77 Love Sayings for Him

Looking for love sayings for him? Here are 77 sweet and cute love quotes which you can send your guy to show your love. All sayings are unique and lovely.

Love is a magical thing that every person feels in his life for another person. Most of you have fallen in love and experienced the feeling of joy.

Sometimes when you are in love, you feel the need to prove or show your love or your partner or the love sayings for him because only loving is not enough and so you have to show it to him.

You all need love sayings for him when he wants to assure that you still love him and you can even solve any big fight going on between you two.

There are several quotes on love that you can have for fantastic sayings. I am here with some amazing love quotes for him, so you don’t have to turn those novels over and over to find the perfect one.

These I love you sayings for him are perfect to express your feeling for him, in case he wants his partner to show some affection.

Sometimes romantic dinners and movies are not enough to show him that how lucky you consider yourself for having such a great partner. Thank God you are blessed with these love sayings for him, so just start having these lines.

77 Love Quotes and Love Sayings for Him

love words for him
Love words for him

1). You are the reason behind who I am today; I love you because you are my hope whenever I feel depressed in my life. My every dream seems complete because you are by my side.

2). No matter what happens, I will love you till the end of the world. I want you to have my future and spend the eternity with you.

3). I have my senses and feelings inside until you are with me and there is nothing with too you.

It is another one of the best love sayings for him.

4). You are the one that I am afraid to lose, and this thought of losing you kills me every day.

5). Your closeness can make my heart beating faster and faster, and when I get your shoulder to put my head, it gets slower because of the comfort.

6). My every morning is beautiful and pleasant if I see next to me.

Tell him about your feelings using these love sayings for him

7). There will be tough times, and there will be the pain in life, and I promise you to be with you in all those moments for the rest of my life.

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8). I have these three words “I love you” in my life because you are in my life and your absence make these words faded.

9). From the times I’m with you, I don’t care about the world anymore like no one else matters but I just want you and me together.

Let him know how much he matters to you by these love sayings for him

10). I just want one thing that you grow old with me; I want those gray hair with you.

11). Love is something when you discover yourself in someone else, and I found myself in you.

12). The more days we live together, the more I believe that we are meant to be together.

13). I can make uncountable funny faces just to see your smile, and I don’t care about the crowd seeing me.

love sayings for him
Love sayings for him

14). I feel restless and sleepless since I met you. It seems like I am in love with you.

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Enlighten him with your love through love sayings for him.

15). When I think about following my heart, I always find my shadow with you.

16). If we are together since all these years then I believe, the universe wants us to love each other.

17). When you say we are not made for each other, that moment I feel, there is no one else right for both of us.

These love sayings for him are perfect to express your feelings for him.

18). No matter how rough and tough phases you face, believe that everything is going to be alright as I am by your side forever.

19). Love is the feeling that that refreshes the soul and deepens the senses and establishes the peace in our brains. I feel the same as I have your love in my life.

20). I don’t care about the happiness when it’s without you. But surely I can live in a hell if you are there.

21). The scariest moment of my life will be when you don’t have feelings for me.

22). I feel that spark and intimacy in our relationship that keeps us from being separated in any condition.

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23). There are billions of people in the world, but it’s all about finding that right one who can take away your dark and bring the beam of happiness.

24). If I know what love is, it’s all because of you.

25). I think this life is not long enough when it comes to spending time with you.

Let speak these quotes and love sayings for him and share your love together.

26). The love is a feeling that is infinite, and I feel this infinity for you.

cute sayings for him
Cute sayings for him

27). I am in love with everything, your way of sleep, your way of talk, the way you adore me, the way you smile, the way you look at me.

28). I don’t care even if your love welcomes me with pain; I still love you and will be forever.

29). Even after all those clashes between us, I love you more and more each day.

30). When a million sweet and tiny feelings got together, I fell in love with you.

31). If you have your love, you can spend hundreds of eras and feel like it’s just a year.

32). If you have the true love, you don’t have to say a sorry, and in the same way, I feel for you.

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33). A romantic novel is a beautiful thing because there are two people inside it who are in love with each other.

34). Love has no eyes, it is blind and deaf, but it has the power that can make two right persons meet at the right time.

These love sayings for him are just right if you want to impress him.

35). If life seems messy, then love helps a lot.

36). I wish there would not be anything like a breakup because the thought of being apart from you scares me like hell.

37). When you are in love, then it’s the God’s best plan for you, and he is writing your fate.

38). A true relationship is when you take care of each other’s emotions and don’t lose yourselves.

39). The eyes meet hundreds of people, but the heart decides with whom you want your life ahead.

40). I don’t just love you, but you are my best friend and with whom I can share everything without even thinking once.

Share this line from all these love sayings for him and let him know that you have a boyfriend that is your best friend also.

41). When I hear the words “I love you” I feel like I am in heaven and it gives me strength like nothing else does.

42). You are lucky because I love you and I am the luckiest because you love me more.

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43). My every dream is beautiful because I see you every night living happily with me.

44). I feel alive whenever the sense of love in your fingers touches me, and it can be expressed in words.

45). If in future you and I would get separated then I wish there would be no tomorrow for me.

46). If you have life, you have surely felt the delicious taste of life.

cute love sayings
Cute love sayings

47). This love took some days, but forgetting you is like the deal of years, so all I want is your hand holding me every day.

Use this through my list of love sayings for him and tell him how painful it is to forget him.

48). There is one word that can take away all the sorrows and grieves and that word is “love.”

49). Love can’t be tamed but it can be understood and this way, it enlightens us to the world of feelings.

50). If I have you, I would never do anything wrong, and it’s the belief that is inside me.

51). When I realized that I’m in love with you and want to spend my life with you, I started as soon as possible.

Just have this loving and cute line from these love sayings for him.

52). People say you are mad because I love you this much and then I say that who want to be clear-headed.

53). I choose love between being loved that is full of pain and being alone but with happiness, I would choose love because love is you.

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54). Only you have that charm inside you that makes me fall in love with you every single day.

55). When I think of you and me together, it seems like the greatest achievement of my life.

56). I just want one promise that you hold my hand and never leave me alone ever.

57). When you are with me, it feels like heaven on Earth.

58). Whenever I hear you making plans with me, it just gets me stronger and happier.

59). I owe you my life because you were the one that held me at my worst situations when there was no one else.

60). I just wish that you to tell me how much you love me and then I’ll do the same for you.

61). Sometimes I just look into your eyes, and I feel like they are telling me that you are here.

Say this one from these love sayings for him and see the magic.

62). You are the one thing for that I am proud of myself, my best decision ever that I never want to regret and I expect you to feel the same.

63). All I want to say is Thank you for loving me and understanding this much, thank you for this much support and respect, thank you for your unconditional love.

64). I love you for believing me so much when no one else and accepting me as the love of your life.

65). I miss you every day and every moment and even sometimes when you are in the kitchen making a delicious dish for me.

66). I can never do the same for you as you have done for me, thank for all this care and pampering. I wish that you love me in the same way for the rest of your life.

67). Sometimes my eyes look so adorable when I feel you inside these.

68). I can’t express the amount of love I feel for you and the feelings that are only for you.

69). I just only need your hand to hold me whenever I feel broken and lost, my dear.

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70). I like the way you are about others, and I fantasize with the way you love your girlfriend.

71). I expect one day you say that I am the person who loves you limitless and in every condition.

72). If life’s a fairytale, then you are prince until the tale ends.

Share your feelings through these love sayings for him.

73). I just ask you to love me truly and deeply as I do as it makes me alive to have you next to me.

74). I love it so much when we both lie on the ground holding hands and gazing stars.

75). You are my one favorite person so far and the man for whom I can do anything.

76). My feelings are not going to fade, but increase day by day, no matter how long this life is.

77). I just need you to understand how much I need you and I want to support you in the same way always by your side.


Sometimes all you need is some love sayings for him to make him realize that how much he is important for you.

Many times in life you feel like wordings are everything that he needs to believe in your love and to take the relationship forward. So I described these beautiful love sayings for him to get you through all those tough situations where you feel wordless.

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