10 Best Shaving Brush for Men

A good shaving cream is nothing without the company of a perfect shaving brush. Whether it is the shaving gel or cream, you need best shaving brush to make enough leather to glide the razor on it smoothly. So, to take this grooming ride a bit higher, I am going to talk about some of the nicest shaving brushes available in the market right now.

Now, of course, it is considered one of the most underrated products in the entire shaving kit, and people need to know a thing or two about the use of shaving brush. This is why I prepared a complete guide which is going to tell you what you actually should know about before buying the shaving brush.

Tips for Buying Shaving Brush

Here is a little buying guide to give you important details on men’s shaving brush. From their type to price, uses and other aspects, I have tried to bring it all for you so you do not have to get confused while buying one for yourself. So, these are some of the very basic things which you should know about before buying a shaving brush.

a. Handle Material

One of the most important aspects which also adds to the life of a shaving brush is its handle. It comes in a variety of material like wood, Plastic with chrome plated exterior, Acrylic or Resin like Plastic, Metal etc.

To choose the best shaving brush, never opt for the wood handle as it can split into half because of the moisture. The metal ones are usually more expensive than usual, and hence you can go for a good quality plastic handle as they are lightweight and not so expensive too.

b. Brush Shape

There are two most common shaving brush shapes available in the market which are fan-shaped and bulb-shaped shaving brushes. As they indicate, the fan-shaped is more spread out while the bulb-shaped is concentrated towards the center.

There is no hard and fast rule over what to pick amongst these two. It highly depends upon the experience of the user that what kind of brush they want to use. However, if you are a beginner, I will recommend the bulb-shaped brushes for you as they do not spread out the shaving cream while lathering it.

c. Types of Bristles

Bristles are the most important part to consider while looking for the best shaving brush. This is the part of the brush which affects your skin and the amount of lather produced. So, check these types before making a decision.

1. Boar

They are the most commonly available and one of the cheapest type of shaving brush bristles. However, before you decide to buy them, you should know that they have poor water soaking property and hence lacks somewhere in terms of performance. So, despite the fact that they are super cheap, you should not invest in them.

2. Horse Hair

If you want to go a step higher from the boar bristles, then you can go for the horse hairs brushes. They are comparatively softer, and you can find a huge variety in them. Like some are made up of pure mane, some are of pure tail, and some are a mix of horse and badger hairs bristles. However, they are not yet up to the mark.

3. Synthetic

These are usually nylon bristle shaving brushes, and there is no use of animal hairs in them. They are somewhere in between boar and badger bristles regarding performance and price. However, if someone does not want premium quality brushes, then these synthetic ones are just perfect for them.

4. Badger

And of course, how can I forget to mention the best shaving brush here. Badger bristles are the softest of all and have excellent water retention. They remain soft on your skin but provides great lather out of even less amount of shaving cream. They are durable and must be bought if you do not want to buy the shaving brush again and again.

d. Handle Size

The handle is made up of two parts which are the actual handle length and the knot size below it. The knot must be good enough to give you a nice stand but what matters the most is the actual height of the brush. It actually depends upon your hands, but you should always go for the brushes whose height is more than 50 millimeters apart from the additional knot height.

e. Price

And the final aspect to consider for buying the shaving brush is their price. Pure Badger or silvertip shaving brushes are the ones which cost the most, and if you are just a beginner, then you must not invest in so much of expensive brushes. Rather you can just go for the synthetic bristle brushes and then can proceed to badger ones.

10 Best Shaving Brush

Now you know A to Z about the types, application, brands and everything else regarding the shaving brushes and now you can move to the next level with me. So, here I am presenting you the top 10 shaving brush which perfect aces the criteria of the buying guide given above and going to give you the best shave ever.

1. Escali Pure Badger Shaving Brush

Escali Pure Badger Shaving BrushThis one brush by Escali makes it on top of the list of best shaving brush, and it is 100% made up of pure badger bristles which are undisputedly the best in the town. There is no mixing done of the synthetic bristles at all, and hence they have kept the quality in check to provide the best products to their customers.

Every time you shave from this Escali badger shaving brush, you are going to get this really soft and luxurious feel on your skin. One thing you should know about this brush is that it doesn’t get deteriorated with time.

Badger bristles are always the best ones to use and hence within seconds of its use you can achieve full and thick lather on your skin. It further helps the razor to glide perfectly on eve thick hairs without causing any resistance. If you want a perfect start for your shaving process, Escali is one of the best quality shaving brushes to use.

This brush has the property of higher water absorbent which results in the aster lather and perfect results for wet shave. In fact, it is highly affordable too giving a perfect match of price and performance.

2. Perfecto Pure Badger Shaving Brush

Perfecto Pure Badger Shaving BrushPerfecto is a widely-popular brand recommended for quality shaving products and their shaving brush is also the one to get joined in this list. Just like the earlier choice of Escali, this one by Perfecto is also made up of 100% pure badger hairs and hence worthy enough to get included amongst the best shaving brush.

This shaving brush by Perfecto is going to cost you more than usual because of course everything about it is just exceptional.

The badger bristles remain soft on the skin and produce more than enough lather for that silky smooth closed shave. The brush comes with very elegant black colored handle which is crafted from real wood, and an additional coating is given to make it stronger.

A slight occurrence of shedding may occur when you use it for the first time but it is going to reduce as you will keep on using it continuously. This shedding does not cause any damage to the performance of brush at all. You can find variety in terms of the color of the handle but I think black looks most elegant. Use it for the best shave of your life.

3. Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shaving Brush with Stand

Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shaving Brush with StandYou must be already aware with the fact that Edwin Jagger manufactures one of the finest razors in the world. But they also offer the best shaving brush which is a huge hit amongst wet shavers. This package comes with their fine badger bristles shaving brush along with a drip stand too.

If you think the stand is just a fashionable accessory and nothing more than that, then you are totally wrong. Instead of shedding the brush you can put it on the stand, so the water gets rinsed out without losing the quality of the bristles.

This shaving brush comes in bulb shape which is ideal to avoid lather spreading on your face and around the neck. The size is medium, and the weight is just perfect enough to hold it for even longer duration. The bristles are ideal to exfoliate your skin but also remains on soft on it.

The complete height of the handle is 99mm which is ideal because it should always be more than 50mm. The diameter and height ratio goes perfect which means you can carry it with utmost ease. Such badger shaving brush is a perfect blend of looks and performance which makes them the best choice for men’s grooming regime.

4. Miusco Badger Hair Shaving Brush and Stand Set

Miusco Badger Hair Shaving Brush and Stand SetAnother best shaving brush and the stand combo in this list is offered by Miusco. And of course, not to be forgotten that the brush comes with finest badger hairs. The handle of the brush is made up of finest quality wood which soaks less moisture as compared to other types of woods.

The stand comes in chrome material which makes it stronger and helps in lasting longer. As it is a combo pack, it is going to cost you higher than other products mentioned here.

You can use it for a comfortable shaving experience as the brush helps in producing mass lather and also lifts up the hairs for a better closed shave. The shaving stand is a better way to dry the brush naturally and also keeps it away from the bacteria.

The benefit of using 100% pure badger hair shaving brush is that it consumes less amount of shaving gel or cream. Which means the same shaving cream is going to last longer when you use this brush for producing the lather. However, you may witness hair falling of brush initially but it will stop after few uses.

5. Shaveway Original Pure Badger Shaving Brush

Shaveway Original Pure Badger Shaving BrushI would like to take a moment out to praise how beautifully crafted this Shaveway shaving brush is. Not only it makes a perfect looking shaving brush but also excels in terms of performance too. What makes it a best shaving brush is that it is super affordable and gives the best performance too.

Also, this Shaveway brush is available in two color choices of black and beige handle. The brush uses 100% pure badger hair bristles which gently exfoliates the skin to open up the pores the lift the hairs.

This Shaveway brush also fits perfectly in all the standard brush stands and you can use it for perfect wet shaving experience. They have used ergonomic handle design in it to ensure that this brush gives a firm hold and does not hurt in hands. Even a slight use of shaving cream is enough with this brush to produce the rich lather.

Get ready to experience the best shave brush by Shaveway on your skin to remove all the hairs gently out of it. It is recommended to use this shaving brush with warm water which must not be extremely hot in order to keep the bristles soft and shiny.

6. Vikings Blade Luxury Badger Brush

Vikings Blade Luxury Badger BrushI am sure you all men must have been fully satisfied with using the Vikings Blade razor. But now it is the time to use their luxury shaving brush. Just like their earlier products, they use Swedish material in this one too making it one of the finest and best shaving brush ever.

The handle is available in two different color choices which are the dark stallion and while knight. The base is made up of Swedish alloy and obsidian acrylic mix.

They have made the base heavier in order to provide perfect balance of weight. In fact, it is stronger than ever, but that makes it the most expensive product in this list too. Talking about the bristles then they are made up of pure badger hairs to ensure high water retention and best shaving experience ever.

Apart from the initial hair shedding, you can also witness a bit of badger smell too because there is no mixing of synthetic hairs in it. But it will go away after some uses. Vikings Blade has always offered trusted products only and this one is no different from other ones.

7. Miusco Badger Hair Shaving Brush Travel Kit

Miusco Badger Hair Shaving Brush Travel KitI am back with another Miusco brush but this time I have picked a travel styled shaving brush for you. In fact, this travel shaving brush also comes with e eather case too which makes it safer than ever to keep all your stuff right in place.

A highly affordable product by Miusco, this men’s shave brush is also made up of pure badger hairs. However, there is a bit of change in design and appearance this time.

It is super light so you can keep it safe while traveling and quite compact too. What makes it even more interesting is that the handle is a sort of aluminum tube. So, while the brush is in no use, you can detach the brush part and keep it in the aluminum tube in order to prevent it from bacteria.

Isn’t it kind of a really smart design? The canister features also come with holes so your brush does not smell weird or bad when you use it for the next time and also all the water gets drained out too. This is one of the perfect picks for the best shaving brush for traveling purposes.

8. Bassion Hand Crafted Pure Badger Shaving Brush

Bassion Hand Crafted Pure Badger Shaving BrushNext choice I made to include in this category of best shaving brush is a type of pure badger shaving brush by Bassion. It is a smart and handcrafted brush which comes with hard wood handle. It comes in two different packaging where you can opt for a travel sized brush along with it too.

It is highly affordable, super good looking and has all the traits of a premium quality luxurious shaving brush including the performance too.

However, the only thing you would not like is that as the handle is made up of hardwood, it soaks moisture over the time and there are chances of it getting deteriorated faster than other types of handles. However, the extremely low price of the brush justifies for it well.

The brush bristles are black from the ends and white from the other side. While they remain soft on the skin, their performance is pretty amazing as they create super rich lather in no time. The total height of the brush is 4 inches and made up of ergonomic design featuring great shape which makes it easier to hold.

9. Omega Shaving Brush, The Pro 48

Omega Shaving Brush, The Pro 48Here comes something different for you in the category of men’s shaving brush. This Omega shaving brush which is popularly called The Pro 48 is actually made up of boar bristles. Although people prefer badger brushes more than boar ones but the later ones cost less than the former ones.

However, despite having boar bristles, the brush is no lesser than any badger brushes as it promises a high-quality performance with good water retention capabilities too.

The brush comes with chrome colors handle instead of the wood ones which means it is way more durable than other brush handles. The grip is comfortable enough because of the ergonomic design of the shaving brush. The brush is highly affordable too and gives the high-quality performance.

However, boar bristles are a bit hard as compared to badger brushes. So, it will be wise enough to use this brush over a shorter period of time because these bristles starting to deteriorate over the time. However, this Omega shaving brush makes an excellent pick as one of the best shaving brush and you should definitely try it out.

10. Parker Safety Razor 100% Silvertip Badger Brush

Parker Safety Razor 100% Silvertip Badger BrushWe are back with badger brush again and this time we have this Parker Safety Razor badger brush which is a premium quality product. Well, let me tell you already that it is going to put an extra stress on your pocket because it is actually quite expensive.

The brush comes with faux horn handle which looks elegant beyond anything and also gives a very comfortable grip to the user too.

This is one of the best shaving brush in this row which is entirely handmade and also comes with 100% silvertip too. This means, they totally assure the best performance and rich lather out of even small amount of shaving cream. The brush has high density of bristles in it which ensure higher water retention and also durability too.

And the best part about this brush is that it comes with a plastic drip stand too which ensures that you get proper drying of the brush without having to shed it. Everything about this brush is so elegant that I am really sure you are going to fall in love with it even with a single use.

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This usually happens with almost all the men that in the hurry of buying razors, shaving creams and other products, they often forget to buy the best shaving brush. But I am really sure that after this section it will surely draw the attention of every single man to make them more cautious while buying their next shaving brush.

Moreover, a world-class shave always depends upon the shaving brush used for it, and if it is good enough, then you do not even have to use too much of that shaving cream at all. So, exfoliate well and have the shave of your life through these shaving brushes.

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