What to Wear in 70 Degree Weather

What to Wear in 70 Degree Weather: Everyone loves summer more than any season as summer give the freedom from having heavy clothes as in the winters or having the polyethene all over us as in the rains. Summer is the season of fashion and being stylish.

But as the temperature rises, you start thinking how to follow up the fashion and latest clothing trends. Every man and woman gets worried about what to wear in 70 degree weather.

The high temperatures make us look like that we’re ready to the beach and everyone just looks to get a swimming pool with chilling water. People wear half shirts, tank tops, and the flip-flops, but why are we compromising with our fashion and wardrobe collection that we prepared for summers.

Today, I am with some really wise and unique outfit ideas about what to wear in 70 degree weather. By following these tips, you can save yourself from the sizzling sun and also can follow the fashion trends.

Principles for Smart Dressing in the Heat of summer

1). Choose Lightweight Clothing

It is a rule to escape from summer, the more light you wear the more comfortable and cool you feel. If you really think that what to wear in 70 degree weather, then always choose the fabric that is natural and light weighted and should be cotton or linen.

The cotton really feels light, also it dries out faster. Even the wool can be an option in the summers. This is only a misconception that we can wear wool in the winters only; lighter wool is also an option for summers.

2). Breathable Fabrics

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A fabric that you choose should be breathable, so it doesn’t get the humidity inside and allows it flow through the air. Breathable fabric always allows the moisture and the humidity to flow outside and doesn’t trap the moisture.

Cotton can be your option as it allows the body to breathe and also a great answer to your question on what to wear in 70 degree weather.

Don’t just look for lightweight; it is not necessary that weightless material is breathable. For example – a trash bag that is lightweight but does not allow breathing.

3). Wear Protective Clothes in summer

UV rays are high in summers and it’s not good to face them in sunny days. They really harm skin in several ways and make you looking tan.

To provide yourself the protection from the UV rays, choose clothes that are protective enough for summers.

For this, choose the clothes that cover more of your body, such as long pants are always better than the shorts. You can have shirts inside, but it’s always good to wear long sleeves outside.

4). Always Prefer Lighter Color Clothes

Your dressing sense can be calculated by the color you prefer according to seasons. A wise person always wears lighter colors in hot days and dark colors in cold.

As you know light colors absorb less heat. So when it’s hot, avoid wearing dark colors as blue, purple and green and prefer lighter colors as white, light pink, yellow, aqua, grays, cream etc.

Don’t wear black in summers as it absorbs heat more than any other color and makes you feel exhausted. So now you have a clear idea about what to wear in 70 degree weather in colors.

Men Clothes on What to Wear In 70 Degree Weather

1). Hats Provide Protection

When it’s about what to wear in 70 degree weather, hats are a classic option that also allows style. They are really necessary as they protect your face and your head from the harmful sun rays.

So grab a lightweight hat from any nearby store, you can pick any hat as long as it provides enough protection.

2). Summer Jackets

To look stylish even in summers, pick up suit that is made from cotton or linen. These types of jackets are really lightweight and breathable and just right for summers. These fabrics keep moisture away and make you feel fresh and breezy.

Keep these fabrics with you after knowing that what to wear in 70 degree weather.

3). Linen Shirts

If you’re a fan of shorts in summers, linen will be the best option that avails you all colors with smart fabric. Be ready to iron your shirt, and then pick up linen as your summer fabric. So choose wisely and tell others if they are also stuck on what to wear in 70 degree weather.

4). Trousers for summer

We mostly prefer wearing jeans, but these are good only for winters and other days. To feel relaxed and cool you have to choose chinos instead of the jeans. But if you want to stick with jeans then chose very lightweight jeans that are mixed with cotton.

Chinos are always a smart choice in summers and they go well with loafers.

5). Shoes in summer

You must be thinking that after clothes, what to wear in 70 degree weather in footwear. You know no one thinks about adopting shoes in summers when we feel heavy even in sandals and flip flops.

But if you want to continue your passion with shoes, go sockless in summer, but be careful with the sweat. You can wear light slip-on as moccasins or boat shoes that are totally breathable and also look cool and fun.

6). Vest or Waistcoat for Summer Formals

A vest or waistcoat really look a formal look and is also best for a casual look. If your collection is full of waistcoats and you are eager to know that what to wear in 70 degree weather, then go with your formal jacket and just add up breathable linen inner or a vest.

So wear those waistcoats with the inner, shirt and just fold up the sleeves.  Adding chinos will really complement your look.

Women Clothes on What to Wear In 70 Degree Weather

1). A Lightweight Wrap

A girl can go with any lightweight wrap with a floral design or any regular design. This will suit her the most to feel airy and will go below the hips. This wrap will go fine with a flattering top and you can also include a light necklace made of stones.

Complete the look with skinny jeans or some airy pants. For the bottoms choose any boots or sneakers or sandals and this loose outfit will really help to get you superb complements.

2). Quarter Sleeves and Shorts

A really feminine look to adopt ourselves top with shorts made of a summer-friendly fabric. It’s not always necessary to match your upper and lower clothes, mismatching is in trend now that means my top goes with any skirt or any shorts.

This stylish pair will tell take off your confusion about what to wear in 70 degree weather.

3). Low Cut Tops With Shorts and Sandals

You know this is summer, but what if you wear clothes that make you looking more sizzling and hot than summer. This low cut top with shorts is a pair for those who hectare to go a bit advanced for their clothing and get some sidewalk with this pair.

These Low cut tops are definitely a great choice if you wandering in a city full of braces. This is a perfect 70 degrees combination to make you looking stylish and cool to a great extent.

The low cut will help you to get some extra air and it’s the best way to show off your womanhood while being trendy. For an extra revolutionary style, just tuck up your top into your jeans or shirts.

Believe me, this will really be a stylish move and this is also an excellent answer to what to wear in 70 degree weather.

After trying out skinny jeans and skinny shorts, you can go for knee length capris that are perfect for summers. A cute anklet will add a charm to your outfit.

4). Add Tees with Jeans and Wrap around Flannel

This is a great looking and innovative edition in the fashion world for women. These flannels are evergreen and won’t go out of style ever. You will never face what to wear in 70 degree weather question by wiring up a tee with skinny jeans and the flannel of your choice.

It is a basic outfit that gives you a fabulous feel. So now to this combination, just select a loose fitting tee with a pair of jean or shirts that fit you perfectly.

You can add a delicate looking necklace that doesn’t irritate the skin and some fashionable booties. Now pick up your favorite flannel that matches up your tee and jeans. Just wrap it around in this hot weather and you are good to go.


By following these tips you can set your summer trend and look fashionable. So be summer ready by picking up all these styles with your choice of colors and patterns for both men and women.

Here mentioned trends are for all purposes from office looks to casual. They are all perfect for all seasons from spring to summer.

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