Top 10 Hottest Female News Anchors

Here I am to write about the female news anchors who are known to be the sexiest women in their anchoring career.  You all read about hottest female celebrities, but do you know that there are some female anchors that look not less than any celebrity.

So this article revolves around how women who got famous as newscasters and by their talent and looks they always won hearts of their audiences and also the companies they worked for.

You all watch news or videos of what is happening around, but have you ever seen those anchors carefully? You need to watch them anchoring because they just don’t have that amazing voice to anchor but also the amazing looks and attitude that make them looking perfect.

Top 10 Hottest Female News Anchors in 2022

These hot news anchors here that I am going to describe are from different news channels like CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Bloomberg, etc. These women can make news more interesting to hear, so continue reading about these hottest news anchors here.

1. Robin Meade

She comes here among these hot news women who got popularity in the news casting industry. Other than being a famous newscaster, she is famous for being the daughter of a minister.

Robin Meade

She made a lot of efforts, and finally, she was chosen to work with CNN on their headline News and thee she covered several trending topics. She is a talented woman who also initiated her show named as Morning Express with Robin Meade in addition to being a successful employee of CNN.

By the magazine Playboy, this lady from hot female news anchors was announced as being the Sexiest Newscaster ever.  Meade was raised in London who attended her graduation at New London High School.

She was interested in being a broadcaster for her young days and as a result, she joined WMFD-and worked there as a reporter. Later, she joined at WCMH-TV in Columbus, Ohio as an anchor and reporter and at the WSVN-TV as well.

In September 2001, Meade made her debut with CNN where she broadcasted the headline news and that was a major achievement for her.

2. Laurence Ferrari

Laurence Ferrari works as a French journalist for the evening news Le 20H and sometimes for the Europe1 which is a French radio network. Ferrari was born on 5 July 1966 and this 51 years old lady has earned enough fame to be on the list of hot female news anchors.

Laurence Ferrari

She is a classy looking lady who used to works for the French News Agency and later with the TF1. She attended the Sorbonne University to get her graduate degree and later she mastered in Communication to get help in her broadcasting career.

She has also worked with Direct, a French TV channel and by now she has established herself as the most striking and hottest looking TV reporter. She is always loved by people for her mind-blowing speaking skills that can attract audiences in just a blink.

Ferrari’s birthplace is Aix-les-Bains, Savoie and he was born to Gratien Ferrari, former mayor and Emilia-Romagna from the Italian ancestry.

She married to Thomas Hugues, but after 14 years of marriage, they both started with two children, but this lady still looks hot and charming.

3. Megyn Kelly

She is a mine of talent as being one of the most popular female news anchors, a political commentator who also used to be a defense attorney and has served several clients there. There is no doubt that this woman looks hot and sexy, so I put her immediately among the sexy news anchors worldwide.

Megyn Kelly

She currently works with America Live as an anchor that is aired on Fox News Channel in the daytime. She has established herself as a legend in the field of newscasting after working with several news stations.

Megyn got her graduation done from law school in 1995 and then she made a very good use of her skills as she served as an attorney for nine years before entering the news industry.

In 2004, she shifted to Washington, D.C. and there she served a reporting position, later she joined the famous Fox News Channel for covering breaking news and also offered some live and major events.

Some of them are ‘Virginia Tech campus’ in 2007 and the Democratic and Republican National Conventions the next year.

Her anchoring always receives millions of views because of her impeccable broadcasting skills and looks that always make her bloom, so she is the one among the hottest female news anchors.

4. Courtney Friel

The next one is Courtney Friel who is one of the hottest female news anchors. Her tall looks, greenish eyes and always smiling attract everyone to watch his shows other than her anchoring skills.

Courtney Friel

She works for the KTTV situated in Los Angeles, but she didn’t get here in just one chance. She put hard efforts that took her to a few jobs before she settled for the KTTV.

First, she used to be a sports anchor with GoTV, she also worked as a hostess for the World Poker Tour and this way she made several appearances like that Oxygen Channel.

Before entering the news world with the FNC, she worked with the magazines FHM and Maxim. She worked with the FNC for almost five years and then she decided to move to Los Angeles and there she joined the Fox affiliate KTTV in which she currently works.

In her education field, she attended Methacton High School and there she was an active member of school’s media class. There she was selected by Channel One News when she submitted a video in the student-produced week.

5. Julie Banderas

She surely deserves to be on the list of sexy news anchors as she is 44 years no but till her looks are attractive who now serves as a co-host of in FOX & Friends. It is a news program by FNC where it casts several hosts rotationally.

Julie Banderas

She completed graduation from Emerson College and then she began her broadcasting career with a news station located in Cambridge. After getting enough from there, she moved to a new desk of local news station located in Virginia before getting to NYC.

After her efforts and lots of improvement, Fox chose her for the weekend host role which was aired on Saturday and Sunday, and she also co-hosted ‘America’s News Headquarters’ which was also on Saturday and Sunday.

She makes a place for her among these sexy-looking female news anchors because of her curvy figure, sense of dressing, unique speaking abilities and other factors.

In 2006 she gained a lot of fame due to her clashes against Shirley-Phelps-Roper, an American lawyer, and political activist.

6. Jenna Lee

Jenna Lee currently works as an American journalist, and she is smart enough to be among these female news anchors for his sexy physique.  She did her graduation from the University of California and masters from Columbia University where she was in the field of Journalism.

Jenna Lee

Jennifer was born on May 30, 1980, San Francisco that makes her 37 years old and she got very popular while working with Forbes and after that Fox News Channel as a co-host with Jon Scott.

After getting her graduation done, she joined Marine Times newspaper and there she worked a report in her free time, so she served as a freelance reporter there as her first opportunity.

While she was doing her masters from Columbia University, she joined as a freelance writer at NY1 and later she joined Forbes and left NY1.

She made her debut as an anchor and her good looks took her at a fast pace to the steps of success. Before getting a position as a Fox News reporter, Jenna already made her successful career by working for Forbes as a news anchor.

7. Alex Wagner

Alexandra is an American journalist and also works as a political commentator. She used to work as an anchor for the program Now with Alex Wagner aired on MSNBC.

Alex Wagner

For now, she works as a co-anchor for the program ‘This Morning Saturday’ aired on CBS and also as a senior editor at The Atlantic.

Wagner completed her graduation from Brown University and then she tried entering the journalism field and she got it successfully.

Wagner always looks attractive in her black and short hairs, she seems to have that perfect journalist look, so here she comes at number seven as one of the sexy looking female news anchors.

Wagner has worked as an editor-in-chief for Fader magazine from 2003 to 2007 where she covered topics like music and cultural things. She also served as a director for ‘Not on Our Watch Project’ as this organization is all about human rights.

Later, she chose to work with the magazine ‘Politics Daily’ as a White House correspondent, but later she moved to Huffington Post. She got married to Sam Kass who used to work as a chef at the White House when Obama ruled.

8. Tamron Hall

Tamron Hall is an American broadcast journalist from Luling, Texas who is known for working with NBC News as an anchor. Currently, she works for the program ‘Deadline’ which c is a crime investigation show.

Tamron Hall

She graduated in Broadcast Journalism from Arts from Temple University, after getting it done, she moved to KTVT situated in Texas. Later, she worked for WFLD having several positions like assignment reporter and consumer reporter; she also hosted the Fox News in the Morning.

In 2007, she joined MSNBC, the national news network and in the same year, she also got herself with Barack Obama in an interview and a year later she announced his enrolment for the presidency.

Hall has earned enough fame with her journalism skills, and as a result, she is at the peak of her career because she has worked with MSNBC, the program called Newsnation with Tamron Hall, and also Today Show.

She is always strong and seems flawless with her work. She has a style to gracefully cover any topic, and her hot looks make her one of the sexy news anchors.

9. Gigi Stone

Gigi is also recognized as one of the sexy newscasters, she is also for working with all the breaking news and speaking them out in her great way. She speaks out all the news related to current events, media, entertainment, and the real estate as well.

Gigi Stone

She hosts Bloomberg very well which is a place for checking the pace of rising CEOs. She joined Bloomberg after working with ABC News where her hosting included “Good Morning America” “Nightline” etc.

This one from the sexy female news anchors joined the Nightingale-Bamford School for the graduation purpose and later Trinity School to be a proficient in French and Spanish.

For the masters, she joined the Columbia University for her Journalism career. There she worked hard and made a documentary, and for that she won the John M. Patterson Prize.

10. Susan Li

The last one is also considered as one of the hot looking female news anchors is Susan Li. She graduated from the University of Toronto who works as a Canadian journalist, and one of her recent works is with CNBC, an American television channel.

Susan Li

Other than CNBC, she had also worked with CCTV, Canadian Broadcasting and currently she works with Bloomberg since 2006. She now works in her own program “First Up with Susan Li” for which she won the Best News Program ward in 2012.

If you need to have an idea of everything going on, then you must have a visit to her show in which she covers almost all things happening worldwide. So this morning show is all you need to stay updated.

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These sexy newscasters can make your heart grow fonder to them because glamour is not limited to just actresses anymore and the television channels with these hot women described here are a great proof of it.

You all watch news frequently, and it may seem pointless to see those boring anchors, but these ladies are capable of creating news in the most captivating way, so you can watch them anchoring according to your favorite one, and I hope that you loved this article.

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