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Want to express your love feelings to your girlfriend? Looking for love messages for girlfriend? If your answer is yes, then you are going to love below collection of love quotes for her

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50 Unique Love Messages for Girlfriend

love messages for girlfriend

1). When you go, poetry rains from within me.

2). Life’s not so bad, you are in it.

3). I mistakenly read me and together to be your best error.

4). I want to paint the day with your presence.

5). I miss you and other life forms.

6). If you are going to smile, I’ll need to borrow some glasses or I’ll burn.

7). I have a world to show you, just look at my eyes.

8). Let our future walk together.

9). I’m just looking for an excuse to never separate from you again.

10). At some point, I found that it was you.

11). Your night and mine are combined.

12). I want you more with each passing day and I miss you.

13). I know that when all is quiet, I will hear your name.

14). Let’s talk, sighs are no longer enough.

15). We are the accurate measurement of fate, you and me.

16). Love me like the old folks want life.

17). The word home is re-done for you.

18). No quantum physics can solve the distance between us.

19). Being with me makes sense when you’re you.

20). In your friendship I found my life.

21). The light is the best that illuminates in your eyes.

22). If you’re gonna miss me…I try to imagine that back, because someday, you will.

23). I am trying not to say anything, but I cannot shut my eyes.

24). I flushed the day when I saw you for the first time in my life.

25). If love can be eternal, it would be by your side.

26). I embrace you as if you were with all my letters.

27). Show me how deep I love. Take care of me.

28). A complication that entangled us, a maze to find us. A ring that united us.

29). Be careful, it will become illegal for us to not be together.

30). You asked me for time and I wrote a story without end.

31). I go slowly, to get to love.

32). I look at the stars as if searching for your eyes.

33). I sigh for a meeting which is a heartbeat away.

34). I like when I wanted to run away from my life and I was without you.

35). Come shine under the stars. They want to meet us.

36). Your eyes are the deepest I’ve found yet.

37). If you play with me, I will try to enjoy myself also.

38). Not even the little chocolates relieved the pain of how much I miss you, my love.

39). Read me, it is your home.

40). Find all the reasons you need to get me.

41). You convert your points into comas or I eat, period.

42). I will note one octave, from sunrise to sunset.

43). I have felt more for you than I thought I could.

44). So many ways of making music and I am here with you in mind.

45). Come and ask our eyes to meet.

46). Heaven, calling you a small way.

47). I can pick you however many times you want to miss me.

48). I take your hand and release it in the world.

49). Give me and miss me.

50). I want your weaknesses, something that will make you stronger.

So the questions to be asked now are that why are love messages for girlfriend/boyfriend important for a relationship? What purpose do they serve? Do they really help or are they just a con? The answer to these questions is fairly simple. They are the best tools that you can have in your repertoire to keep your relationship running smooth and obstacle free.

Here is why love messages for girlfriend/boyfriend are important in a relationship:

1). They Keep Things Interesting.

Messages have a way of adding spice to a relationship. More often than not, people who hesitate in speaking freely face to face are often very open through messages in conveying their feelings to their partner.

2). Distance Made Shorter.

In a relationship, the hardest thing is probably being away from your partner. Messages have a way of reducing that distance and making you feel as if your partner is right there with you.

3). Long Distance Relationships.

Long distance relationships all around the globe work only because of “messages”. They keep the illusion of being close even if you may be miles away from him/her.

4). Things That You Otherwise Wouldn’t Say/Do.

There are at least a dozen different things that you wouldn’t say or do in person with your partner which you would do unhesitatingly through a message. So, in addition to providing that medium to convey your thoughts and feelings to your loved one, it also paves your way smoothly.

5). The Start of a Relationship.

You’d be surprised to know that over 50% of love relationships or affairs throughout the world start through love messages for girlfriend/boyfriend. It is as if messages provide that much-needed screen that you sometimes need to more effectively convey your sentiments to your better half because more often than not, if you were to try saying that same thing in person, it would result in an unmitigated disaster.

6). Letting Loose.

Messages can prove to be that extra spice element in your relationships. Not only for the things that you wouldn’t say in person, but also for the things that you otherwise wouldn’t do. They can be the medium through which you can sometimes let loose and fulfil that wild side of you that you normally keep leashed.

7). Sexual Relationships.

Love messages for girlfriend/boyfirned can also heat up your sex life more so than you may give them credit for. They are known to keep your sex life interesting and keep you and your partner from getting jaded.

8). Fights and Make-Ups.

Couples fight. People in love can often be at crossroads and there may be times when they just don’t want to be in each other’s spaces. This is where love messages for girlfriend/boyfriend come as a boon. They help to take that wedge out from between the relationships and have been known to bring people closer.

9). To Make Someone Feel Special.

Love is a soul that inhabits two bodies at the same time. Love messages for girlfriend/boyfriend are perfect to tell that special someone in your life what you feel for them and how much importance they hold in your life. With the right words, messages have the power to make someone feel really special and loved.

10). To Make Your Woman Smile.

Women have been seen looking at their mobiles and smiling for no obvious reason since times immemorial. Did you ever wonder why? If you want to see that beautiful smile wreath your girlfriend’s face, messages can provide you that much-needed medium. A couple of right words, and she’ll be yours forever.

11). Set You Free.

Messages are a very powerful tool that can set you free. Sending and receiving messages can prove to be a very liberating act for you. Just imagine how good it can feel to pour your heart out in front of the person you love, only through messages. Some people struggle a lot to outwardly show their feelings to their partner. They may feel it, but showing it or demonstrating it, is another matter altogether. Messages can prove to be a boon for the likes of those people because through messages, they can effectively convey their feelings to their girlfriends, without feeling vulnerable and exposed.

12). To Surprise Your Girlfriend.

Do you want to surprise your girlfriend with a nice dinner or a spectacular party or the likes? Sometimes, messages are what serve the purpose without us realizing it. This is where the woman takes her cues from when you have to surprise her. How can messages not be important in a relationship then?

13). Make Her Happy.

Guys, you may not know the importance of a simple message saying, “Good night, my love!” but take it from an experienced woman who knows a thing or two about love, women love these little gestures that come straight from the heart. Sending a simple message saying, “Good morning” or “Good night” or “Sweet dreams” may not take a lot of work from you, but this simple and sweet gesture will be highly appreciated by her.

She’ll be ecstatic and on cloud nine that you’ve been thinking about her and this small gesture will demonstrate to her that she’s on your mind. She’ll feel special and trust me when I say this that it is a good thing to make her feel.

Today, whether it is dating, flirting or maintaining a relationship, love messages for girlfriend/boyfriend play a vital role in each and every one of them. They are the sole link between two people in a relationship.

Love is not something that you say, it is something that you demonstrate. When you love someone, you should be brave enough to express in all manners possible, the love that you feel for that person.

There are days when people in love feel the need to express that love for that special someone in their lives. To let them know how much you value them and that you know the worth of their love. To tell them that if not for them, your life would be nothing but an empty shell.

These are the occasions where you most understand the need for love messages. We use them everyday without realising their importance in our relationships. But they are indeed the foundation that keep these said relationships from crumbling down. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that they keep a relationship exciting and keep the people in relationship; in love!

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