10 Best Stores like Lulus

Ladies, I am here with 10 best stores like Lulus which you are going to love.

Lulus is one of the most popular clothing shopping websites. It has an amazing collection of clothes that you would crave to purchase. But as you know that we often look for alternatives, because we want to try different things. Or maybe we would want to look at other amazing websites.

So just in case if you too are looking for some Best Stores, then this article is here for you. We have handpicked 10 best stores like Lulus which will definitely help you to get the best clothing collection.

We understand the fact that not everyone can afford trendy clothes at an expensive price. Hence, as a result, we have handpicked only those websites which have trendy clothing items and does not cost much.

10 Best Stores like Lulus

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1. Forever 21

Website: http://www.forever21.com/

Forever 21

There is no doubt that Forever 21 is one of the most popular shopping websites. In fact, everyone knows about it. Also one of the good things about Forever 21 is that it’s not only focused on women clothing. Even men can also shop from here. Apart from clothing, you can also use Forever 21 to shop some accessories related to hair care, beauty, jewelry and so on.

Also, Forever 21 offers stylish products at an inexpensive price. As well the quality of the products is damn great. So looking good on a budget would not be a hard thing.

Forever 21 also ships product outside of USA. Also, some countries have their region based Forever 21 online shopping website. As the website name is Forever 21 so you can assume that it is targeting at the young generation fashion needs.

2. Shopbop

Website: https://www.shopbop.com


Shopbop.com is also one of the best stores. The interesting thing about Shopbop is it has two different web versions, one for women and second for men’s fashion needs. Hence if you want to shop for women you have to visit the Shopbop.com.

If you are planning to shop for men, then you have to check out eastdane.com. Talking about the Shopbop.com well it has almost everything that you will need to satisfy your needs. There is a The Trend Edit section, where you will find all the recent trends that are going around.

Furthermore, you can use Shopbop to shop for clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and so on. Shopbop offers great quality products at a reasonable price. Also, they do offer free shipping.

3. Dorothy Perkins

Website: www.dorothyperkins.com

Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins is a UK based website and it has gained huge popularity in the country. Dorothy Perkins is not just famous in the UK but it has a worldwide recognition. Dorothy Perkins has a pretty great collection of women’s and kid’s clothing. Like you can use Dorothy Perkins to shop clothing, bags, shoes, jewelry, and so on.

Furthermore, Dorothy Perkins offers free shipping on over 50 euro’s shopping. The designer section of Dorothy Perkins can be a favorite place for you. As it has a huge collection of trendy clothes and styles that going around.

Also, Dorothy Perkins is capable of shipping your orders worldwide.

4. Nasty Gal

Website: www.nastygal.com

Nasty Gal

If you are a girl who keeps herself updated or wants to update with all the fashion trends, then this is the place for you.

At Nasty Gal you will find attractive yet fashionable clothing accessories at not so expensive price. It has a section called Nasty Gal Essential, by looking into this section you will be able to upgrade your fashion sense at no time.

As it has an attractive collection of clothes which will blow up your head. You can use Nasty Gal to purchase shoes, clothing accessories, lingerie and so on. Also, Nasty Gal runs shopping discount offers time to time. So you do not have to go out of the budget to look attractive.

Furthermore, Nasty Gal offers free shopping over $100 orders and yes it ships worldwide.

5. Missguidedus

Website: https://www.missguidedus.com/


Missguidedus.com is also one of the best Stores like Lulus to shop clothing essentials. It is extremely popular and almost everyone who keeps themselves updated with the fashion trends knows about it. You can use Missguidedus.com to buy attractive dresses, Shows and other clothing accessories.

The best thing about Missguidedus.com is it offers discounts time to time that you can use to shop some cool clothing.  Also, Missguidedus.com has a few global stores, however, Missguidedus.com does not offer free shopping.

So if you are from USA then you need to pay $5 additionally for the standard delivery and for express shipping you need to pay $9. However, to understand better about the shipping pricing, check out their delivery explained page.

6. ModCloth

Website: https://www.modcloth.com

ModCloth is also one of the most popular websites for purchasing clothes for women. The great thing about ModCloth is that it offers urban cool clothing at an affordable price. Plus, it offers free shipping over $75 shopping and yes it ships internationally.

By using ModCloth, you will be able to shop almost all kind of women clothing, that includes, tops, bottom, dresses, swim, shoes and bags and so on.

The best thing about ModCloth is that they offer a variety of products in different categories. This makes it easy for shoppers to find their perfect look easily.

7. Dresslily

Website: https://www.dresslily.com/

Dresslily is also one of the best stores like Lulus. Also, Dresslily does not just offer clothing for Women but men an also shop from here. You can use Dresslily to purchase shoes, hair accessories, and bags and so on.

Also, they offer quality products at reasonable pricing. Over here you will find trendy clothes. Dresslily has an easy to use navigation bar which makes it easy for us to find the perfect clothing arrival for us.

Dresslily also offers free shipping to new customers and they do shop worldwide. So you will not just get attractive arrivals at an affordable price, but you will get them at free of cost.

8. 2020ave

Website: https://www.2020ave.com/

2020ave.com is also one of the leading shopping websites. And just in case if you are a woman then you definitely going to love 2020ave.com as it only deals with the female customers.

The best thing about 2020ave.com is that it offers high-quality clothing at an affordable price. Also, you will never feel out of trend as they do have a huge collection of clothes that are currently trending.

Furthermore, to make the shopping more affordable 2020ave.com offers free shipping on orders of $35 and above. Also, they do offer free returns, so just in case if you do not like something then you can claim a free return.

2020ave.com also has quite a lot of shopping categories that include, clothing, shoes, jewelry, caps, belts, bags and so on.

9. Pixie Market

Website: https://www.pixiemarket.com

Pixie Market is a not so famous name but that does not mean Pixie Market is a disaster when it comes to fashion.

In fact, it is pretty great. Pixie Market also offers great products at an affordable price.

Some of the popular categories that Pixie Market is currently dealing with is tops, bottoms, outerwear, accessories, dresses and a few more.

However, Pixie Market is not a global name so we are not sure if they do shop worldwide or not.

10. Showpo

Website: https://www.showpo.com/

At the end, we have the showpo.com. This is also one of the best stores like Lulus where you can purchase fashion arrivals. Showpo.com has a huge collection of shoes, clothing, belts, bag, watches and so on.

Also, the prices of the products are quite affordable. To make the products more affordable for the students, showpo.com offers 10$ discount. Showpo.com also ships product worldwide.

As well it offers free delivery on products over $75. But if you are shopping less than $75 then you have to pay $9 additionally for shopping charge.

These were all the 10 Best Stores like Lulus. Some of the above-mentioned websites do offer affordable clothing and some of the websites has an expensive price. So make sure you are checking all of them out and getting the best arrival for yourself.