15 Best Wedding Registry Sites

To all the engaged couple, it is the time to take a look at the best wedding registry sites. I am sure you would not want to delay in making a wish-list of your desired wedding gifts and this is why start curating items that you think you can use after your marriage. This section is going to bring down such stores and sites which can help you out in it.

Top 15 Wedding Registry Sites

It is a little bit of overwhelming because there are hundreds and thousands of options of such wedding registry or bridal registry sites. But you need such options which are versatile enough to bring down all the items on a single place. And this is why, I complied  this list of 15 best wedding registry websites. Let’s get started.

1. Zola

Website: https://www.zola.com/


Zola totally deserves to be on top of the list of best wedding registry sites because of its versatility and superb registry features. It is no less than a perfect organizer for the engaged couples. In fact, from bridal shower to newly-wed life, Zola has got you covered on each and everything.

You can find options of more than 50,000 wedding gifts out here provided by 500 popular brands. This also covers various experiences and honeymoon funds too.

Categories like kitchen, travel, dining, home etc. are the most popular ones out here and still if you are struggling with any queries then just ask it out. Other features like free shipping, group gifting, price matching etc. are there to help you out too.

2. Bed, Bath and Beyond

Website: https://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/

Bed Bath And Beyond

A major reason of Bed, Bath and Beyond being one of the best wedding registry sites is the personal experience they provide to a couple. You can either create a registry online or can also visit the store for a fun experience of this process.

The kind of products you can find on Bed, Bath and Beyond are home décor, furniture, baby and kids, bedding and much more. In fact, they have some amazing ideas to offer too.

You can also check out their other wedding related services here like guides and advice, wedding bands, announcement cards, registry book etc. From personalized gifts to regular items, you can find out everything in here.

3. Amazon

Website: https://www.amazon.com/

amazon wedding registery

Did you even know that Amazon is also one of the wedding registries for engaged couples? Now you know it, I am sure you won’t rely on anyone else. Amazon adds a personalized touch to this journey of yours with their recommendations and suggestions.

They have hundreds of popular brands to offer and even have designer boutiques for the special items. You can also check out their section where the items usually most loved by couples are enlisted.

In fact, after the completion of your wedding registry list, you can also get 20% off after your wedding. Isn’t it just the best gift for a couple starting a new life together?

4. The Knot

Website: https://www.theknot.com/


The Knot is known as an all-in-one registry place and let me tell you why? The knot brings together the essence of all the popular and best wedding registry sites on one place and hence it removes the hassle of moving from one site to another.

For example, through The Knot itself, you can create a registry on platforms like William Sonoma, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Crate and Barrel, Amazon and many more.

This is quite like keeping up with a personal wedding registry organized/manager of your own. With the help of The Knot, you can literally pick anything from anywhere and put them together in a single list making it a much simpler process.

5. Target

Website: https://www.target.com/


We cannot even argue over the fact that Target is the most popular retailer but it also works as one of the best wedding registry sites. Target is a wedding registry place for your happily ever after and of course with this you get so many benefits too.

The returns are simpler and you also get 15% discount on your registry on your big day. In fact, apart from just products, you can also fund travel and adventurous experience of newly-wed through Target.

There are number of top brands available on Target like KitchenAid, Dyson, Calphalon which guarantees only quality items for the couple. Target even offers a registry app which makes the entire process shrunk to your hands only.


Website: https://info.ikea-usa.com/

I could literally give a medal to IKEA for being one of the most trustworthy wedding registry stores. And of course, it is an undeniable fact that IKEA is the need of every newly-wed to get their new abode sorted in the initial times.

With their wedding registry feature now you have the chance to create that perfect list. In fact, it just does not stick to wedding only but you can also create lists for baby, new home ideas, essentials etc.

And just like Target, now you can manage your wedding registry on IKEA through their mobile application too. And apart from online process, you can also give it a personalized touch by visiting the store too.

7. Food52

Website: https://food52.com/

Food52 makes it to the list of best wedding registry sites because it is as important to keep up with your kitchen as it is to keep up with the rest of the stuff. And actually, Food52 is not just about your kitchen and dining only as it provides so many other ideas and products too.

Their major inspiration and products come from heritage brands which are not only popular but reliable too. Also they offer 10% off on your registry list on your D-Day.

The different collections and room by room bifurcation is going to make it much easier for you to create a registry out here. You can also track the gifts and check out the sections curated by some experts.

8. Blueprint Registry

Website: https://www.blueprintregistry.com/

The working of Blueprint Registry is different from other best wedding registry sites. It not only focus on just wedding registry but on baby registry and gift registry for all the occasions too. If you are someone who have lots and lots of issues and queries then you can refer to their detailed wedding registry guide for it.

The site provides a collaboration of various retailers altogether on a single place. So, this means that you won’t have to create any registry on any other site.

In fact, you can even import all your registry on one place. You can enjoy the perks of group gifting and gift importing from any site on Blueprint Registry.

9. My Registry

Website: https://www.myregistry.com/

My Registry is definitely the best place to register for wedding, baby arrival or for any other occasion. So, basically its working is much similar to the earlier option of Blueprint Registry itself. It is known as Universal registry site.

On My Registry you have the chance to sync all your different gift registries together from stores like Best Buy, Bloomindale’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, JCPenny and many more. In fact, you can also consider various adventurous experiences in it too.

The kind of flexibilities and features provided on My Registry makes it a favorite amongst engaged couples. And of course you can access it all through their app too.

10. Macy’s

Website: https://www.macys.com/

While most of the best wedding registry sites that I mentioned in the section belongs to home décor and improvement but Macy’s is kind of different. Of course they focus on the same but their larger priority is about the fashion for men and women and the same is reflected in their wedding registry service too.

I think this is a great thing to bond over for the couple and there are so many benefits of doing it from the Macy’s.

There are perks like free rewards, 20% off on the wedding registry on your big day, assistance from local stores, personal stylist and much more. Well, these are the kind of perks, I am sure you would not want to miss.

11. William Sonoma

Website: https://www.williams-sonoma.com/

William Sonoma is quite a popular name when it comes to home improvement and décor and this is why it has everything which makes it a part of the list of best wedding registry sites. William Sonoma is a trusted name for the newly-wed not only for the registry but also for the free consultation they provide.

The kind of categories of products you are going to find on William Sonoma are electrics, cutlery, homekeeping, food, outdoor etc.

In fact, you can also curate ideas from here as well. There are regular benefits from the stores too like 10% off till 6 months from your wedding, bonus gifts, private shopping appointments, gift tracker, gift guide and a lot more.

12. Snowe


Still thinking about that where to register for wedding then you can consider Snowe for it. It is a perfect place to build a foundation for your new home as a married couple and doing it together can actually bring you a lot closer too.

The highest quality essentials provided by Snowe hails from categories like bedding, bath essentials, dinnerware, candles and a lot more.

If you are skeptical about what to choose and what not then you can take help from their expert guide on it. You can also manage gifts, edit your list and track them as well. With Snowe, I think the process becomes quite simpler especially for the couple who are a bit confused about it.

13. Etsy

Website: https://www.etsy.com/

If you are looking for really unique gifts for your wedding then I think Etsy is going to be a better option for you than best wedding registry sites. Wedding Registry on Etsy is more of a creative process as you know it well that Etsy promoted hand-crafted items more.

The categories you have to choose from are clothing, wedding and party, art, craft supplies, home and living essentials etc.

I think Etsy is out there to give you a more personalized and thoughtful gift options than any other sites. Although the process is not as elaborated as others but I think you should totally give it a chance.

14. Kohl’s

Website: https://www.kohls.com/

Kohl’s is out there to keep up with all types of need of a newly married couple whether it is about small essentials or about big investments in a home. You can definitely find everything out here which can be required after your wedding.

The option of smart start with Kohl’s gives you an option of gathering their most popular registry items so that you do not get baffled in the start itself.

You can also create a checklist for every room in your home and then pick items accordingly. You can also check out their catalogs and guides for this as well.

15.  Bloomingdale’s

Website: https://www.bloomingdales.com/

Bloomindale’s is undoubtedly one of the best places to register for wedding and of course their idea of working is no different from other popular wedding registry sites. With their timely deals and discounts, you can actually find something way more than your gifts out here.

Their idea of starting is really smart and you can even print their given checklists too. The expert advice on literally everything is going to keep you covered for your entire registry throughout.

The kind of categories you will come across here are home décor, bed and bath, dining and entertainment, home care and tech and much more like this. Bloomingdale’s is a place to fulfill your home goals with their elaborated products range.


The communication of gift preference from the guests is a must in order to save their time as well as money. You can simply create a wish list of your required items and put it online or send to people through personal messages too. These websites mentioned above are some of the most popular options of wedding registry platforms and I am sure you would be able to find all your desired gifts out there.

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