86 Cute Instagram Captions for selfies and Pictures on Instagram

With cute pictures, cute Instagram captions are must to complement your photo well. The section contains a huge list of all such cute and super adorable captions for Instagram pictures which are so catchy. It is the time to do the magic of words along with the magic of your picture and I am sure people are going to love it.

86 Cute Instagram Captions for Selfies and Pictures on Instagram

1). I know I am cute and I know it.

2). This is not a phase, the cuteness in me is constant.

3). As you look around for finding positivity, just wait and look into yourself before that.

4). It doesn’t matter how you look from outside, nothing can beat the inner beauty and cuteness of a person.

5). Cuteness is not just an attribute of beauty, it shows how innocent a person is from the heart.

You can use these kind of cute captions for Instagram to make it clear that cuteness is not just about how you look from outside but also about what kind of a person you are from inside.

6). Nothing can beat the power of self-love.

7). Good times and tan lines do not last any longer.

8). Keep your head high, your tiara is falling princess.

9). Pizza, Netflix and my cuteness are the ultimate constant of my life.

10). I am in love with the things which can make me smile.

Make it clear through such cute Instagram captions that no negativity and judgments are allowed on your posts.

11). Things which are truly beautiful, do not ask for attention.

12). Just turn your dreams into plans and your Can’ts will be turned into Cans.

13). I don’t want to be labelled into a category, I am happy that I am just cute enough to be noticed.

14). Every day brings the same opportunity, you just need to be smart enough to grab them.

15). The only rule to stand out is to stop being boring all the time.

16). Life is too short to be blend in, make yourself stand out.

17). Life is short, make as many hair flips as you can.

18). If people are talking behind your back, never turn back.

19). If being cute is a crime, then arrest me.

20). People just see me as someone cute, but only the closest ones know I am much more than that.

Break your innocent image with these cute captions for pictures on Instagram. I think it’s a perfect to break your cute image.

21). I know looks aren’t everything, but I have them just in case.

22). I am sorry I don’t have time for your bullshit, I am busy taking care of my own kingdom.

23). I wish I could lose weight but I don’t like losing anything.

24). I am not short, my height is just cute.

25). Well, these are not chubby cheeks, this is a layer of awesomeness on my body.

26). I am a girl, don’t you dare to touch my phone, face, hairs or even my boyfriend.

27). I don’t like the rat race, I want someone who falls for me even when everyone is falling for him.

28). I am not lazy, I have just put myself on energy saving mode.

29). You know, I tried but being normal is too hard.

30). Don’t cry princess, your Mascara is expensive.

If you are a girl looking for cute Instagram captions then I am sure nothing can match your pictures better than this one.

31). Everything that a girl owns is precious especially her smile.

32). There are a million of fish in the sea but I am a mermaid.

33). This face is definitely pretty to see but really hard to catch.

34). Behind every successful man there is a woman, but behind every successful woman, there is herself.

35). When life fires lemon at you, make some lemonade.

36). When you feel down, put on your heels.

37). For every tear that you drop, smile thousand times for it.

38). Nothing can compete with the power of a little black dress.

39). I am not crazy, I am just mentally amazing.

40). Maybe, I am born with it.

These are the cute captions ideas which are ideal for people who like to keep it simple yet powerful.

41). Never let the darkness steal your sunshine.

42). I wish I could talk to you but I don’t want to.

43). Don’t wait for the miracles to happen, create one for yourself.

44). Life cannot be perfect but your hairs can be.

45). If someone cannot handle your attitude, you need another someone.

46). Judge me only when you are perfect.

47). Never care for anyone more than yourself.

48). Nothing matters more than your body, after all you have to live in it.

49). This is not a phase, this is who I am.

50). If it is getting too much bright, wear your sunglasses baby!

These are the types of cute Instagram captions which are kind of cryptic and shady in meaning. Use them wisely to target someone without saying a word.

51). Everything can go out of style except being happy.

52). Smile more often, it keeps your enemies jealous.

53). I am a mixture of salty and sweet altogether largely depending on your deeds.

54). Coffee is the short form of confidence for me.

55). If you want to remain super comfortable, stay who you are.

56). In the world full of muffins, be a cupcake.

57). I like colors, they are not just pigments but an attribute of living life.

58). If you want to find out what is the cutest thing in the whole wide world, remember that I am free from 9 to 5.

59). If they go low, we go high.

60). Make as many friends as you can, friendship can bring magic in your life.

If you are looking for cute photo captions on a picture of you and your friends on Instagram then pick this one about friendship. Don’t forget to tag them too.

61). All I need is a 25 hours of sleep in a day, is that too much I am asking for?

62). Never ask for attention, make yourself worthy enough to get it automatically.

63). Make a decision and never look back.

64). Make new mistakes and get new experiences.

65). Love like you are not going to meet that person again.

66). Paint your world with your own colors, you are going to find it easier to live in then.

67). It is not about getting everything you ever wanted to have, it is about being happy in what you have.

68). Life is too short to wear the same dress to every party.

69). Smile and make people believe that you are much stronger today than you were yesterday.

70). Not perfect but definitely limited edition.

These types of cute Instagram captions are generally used by girls and perfect for portrait kind of pictures.

71). You know you have nothing to do when you click 99 selfies and post none of them.

72). After all this while, it is just about the things that puts a smile on your face.

73). You cannot deny the fact that you were staring at this picture for hours.

74). You just need to wait for the right things, happiness can come with a delay too.

75). You only get one life, but if you do it right it is worth living.

76). These are the little things in life that makes a big difference.

77). You know its love when you are getting butterflies in your stomach just by listening to their name.

78). I know I am crazy but I am at least one of a kind.

79). Put your judgmental mind to somewhere else, only good vibes are allowed here.

80). Be the creator of your own spark, the stolen one won’t last longer.

Choose such kind of cute captions for selfies on Instagram to prove a powerful presence of you on your social media handle on Instagram. It will work well for both guys and girls.

81). The best decisions are often hard to make but important to take.

82). I am not here for copying people, I am here to make my own statement.

83). Currently training hard to become the hottest Ex and the cutest girlfriend.

84). Use the pieces of your broken heart to tear the negativity apart.

85). If you are smart enough, you can find the cuteness just by looking into the eyes.

86). You look so cute, can I keep you forever?

The last one of this cute Instagram captions list is probably the cutest one for your partner or friends.

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Do not forget to use lots and lots of hash tags along with these cute Instagram captions because the platform of Instagram is all about it. From giving a sneak peek into your life’s glimpses to complementing it well with cute captions, I am sure you are going to boost your followers quickly with it.

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