Top 10 Most Evil Women in History

Top 10 Most Evil Women in History: From the ancient days and over centuries, women are always known for their kind-hearted, love and patience. It’s a common belief that a woman always has kindness in her ear and can never do anything cruel to others.

Unfortunately, there are some women in the history that had no mercy and sign of love in their hearts; they were very cruel and evil women in history.

They did something that always questions a woman’s nature, and by reading this article here, your beliefs are going to change that a woman cannot always be a sign of humbleness and these kinds of sensitive words.

I am talking about the top 10 most evil women in history who had done something really horrible that terrified the entire humanity. The evilest thing about these worst women in history is that they enjoy all this torture and pain they gave to others.

Top 10 Most Evil Women in History

To get details about these evil women in history and what type of acts they did, explore this list here.

1). Irma Grese

Irma Grese

She has known as the evil female in history that everyone remembers her for her cruel acts that are shame on the name of female and humanity.

This woman was born on 7 October 1923 and died on 13 December 1945. She was from Frechen, Germany and used to work at Nazi concentration camps of Ravensbrück and Auschwitz and also worked as a warden for the women’s section of Bergen-Belsen.

She was also known as the youngest died judicially for her crimes on this earth, so she was sentenced to death at the age of 22. Records say that she used to carry a pistol for her various facilities and she faced the death sentence in the 20th century in Hamelin, Germany.

She was also known as “the Beast of Belsen” other than getting a place among evil women in history.

She was the in charge of over 30,000 prisoners that were Jewish females, and her shameful acts with them include savaging of prisoners by their trained dogs, sexual excesses, hard beatings, etc.

She enjoyed all these activities without caring about things like kindness, she physically and emotionally tortured all of them and she used to wear heavy boots always with that pistol.

2). Myra Hindley

Myra Hindley

Myra was born in 1942, and she was known as an English serial killer. She also took Ian Brady in partnership, and she was responsible for raping and murdering of five children.

Both of them committed all the shitty things like kidnapping, sexual abuse, torture, and murder. This incident happened with five children in which three of them were under twelve and two were teenagers, aged 16 and 17.

So there is no shame in putting this woman on the list of evil women in history, after all, she was not guilty for her cruelness at all. For her crimes, she was brought to jail and died in there in 2002.

These both murderers Myra Hindley and Ian Brady were known as the Moors Murderers for those five children torturing and murdering case. These two evils buried them in unmarked graves on the Saddleworth Moor, Peak.

Additionally, these two prisoners used these secret graves as their privileges in prison. They both put a condition to only tell those graves if Govt. will take care of their comfort in prison.

3). Beverly Allitt

Beverly Allitt

Beverly was surely one of the evil women in history, her second name was ‘The Angel of Death’ and she was also an English serial killer and was very cruel in the name of women.

Her crime was murdering four children that were in their young ages; she tried attempting murder to three other ones and caused severe bodily harm to other six children.

These all crimes took place in total days of 59 between February and April 1991. She served as a nurse for the children’s ward at Grantham and Kesteven Hospital, Lincolnshire and there she attempted all these murders.

Two victims were found with the heavy doses of insulin and the third one was found with a large air bubble in inner body.

In the court in May 1993, she received a total of 13 life sentences for the crimes and by the Justice she was told as “a serious danger” to the community, and it won’t be safe to release her ever.

No one found the motive for her crimes, but she was suffering from a situation called Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy in which it is easy for her to harm or kill anyone.

4). Queen Mary I of England

Queen Mary I of England

She was the most evil female who was a curse on this earth. She took birth on 18 February 1516 and died on 17 November 1558. Her brutal behavior against humanity gave her the name ‘Bloody Mary’ who was the Queen of England and Ireland.

She was known as the only living child of the fragile marriage of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon because her mother faced several miscarriages and Mary was the only child without any harm.

Mary’s cruel act was returning the Catholicism in England, and due to this cruel practice, several Protestants that were not a part of Catholicism left the country and they were all unable to return until she got her death.

This all Catholicism got revered and back to the stage by her younger sister Elizabeth after Bloody Mary died.

Mary got married when she was just two years old because of the diplomatic relations, and there was no role for love. Mary got engaged to the son of the king of France, but this all got terminated after years. After several years, Mary got engaged to Prince Philip, Charles V’s son, king of Spain.

5). Belle Gunness

Belle Gunness

This evil was born on November 11, 1859 near the lake of Selbu, Norway, and died on April 28, 1908.

This one from evil women in history was a six feet tall and 91 KG in weight, due to her height and weight; surely she was a strong woman physically. She was known as one of the most productive female serial killers.

She was of Norwegian descent and the cruelest thing about this woman is that she killed her husbands and all the children without thinking even once with no regret on the face at all.

She murdered them all at different times; there were two daughters as well Myrtle and Lucy among those dead children.

Her first crime took place when she got married to Mads Ditlev in 1884 in Chicago, Illinois. They created a confectionery store that was not successful at all and after a few days, the store got in fire and the reasons are unknown. She got insurance and paid for her another home.

The main motive behind these murders was her greed; she always wanted a life full of insurances, and without any burden of handling children for the entire life, so all she wanted was a life full of money.

Several reports indicate then she murdered more than twenty people in all her days and there are some claims that she murdered over hundred.

6). Mary Ann Cotton

Mary Ann Cotton

She is Britain’s first serial killer, born in 1832, Low Moorsley, County Durham. She was married to William Mowbray and located in Plymouth, Devon.

From her marriage, she had five children, but all of them died with gastric fever and stomach pains. In the same way, they moved to north-east and she gave birth to three more children and all of them died again.

Her husband soon died because of an intestinal disorder in 1865 and then she got an insurance of 35 pounds, from British Prudential immediately after her husband’s death.

She then got married to George Ward as her second husband and he also died of intestinal problems and her two remaining children as well.

But the press caught Mary Ann and found that all of her three husbands and children died of stomach problems. After a proper investigation, she was hanged at Durham County Gaol on March 24, in the year 1873 because of poisoning her family one by one. This way, the women among these evil female names died slowly of hanging up.

7). Ilse Koch

Ilse Koch

Koch was born on 22 September 1906 and her evil name was ‘the Witch of Buchenwald.’ she got married to Karl-Otto Koch and was well-known in the US military.

She always enjoyed acts like torture, stealing money and obscenity and her wickedness included all these activities, she was also known for slicing out tattoos from the inmate.

From the stolen tattoos, she built an arena in 1940 and there were around 250,000 marks. She faced death by committing suicide and hanging herself at Aichach women’s prison on September 1, 1967.

It was the life of this culprit lies among several evil women in history. She accomplished very severe and cruel crimes so they both Koch and her husband charged by the Nazis for the stolen money and then they removed from the concentration camps in 1943 and she was sent to Aichach women’s prison and this way she committed suicide there.

8). Katherine Knight

Katherine Knight

Katherine took birth on 24 October 1955 and she served her entire life nein in prison. Katherine Mary was an Australian woman who faced the sentenced of entire life imprisonment even without parole that is some relief to the prisoner because of good behavior.

She was known for messing up her relationship[s and adding violence like in one of her relationships, she really harmed the dentures of her ex-husband and knifed the thirst of her another husband’s puppy which was eight years old and then slashed his eyes.

Her relationship with John Charles Thomas brings her in the light that how violent she was in her relationships. Due to her bad behaviors, John filed a case against her and then he faced the brutal death in which Knight stabbed him like 37 times with the Butcher’s knife.

She stabbed him in both front and back and penetrated many organs. It was the scariest death ever because she skinned him and separated his every single part of the body.

She cut off his head and made soup, she took his buttocks and baked them, and this way, she roasted his entire body. These were the evilest acts performed by Knight among these evil women in history.

9). Elizabeth Bathory

Elizabeth Bathory

This woman who looks like a noble woman was actually a serial killer who was born on 7th August 1560 and died on 21st August 1614.

The woman was from Hungary from the Bathory family kingdom. From the Guinness World Records, she was labeled as the most creative female murderer. There were four other collaborators with Bathory who were accused in the case of torturing and murdering persons between 1585 and 1609.

In the Hungary, she was the serial killer there who used cruel techniques like beating, burning, mutilation of body parts and even chewing off the face and many more soul horrifying ways to kill innocent people, so these heartless killings make her among evil women in history.

10). Ranavalona I

Ranavalona I

She was the Queen of Madagascar between the years 1833 to 1839 and she was responsible for feeding accused ones with poison from the tangena nut with three pieces of chicken skin that led them to permanent death.

She ruled for 6 years and due to these poisonous deaths, the population of Madagascar came to 2.5 million which was 5 million, so this woman murdered half of her people.

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Women are known for their loving nature and care for others. There is no chance that a woman can be evil until you read about these worst women in history who shown their evil face to their own families, husbands, and children. This article is going to change your point of view after reading out these evil women in history.

So read out this article here and share your opinions after finding out the brutal and insane behavior of these evil women.

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