yet has millions of citations on the internet.

30). Marilyn Monroe

This time-less beauty does not need a reason to be in this list. She has always been into limelight and will always be no matter how many years get passed.

29). Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens first came to limelight because of her role in High School Musical. She does not have any recent wonder to be in limelight and yet has 58.8 million citations.

28). Emma Watson

The “Beauty and the beast” star is going viral for all the right reasons. She is a true star to be featured in top 50 women on the internet. Her recent photo-shoot is also said to be one of the reasons of this fame.

27). Meghan Markel

This beautiful actress is going too famous over the internet because of her closeness with Prince Harry. The two has been seen together in different events and therefore Meghan is being continuously followed on internet.

26). Lindsay Lohan

Very few people know that this beauty started her career at a mere age of just 3 years through child fashion industry. Lindsay is still going viral with 81.2 million citations.

25). Ivanka Trump

Who can forget the famous First Daughter when we are talking about the top 50 women on the internet? Be it her wonderful dressing sense or her active involvement in politics, everything is doing just perfectly fine for her internet activeness.

24). Kristen Stewart

Be it her coming out as bisexual or her and Donald Trump’s twitter spat, Kristen never goes down the limelight. This beauty is still ruling over millions of hearts and so made it to the top 50 women on the internet.

23). Mariah Carey

Don’t just go over her killing looks because Mariah has a wonderful voice too. This singer has 91.8 million citations and still growing too strong to handle.

22). Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid is a model and is surely famous for certain reasons there days. Her recent cozy pictures with boyfriend Zayn Malik and her Victoria’s Secret fashion show walk both was enough to raise the temperature so high.

21). Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne is a household name in the music and singing industry. She has an amazing voice and her songs and relationship status keeps her lively on the internet so well.

20). Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera is a timeless beauty and a wonderful voice that you always want to hear around. She is keeping up with hits from last 30 years.

19). Demi Levato

There is nothing recent about Demi Levato. This actor and singer remains wonderful always and therefore grabs a bit of limelight here and there. This beauty has 108 million citations.

18). Emma Stone

Emma stone’s recent big win in the Oscar in the category of Best leading actress is the reason that her name is drooling all over the internet. This beauty surely deserves to be in top 50 women on the internet.

17). Angelina Jolie

This blue eyes beauty and her split from husband Brad Pitt was the biggest shocking news that people are yet to get over with. She always try to keep it low key but her actions speaks louder than words.

16). Kim Kardashian

Kim is the synonym of the largest reality TV star in Hollywood. Her Paris robbery case in last year October was the biggest highlight of her recent life. Maybe that is the reason she made it into the list.

14). Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has always been in the news, be it her beau Liam Hemsworth or her recent Hindu worship on Superbowl day. This singer and actor never cease to place herself well in top 50 women on the internet.

14). Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is having 158 million citations on her name over the internet. She is not only one of the most famous singer but a song writer and a business woman too.

13). Shakira

Shakira is one of the most amazing singer that industry has. She is having 161 million citations on the internet. Shakira is surely one of the most influential as well as sexiest singer in the world.

12). Katy Perry

Her recent split with Orlando Bloom was quite outrageous to swoon her on 12th position of the list of top 50 women on the internet. This singer is having 162 million citations on the internet.

11). Jennifer Lopez

Although there is nothing happening or new in Jennifer’s kitty but as you know, once a star always a star. This American singer is having 173 million citations on the internet.

10). Beyoncé

I think the Lemonade controversy and the announcement of her being pregnant with twins gave her quite a rage over the internet. And not to forget, how awesome singer she is.

9). Madonna

The queen of pop never goes down the internet and always stays a sensation among people. No matter how old is she now but she is still able to grab a lot of eyeballs towards her. Surely a deserving entry in top 50 women on the internet.

8). Adele

Adele just swoop three Grammies to her name. She is surely one miraculous singer. Her recent win at Grammy awards and her heartfelt speech for Beyoncé was surely enough to give her a boost on internet.

Top 50 women on the internet

7). Selene Gomez

The “Hands to Myself” singer is so cute to handle. Her on and off spat with Justin Bieber made her a topic of discussion over the internet. She is having the same citations as 225 million.

6). Britney Spears

Having a huge fan base is the USP of Britney Spears. She has an amazingly strong voice and killer looks as well and raging on 225 citations on the internet.

5). Taylor Swift

Started her career at a tender age of just 14 years, Taylor swift is one of the most deserving entry in top 50 women on the internet today. She not only have wonderful voice but amazing looks too.

4). Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is surely one of the most powerful names in the singing industry. Having more than 246 citations on the internet, Lady Gaga is continued to gaining more and more fame each day.

3). Cher

Having 376 citations on the internet, Cher ranks the 3rd position in the list. Despite the fact that she has no recent launches to be in the news but her fan base always keeps her a sensation.

2). Rihanna

Rihanna is a very famous singer and with her recent album Unapologetic she rose to fame even more. She has 426 citations on the internet of her name. She is surely a huge competition for no. 1 spot.

1). Lana Del Rey

She is holding the No. 1 spot in the list of top 50 women on the internet. She has 670 million citations of her name on internet. She is a singer, song writer and a model by profession.


These amazing ladies are doing phenomenal in their respective field, be it politics, singing or acting. These are one of the most talked about top 50 women on the internet and people seems to can’t stop talking about them.

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