Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder (Long Distance Relationship)

Distance makes the heart grow fonder because it makes the passion grow when you see each other after a long time and your heart just feels that things, your brain gets signals through your eyes when you see your loved one.

It’s not just about you partners or lovers; it can be any relation like a mother and her baby, a father, and her daughter, a friend, and her best friend.

This fact of distance makes the heart grow fonder can be different with every person, some feel it very much and some just deal with it. Couples that stay apart for a long time face this distance very challenging according to science.

A Fact About Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

According to an experiment, Mary Ainsworth documented the separation where young children separated from their mothers. While examined, they all found in a severe anxiety and anger for the separation from their babies.

So of course in this situation distance makes the heart grow fonder more in babies than in adults. Adults also feel attachment that they develop in their romantic relationships, but they learn to deal with it when we compare it to babies and their mothers.

Let’s take another example; distance makes the heart grow fonder more in Long-distance relationships than the couples who meet with each other on regular basis. These long distance couples feel more intimacy in their relation and want more sexual involvement.

So basically they really miss seeing each other, touching each other and talking to each other. These couples also accept each other’s behavior more than the regular couples who meet frequently.

They don’t want to waste the time just for unnecessary conversations instead they focus on each other and want to make the meeting memorable and what could be a great example of distance makes the heart grow fonder than this.

Long distance couples also share more love and often say romantic words to each other whether on phone calls on via messages than live in couples. According to a fact, long distance relationships can be a lifelong or long ending because they almost eliminate any unnecessary fights and value each other.

This section is somewhat missing in live in relationships because long distance makes the heart grow fonder and it can really be a blessing, all it takes is believe that you won’t share the bed with anyone else.

Here I’m with some quality tips so that you can make your long distance relationship work without building up any frustration:

1). Accept The Distance

Learn to accept that it is a part of a relationship to stay close sometimes and to be apart. So accept your feelings as a part of being human and it’s alright to miss your partner.

Always remind yourself when you two are together and never lose hope that you two are going to meet again. This way you will learn the separation easily and this way you also take advantage of the intimate feelings when you see him. So take it as a fun, not as a curse and enjoy it as distance makes the heart grow fonder.

2). Be Together As Much As Possible

To stay close you two have to spend time together and traveling is one of those good ideas. This way you two stay together and also travel the world where you find several adventurous and this makes that time more precious and memorable.

Now when you remind these memories, you get help on an emotional level and feel more connected to your partner.

3). Put An End To It

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, but if you two are just not able to do the distance relationship then put an end to the reason behind this distance. If this is because of your current job, ask your employer about a transfer to the city or call your partner to relocate there.

If there is another reason behind this long distance, then try to take a decision that helps you to stay close more than usual.

4). Don’t Take It As A Punishment

Always have a thought in your mind that distance makes the heart grow fonder and always look for the options that make you happy such as you can use video chat, social media and see each other there.

If you feel like you are really missing him, have a video chat in day time also even for some minutes. So, all I want to say is don’t take it as a punishment, just be normal and see each other frequently as the technology is really a blessing these days.

So don’t be frustrated, don’t judge your partner but understand the situation.

5). Don’t Forget To Enjoy Your Erotic Life

Whether you are together or apart, it’s always important to enjoy your sexual life to maintain the relationship. So don’t get your attention away from your erotic life and connect to each other as much as possible even if it’s occasionally.

Message each other some flirty and dirty questions like ask for your partner’s sexy pictures and see how long distance makes the heart grow fonder when you meet your partner again.

6). Remember Those Days

The most effective remedy to keep the separation stress away. Just keep yourself reminding the days and the feelings you feel at the very beginning when you two met.

Keep reminding all these things that you did for each other like getting dressed up, how you two used to go out together, used to have fun together, weekend plans and all the happiest memories. This will fill you with excitement and you will feel like all freshen up again.

Benefits of Long Distance Relationships

A relationship having long distance makes the heart grow fonder and it really makes you to desire your partner badly, also they cut the daily stress that live in couples face every day.

Long distance fuels to a relationship because you miss each other badly and can do anything to meet again. The missing thing in your relationship really flourish your love life and also keep you from extra frustrations as paying the bills, facing misunderstandings, or what to cook for dinner. So here are some benefits-

1). You Can Have Your Natural Beauty

When you’re apart or in distance, you don’t have to care about things like waxing the legs, threading eyebrows, put makeup and other things. So, distance allows you to wear your natural beauty and you don’t have to care about whether your armpits are smooth or not.

2). Little Things Excite You The Whole Day

When you both are away then even a single message from your partner’s side can really fill you with utter excitement. It doesn’t matter if it’s a meaningful message or just an emoticon.

This way you both live a little more and add more smiles in your life, so this distance works like a magical thing which you don’t feel when you have the luxury of a day-to-day meet.

3). Moving In Too Fast Is Not An Option.

Seriously when you enjoy the distance relationship as it adds an extra spice in your life then why would you want to move in with your partner?

It’s not a good idea to move in always because you would find excitement in beginning but it ends pretty soon and you may think that it was a bad idea. So it’s good to enjoy your privacy than regretting your decision. But if the things are really good between you two then it’s up to you to move in or not.

4). You’ll Find More Sexuality

This is really an advantage when you are at a distance from your loved one because you feel your sexuality and all the porn things closer than ever and then you enjoy it by having a dirty talk with him or sending your picture, having phone sex and all these things.

5). You Gain Your Freedom

Now that you are in a long distance relationship, you son have to ask your boyfriend for everything. You can just take up your sling bag; make phone calls to your girlfriends and just hang out the whole day.

So this way you find your freedom to do what you want to do, meet other people make new friends or visit your favorite places alone. As distance makes the heart grow fonder, so meet him whenever he visits the town.

6). Experience Your City Differently

When you roam alone or with new people it gives new memories and you visit a place with a different point of view. Suppose if you are in New York, you can have hangouts with your friends at city’s famous bars, restaurants, karaoke with your new circle.

So this way you experience new things with new friends and also your distance makes the heart grow fonder for your boyfriend at the same time.


The article was all about long distance relationship, how distance makes the heart grow fonder and how to keep your relation alive along with having fun. I hope my tips work well for you to make your distance relationships easy and breathing.

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