Top 10 Biggest Babies Ever Born

Top 10 Biggest Babies Ever Born: I’m here to talk about the heaviest babies according to their weight at the time of their birth, so you get to know about the biggest baby ever born in the history.

Normally, babies weigh from five pounds to eight pounds, and this is considered a healthy weight for newborns. Often, babies are born in this weight range each year, but there are several cases in which either these babies are too light in ounces or too heavy that cross the limit of even fifteen pounds.

Several types of research were attempted to find out the reason behind the birth of these heaviest babies. These weight ranges are not normal, and there can be several reasons which include the pregnant woman and other factors that make her baby large in her womb.

Biggest Baby Ever Born & Top 10 Heaviest Babies

So here is the list of babies that were born having more weight than normal, let’s take a look.

1. Anna Bates – Gave birth to a baby who weighed 22 Pounds and 28 inches long.

Anna Bates took birth on August 6, 1846, and she was famous for being a giant child who became a woman later with great height of 7 feet 11.5 inches. Everyone in her family as parents and siblings was all normal, but Bates was of sixteen pounds at the time of her birth.

Her all twelve siblings were of average height and weight, but Anna was the biggest baby ever born in that family and she also grew up quickly that took her to 4 feet 6 inches on her fourth birthday.

This height became even bigger just after two years which was 5 feet 2 inches when Anna was just six.

Anna gave birth to a baby boy in 1879 who was twenty-two pounds or 9.98kg when he was born. This 28 inches baby was born naturally at home, in Ohio, the USA to the tall mother, Anna Bates.

Unfortunately, this unnamed baby died just after 11 hours of his birth, but he made it to the Guinness World Records for being the biggest baby ever born.

2. Carmelina Fedele –Gave birth to a baby boy weighing 22 Pounds

Carmelina FedeleIt is about Carmelina Fedele who gave birth to a baby boy in 1955. The baby’s name is unknown, but in the right category, he weighed 22 pounds at the birth time in Aversa, Italy.

This baby at the time of his birth made the record in the Guinness World Records as the heaviest baby born.

This younger one was 22 pounds as his exact weight. This lack of information about this baby shows that his mother wanted to keep his baby from prying eyes.

So, there is not enough information for this largest baby ever born to Carmelina Fedele; just a few facts are known which are already discussed here.

3. Muhammad Akbar Risuddin – 19.2 Pounds

Muhammad Akbar RisuddinMuhammad Akbar Risuddin deserves being here as the heaviest baby born who weighed about 19 pounds at the birth time.

The little boy took birth in a hospital of Indonesia to her mother Ani and father Muhammad Hasanuddin; the baby was named in the name of local district chief.

The entire delivery took 40 minutes after going through a hard situation due to baby’s overall size. It was a complicated moment when doctors used the perfect way so the baby would come out successfully.

At the time of birth, the baby boy was almost 24.4 inches in length that his parents Handling and Ani welcomed with all their heart. The procedure of his birth was handled in the Abdul Manon Hospital which is located in Kisaran Sumatra.

The diabetes of his mother can be the reason behind Muhammad’s oversize, and that’s why he faced a complicated duration of 40-minutes for being the biggest baby ever born.

When this huge any way out in this world, his roar was loud and wide open like he was crying in anger. Later, proper medications were given to the baby, and he got alright.

4. Ademilton Dos Santos – 17 pounds

Ademilton Dos SantosThe baby named as ‘Ademilton dos Santos’ weighed 17 pounds and recognized as the heaviest and biggest baby ever born in Brazil according to the Gynaecological Association there.

This baby girl was born to Francisca Ramos dos Santos s her fifth child, and the mother was suffering from diabetes condition being the reason of his child’s overgrowth.

Doctors of that hospital said that there is no doubt in saying him a giant baby. Her mother has other four children, but they all are normal in weight, so Francisca never expected her fifth baby with overweight.

The baby boy was given the required care to maintain her sugar level as his mother had diabetes. He also suffered from some oxygen issues, but the hospital’s staff took good care of it.

There were no issues afterward, and both mother and child were doing just fine according to the Albert Sabin Maternity Hospital’s specialists. Father also got worried because of his wife’s diabetes issue and said I got worried about her pregnancy because she has diabetes that never gets better.

5. Nadia – 17 Pounds

NadiaA baby girl took birth to a Siberian woman Tatyana Barabanova at the age of 43 when she was a resident in Russia. She was in shock completely after seeing her baby who weighed a total of seventeen pounds when she was just born.

She named her baby girl ‘Nadia’ who took birth on September 17, 2007, at a maternity clinic situated in Aleisk, Russia. After seeing this biggest baby ever born, her mother said that she is in shock and her Nadia’s father was in even more shock that he could say a word.

They both were unable to understand why this happened and what could be the possible reason of this heavy delivery.

When asked the diet of the mother, she replied, she ate almost everything, and there was no special diet as she already has 11 children, eight sisters, and three brothers and Nadia was the 12th one.

So the reports told that the mother’s diet which included potatoes, noodles, tomatoes and everything else was the reason behind this special case.

6. Chesner Abels – 16.7 Pounds

Chesner AbelsThe baby weighed about 16.7 pounds when she was born; she surely was recognized as the biggest baby ever born. She was named Chester who took birth to Cathleen Abels in 2007 at Tygerberg Hospital, Cape Town.

It wasn’t just the mother, but the entire hospital’s staff was in shock to see this huge baby girl. Mother Cathleen was feeling bit heaviness, so everyone was thinking for twins, but when this girl happened, it shocked all of them.

This delivery was natural without any operation procedure, and due to the heaviness, there were some complications that made the baby difficult to breathe, but she immediately received a good service from the ward.

The entire hospital went on buzzing when this baby girl was delivered at 06:15 on Friday and the staff recognized her as the largest baby ever born at that hospital. Her other got no complications, but the baby was put on care for any health issues.

Her mother said that she was expecting a big baby but she was beyond her imagination and she also told that she won’t plan for any babies from now.

7. Sammisano Otuhiva – 16 Pounds 1.7 oz.

Sammisano OtuhivaHe is another one as the biggest baby ever born who took birth to Sosefina Tagalu in August 2013 who weighed around sixteen rounds at the time of her birth.

Sosefina named her baby boy ‘Sammisano Joshua Talai Otuhiva.’ At the day when her child was delivered, she was more than stunned when she finds out the actual weight of her baby which was 16 pound, 1.7 oz.

This news got fire in the entire California, and the boy became a viral topic all over the state and got several news channels with his face.

The mother told that her baby was born earlier than expected. Everyone before his birth was expecting the weight category for him like 10 pounds or 14 pounds, but he got even bigger than everyone’s expectations.

When the baby got five months old, his mother told that he weighs about 25 pounds and due to his giant size, he is always hungry, so his mother is always busy in managing food for her largest baby born.

8. Moose – 16 Pounds

MooseThis one as being the biggest baby born was over 16 pounds. This little boy was like a one-year-old baby when he was just born in Texas. Both couples Janet Johnson and Michael got surprised when they saw their huge baby, but they got excited as well.

This baby was almost 24 inches long at the birth time, and doctors took her mother’s diabetes as a reason of her baby’s overgrowth. The reason may be many, but they loved their 16-pound child and named him ‘Moose.’

39 years old Janet gave birth to an extra-large sized baby, and gestational diabetes was the possible reason for it.

This biggest baby ever born was immediately taken to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit as special cases need special attention having several troubles like in eating and breathing.

This couple was so happy to have their giant baby, and they couldn’t wait to share their happiness. So, they introduced their baby to the world by appearing on several news programs and shows where the baby was dubbed as ‘The Moose’ by the hospital’s nurses where he got birth.

9. George King – 15 Pounds

George KingWhen George was born, he weighed more than fifteen pounds which were way more than any normal baby’s weight range, so surely he is the largest baby born.  George King’s mother was Jade which gave birth to her giant baby in 2013 in the UK.

Both parents were not expecting their baby to be this much big and heavy, but their son took birth when mother Jade went with almost 16 hours of labor. None of them realized that baby is going to be a big one until his head came out and that was the moment of realization.

Due to his giant size, the head was out but his hands stuck while passing through the wall and this situation choked his neck that he was not able to brother for five minutes. That was the scariest moment for his parents and the doctors as well, but their proficiency took the baby out all well.

The good thing about the birth is that it happened naturally without any operation and mother Jade successfully claimed the natural pregnancy for this biggest baby ever born.

10. Nandini – Gave birth to a baby girl weighing 15-pounds

NandiniA baby girl was born by Nandini, a 19-year-old lady and this baby was recognized as the biggest baby ever born in India. Also, she became the first mom who gave birth to a 15-pound girl at this young age.

The doctors and nurse were in shock, and they stated that they never saw anything like this in their entire nursing career. It was the first giant baby in that hospital, and they all called it a miracle.

The name is not known yet, but the newborn was fifteen pounds that is the double size of any average born baby. For Nandini, it was not less than any blessing to have her baby girl and those pounds were just a number for her.

When she was pregnant, she weighed almost 200 pounds, but the procedure went smoothly, and Nandini received a surprise as her unexpectedly large baby.

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The debate will be continued of these heaviest babies in the world, and there would be several other names by time. But, for now, I think these are the top ten biggest babies that got birth with their ultra-heaviness in the history.

There would be several other Guinness records, scientific explanations on the weight of the babies, but don’t worry about that as I have already found the perfect list of babies that were born the heaviest. With this, I hope you enjoyed reading about the biggest baby ever born.

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