I Miss Him So Much: 10 Tips to Handle Rejection

I Miss him So Much: Are you still going through the stage “ I Miss him so much” because you just realized the rejection by the one whom you love with all your soul? Well, the pain seems really hard of losing that one and also it makes us face shame along with the fact “ I Miss him ” because you think you have the flaws that make you the reason of rejection.

Whenever anyone gets rejected by that loved one, she feels this “ I Miss him ” thing, she feels denied and self-doubt that she is not good enough for her partner. Just after the rejection, all the pain seems like doubling itself every day and every moment and there is no way to get rid of this feeling.

Sometimes you think that death is a better option than this humiliation and suffering from heartbreak even in dreams.

In all these phases, you definitely think one thing and that is “why do I Miss him ”, so let me clear you that you are human and humans have the heightened emotions than any species in the world.

When you are rejected by your partner, you face an unending pain, but do you know that you can use this energy in doing something positive and beneficial? If not then read this article to the bottom in the situation of “ I Miss him ”.

You just need to empower yourself and bring that confidence back in your life. You can reverse the situation and it would like you were never hurt with that decision.

So Here Are the Things That You Can Do When You Feel ” I Miss Him ” to Step Ahead In Your Life Happily

I Miss Him So Much

1). Know That It’s Time to Let Go

It is good to go through some hurt today than facing that severe pain tomorrow. So figure out if he is interested in you or not by his actions like if he doesn’t return your calls, doesn’t reply your message but see them and he is no more interested in discussing things with you.

If you find all these situations then, believe me, there is not any chance to get him back and it’s time you to understand things and take decisions carefully so you won’t go through this misery of “ I Miss him ”.

If you think that you should try to get him back you are acting only to hurt yourself again and again and you are going to say more that “ I Miss him ”.

So if you think that your relationship in no more healthy and if it’s affecting your mental and physical life then, it’s pretty clear that you should not force things to him and move on instead.

2). Don’t Run From Your Grive

Now you know that you should let him go from our life and from your thoughts as well. But it is not that simple because you simply have a habit of seeing him, talking to him and hanging out with him. So your thoughts will not let you leave him so fast.

As a result, you have to face that sorrow if this is what you feel. Just allow yourself to be in pain and don’t pretend to be happy. Cry as much as you want, get off with all those tears so you would feel relaxed and gradually you would learn to detach your thoughts from that person.

So to get rid of the term “ I Miss him ”, take this as a temporary pain and you will be happy again eventually.

3). Control Those Hormones

To put away this word “ I Miss him ” you need to learn to manage your hormones that are affectionate for a man. You won’t get depressed if you put these hormones in something else such as doing some relaxing exercises or even dancing and singing can lighten your depression.

Because it’s the chemistry of your body that is habitual of being near that person, so you can put this energy in the gym and in taking some healthy food.

Don’t go for junk foods when you are suffering from any stage of expression because they make the condition only worse. So take green vegetable, smoothies and go get up from that couch and sweat out if you want to eliminate the relationship weight.

Also, don’t ever take antidepressants because these pills only give a temporary comfort and later they make the situation really bad for you. So be happy naturally and eat food that releases happy hormones, so avoid all the medication.

4). The MakeOver

Well, to get you out of the I Miss him mode, you can find happiness through your appearances and by looking beautiful, so you will get compliments and you will feel happiness and that self-confidence back.

You can have some fun just by upgrading your wardrobe or you cancel your girls’ group to help your out with some clothing. Also, add some new accessories and dresses to glam your style and just hang out anywhere wearing your elegant clothing sense.

Other than clothing, you can also buy some cosmetics by visiting a good makeup department that is your favorite one. Choose your favorite look as classy, Smokey or cool chic look and have fun.

Another method is that you can also donate your clothes that you no longer use, exchange your dresses with your girlfriends and this way move to a new positive and fun point.

5). Stop Trying and Just Accept the Fact

Many women think that they can change a guy’s feelings for her through several factors like dressing better and sexier, make them jealous or by being more romantic. Well, if this is what you are going to do then you will end up with even more depression.

These all things work but in the stage when two people are in love and having little fights but not when only another one is interested and one is looking for someone else.

So don’t put these efforts for that guy, instead, you can try all these tricks on another one who is interested in you to begin a relationship. So, this one also is the easiest remedy to get rid of “ I Miss him ” situation.

6). Start Inviting Your Friends to Get Instant Results

This one is really an attention grabber that will take your attention to your friends and will allow you to make the fun with your buddies.

To get away the “ I Miss him ” sentence, don’t face this phase alone and invite your close friends to your home for just any recreational activity like watching new movies, play your favorite games or anything that you love doing with your friends.

Don’t hide your situations and tell them openly that what are you feeling and going through and let them help you in their own ways. If you are in a more serious condition, you can also get the help of a  counselor or a therapist to get better solutions and this will rally shift your thinking from “ I Miss him ” to “I love my life”.

7). Get Involved In Extra Activities

Think like a kid and start playing with your life again. Pull off all the dark and sorrows and begin seeing a new world.

By being a kid, I mean forget the things that hurt you and remember your favorite one just like you do in childhood and you won’t ever face “ I Miss him ” because you don’t ever miss him again.

Just don’t take him as a part of your life and no need to discuss him with anyone once you are determining to be over with him. Get involved in some natural; activities like hiking, hill stations, join your favorite club or in new seminars for new things that excite you.

This way you get involved with people, and then you get to know them. In the same way, they get to know you and you make friends and life just goes this way. There is always a new way when you lose your previous way. So by following this remedy, you can get a permanent rid of “ I Miss him ”.

8). Trust That Everything Happens For A Better Reason

If you actually want to forget the word “ I Miss him ” then you have to believe that the world is a wonderful place and there is a lot to explore here. There are several hidden treasures that you can explore before completing your life.

Remember one thing that everything happens for a good reason because you deserve a better thing and a better one in your life. You learn from your past so that you won’t repeat those things in future to make it a better place.

Also, don’t go with the thought that it is your mistake; maybe that man is not good enough for you so believe in life and in the surprises that it gives us every day and have faith.

This way you will completely forget this word “ I Miss him ” and this would not be the heartbreaking thing anymore.

9). Meet New People

There is no sense if you are along and you’re sitting in your home all by yourself. If you are sad and can’t get away the sadness on your own, so getting one pole is a great idea.

You can’t get committed by just sleeping on the couch the whole day, but you have to visit outside and see the world and peoples around you. Visit your favorite place, talk to them, listen to them and then come home and see the differences.

This word “ I Miss him ” won’t stay in your life when you would start talking to people and having fun conversations with them. You just need to get your butt up from your comfort zone and make a circle of new friends because no one is coming to find you when you have yourself all locked up.

So use your social skills to get away from these irritating feelings of so you can say things than just “ I Miss him ”.

10). Get Some Yoga

The final step is the yoga because the meditation is the best thing when you’re suffering from anything bad that is causing mental stress. Yoga is really a strong answer if you want to get over with “ I Miss him ”.

You can use Yoga and can have positive vibes all the day and gradually you will involve it in your daily life just without any reason. It works like a mentor and helps to provide you self-empowerment.

So go and join yoga classes to get through rough patches in your life easily and see how it transforms your life and build your inner strength.

With the help of this meditation, you won’t feel like you were not worth for that relationship, instead, you would feel like that person was not able to love you in the way you deserve. This will really change your perspectives for everything and you would experience a great life ahead.

So stop feeling your past relationship like a dodged bullet and start clearing out the scares to be beautiful again for someone else whom you really deserve and who can do just anything for just a single smile on your face.

Conclusion for I Miss Him:

Sometimes it’s not love for which you feel depressed but it is the rejection that makes you feel guilty because your ego hurts and this fills you with rage and when you can’t do anything then it turns into depression.

Don’t be yourself feel that the person who rejected you was your special one, take that as a passing point of your life and be ready to meet the right one at the right time. I hope with all my tips and tricks you will surely get rid of the term “ I Miss him ”.

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