170 Cute Things to Say to Your Crush [Sweet]

You may have a crush on someone but you don’t know about cute things to say to your crush when he/she is sitting next to you.

You can introduce yourself; tell her about your family and friends, but next what? You have to figure out some sweet things to say to your crush, so you both can make up the talk.

I know when your crush is in front of you, you behave like an abnormal person, you can’t think one sentence to talk about, and it seems impossible to impress her even for a minute.

There are several cute things to say to your crush, but you have to put your foot widely. There are several ideas so you can strap the best conversation with her. For this, you have to talk a little help from here.

I have some very cute things to say to your crush, so you can make her interest in you and you both enjoy those moments very naturally.

These things will give you the best startup with her, and then you can take things forward to spend more time with her, so just follow these cute things to say to your crush and let your crush never bored of you.

Cute Things to Say to Your Crush in 2022

Cute Things to Say to Your Crush

1. Sometimes I wonder that what it would feel like to be the reason for your sleep holding that phone every night.

2. When I talk to you, there is an obvious smile on my face. This thought of being with you in any way makes me smile brighter.

3. I don’t know what’s wrong with the alphabets, but U and I are always next to each other on my laptop’s keyboard.

4. Nights are like a depression because I have to leave you and going home without you.

5. You make my sleep worthy because whenever I close my eyes, I see you in my every dream.

These are some cute things to say to your crush.

6. If I have ever done some accomplishment in my life, then it’s you.

7. All I need is one look at you, and it makes my whole day.

8. Sometimes I feel like I should say to you “you are everything to me.”

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9. I can’t explain how much I enjoy all these meetings, texting, chatting and flirting with you. I want to spend more and more time just to be with you even if I have nothing to talk about.

10. Every time I drop you home, I want to ask you ‘when will we meet again.’

11. Whenever you see me, I skip a heartbeat as you are a huge distraction that can keep me away from anything.

12. You are the person that brings all the feelings and sensation back in when you are away, they feel like all gone.

Make her smile by these cute things to say to your crush.

13. My life was just going on until you happened; now I live it more than ever, and it’s going on gradually.

14. When you are with me, I am so close to the perfection. I get really amazed with all those moments you spend with me.

15. Sometimes I think like we are one but apart and what would it like to be together.

16. In my life, I have met thousands of people. But for the first time, I draw some ridiculous love things just because of you. I think I have fallen for you.

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17. I like everything about you and me and the way we are together. I don’t understand the reason of my happiness with you, I only have a clue, and it feels like love.

18. If there is anything I want for you, I want to be the reason for your smiles, in the same way, you’re the reason of my blooming face.

19. Only your entry from that door makes my heart grow fonder for you, and when you left, it leaves me with all the happiness.

20. You can always spot me staring at a gorgeous girl in the room and that’ you.

21. By seeing the level of bliss and satisfaction with you, I can ensure you that we will have an amazing life together.

22. I feel perfect since I met you and it is even more perfect since we are spending time together. Now your existence in my life seems the reason to make my life worth living.

Let her know your feelings using cute things to say to your crush.

23. I always listen to my heart, but my heart tells me to listen to you whenever I am with you.

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24. The world’s best feeling when you tangle your fingers into mine and walking just any random path and even that looks beautiful with you.

25. I wish someday we lay on the ground and you put your head on my chest and listen to my heart beats.

26. No matter what happens around, one thing remains unchanged, and that’s my smiling face because of the thoughts of you.

Take help from these cute things to say to your crush.

27. When I read love quotes to dedicate one of them to you, I could find one that exactly explains my feelings for you. So I think I should write one love quote by myself.

28. When I stand in front of you, my belly feels like a balloon having lots of air inside, my heart beats and beats, I shiver from top to bottom, but my smile brightens.

29. There are lots of butterflies I feel every time you are near me, and when you hold my hand they are like coming to my throat, and I feel flying.

30. If the sun rises, it’s because to have a look on you. If the rain happens, it’s because the sky misses you and everything happens in the universe because of their love for you.

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31. I want to feel you the safest, so I put my arms around you, I want to feel you comfortable so I allow you to put your head on my shoulder. I don’t want any harm to you, not now and not ever.

Get a chance to have a talk with her by these cute things to say to your crush.

32. I don’t understand why we act like we are apart. You like me, and I like you, so we should stay close forever.

33. You are the reason behind everyone’s smile, the clouds get bright, and the stars and the moon come in the sky every night just to see you.

34. When you are around my tongue feels tied, my steps are frozen, my eye sights react like there is a lot of fog and this all makes me standing still.

35. I think love takes you to the fatal condition, since when I met you; I am not able to clearly think about anything except you.

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36. Even a text message from you can take my heart beat faster, you keep my day brighter every moment, and I think you are the reason of my existence.

37. I think I should let you know that every time you walk around me, I act like an idiot and that’s because I have a crush on you.?

38. When I see you, it’s like seeing my entire world in one person and one moment.

Share some memories together by these cute things to say to your crush.

39. I love to say you ‘my baby’ and I wish you say the same. I would love to be together, so tell me can we be together?

40. You should know that I have started talking to you since I started liking you. I make troubles the whole day just to take a glance at you.

41. Just like the Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck, Barbie and Ken doll, we both should be together until the end.

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42. From the minute my eyes caught you, my heart is a fan of you, my all interests come and go, but you are the one that I want until my last minute.

43. The earth revolves continuously, but when I see you, my world stops, and this all makes me feel like I Should see you again and again till you pass by me.

44. When you leave, this world feels not worth living, and then you come again the next day, and I feel alive again.

45. I don’t want to pass days, but I want you to pass my life and all these days of all the years. I want to thank for all the beautiful moments, but I want these to continue with you as my partner.

Use these cute things to say to your crush and tell her importance in your life.

46. I want to chase you, and I can do it my whole life, but someday you will feel like coming back for me.

47. When it is about butterflies, I have a zoo full of them, and that is my stomach right here.

48. All the nervousness arises when you come closer to me, and every word you say seems a blessing for me.

49. I talk to people every day, I enjoy their company, and I laugh at their jokes. But I don’t know what happens when you come, they all feel blurred, and like they are all gone.

50. I want to change this crush into love and then make this love official by getting married to you.

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51. I think God sent people to earth with two heads, four hands, and four legs. Later, he divided them into half and gave them the responsibility to look for their other half. Now when I see you, it makes me sure that you’re my other half.

52. Sometimes I get afraid that I’ll be in your spell because as the time goes with you, my heart grows fonder of you.

53. All these moments of mine are not mine because I think of you every second and it doesn’t give me pain but utter happiness.

54. I just try to find that one thing that makes you smile and when I would find it, I would do it again and again, so you can keep smiling for the eternity.

Be the reason of her smile by these cute things to say to your crush.

55. If there were an option to be live with just any girl in the world, it would be you, because you are the one that I ever wanted.

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56. The one wish from me on the earth is you, and I will stay together for right now.

Share these cute things to say to your crush and have fun.

57. I am a very confident creature, I can talk to any stranger for hours, but I don’t what’s the matter with e because when you come to talk, I get completely shy.

58. Since I started staying with you, I started believing in my existence. Do you feel the same?

59. If you are looking for a prince, I am looking for my Cinderella, would you like to be my princess? ?

60. The first time when I talk to you, it took my all the energy just to say ‘Hi.’ You leave me out of words every time you put those eyes on me.

Share your feelings with her by these cute things to say to your crush.

61. I put a lot of efforts to spend my every night just to meet you the next day. Every second of every night feels like a nightmare, but I wait up patiently to get what you again.

62. I need a time machine, so I can bring it to the time when we are together.

63. This one is also perfect among these cute things to say to your crush.

64. You are awesome no matter what you do.

65. Ooooo it was so cute, can you repeat it again..

66. Keep smiling, I love your smile.

67. Every time, I see you, I meet a new person how you do this?

68. Kissing, I think we should do together. What do you say?

69. Every time, I see you. You looks sexier. How do you raise bar every time?

70. I need a favor from you. Can you help me to know your likes or dislikes?

71. Tell your number, I will show you how easy to save it in my phone.

72. I think you are born to handle my madness.

73. We are a perfect team together.

74. I always felt something is missing. After meeting you, it feels so complete

75. How about we go to dinner tonight.

76. Your voice is damn sexy. You know it make me so..

77. Will you help me to dance with you?

78. Stop making that cute face otherwise I will eat you.

79. Can I take picture with you to make my friend jealous and show them that my dream queen exist?

80. You know we have something special.

81. You know I love someone who looks like you.

82. Can you a favor for me? Just repeat my words, I love you so much.

83. I admit I did crime to fall in love with you. But it is not my fault. Stop being so sexy and beautiful all the time.

84. Can’t wait to touch you? Come here and I am at our favorite place with your favorite Pizza and favorite person.

85. You have the most attractive body.

86. May I have a right to hold your hand and take you on a date with me?

87. Black suites on you.

88. You are looking so amazing in this dress.

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89. Whenever I see you, my cheeks become red and start blushing.

90. You always attract me.

91. You are looking very cute.

92. When you smile it kills me every time.

93. I often pass by your house just to get a glimpse of you.

94. I always observe how you speak, how you laugh, how you walk. I love to know every little thing about you.

95. Whenever you cross my way, my heart beats very fast.

96. You look so adorable.

97. Sometimes your cuteness kills me.

98. My eyes always looking for you.

99. If you allow, I want to book a permanent room in your heart.

100. I can’t stop myself from thinking about you. I don’t know what magic you do?

101. Sometime I can’t believe my eyes, you look so beautiful.

102. Your voice is very sweet. I love to listen to your talks.

103. You stole my heart in the first look.

104. I don’t know what magic you did in the first look, I had lost my control.

105. I keep thinking about you whole the day. I can’t focus on other things.

106. You have completely taken over the control of my heart or brain.

107. I love the way you look into my eyes.

108. I wonder my crush on you grows up every single day.

109. I always wait for your call and messages. Sometimes I read your text twice or thrice.

110. My happiness is at the seventh sky when you hug me.

111. I love the way you speak.

112. When I see you it’s like a beautiful dream.

113. Your eyes are very beautiful.

114. I never saw a girl like you. You look like an angel that came from heaven.

115. The day without seeing you seems like a ……. very tough day.

116. You are the only one whose picture comes in my brain when I close my eyes.

117. You are my early morning and last night thought.

118. Whenever I think about you it always gives me a big smile.

119. Sometimes you look so pretty, I hate to blink.

120. I feel jealous when you talk to other guys.

121. I never felt before like this for someone. You are very special to me.

122. Your smile makes me crazy.

123. You have no idea how adorable you are? You should see yourself from my eyes.

124. No, I’m listening sorry, your pretty face distracting me.

125. I wonder how someone can be so beautiful. .

126. Your sober and decent look always touches my heart.

127. You look hot in the black dress.

128. Do you mind if I ask you for a date?

129. Nothing makes me happy like you.

130. Does a favor for me…..keep smiling?

131. You can share your problems with me; I will always try to resolve them.

132. I love spending time with you.

133. Sometimes I can’t stop myself to see you again and again.

134. You smell so good. I never forget that amazing fragrance.

135. Moment, we spent together are amazing, isn’t it?

136. Would you like to come with me for a coffee?

137. I would like it if you come with me for a long drive.

138. You are so cool….sometimes I’m trying to follow your things like your style, your way of walking

139. I love your optimistic attitude.

140. You have a very innocent face and very cool (beautiful) eyes.

141. I want to share my secret with you.

142. Your hairstyle makes me mad.

143. Your fitness makes you very hot.

144. You have a good sense of style and matching.

145. Your cute chicks always blushing and give me an attraction.

146. Whenever I look on your face my heart starts melting.

147. My gallery is full of your pictures and often talks with them When I am alone.

148. You always give me sweet memories.

149. Every time I saw you I feel something in my heart very special.

150. I feel a special connection with you.

151. You have a very soft and pure heart.

152. Your cute smile makes hangover on me.

153. You are like a teddy, cuteness overloaded and so soft.

154. If you allow, I love to sing a song for you.

155. I want to give a kiss on your chubby chicks.

156. You are my dream girl.

157. Hey beautiful, how are you?

158. Your presence always creates a magical environment.

159. I spend a lot of moments of real happiness with you. You give meaning to my life.

160. Welcome dear! I am waiting for you. Where are you?

161. Come soon, I am waiting for you.

162. Your joyful face always gives me a blissful smile.

163. You have a good sense of humor.

164. Sometimes, I wonder how do you talk so sweetly to everyone.

165. You don’t know that you are very special in my life.

166. You can call me at any time whenever you need my help.

167. I want to spend some alone time with you and I promise, this will be the best time.

168. You are very humble and polite.

169. You look beautiful in____ that dress.

170. What is the secret of your beauty?


Whether she is your crush or it’s beginning of your love, these cute things to say to your crush are a great help when you find yourself stuck. These sweet lines are just right to help you to your crush, so take your things to the next level and let the conversation going on.

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