Top 10 Famous People with ALS Disease

Today, I am going to describe ten famous people with ALS who have gone through this disease in their life.

ALS is a neurodegenerative disease that gets in the brain, and it is responsible for dysfunctioning the brain.

The muscles get weak, and the impact can easily be seen when you feel no control over your body and you feel difficulty in performing your daily life tasks.

Top 10 Famous People with ALS

Some famous people with ALS suffered from this situation and even then gained much in their life, so people remember them for their great achievements.

If you want to know about these people, read this article till the end and learn about their achievements and struggle.

Here is a list of the top 10 famous people with ALS. Go ahead and explore the list to know about these famous personalities.

  • Professor Stephen Hawking

Professor Stephen Hawking is a well-known person, and he is also one of the most famous people with ALS.

He is a famous person for being an English theoretical physicist and cosmologist at the University of Cambridge.

Professor Stephen Hawking

Professor Stephen Hawking was caught by this horrible disease at a young age, but still, he didn’t lose hope, he achieved his aim and managed to live a life of 75 years now.

The case was the same just like other patients who have ALS; the doctor told that it is a hard time and he would survive a few years hardly.

He never believed what his doctor said, and he is still alive as you can see. It is no less than any miracle because he was diagnosed with this suffering when he was just 21.

He managed to live all these years while he can’t talk, or walk and feels it hard to breathe also keeping his head seems a difficult task for him.

He is a man of theories who invented and discussed the things that drive this universe. When he was asked about his illness, he said, sometimes he doesn’t feel any worse.

  • Paul Cellucci

He comes from these well-known people with ALS; he used to work as an American politician.

He served as a U.S. ambassador, but in the year 2001, he discovered this ALS situation, and it was publicly announced.

Paul Cellucci

After finding this terrible condition in his body, he never stayed home and continued working with researchers related to ALS.

He supported ALS Champion Fund at the University of Massachusetts.

His support for ALS raised 2 million dollars, but as he was in severe condition because of ALS complications, he died at the age of 65 in June 2013.

So his death stopped his contribution to ALS disease, but his efforts can never be forgotten by anyone, and as the governor of Massachusetts, he is recognized as one of the most famous people with ALS disease.

When he first noticed the initiation of this disease, he was able to recognize the symptoms of ALS such as unstable feet, weak legs, uncontrollable hands, and others like facing difficulty while speaking, not able to walk in a good posture, etc.

  • Lou Gehrig

Lou was a famous baseball player, so he deserves to be here among the famous people with ALS. He survived the tragedy of ALS and died in 1941 in New York, US he survived almost ten years after he was diagnosed with ALS in 1930.

Lou Gehrig

The disease ALS was a severe level in Lou’s brain which cut those motor neurons in his brain, and it was a clear cut between his brain and muscles, so he felt no control over his body.

This severe condition left him with no appearance of his spinal cord, and he faced several major issues at that time.

He always tried to be in the game and continue his play of baseball, but it was not possible thing, and finally, he had to give up, and he quit.

Lou Gehrig was very famous as an American baseball player from 1920 to 1930 and only ALS separated him from taking it further.

He was famous for making several major records and her fans loved him by his new name ‘The Iron Horse.’

Lou attended the appreciation day when he was not able to play anymore, and he showed great thanks to his fans standing in the center of Yankee Stadium.

That day, he said that he is the luckiest man to have these millions of fans. Indeed, everyone was in tears.

  • Mao Zedong

Mao was famous for leading the People’s Republic of China; he was into political things and was also a poet. He established the Republic of China, and he always achieved great things and led it with pride.

Mao Zedong

He won the Chinese civil war as a military leader, and he is still considered among the popular figures and these famous people with ALS. ALS captured Mao Zedong, and he died of it in September 1976.

In her professional career, he completed his training as a teacher and then he attended the library at the University of Beijing.

Later, he studied Marxism and found the Marxist Communist Party.

Mao got birth in 1893, and his birthplace was Shaoshan village, Hunan, China.

His father was famous in Shaoshan as being the wealthiest farmer. Mao went to Shaoshan Primary School, and he got it done at the age of 13.

After finishing primary school, his father united him in a married life with Luo Yi Gu who was 17 just for their benefit regarding farming lands.

  • Jon Stone

Jon Stone got very much famous for being a writer, director, and producer. He got several awards for his mind-blowing work, and his major performance was Sesame Street in which he was a crew member himself.

Jon Stone

He produced and directed Sesame Street which was an educational program widely loved for its fun way to teach in which there were characters like Big Bird, Cookie Monster, etc.

Jon Stone had ALS, so he comes here in the list of famous people with ALS who died of this disease.

He was the winner of The Emmy Awards for his children’s books like The Monster at the End of This Book which was loved all over the world, and millions of copies were sold.

During his career, he faced some complications which were due to ALS and suffering from it; he died when he was 65.

His birthplace was New Haven, Connecticut, and her education career; he pursued a graduate degree from Williams College in 1952. He joined the master’s program at Yale University and got it down in 1955.

After these qualifications, he started working as a writer for children’s shows like Captain Kangaroo and Sesame Street.

  • Lead Belly

Lead BellyLead Belly got famous for his musical skills, and he was an expert in folk and blues musical categories. He was a legend for producing revolutionary music with his strong voice.

Along with his strong voice, he was the master in using his 12-string guitar that always held on his back.

He was a talented musician who was skilled in some other musical instruments like piano, harmonica, violin, etc.

his first tour was to Europe in 1949, later, he discovered that he had ALS and in the same year he died in New York City.

Lead Belly got famous because he covered a huge area with his songs in both folk and blues for women, prison, racism, work, sailors, dancing, and much more.

His songs also pointed to some well-known people like Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jean Harlow, Jack Johnson, etc.

His birthplace and date of birth are not clear, but according to some reports, Lead Belly took birth near Mooringsport, Louisiana in 1889.

In 1915 Lead Belly was taken to jail for carrying a pistol and some other crimes, he escaped from there and started seeking work by the false name Walter Boyd.

  • Ezzard Charles

Ezzard CharlesEzzard suffered from ALS, and his profession was being an American boxer, so I put him here among the famous people with ALS.

He was recognized as a champion in boxing in September 1950.

He established his championships in different weight titles as welterweight and middleweight. Ezzard fought against the popular boxer Joe Louis and knocked him out in 15 rounds in the year 1951.

This way he won various matches, and he lost them too, but he played hard to be a known boxer for centuries.

He got a place in the Boxing Hall of Fame by Ring magazine in 1970, and he died of ALS at 53.

He was a top American player for his boxing skills that got famous worldwide and he managed to keep this sport as his top priority in life.

Due to ALS, this legend was stolen from this world, but he played with all his efforts and created history.

When he was in the school Woodward High School, he was known as ‘The Cincinnati Cobra’ due to his extraordinary fighting skills.

  • George Yardley

George YardleyHe was an American basketball player who successfully broke records by scoring 2,000 and made history in NBA.

ALS got the brain of George Yardley, and he died of it that makes him among these famous people with ALS who were great in their life but died of ALS.

As being in the NBA, he was a member of the All-Star team in all seven seasons except the initial year when he was a rookie.

Here he broke the record of 1,932 points made by George Mikan before George Yardley.

This man worked for the military as well in the Naval sector for two years, and after getting retired.

he established himself as an owner in the business of engineering, but at the age of 75, he dies of ALS.

He was such a talented man who made full use of his every skill.

This marvelous athlete was always admired as being a great footballer and served his nation with all his heart.

  • David Niven

David NivenDavid used to work as an English actor and a novelist who received awards like the Academy Award for his greatest hits like “A Matter of Life and Death,” The Pink Panther” etc.

He served his nation in the army after the war was declared by Great Britain in 1939.

After serving his nation, he returned and joined Hollywood where he was always admired for his acting skills.

This person is one of the famous people with ALS as he was diagnosed with it in 1981.

He found this illness when his speech slurred and the attendees thought that,

he was drunk due to this illness, his voice had to be dubbed in his last two movies, and at 73, he died of ALS.

  • Lane Smith

Lane SmithLane was an American actor who takes place among famous people with ALS.

He was a well-known celebrity for his role in Lois and Clark as Perry White, an Adventure of Superman.

He was born in 1936 that starred in the Final Days as Richard Nixon, for this role, he requested a Golden Globe award.

Later, in 2005, he found out about the disease ALS and stopped his acting career.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to survive for long, and after a few months, he died of ALS when he was 69.

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Here I described all the famous people with ALS who lived their life to the fullest even while suffering from ALS, but unfortunately, they couldn’t make it and died of it.

All these people got to know about their condition with the common symptoms of ALS like feeling less control over their bodies which affect their breathing chewing, speaking and other abilities. I hope you liked reading out these great icons; let’s share your views.

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